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Top 18 GDPR Compliance Tools

GDPR software is actually privacy management tools that help you manage your customer data, various consent forms, and a wide range of data security issues. General Data Protection Regulation software is majorly used by businesses to manage their customer-related data in a more efficient and secure way.

In EU and EEA, it's important for all the companies selling it and storing personal information about citizens of Europe to operate this GDPR Compliance Software. GDPR compliance software facilitates the authority of the customers to decide the amount and the type of data that any company can store/process. This ensures safety on the customers’ end and ensures that they don't misuse the data that is stored.

Today, with proper law and order implemented, we have many GDPR compliance software in the market. Then, how do we really decide which one to choose for our business? For this, we have curated the top tools list containing the top 18 GDPR Compliance Softwares for you!

1. Ignyte

Ignyte is a GDPR system used by many companies across various sectors of the market including military, intelligence, DoD of the federal government, and many medical-healthcare industries in a user-friendly manner. It has also proven to be a risk free management system that works in compliance with law and order.

Key Features:

  • It allows you to handle classified information by exploring new solutions for the Defense industrial base, complying entirely with NIST, DFARS, and CMMC regulations to protect your data.

  • As a part of the healthcare management system, you can manage sensitive patient data by making use of its automated HIPAA and HITRUST solutions that make use of spreadsheets, checklists, and manual evidence collection.


You can request a quote on their website


BASIS ID is a data privacy solution, fully featured with GDPR compliance to serve various enterprises , SMEs, etc. It provides us end-to-end solutions designed for Web management, policy management systems, sensitive data identification, and risk security - all at one place.

Key Features:

  • BASIS ID provides KYC software all across the world with the quickest and least integration time taken.

  • Clients have a dedicated account manager, who's always ready to help you out with your doubts and answer your questions in the most convincing manner.

  • It has passed a full fledged audit by BIG4 and owns a document kit which can be presented at any needed opportunity.

  • It supports full compliance with regulatory requirements and offer exceptional consulting services.


You can request a quote from their website.

3. HR Cloud

HRCloud, a GDPR compliant platform takes care of time-consuming payroll management needs. It helps the clients with recruitment, performance management, leave management, payroll management, and so much more. The office associates can be more connected to the office and with each other. The employee can interact and give better feedback, which improves the overall functionality.

Key Features:

  • You can create a fully customized branded app experience to build a sense of familiarity and increase user friendliness.

  • It provides proven solutions that meet your scalability, security, and various engagement needs.

  • It offers fast, easy access to HR and company information for employees.

  • The practices involve entire automation, driving our all the manual work.


You can request a quote from their website.

4. Alfresco DMS

Alfresco DMS is GDPR compliant database management system. It's a way for great businesses to share, organize, and protect their documents. It is a modern, enterprise-class, cloud-native platform that enables these organizations to build digital operations to deliver services with many experiences.

Key Features:

  • Document management, scanning, and capture are some of the most provided services.

  • It helps the organization to scale, drive automation and extract deep insights to move the business forward.

  • Its simple tools allow the business users to design and break out the rigid workflow and collaborate on issue resolution.


You can request a quote on their website.

5. Netwrix

Netwrix is a constructive server monitoring software meant for critical configuration and creating potential security postures. This monitoring tool helps the companies to get insights, and increase their productivity. Irrespective of where the organization resides, Netwrix allows the information security and reclaiming of control over sensitive, regulated and business-critical data.

Key Features:

  • It helps in risk mitigating and prevention with the netwrix auditor.

  • It improves user coordination and accountability, streamlines compliance audits .

  • It provides risk reports and cloud security for the systems.

  • Besides all of this, customer satisfaction is a very important aspect of its functionality.


You can request a quote on their website

6. Software AG

Software AG has been brought into GDPR industry since 1969 to empower you to become a truly connected and a synchronized enterprise. You can use their industry-leading suite of products like integration & API management, IoT & analytics and business transformation. It is aimed at creating a fluid data flow between elements of an established enterprise like departments, systems, employes, and devices.

Key Features:

  • The main features include IoT development, analytics, divide connectivity, edge computing and integration.

  • It has opened the opportunities for API management, B2B management, application development, mainfram integration.

