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Top 28 Franchisee Management Tools

Like any other business, franchises need accounting, office management, human resource management, communication, team cooperation, franchise asset management, and much more to function efficiently. Competition is at an all-time high, and there are a growing number of enterprise software solutions available; as a result, running a business with thousands of clients effectively is a challenging endeavor. That's why having franchise management software is so important. Using these tools, companies can better manage their franchises and so remain competitive.

In the list of the top tools, we have mentioned the Top 28 Franchisee Management Tools along with their features and pricing for you to choose from.

1. ZenoxERP

When it comes to franchising software for educational institutions, nobody does it better than ZenoxERP. As a franchise management system hosted in the cloud, it gives business owners a bird's-eye perspective of their operations. ZenoxERP allows institutions to spread out and open new campuses. There are two parts to the ZenoxERP franchise administration team: the organization and the branch.

Key Features:

  • With this tool, institutions can manage all of their locations from a central hub, whereas, with branch users, it can launch their own satellite campuses.

  • ZenoxERP offers franchiser institutions comprehensive financial reporting.

  • Time tracking, franchise costs, fee structures, and subject and course catalogs are just some of the administrative tasks that may be streamlined with the use of ZenoxERP.


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2. Franchise 360

Franchise 360 is a cloud-based technology that helps franchisees keep track of sales prospects, leads, quotes, and recruitment workflows. Franchise 360's dashboard allows teams to analyze the performance of individual prospects by reviewing their pipelines of franchisees, past activity, and recruitment assignments.

Key Features:

  • Class administration, task scheduling, billing, calendar integration, CRM, an intranet, and a document library are some of the key features.

  • The tool makes use of internal forums for discussing best practices and documents

  • The system enables customers to manage pre-existing franchise networks and keep staff members abreast of upcoming changes.


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3. Better Software

BPro is a web-based service that facilitates the administration of franchises with many physical locations. Franchise owners can use BPro to evaluate their franchisees' progress in areas including conversion rates, sales, quotations, proposals, and more. Additionally, its dashboard provides stakeholders with visual representations of franchisee success, allowing them to examine income made, work hours put in, and new clients obtained.

Key Features:

  • White labeling, lead creation, staff interaction

  • KPI tracking, notifications, and progress reporting

  • Franchise owners can track franchisees' daily activities, evaluate their progress over time, and determine their royalty payments with this useful software.


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4. zeeHIVE

Franchisees can use zeeHIVE, a cloud-based tool for managing communications, to keep tabs on sales, audits, lead generation, and ad production. Teams utilizing zeeHIVE may automate the royalty calculation process, generate reports in Excel, and receive funds via direct deposit or PayPal. Users can build audit questionnaires using branded tools to pinpoint problem areas and implement fixes.

Key Features:

  • Commission management, a franchise intranet

  • Serves as a content management system

  • The customer relationship management feature also helps organizations find new sales prospects and keep in touch with them.


Essential costs $250/month and The Hive costs $10/month per location

5. FranConnect

Franchise firms can benefit from FranConnect, a cloud-based service that aids in the management of operations, communications, and projects. Essential functions include performance analysis, royalty calculation, online reputation management, and lead nurturing. The customer relationship management (CRM) feature built into the FranConnect platform helps administrators keep tabs on territory, and documents.

Key Features:

  • New locations can be added, clearances checked, departments encouraged to work together, and notifications sent to managers.

  • The communications central also collects and archives franchisee comments, best practices, operational manuals, marketing materials, and more.

  • It helps in creating marketing campaigns, leads, and delivery times.


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6. Waterstreet

In order to help field service businesses manage their operations, marketing, and communication, Waterstreet is a cloud-based franchise management system. Important functions include a catalog of products, a database of customer information, a performance monitor, a billing system, a sales report generator, and analytics.

Key Features:

  • The agreements, communication history, and performance logs for numerous franchisees may be managed from one place with the help of Waterstreet's consolidated database.

  • Using their templates, managers may set up their operations and keep track of things like job types, product lines, prices, and stipulations.

  • Managers can share helpful information and monitor franchisee progress.


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7. Naranga

The cloud-based Naranga Franchise Software helps businesses manage franchise operations by means of audits of the field, the creation of leads, the distribution of video training, and more. Promotional efforts, polls, real-time communication, ticket tracking, franchisee onboarding, and teamwork are just a few of the key elements. Naranga Franchise Software enables teams to gather and share operational data with members, communicate with staff members in the field.

