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Top 14 GameFi Marketing Agencies: Best of 2023

Video games have witnessed a massive uprising in the last decade. Right from visual effects to playing set-ups, everything is evolving. The graphics are made more realistic, and the advent of VR gaming is literally taking the future of gaming platforms to another dimension.

As the changes in the gaming industry are evident, marketers are constantly updating their policies and gaming plans to fetch more players across the world. Most importantly, the gaming industry is changing the basic stereotype of 'Pay to Play' to 'Play to Earn'.

GameFi (Game Finance) is a new and emerging field that combines gaming and DeFi (Decentralized Finance). The current gaming industry has made collaborations with the DeFi systems so that you get to play and earn in your games. Thus, GameFi is a revolutionary attempt in the gaming industry. GameFi allows users to play and earn unique tokens that can be used to purchase stuff both inside and outside the gaming world.

Potential users and investors, however, may not yet fully understand the concept and benefits of GameFi, and effective marketing can help educate and raise awareness. So, if you have an exclusive game that will attract more players, then you will need the right agency to promote the same.

Here’s a list of top GameFi marketing agencies to help you through.

1. Guerrillabuzz

Guerrillabuzz is one fo the best PR and marketing agencies offering a variety of services across different blockchain domains.

GameFi marketing requires excessive use of blockchain technology, and Guerrillabuzz ranks high in providing exceptional blockchain development services.

The success of GameFi projects often depends on the engagement and participation of the gaming community. Marketing strategies that are tailored to the gaming community, such as influencer marketing and community-building initiatives, can help build trust and attract more users. Guerrillabuzz can help clients build successful promotional content that piques the interest of the gaming community.

Key Features:

  • Gives you access to promote your content across different social media platforms and in the metaverse.

  • Follows the latest trends in the gaming industry so that you get the best marketing experience.


Register for a free consultation past which they’ll mail you all the details for the quote.

2. Viral Nation

Viral Nation is your one-stop platform for adherent marketing services in the gaming sector. Viral Nation has recently led a PUBG mobile star challenge in Dubai with an exceptional result from the audience.

Key Features:

  • Viral Nation is pro at handling complex gaming promotions and brings you significant traffic from users worldwide.

  • Viral Nation provides the following services- influencer marketing, paid and performance promotions, creative content management, and blockchain development.

  • At Viral Nation you get a global reach of millions of gamers and thus, an easy and targeted promotion.


You’ll need to fill out a simple form in the let’s connect section. Their representative will get back to you soon.

3. Audiencely

Audiencly is a gaming marketing agency that goes beyond the limits of lame influencer marketing. They use different techniques to promote your game in target-specific niches. B

Key Features:

  • Audiencly provides services in paid media marketing, social media marketing, and influencer marketing.

  • Their goal is to support all kinds of businesses in their marketing and promotional tasks. Audiencly allows you a global reach by promoting your content across Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

  • Audiencly helps you to conduct an in-depth analysis of your visibility and likeability across social media platforms.

  • Audiencly has led 1k+ campaigns for 100+ clients and has a huge base of 5k+ influencers out there.

  • They have been working with Disney, Wix, Tencent, Net Ease Games, I Got Games, My Games, and others.


Click on the contact button to get in touch with their incharge for detailed analysis and pricing.

4. Game Marketing Genie

Game Marketing Genie is a full-service digital agency that works to promote and market your content at a global level. The game marketing genie agency is in Melbourne and functions to provide content marketing strategies and social media marketing strategies as well.

Key Features:

  • Game Marketing Genie also provides services in the marketing sector like SEO optimization, crypto marketing, NFT marketing, mobile app marketing, digital advertising, influencer marketing, email marketing, app store optimization, etc.

  • Game Marketing Genie also helps in designing your games. Thus, if you are not having a proper design for your game you can get GMG to work for it. They will aid you in designing and managing every aspect of your game.

  • Game Marketing Genie has a global outreach of more than 10 million people. Thus, they have strong media occupancy worldwide.


Get a free consultation after which you can sign a quote.

5. Knowscope

KnowScope is a sole gaming influencer marketing agency. They are an agency for gamers worldwide and the brands associated with the gaming arena.

Key Features:

  • Knowscope is a perfect HubSpot for gamers and gaming brands to connect and promote each other's content. Gamers can play with members from any nook of the world and earn money by playing more games.

