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Top 40 Grant Management Tools

Grant management software is a tool that facilitates and automates all grant-related tasks, including opportunity identification, workflow management, and team communication.

The software streamlines grant procedures, improves transparency in the grant-making process, and ensures that the monies awarded are used following the grantor's specifications. Most grant software is offered as hosted, software as a service, or cloud-based software, making it a reasonably safe application.

Let's discuss the top tools for grant management in detail.

1. Project Libre

An open-source project management tool called ProjectLibre is committed to offering both free desktop and ground-breaking cloud solutions. It may operate on various operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. You can use ProjectLibre to organize and manage your team's tasks. It also lets you keep an eye on the schedule and generates excellent reports.

Key Features:

  • Replaces Microsoft Project

  • Gantt Chart

  • OpenProj has been upgraded and contains thousands of updates and bug fixes.

  • Earnings-based costing

  • Using a project management tool

  • RBS Graph

  • New OpenProj version

2. Open Project

Project managers and teams may efficiently and cooperatively work on their projects with OpenProject, an open-source project management platform. Your managers may design schedules and settings using OpenProject that will empower each team member, encourage innovation, and make the most use of all available resources. Sharing strategies and product road maps with clients, stockholders, and coworkers help promote transparency on all levels.

Key Features:

  • Planning and arranging a project.

  • Planning a product strategy and release.

  • Task administration and group cooperation.

  • Scrum and agile.

  • Data privacy and high security.

  • Budgeting, expense reporting, and timekeeping.

  • Tracking bugs.


OpenProject package start at €5.95

3. WizeHive

Software for managing memberships and grants is available from WizeHive and is appropriate for non-profit organizations. Through automated workflow rules, the grant management system from WizeHive folds grant applications into categories. Applications may be gathered directly on a hastened software portal, a company's website, or a Facebook page.

Key Features:

  • Contests: Create and run an online contest in minutes without installing software.

  • Grants: Online application management, collection, and organization.

  • Scholarship applications are gathered and managed using customized web forms.

  • Projects-share files allow users to organize projects and work together in private, secure locations.


Pricing often consists of three aspects

  • Core

  • Premium

  • Enterprise

4. Fluxx

Fluxx is a technology that supports the philanthropic ecosystem. It has created grant management software that makes the ecosystem more open, transparent, and linked for both funders and impact investors. Grantseekers on Fluxx serve as a conduit for cooperation between donors and charities.

Key Features:

  • Result updates

  • more efficiency and organization

  • Work together as a team

  • Exhaustive dashboard

  • Custom dashboards and vies

  • Dependable automation

  • Flexible filtering and searching

  • Integrative cooperation

  • Flexible reporting

5. Bloomerang

A cloud-based donor management tool called Bloomerang is intended to assist non-profit organizations with their fundraising efforts. Since its first release in 2012, it has been furnished with cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge features, providing comprehensive solutions for fundraising institutions of all stripes. Users may quickly and simply manage transactions and funds thanks to the platform's retention and management features. Its user-friendly design, which makes fundraising simple and effective, is one of its standout characteristics.

Key Features:

  • Activity Schedule

  • The Bloomerang dashboard makes it simple to view and access all significant data, including campaign progress, donor retention, incoming gifts, and ideas.

  • Social Media Access

  • Reporting That Is Automatic

  • Mobile-Responsive


Bloomerang Package start at $99/mo

6. Light Green Light

Little Green Light provides a cloud-based constituent relationship management database, as well as event planning, activity monitoring, mail merges, and inquiries, to assist small and midsize NGOs in managing their fundraising and development initiatives.

Key Features:

  • Keep your schedule under control and on course. Automated notifications and reminders keep everyone informed and on target so you can keep going. Search interactively and visually.

  • LGL enables you to raise money more successfully and efficiently.

  • It is quite simple to understand who is in your database while using Little Green Light. You may add as many attribute tags as you like, and you can perform a full history search on each constituent, including information on their participation in events, volunteer work, and giving habits.


Little Green Light package start at $45 /month

7. GrantVantage

For handling federal, state, and foundation grants, sub-recipients, and contracts, GrantVantage is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that interfaces with the majority of accounting systems. Dashboards that track grant and contract money, goals, activities, and performance measures are interactive. Project managers get a comprehensive, top-down view of all grants, contracts, sub-awards, goals, performance measurements, activities, and personnel assignments thanks to GrantVantage.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Applications & Templates

  • Simple Assessment Management & Creation

  • Translation and language localization

  • Centralized applicant communication

  • Tracking of Applications & Reviewers

  • Applicants' individual profiles



8. Good Grants

Good Grant is a platform for internationalized grantmaking that enables small and medium-sized grantmakers all over the globe to manage and finance high-quality grant applications on a budget. Grantmakers can manage the whole grant lifecycle, streamline procedures, and maximize money with the help of Good Grants, which they can access online from any location. G

Key Features:

  • Utilize dashboards, reports, and exports to monitor program status.