Key Features:

  • Monitor procedures and progress across many locations, and track performance indicators.

  • Users can collect and share leads, and then quickly follow up with them via email marketing.

  • The Naranga Franchise Software can help firms automatically prioritise work to increase team productivity and operational effectiveness.


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8. Shortcuts

Shortcuts is a cloud-based software suite that includes pre-configured module bundles for use in educational institutions, beauty parlours, barber shops, and spas. Appointment scheduling, customer relationship management, marketing, and more are just some of the features that make it useful for both standalone businesses and widespread franchises. Mac and Windows users can also take use of on-premise installations.

Key Features:

  • With the help of an appointment management system, employees or clients may schedule meetings and view their schedules in a variety of formats.

  • Clients can use a web-based appointment-booking module to set up consultations at convenient times.

  • Client management features allow users to track and store information about customers, while the booth rental module is helpful for firms that display at events.


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9. ClassJuggler

ClassJuggler is a customer and class management system available in the cloud for a wide variety of industries. The tool can be used in various industries like in dance, gymnastics and cheer, theatre, swimming, academics, athletics, education, K-12, the arts, music, and more.

Key Features:

  • ClassJuggler's modular design means that users can pick and choose the features and tools they need for their specific enterprise.

  • Class scheduling, student registration, online billing, client self-service, and reports are also important functions.

  • Classes can be invoiced monthly, be lengthy or short, have no end date, run continuously, or be scheduled at a variety of times and for varying lengths of time.

  • Schedule issues are flagged by the conflict checker.


For 1 - 150 Students, the cost is $44/month, for 151 - 300 Students, the cost is $49, for 301 - 450 Students, the cost is $54, and for 451 - 600 Students, the cost is $59.

10. Vonigo

Vonigo provides a field service franchising solution in the cloud for companies of all sizes in the service industry. The solution is a set of applications made to aid in the management of service-based businesses such as cleaning, HVAC, plumbing, pest control, property maintenance, and more.

User interactions with customers can be documented from the initial contact through service delivery, work order creation, invoicing, payment, and follow-up using the Customer Management function.

Key Features:

  • With Vonigo's scheduling app, you can simply drag & drop appointments to optimise them based on your location.

  • Automatic invoicing and online payment processing save time and effort for both the client and the service provider.

  • In addition, it has pre-built reporting tools, email notifications, on-screen signature capture, email notifications, and integration with Google Maps for determining appointment locations.


The Starter pack costs $98 per person/month, Professional pack costs $199 per person/month, and the Premium pack costs $139 per person/month.

11. FranchiseBlast

FranchiseBlast is a web-based system for auditing and managing franchises, with applications ranging in size from the very small to the very large. Key functions incorporate safe document archiving, scorecarding, KPI monitoring, checklist making, surveying, and feedback gathering.

Key Features:

  • Using the technology, franchisees can regularly evaluate and review their operations to guarantee brand integrity and conformity.

  • Its dashboards are highly customizable, allowing users to include information from a wide variety of sources and see patterns in areas like audit trails, customer happiness, and financial outcomes.

  • Franchises can monitor their franchisees' progress in areas like sales, customer retention, and customer satisfaction with the application's built-in benchmarking function.


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12. PromoRepublic

To maximise their online visibility, franchise brands will likely seek out franchise management systems that allow for more granular adjustments and oversight of operations. Everything you need to win local clients can be found in one place with PromoRepublic, the all-in-one local marketing platform for multi-location businesses and marketing agencies.

Key Features:

  • Your brand can effectively cater to the interests of its intended demographic by utilising these instruments

  • Using this tool, you can generate content, distribute adverts that are geo-targeted, and track results.


Small business costs $49/per month, Agency costs $79/per month, and Multi-location costs are custom rates.

13. ServiceTitan

You can stop worrying about your franchise business since ServiceTitan is a comprehensive franchise management solution. Whether it's payroll, marketing, or arranging appointments, you'll have complete command thanks to its smart dispatching and automated pay.

Key Features:

  • Automatic onboarding and follow-ups will free you to concentrate on growing your business rather than handling administrative tasks.

  • In order to better understand where you might improve the sales process, you can develop a visual representation of your product sales data.