  • This platform is also making advanced changes in business design and management services to benefit the businesses and consumers both.


You can request a quote on their website.

7. BMC Software


BMC software is one of te most popular GDPR compliance software that helps you gain vast visibility, compliance, and control of all of your IT assets to extract the true value they deliver. BMC is a cloud-based solution for an efficient asset management.

Key Features:

  • The BMC Strategic Advisory Service plays an important role in evaluating and prioritizing the key elements that play an important role in business management. The experienced consultants deliver a multi-phased, strategic roadmap that guides, assists in advanced mitigation, and value realization of your assets.

  • It ensures that the use cases and capabilities of the systems that are most important to your concerned business are correctly deployed, resulting in faster time to value and better productivity.

  • You can also migrate your current environment using a three layered approach that BMC offers.


You can request the quote from their website.

8. SolarWinds

Solar Winds is a database software that gives you the privilege of remote access, asset tracking, backup, and monitoring. Having a better user interface, this database system is trusted by a lot of users to create, extract, maintain, update and manage their data for their businesses.

Key Features:

  • It provides users with a comprehensive network bandwidth analysis and performance monitoring.

  • It gives the best cloud-based ITIL suite for service, incident, change and release management.

  • It has made the server and application monitoring, storage management, and DBMS optimization very simple.


You can request the quote from their website.

9. Enactia

Enactia is another GDPR compliance system that essentially covers a full-fledged functionality enabling your business organization to manage privacy, help cybersecurity governance, and get a better hold of the regulatory norms like GDPR, ISO27001, ISO27701, CCPA, PDPL, and others. You can monitor your risks and mitigate them in order to get the best results.

Key Features:

  • It is a compliance and AI Risk analysis cloud platform for privacy and cybersecurity management requirements.

  • It is quite versatile enough to deal with data subjects and consumer request management systems.

  • Ticketing and task management, maintaining an integrated risk trajectory, data breach and incident management, creating a document repository, etc are included in its primary features.


You can request a quote from their website.

10. OneTrust

OneTrust is a fully featured GDPR compliance Software that has been designed and equipped to serve Enterprises, agencies, and startups. OneTrust provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. It enhances the data management by providing facilities like : Data Mapping, Access Control, PIA / DPIA, Consent Management, Incident Management.

Key Features:

  • You can operationalize the CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, and other regulatory protocols using OneTrust.

  • Know your data better using AI powered data discovering technology to find your IT assets. You can further go on to classify data according your business needs.

  • Train your employees and build a business culture prioritizing privacy.


You can request a quote on their website.


TRUENDO is a GDPR compliance system that is meant to auto-generate privacy policies for different websites. The privacy policy is not only self-updating but is also built around the GDPR and ePrivacy features that gives it an upper hand on many other GDPR systems available in the market. It has also succeeded in offering excellent control over the personal customer data a website collects and shares with third party platforms.

Key Features:

  • It automatically scans the client's website and ensures that they're always compliant with GDPR.

  • Truendo collects valuable data, and allows you to use insights to learn more about your own customers and improve your target schemes.

  • It makes this an fun experience by providing customization of cookie banners and managers.


You can request a quote on their website.


ECOMPLY s a fully featured GDPR compliance Software particularly crafted and designed to serve SMEs, Startups, and small businessses. ECOMPLY provides end-to-end solutions for Windows, offering Data Mapping, PIA / DPIA, Incident Management, Consent Management, Policy Management on one single extended platform.

Key Features:

  • ECOMPLY is the day-to-day operating system for DPOs, offering a rich suite of well-integrated tools that help you to avoid mistakes and provide consistent results.

  • It achieves better results in reduced efforts using intelligent forms, automated document generation, a smooth workflow assistance, linked data and concise insights and great usability.

  • It is a first-hand solution that immediately supports your work while flexibly adapting your work culture.


You can request a quote from the website.

13. TrustArc

TrustArc is a fully featured GDPR compliance software which has been especially designed to serve new startups, agencies, new organizations. It provides end-to-end solutions for web app security. It offers data identification, data mapping, consent management services, PIA/DPIA, and policy management.

Key Features:

  • TrustArc Privacy Management Platform provides a single extended platform experience tdelivering in-depth of continuous privacy intelligence along with full automation meant for end-to-end privacy management.