  • Create outstanding application forms quickly

  • Effortlessly manage grant applicants and applications

  • High-end evaluation tools for wise financial choices

  • With capabilities for both GDPR and CCPA, Good Grants assists you in maintaining your data security compliance. Your information is secure and confidential, as well as the information of your users, applicants, and reviewers.

  • The Good Grants API and webhooks are robust and feature-rich. GET and POST information between your CRM, marketing website, or tools.


Good Grant Package start at €313 EUR

9. PeopleSoft Enterprise

PeopleSoft is a member of Oracle's PeopleSoft enterprise service automation family of applications. It is a web-based application that controls the whole research administration life cycle, including proposal development, proposal conversion to awards, award monitoring, processing for facilities and administrative support, thorough bill production, and flexible financial reporting.

Key Features:

  • Seamless creation and submission of proposals,

  • Managed Budget Centrally

  • Effective Award Management

  • Flexible Reporting and Billing

  • Cost Visibility in Real Time



10. Salsa

With Salsa's grant management software, you can customize and assign unique duties to various team members and have several users working on a single grant. You can even attach documents to your grant profiles.

Additionally, Salsa has a built-in word processor, so you may draft your grant request inside the program. Your organization may use Salsa's grant management software as part of a bigger toolkit to generate money and interact with contributors.

Key Features:

  • Detailed donor profiles.

  • Custom fields with no limits.

  • Management of Moves and Cultivation.

  • Rapid gift entry/Unified Offline & Online Donation Processing.

  • Dashboards and reporting for performance.

  • Machine learning-powered Smart Ask sums.

  • Marketing automation and email.

  • Online Multi-Channel Advocacy


The cost of salsa depends on the particular requirements of the company. No hidden fees or costs per user. Give them some information, and they will send you a tailored quote.

11. Granthub

Granthub is a grant management tool that is simple to use, affordable, and mostly used by non-profits and grant consultants. More than 350 grant hopefuls use it to keep track of their awards. Your assignments, applications, reports, and crucial grant paperwork are all managed online using Grant Hub. Spreadsheets, calendars, folders, and manual tracking methods are not necessary.

Key Features:

  • Grant management and funders

  • Task management and recollections

  • Central database for grant paperwork

  • 20 GB of total storage; 100 MB maximum file size

  • Dashboard and six ready-made reports

  • Links to 990 forms at the Foundation Center

  • The addresses of GuideStar profiles

  • Amazing nonprofit tales

  • For up to 35 users' licenses


Granthub package start with $75 per month

12. Neon

An organization can follow each stage of the grant application process with Neon simple dashboard. Neon has developed a solution that enables your staff to collaborate effortlessly by assigning distinct tasks and establishing deadlines because applying for grants requires a team effort. You may apply for and win more grants using their grantmaking tools to keep productive and organized.

Key Features:

  • Tracking of Accounts and Relationships

  • Tracking Activities and Notes Volunteer Management

  • Track and manage your research, apply for and get funds, monitor their statuses, and follow the procedures to get funding.

  • Webforms and Surveys Online

  • Analytics and Reports

13. Fundly

Designed to assist nonprofit organizations, charities, and clubs in generating money for various causes, Fundly is an internet fundraising tool. Employees may use the program to make donation pages, upload photographs, and videos, track donations, get information about contributors' actions, and connect with internal and external stakeholders. It enables administrators to make contact lists and email contributors with appeal letters, words of gratitude, and other marketing materials.

Key Features:

The Social Sector Contributes 25% of All Fundly Donations

Create a Custom Donation Page

Easy Mobile Fundraising


Fundly operates on the generosity of contributors and charges no platform cost to organizers.

Stripe, a Fundly payment partner, charges 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction to handle credit cards.

14. eCivis

With the grant administration system eCivics, you may manage your grants and sub-recipients while maximizing money. Along the process, it offers knowledgeable assistance. The finest grant management system is available to tribal, municipal, and state governments. To benefit the applicants, it has changed the grant application procedure.

Key Features:

  • Project preparation

  • Performance evaluations

  • Funding for study

  • Risk Control

  • Reporting and dashboards,

  • Training Administration

  • Grants Administration

  • Instruments for teamwork

  • Monitoring of goals

  • Tracking of grant awards



15. Trail Blazer

Nonprofit organizations can use the cloud-based fundraising software Trail Blazer Non-Profit Manager to manage donations and fundraising events. The solution is installed on the hardware. The data is stored in a secure cloud environment, allowing for flexible access from a Mac, PC, iPad, or another web-enabled mobile device.

Key Features:

  • Through mass emails and SMS messages, Trail Blazer's service assists non-profit organizations in generating funding and swiftly reaching their target audience.