  • If your franchisees want to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with consumers, ServiceTitan is the way to go.


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14. PandoLogic

When it comes to managing the recruitment process, having franchise recruitment software like PandaLogic at your disposal can be invaluable. With it, you can build a pool of qualified applicants, screen resumes, schedule interviews, and ultimately select the best people to fill open positions.

Key Features:

  • If you own a franchise and need help finding qualified employees, PandoLogic is the tool for you.

  • This platform is AI-enabled and self-learning, making it simple to manage and monitor your entire hiring procedure.

  • You can promote your open positions to highly qualified individuals in niche job marketplaces.

  • Companies can benefit from PandoLogic's specialised AI-enhanced software since it allows them to spot and correct the most common errors made throughout the hiring process.

  • You can find out who is doing well and who may need some extra help.


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15. OnePageCRM

If you own a franchise, you may use this customer relationship management software to streamline your interactions with clients. You can take care of a number of different customers at once and give attention to making additional sales. Manage your sales and customer interactions with the help of OnePageCRM's AI-powered route planner and business card scanner.

Key Features:

  • Make reports in real time so your staff may see specifics about your clientele and act accordingly.

  • The programme can also be integrated with other sales automation technologies for a more simplified customer experience.

  • Stay on top of things even while you're on the go by syncing your desktop's contacts and tasks with your mobile app.


Free trial

16. Gravity Software

By using Gravity Software, you may monitor your spending habits. Profit and loss statements, financial performance analysis, and an in-depth report of your financial standing are all products of this tool.

Key Features:

  • The cloud-based accounting programme Gravity Software is powered by Microsoft.

  • It has many tools that can keep a company well-organized and running smoothly.

  • It's all packaged in an intuitive design that makes keeping track of your money a breeze.

  • To avoid losing money on stock that isn't moving, it's important to always know where your inventory is and how much of it you have on hand.


Non-profit costs $150 per month, Power apps user costs $230 per month, and Starter costs $250 per month.

17. BrandWide

BrandWide is a unified platform for managing franchises that can replace several other programmes. All of your franchisees can be linked together, and their progress toward goals, adherence to regulations, and overall participation can be monitored in one central location. You can help your franchisees succeed with BrandWide's local marketing, customer relationship management, and business operations modules.

Key Features:

  • This tool will help you promote your brand, automate sales, award and onboard new franchises, engage franchise owners, generate local marketing, and expand your clientele.

  • BrandWide is an integrated franchise management system.

  • BrandWide's comprehensive franchise system has everything you need to build your brand and run profitable locations.


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18. ServiceCEO

Both franchisors and franchisees can benefit greatly from using ServiceCEO. You'll have an easier time running your business and keeping in touch with your franchisees if you cater to the demands of both sets of customers. Using this tool, you'll have access to a full suite of franchiser resources designed specifically for you.

Key Features:

  • All of your franchise's performance metrics are accessible through this suite of tools.

  • Every part of the standard ServiceCEO system is available, and you can even make comparisons across other branches if you need to.

  • Your franchiser will have access to their own store, which generates data that you can examine or analyse with a few clicks of a button.


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19. FranchiseSoft

FranchiseSoft is a franchise management system that has won numerous awards for its innovative features and ability to assist businesses provide exceptional service to their customers. More than 60,000 franchise owners and operators are now using this powerful platform. The Franchisee Management Module of FranchiseSoft helps you keep track of your franchisees and the correspondence that takes place with them.

Key Features:

  • Maintain a database of current franchisees and renewals of franchise contracts.

  • Any support staff member can keep track of communications between the franchisor and franchisee, including phone calls, emails, meetings, and tasks.

  • Each franchisee's trainings, as well as their tickets and any other tasks assigned to them, may be viewed together in one place.

  • Charts summarising the system, showing counts over time, and more can be found on the dashboards.


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20. ChainSync

High-tech franchise management software, ChainSync, is renowned for its promptness, efficiency, and excellent support. This technology streamlines your performance evaluation procedure and boosts franchisees' sales, all from the convenience of their mobile devices. Franchise companies can use the company's franchise management software to better attract and retain franchisees, standardise and streamline business processes, and track franchisee and overall business success.

Key Features:

  • Service franchisors and multi-location businesses can utilise Chainsync's enterprise software to effectively manage and expand their operations.