  • Brands get the chance to promote their games among a wide range of players from different participants across the world.

  • These players can turn into your potential customers if they like the content you provide them.


In the contact section, you will need to fill out a form as per your preferences. They will get in touch with you after the successful submission of the form.

6. is a marketing agency with a strategic and comprehensive marketing plan for its clients. With the number of gaming platforms increasing every day, it becomes difficult to stand apart from others. might be of some help.

Key Features:

  • They offer calibrated and well-researched modes of promoting your game online amidst dozens of others.

  • They also allow you access to other services in blockchain and Web 3.0 so that you can create a safer and sturdier version of your game that attracts more players.

  • With more than 4 years of experience in this field and 30 +marketing services, has its branch in the Silicon Oasis in Dubai.


Select the service you wish to opt for and get a personalized offer for the same.

7. Coinbound

Coinbound is another one among our top recommendations for GameFi marketing agencies. Coinbound provides intriguing services in the crypto domain with excellent services in Web 3.0 and blockchain development.

Key Features:

  • Coinbound ensures higher traffic by providing solutions in NFT marketing, Web3 marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, PR marketing, and others.

  • Coinbound has successfully collaborated with famous gaming consoles Metamask, Nexo, Cosmos, Etoro, Gods Unchained, Okcoin, and others.

  • They are featured by Forbes, Blockworks, Yahoo Finance, and others for their unparalleled services in marketing GameFi.


Reach out to them by filling out a form at the end of the page for getting a detailed plan.

8. CrowdCreate

CrowdCreate, a leading marketing agency, has its services in the GameFi arena. CrowdCreate has a record of completing 500+ projects and raising a hefty amount of USD 250 million+.

Key Features:

  • CrowdCreate has expertise in NFT consulting that will help you gain a better understanding of ways to drive more traffic in a shorter time.

  • Other aids from CrowdCreate are- NFT marketing, crypto marketing, Web3 marketing, Video marketing, Growth audit score, PR marketing, etc.

  • CrowdCreate has worked with gaming agencies like, Star Atlas, and Vegas Casino.


Book a call for pricing details.

9. Upfluence

Upfluence is more inclined towards influencer marketing promotions. They have an overwhelming reach of top influencers who have an enormous social media impact. Upfluence allows you to find reliable influencers for your content so that you get the right type of traffic for your gaming console.

Key Features:

  • Upfluence will provide you with a list of top influencers for promoting your content. Then, you can select one which suits you the best for your gaming project.

  • Brands like Amazon, Asics, Asus, Verizon, and others trust Upfluence for apt marketing strategies.


They have three packages namely- Growth, Scale, and Enterprise. They are all designed to give you the best working experience with influencers for different purposes.

10. Pocket Whale

Pocket Whale is a videogame marketing agency that promotes your game across mobile phones and desktops. They have businesses in the USA, France, Germany, and Japan.

Key Features:

  • They are a constant top app marketing agency from 2017-2019. They run PR campaigns in the US, Europe, and Japan.

  • Pocket Whale has successfully tailored promotions for brands like Cygames, Jamcity, Bandai Namco, Bizzard Entertainment, Amanotes, Machine Zone, Small Giant, Seriously, Scopely, and others.

  • Pocket Whale has comprehensive marketing solutions for gaming consoles so that they get increased traffic from the suitable audience group.


Contact them for getting a quote for your gaming project.

11. Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory is a versatile marketing agency perfectly suited for GameFi marketing tasks. Blockchain App Factory has multifaceted services in Blockchain development, crypto development, NFT management, and other GameFi marketing services.

Key Features:

  • Some exclusive GameFi marketing services from Blockchain App Factory include- Play to earn NFT games, Move to earn NFT games, NFT gaming platform, NFT game development like Crypto kitties, NFT gaming platforms (like Decenteraland and Prospectus), and others.

  • The blockchain app factory has a wide range of services in crypto-related topics. They have services in Ethereum token development as well. They have a safe and secure database with no risk to your project.


Fill out your contact details in the contact section and get a response from them.

12. GameInfluencer

Game Influencer is a Germany-based GameFi marketing agency. Game Influencer has developed successful influencer campaigns for promoting games from different niches.

Key Features:

  • They have a record of working with an enormous digital media giant like Facebook and other recognizable associations like Sega, Samsung, Tencent, Google Play, Nexon, King, Loot Boy, and others.