  • The system enables fundraisers to track every gift digitally and grant received to guarantee total transparency in fundraising efforts.

  • The management may view the whole list of events scheduled for the entire week, month, or year on the intuitive calendar and the days still open for new reservations.

  • With the help of the blast tool, event planners may start and execute numerous campaigns simultaneously and send tailored emails or messages to a significant number of members with just one click.


Trail Blazer accepts credit card payments up to $2,000 per transaction. Please utilize an eCheck for payments above $2,000 if possible. Simply input your checking account bank routing number and account number to pay by eCheck. You are welcome to use this eCheck choice for sums under $2,000.

16. Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct offers software for cloud-based financial management and accounting. Small to medium accounting organizations can benefit from Sage Intacct's software solution, which can offer operational and financial reporting capabilities and the capacity to automate crucial financial procedures.

Any accounting department or finance team may use Sage Intacct to access various essential accounting tools, including a general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, and order management.

Key Features:

  • Utilization user friendliness

  • Real-time financial data is accessible round-the-clock for quick analysis of business performance.

  • Adaptability via configuration.

  • Scalability.

  • Reduced expenditures for IT.

  • Less manual tasks.


In Sage Intacct, you must first fill out the form; then they will send you about pricing and explore how Sage Intacct industry-specific solutions can help you grow and thrive.

17. Workday

The whole Workday application suite is integrated with Workday Grants Management, providing you with a central location to automate the entire post-award process. Workday Grants Management is a centralized solution that can easily handle even the most complicated grant requirements. You get a thorough understanding and control with Workday Grants Management, enabling you to manage your grant activities while maintaining compliance effectively.

Key Features:

  • Human Resource Administration

  • Analytics for People

  • Internal controls and audit

  • Planning the workforce

  • Recruiting

  • Management of talent

  • Payroll Administration

  • Momentum and absence


Subscription base

18. Submittable

You may start, track, and expand your social impact projects locally and internationally with the help of Submittable's tools. from prizes and scholarships to grants and corporate social responsibility initiatives. The start-to-finish platform makes your workflow more innovative and effective, resulting in better decisions and a more significant impact. Simple success reporting and future learning are made possible because of the flexibility and strength of Submittable, which can expand with your programs.

Key Features:

  • With a targeted online application process that is adaptable, user-friendly, and accessible, you can draw busy and skilled potential grantees to your program.

  • Simplify teamwork to enable grant reviewers to swiftly identify the most deserving candidates for funding using a flexible review approach.

  • With the automation that significantly decreases human effort, manages your grant application, reporting, and award process from a single, centralized grant management system.


Pricing often consists of three aspects

  • Starter

  • Pro

  • Enterprise

19. Grants Management System

Grant Management Systems (GMS) is an on-premises solution for non-profit accounting and loan servicing that aids government agencies and non-profits in managing their accounting functions and managing loan programs.

Project and fund accounting, billing and invoicing, forecasting and budgeting, and payroll management are all functional areas of the GMS. By automating cost distribution difficulties, such as common and administrative costs, indirect costs, and leave costs, GMS benefits users.

Key Features:

  • Organize your data in a one location.

  • Oversee all grants from beginning to end.

  • Prepare for board meetings by producing reports.

  • Save time and provide clients with better outcomes.

  • Compliance with GDPR



20. YourCause

A comprehensive set of Web-based corporate social responsibility solutions is available through YourCause (formerly known as Good Done Great). Its primary features assist workplace giving, volunteerism, and grant management initiatives for businesses and charitable groups.

The grant administration system at YourCause keeps track of applications and money transfers. Additionally, the system provides comprehensive grantee reports and automatically verifies potential grantees against government databases to confirm their eligibility.

Key Features:

  • Quicker Payments

  • You may concisely express the existence, purpose, and objectives of your organization in your NPOconnect profile.

  • View all recent, pending, and gift verifications in one place for a quick overview.

  • YourCause Global Good Network has information at your fingertips regarding past donations made by your organization.

21. Optimy

For several industries, including businesses, corporate foundations, philanthropic advisors, and mission-driven organizations, Optimy is a cloud-based project management tool specializing in sponsor and partner management. Project management, budgeting, document management, project collaboration, reporting, task management, time tracking, and project scheduling are a few of the essential aspects.

Key Features:

  • Easier request handling with custom forms - Request handling is more straightforward with Optimy. Users may easily manage unorganized and unsorted stacks of requests by simplifying the influx of requests.

  • Selection of grants more quickly - The automation tools in Optimy can aid your company in accelerating the grant application process.

  • One location for all corporate donating initiatives - Your team's productivity may suffer if you often move between apps or use various task management solutions.


The platform at Optimy is designed to provide you with just the correct number of add-ons without overwhelming your workflow.