  • ChainSync is enterprise software that helps multi-location businesses give their corporate and franchisee divisions the tools they need to convert leads into customers, plan and execute their strategies, and track their progress.

  • ChainSync provides a centralised platform where a business with several offices can oversee all operations from any connected device, anywhere in the world.


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21. FranchiZeManager

More than 30 powerful modules make FranchiZeManager a potential franchise administration software that can meet the needs of franchisors. A high-performance network is much easier to maintain and share information with the help of this straightforward piece of software. FranchiZeManager was developed to provide support for all stages of the business.

Key Features:

  • It's more than just a customer relationship management system; with its built-in intelligence and automation

  • The tool can help franchisors save time, money, and stress.

  • The FranchiZeManager franchise management system may be expanded to accommodate any size business, from small service providers to multinational retail conglomerates.

  • There are also multi-unit retailers, car dealerships, and licencing businesses that are not franchises.


FZD costs $280/month, FZD Essentials costs $320/month for 1-19 franchises, $380/month for 30-99 franchises, and $460/month for 100+ franchises. FZD Pro costs $460/month for 1-19 franchises, $620/month for 30-99 franchises, and $780/month for 100+ franchises.


Using best-in-class technology, ERPLY is a Franchise Management Software that gives you all the tools you've always wanted to run your franchise. The ERPLY franchise model ensures the safety of both parties. Each franchisee has their own ERPLY account, and while no sensitive information is exchanged between them, they do have the option of cross-chain visibility for things like gift cards and sales promotions.

Key Features:

  • The software lets franchisors specify what kinds of information are communicated to franchisees and what kinds of information are retrieved by the parent company.

  • Works closely with franchisees during the implementation phase to establish what is required, what is recommended

  • Suggests what can be changed at individual franchisee sites.


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Franchise owners may manage their restaurants more efficiently with the help of GOFRUGAL, a restaurant franchise management system. Its tools and services enable businesses to provide exceptional customer service, streamline customer management, foster productive relationships with key stakeholders, and make vital choices in real time. To keep up with the ever-changing industry, this tool assists companies in adopting an agile mindset and undergoing digital transformation.

Key Features:

  • Their solutions are 100% accurate and dependable, and the only use the fewest possible resources to help businesses expand.

  • Through using Gofrugal, over 30,000 customers in 75+ countries have found that managing their businesses is easier than before.

  • As an added bonus, by using Gofrugal's digital solutions, business owners may increase sales, delight consumers, and improve the world.


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24. Versant Systems

Referral solution components and Versant Systems collaborate to keep track of referrals and commissions. The solution is an all-inclusive referral system that includes all the features necessary for rbusinesses to effectively utilise their marketing channels. Currently, the system is processing payments through the gateway. Each solution is tailored to the specific requirements of each customer gateway.

Key Features:

  • The dashboard compiles data from all channels to provide insights into franchisee sales, order status, and customer satisfaction.

  • Franchisees and sales reps can enrol in the system so that their information can be stored and they can begin the onboarding and performance management processes.

  • The Franchisee Management System (FMS) welcomes integrations with external services, such as a payment gateway.

  • The Franchisee Management System (FMS) can talk to other software used by franchisers (through application programming interfaces) to keep track of their franchisees.


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CIGNEX is a highly adaptable open source-based franchise management system provided as a hosted, managed, customised, and fully supported solution stack. Franchise owners, franchisees, and customers can all benefit from CIGNEX's Franchise Management Platform.

Their cutting-edge franchise management software facilitates the incorporation of the franchisor's corporate culture into franchisee service, resulting in higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction. This in turn benefits customers. An all-encompassing look at the franchisor and franchisee landscape is provided.

Key Features:

  • Using the components of FMPTM, one can get a bird's-eye view of the franchisor-franchisee system from every angle.

  • Regulates ownership relationship administration

  • Handles Franchised Material

  • Regulates the management of operations and output

  • Facilitates business transactions


Contact the sales team for the quote.

26. Franchise Command

In order to streamline the process of overseeing several locations, Franchise Command offers a unified framework for managing business operations. It is a guide for franchisors and franchisees to use in franchising's marketing landscape.

Key Features:

  • The software defines the most effective methods of promoting a franchise business online and provide resources like how-to manuals and industry case studies.