  • This platform integrates exclusive, deep expertise with global industry leadership to help organizations build and mature comprehensive privacy programs.

  • Build your global data privacy schemes on a robust, end-to-end privacy and risk compliance platform built by globally phenomenal privacy experts.


Not revealed by the investor.

14. Alert Logic

Alert Logic Group is a Chicago-based cloud-oriented technology which supports hedge funds. It works with amny applications and tools required for investment research and analytics, accounting, a financial-specific CRM, and various investor relations and document sharing. Besides all these services, it is one of the leading investment portfolio management tools.

Key Features:

  • Provides unrivaled expertise in cloud-based security to the organizations.

  • It rapidly detects and manages risks, dedicatedly helps in protecting systems, and provides comprehensive coverage.

  • Global SOC experts monitor your systems 24/7, with personalized training available for all clients.


You can request a quote from the website.


PRIVACIai accepts the help of artificial intelligence and advanced robotic automation to assist various organizations in complying their functioning with global data privacy regulations in a smooth and sweet manner. It is entrusted with enterprise software, cybersecurity, identity safety, and high governance pedigree.

Key Features:

  • It is used to detect shadow and naive data assets across some of the major cloud-based service providers.

  • You are allowed to discover, classify, and label hundreds of sensitive data elements in the multicloud and self managed structured as well as unstructured data systems.

  • Build a strong relationship between discovered personal data and its owners to enable timely fulfillment of DSRs, and consent report management.

  • Identifying data risk hotspots in our environment using a clear breakdown of risk drivers - data elements, data locations, etc.


You can request a quote from the website.

16. PrivacyTools

PrivacyTools happens to be a fully featured, privacy compliance software, exclusively designed for companies that want to be strictly compliant with their data security regulations. Amongst many regulatory principles, GDPR is one of the primary ones.

Key Features:

  • It offers detailed data mapping which includes treatment operations, DPIA/RIPD generator, different suppliers, diagnosis and risk management.

  • It provides a data management platform with several tools and modules meant to be used in various market segments and to be in GDPR compliance.

  • It provides facilities like incident management, efficient data recovery, and fluent consent management

Cost: You can have three packages depending on the different services you opt for. The basic one is Bronze priced at Rs. 2088, one level up is - Silver priced at Rs. 3528, and the most advanced one is Gold priced at Rs. 7128

17. MOVEit

MOVEit encrypts files and transfers data using secure File Transfer Protocols with management, monitoring, and redundancy capabilities. Moreover, MOVEit Cloud delivers MOVEit Transfer's capability with the ease of a centralized, web-hosted deployment that complies with HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, and FFIEC regulations.

By rendering all actions transparent, controlling how information is transferred, and enforcing security guidelines for that movement, MOVEit MFT lowers the chance of data loss. The DMZ-based Ipswitch Gateway protected authentication methods and encryption based on FIPS 140-2 approved AES-256 cryptography all contribute additional levels of protection that have been demonstrated to be necessary for fostering trust.

Key Features:

  • Control the method and parties involved in transfers while monitoring activity, making transactions transparent, protecting data in transit with encryption, and generating reports that may be customized for audit trails and other purposes.

  • Granular access restrictions, PGP encryption at rest, and logic-based processes that assure delivery may all be used to manage information and file transfers without the requirement for programming knowledge or extra IT experience.


Contact MOVEit for pricing information.

18. Forcepoint DLP

Forcepoint DLP is a cloud-based data protection tool that aids organizations in identifying, assessing, and mitigating possible threats to important assets and data. Data discovery and classification are among the features, along with policy enforcement and behavioral analytics.

Based on data incidents, models, and endpoint collector events, the program enables IT managers to prioritize high-risk operations and automate rules to safeguard data in real time. Organizations may use a predetermined policy library to ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and several other regulatory requirements and safeguard intellectual property like PHI, business finances, or trade secrets in organized and unstructured forms.

Key Features:

  • Protection from the most difficult data security concerns of the present, whether on-premises or in the cloud, using a DLP solution.

  • With no user interface friction, Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) enables enterprises to identify, categorize, monitor, and safeguard data effortlessly.

  • Protect personal data on the internet in the cloud via email, networks, and endpoints.