  • Game Influencer has more than 3.1 million exclusive content creators who have raised 500 million+ revenue over the years. Thus, it is evident from the above data that Game Influencer has strong influencer marketing campaigns for you.


Ping them for getting a quote for all the services you wish to select.

13. Kairos Media

Kairos Media has the tagline which says that they'll help you redefine your brand across social media. It wouldn't be wrong to say that they undoubtedly do!

Key Features:

  • Kairos Media is an award-winning GameFi marketing agency based in the UK.

  • Kairos Media is straightforward in its promotions and likes to put forward your content straight on the basis of facts and data.

  • They won't create dull campaigns filled with buff. Rather they will help you to recreate your brand image by putting forward some bold and dynamic promotional strategies.


Get in touch with them and fill out the form for a customized plan according to your budget.

14. NewGen Agency

New Gen Agency is an esports and digital game marketing agency. They own 52 successful projects with eight awards. They are again a marketing agency that solely focuses on gaming projects and clients for the same.

Key Features:

  • New Gen Agency provides content management solutions, campaign developments, product developments, competitive analysis, sponsorships, tournament organizations, Youtube management, and others.

  • New Gen Agency has worked with brands like McDonald’s, Pepsico, Gillette, YapiKredi Play, Doritos, Dominos, and others.


Contact them for getting a quote.

Things to Consider When Looking For a GameFi Marketing Agency

The Clients Served

Before you opt for any GameFi marketing agency, run a background check on the types of clients served by them. Look for the details and relevance of those clients to your project. If the data is appropriate, you can go forward with the agency. Any GameFi marketing agency should have a background of working with at least one gaming console for you to trust on them.

Reliability of Agency

The agency that you have shortlisted must have a certain number of certified testimonials so that you can work with them accordingly. These testimonials should be original and not fake. Look for more reviews and double-check the type of projects they have worked with.

Knowledge About Gaming Arena

Of course, before you opt for any GameFi marketing agency, you must know whether the agency is dedicated to gaming consoles or not. If they don't know a thing about the current trends in the gaming sector, then they are of no use to you. Thus, every gaming marketing agency should have abundant knowledge about the gaming zone and the new trends related to it.


GameFi is now the future of the gaming industry. With the players at the vortex of the whole process, the gaming industry can gain more players than ever before.

GameFi technology allows any and every player to play the game and earn money in the form of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, investing in such gaming tech can be both fun and useful.

If you have a finished game project, you can consider marketing the same with any of these top recommendations for the GameFi marketing agency.


What is GameFi?

GameFi is a combination of digital gaming and decentralized finance, therefore GameFi. It means the decentralization of the gaming arena so that players get to earn more by playing.

Earlier, the games were developed in such a way that players had to invest money to make purchases within the game. It was not acceptable to many players as some gaming purchases would cost many dollars.

Thus, the new and revolutionary GameFi method allows the users to play and earn tokens that can be in the form of bitcoins. These can be further used to make purchases both inside and outside the gaming console.

What to consider before selecting any gamefi marketing agency?

Before you opt for any GameFi marketing agency you must check the testimonials from reliable clients. Always check the reviews of the clients and their projects so that you get a wholesome idea of the entire project.

Since gaming projects are more difficult to promote it is better to have a look at the type of projects served by the agency. Plus, the agency should have members who are dedicated to the gaming industry. They should be well aware of every trend that’s happening in the gaming zone.

Moreover, you should also focus on the global outreach of the agency and their success rate with their clients to get a bigger picture.

How to make money on Gamefi?

To start earning on GameFi platforms you need to have an Ethereum wallet first. You can have other reliable wallets as well but, they should be compatible with the games that you would play. Once you have your wallets ready, you can register yourselves for an account on Axie Infinity. This platform has the most number of games that will help you earn quickly. Start playing games and earn rewards and tokens in the form of cryptocurrencies that can be stored in your wallet directly.

How to invest in GameFi?

You can visit apps like Coinmarket where they list different games and the amount of crypto you would have to deposit to play the same. Thus, you can select a game suitable for your taste and start playing it.

What is GameFi in crypto?

GameFi is a mix of online gaming and decentralized finance. Thus, you get to earn while you play. GameFi games are built on Blockchain technology that allows the users to earn money in the form of cryptocurrencies when they play.

Top 14 GameFi Marketing Agencies:...

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