  • By utilising their data aggregation tools, customers may tailor the KPI fields to their own needs

  • Users can gain insight into how one location is performing in comparison to the rest. Franchise

  • Command is a centralised hub for managing all aspects of your franchise business.


Contact the sales team for the quote.

27. Redder

The Franchisor Dashboard is an efficient tool for managing franchisees and providing an overview of their performance and statistics. Financial, sales, lead conversion, and marketing data are all shared in real time between the franchisor and franchisee. Obtains leads from the main franchise website and distribute them mechanically. Through custom management reports, a franchisor may examine every aspect of a franchisee's operations in real time, including their sales pipeline, marketing efforts, lead conversion rates, and financial returns.

Key Features:

  • Helps your franchisees save time and effort by automating routine operations like customer management, invoicing, and work assignment.

  • It is a franchise management software that can be tailored to your unique needs

  • Grants franchisees complete control of their operations

  • Provides the franchisor with a full picture of their franchise system.

  • Brings your data together and stores it safely in one location


Contact the sales team for the quote.

28. OP Central

OP Central's sophisticated reporting tools give your management team instant access to data from Xero and MYOB. The tool gives a complete picture of how each franchise or location is doing financially. You'll be able to see where you're having the most and least success, which can help you make better business decisions.

Key Features:

  • Through the use of Op Central, your franchise group can expand while maintaining uniformity.

  • Through Op Central, franchisors can keep tabs on all of their correspondence, record site visits, analyse key metrics, and monitor the status of their paperwork.

  • When you use the Op Central suite of products, all of your operational metrics can be viewed in a single, straightforward dashboard.


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Things to keep in mind while choosing Franchisee Management Tools

Easy to navigate interface

Franchisees and workers should not have to fight with a technological instrument. If your program requires extensive training or a committed team of employees, it isn't doing its job. Make sure that even people who aren't tech-savvy can utilize the program with ease.

Inventory management capabilities

You can restock faster and more efficiently with less waste if you use a centralized inventory management system. The money and time spent on transporting goods can be saved if the supply chain is optimized.

Easy integration options

It's crucial that the software supports exporting data to common file types. After all, it's of no use to have access to those insightful reports if they aren't readable in PDF, Word, or Excel.


In this article, we discussed the different Franchisee Management Tools. Hope this has given you a clear idea and how you can choose your desired Franchisee Management Tool.


What is a Franchise Management Software?

Franchise management software is an automated and well-developed tool that facilitates cooperation within the franchise system. It's useful for keeping sales, marketing, and franchisee relationships in check. It can aid in the development of a more reliable internal control structure for your business. Documents needed for various business operations, such as accounting, marketing, inventory management, and customer relations, are meticulously tracked.

Why do you need a Franchise Software System?

Investing in the proper franchise management tools is crucial if you are serious about developing your business. Perhaps most importantly, franchise software solutions can keep you abreast of all the most recent happenings in the franchising industry. The financial aspects of running a franchise can be streamlined with the help of a franchise management system by generating individualized reports that include all of the data you need.

How can franchise management software benefit retail businesses?

Access to inventory data is a common feature of franchise management software, and it can be used to better plan for stockouts. The stock can be replenished by placing purchase orders. From placing orders through inventory replenishment, the software might assist the company monitor the supply chain process, allowing it to anticipate and address potential problems along the way. By keeping records of past transactions at your stores, you'll have a basis for measuring how well you're doing currently.

How to start a franchise business?

If you want to grow your small business by franchising it, you must be ready to delegate operations to new franchisees who will function as independent contractors.

Here are the seven most important ones:

  • Think about franchising, but don't go in until you're ready.

  • Keep your company's ideas safe.

  • Reveal your financial information (FDD)

  • To create a franchise agreement

  • Construct a guide for franchisees to follow in running the business.

  • Your FDD must be filed or registered.

  • Plan out your approach to reaching your sales targets.

What Are the 4 types of franchises?

There are four primary sorts of franchises that can be established when a business is franchised.

  • Job-Franchise: Companies that provide a service on the franchisor's behalf.

  • Distribution franchise: Franchises that focus on distributing products to customers typically also provide other services.

  • Business format franchise: This includes the fully developed, tried-and-tested businesses that the franchisor provides.

  • Investment franchise: A sizable service provider

Top 28 Franchisee Management Tools

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