Please contact Forcepoint for pricing details.

Things to Consider While Selecting A GDPR Software

When you are working with the GDPR compliant software platforms, you need to consider the following things:

What are your needs?

There are a lot of varieties available to us in the market when it comes to GDPR compliant systems. But what are our needs is the question we should ask before purchasing these softwares. There are critical steps that need to be taken care of like data mapping, data protection impact assessment, subject access assessment, etc. These steps need to be performed by an efficient GDPR compliant platform, and if you're not convinced by it, you need to reconsider your decision to go with the purchase.

Implications costs and the price of GDPR compliant software

While it is great to manage to secure a GDPR compliant softwares, it can be harmful to consider buying it without watching out for its financial aspects. While larger businesses can afford heavily priced softwares, if you're a startup or a new agency, the financial burden can be stressful. Hence, you should come up with a choice that delivers the objective but also eases out a little on your pocket.

What is the quality of the software?

Quality matters the most when it comes to the GDPR compliant softwares. The quality of the softwares and how easily can we procure it is a very key element in deciding whether it should be considered for purchase or not. Many companies give a knowledge based guidance on how you can cross check the quality and accessibility to help you make a wise decision, that doesn't harms you later as a consumer.


In this article we saw some of the best GDPR compliant softwares, that allows the customers to have an authority on how and what is shared with third party organizations. Now, while there are many options for you to choose from, we discussed features of top 16 softwares here which will enable you to make a decision that would benefit you in the long run. We hope you explore all these options and find the best one for you.


What Does GDPR Compliant Software Do?

A GDPR compliant software is a software designed to help organizations to comply with GDPR regulations, which are basically rules and regulations made regarding the data sharing by EU. It is very hard to keep up with these guidelines. What makes these softwares compliant are the fact that the customers have a certain authority to decide what amount of data and what type of data is stored and processed by these organizations.

This is done so that customers can rule out any intimate data that they don’t want to share and also keep a tab to ensure that no data is misused.

What Should You Consider While Using Portfolio Management Tools?

While working with the GDPR complaint tools, it is preferred to take following things into consideration:

  1. Goals: What are your business goals and financial intentions, this is so that your goals can be aligned with the chosen platform’s core features and can help you select a platform that will be the most beneficial to you.

  2. Quality. When it comes to chose the softwares for your business, it is always advisable to check quality over quantity. The purchase is kind of one time investment for you to make and so you should be very careful about what you chose.

  3. Make yourself aware of what you are investing in. When you are an informed client, it becomes easier for you to find a genuine platform and work with them. Awareness is a key attribute needed when it comes to the trading and investment spectrum.

What Are the Benefits of Using GDPR Compliant Software?

There are endless benefits of using GDPR compliant softwares for your business:

  1. These softwares help you survey your data and get rid of redundant, irrelevant, old, and trivial data that is not benefitting you in any way.

  2. It helps organizations in creating and strengthening data security strategies, establish better control over their firewall systems, build stronger data encryptions and avoid cybersecurity threats.

  3. The transparency that comes with these softwares enables the customers to rust the organizations, leading to better business-consumer relationships.

  4. All the GDPR compliant softwares auto-update themselves, implying that they are exposed to newest trends and be smart with their functionality.

What Are the Best GDPR Compliant Products?

Highly rated GDPR complaint products include:

  • Solar WInds

  • Ignyte

  • TrustArc

  • Alert Logic

  • BigID



  • Enactia

How Much Does Investment Portfolio Management Software Cost?

Honestly speaking, this is a very relative question to ask, This is because every software has its own backend functioning, which directly affects its costs and prices. You can go and consult the respective websites to get the exact pricing for these products.

What is necessary to comply with the GDPR?

Companies must clarify their data privacy policies and make them readily available to comply with GDPR. They are required to describe how they handle and use personal data. Additionally, they are not permitted to create privacy rules that excuse them from taking action when a personal data breach occurs.

Does GDPR only protect digital data?

All personal data handled by a company or organization is covered by the GDPR. Personal data stored on paper is included, while non-personal data handled electronically is excluded. Scribbled documents do not count, though, as paper-based records must be in organized manner.

Top 18 GDPR Compliance Tools

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