22. CyberGrants

A grant and nonprofit management program hosted in the cloud is called CyberGrants. It offers automatic tax ID verification, data scanning against watch lists, reporting task automation, accounts payable tool integration, collective impact reporting, grant seeker communication automation, and more. Applications for payroll, calendars, and social networking are all integrated within the platform.

Key Features:

  • You may design dashboards using CyberGrants tailored to each employee's unique job and responsibilities.

  • Grantmakers may verify and ensure that their grant allocations do not exceed the budget restrictions specified for their foundation using CybertGrants' budget tracking tool.

  • Since CyberGrants enables you to confirm and monitor the tax status of foundations applying for grants, it simplifies risk and compliance management.

  • Quicken the approval process

  • Watch list scans


By quotation, CyberGrants gives cost details. Get a quotation from them directly that is customized to your company's requirements.

23. SurveyMonkey Apply

An online application management tool called SurveyMonkey Apply assists non-profits, foundations, educational institutions, and businesses in choosing applicants for grants, scholarships, sponsorships, and other programs.

For users to access from any location at any time, Apply offers a customized gateway for applicants, reviewers, and administrators.

Key Features:

  • For every audience, it is simple to build polls, quizzes, and surveys.

  • Obtain comments using a web link, email, mobile chat, social media, and other channels.

  • Get sophisticated analytic tools and automatically examine your data.

  • Export your findings or incorporate your data into your preferred applications.


Pricing often consists of three aspects

  • Pro

  • Enterprise

  • Enterprise Plus

24. SmarterSelect

An application management system called SmarterSelect enables businesses and educational institutions to manage all their online hiring and admissions applications.

With a wide variety of adaptable features, SmarterSelect can meet the needs of various business types. The most recent updates to this program enable you to communicate with your candidate via mobile devices. It includes a straightforward collection of capabilities.

Key Features:

  • You may create user-friendly online applications so that your prospects don't struggle to enter information.

  • Your official website and SmarterSelect communicate without interruption. You don't have to create elaborate, protracted programs. It takes only a few seconds to integrate, and you may start receiving online applications right away.

  • You may now remain in touch with your applicants by text or email to improve communication. You may now automatically email and SMS candidates with reminders.


SmarterSelect package start with $1,000/yr

25. SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management

Grantmakers and foundations may use the adaptable and comprehensive SmartSimple Cloud Grants Management solution to track grant expenses and increase efficiency throughout the grant lifecycle. Whether you are a tiny local foundation or a major worldwide grantmaker, the solution empowers all stakeholders. It is run on the highly scalable SmartSimple Cloud platform, enabling you to build flexible modules to satisfy your needs.

Key Features:

  • Manage all stages of the grant application procedure, from pre-screening to submission, and look after details like eligibility, tax authority, and OFAC.

  • Track post-award data inside the self service, online portals and keep all communications current at all times.

  • Use the budgeting tools provided by SmartSimple to keep track of every dollar granted. Each grant can receive cash from program budgets, and users can track the amount of each award's funding.

  • Using a number of customisable charts, graphs, and maps, you can show the organization's financial efforts and get a complete picture of the organization's influence.


SmartSimple Cloud Grants Management package start with $75 /MONTH

26. Clear Impact Scorecard

A special performance management and reporting tool for charity and governmental organizations is called Clear Impact Scorecard. The most effective web-based performance measurement and reporting tool in the market is called Clear Impact Scorecard. It provides easy-to-use reporting, administration, and reporting solutions for performance data. Data collection and reporting standardization are made simple with Clear Impact Scorecard. Additionally, it enables you to work more productively with your stakeholders and community partners.

Key Features:

  • Cloud Safety.

  • System Safety

  • Security of the application. Confidentiality.

  • Data Protection.

  • Identity management, endpoint security, and email security.


Clear Impact Scorecard package Starting at $375/month

27. Sparkrock

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software from Sparkrock comprises finance, labor management. They collaborate with Microsoft to gain access to the infrastructure and security that the latter company utilizes for its own cloud-based products. This only indicates that everything functions as efficiently as Office 365.

The reporting process is made stress-free by Sparkrock software, which also ensures that your firm only needs the bare minimum of administration to function. In a safe setting, they assist you in making the transition from manual, paper-based operations to automated, intelligent online workflows.

Key Features:

Workforce management and finance management are combined into one cloud-based solution called Sparkrock 365. With Sparkrock 365, reporting is stress-free, multiple data entry is quicker, safer, and there is just the bare minimum of administration needed to manage your business.



28. Enquire

Software to help decent people. You may simplify administration, improve visibility, and enhance result reporting with the aid of the top "no code" grant, contract, and impact reporting software. You have a greater ability to accomplish good when you enquire. Grant applications, suppliers, financial administration, performance reporting, and contract and financial management are all supported by this end-to-end system. Simple web software links your employees, clients, and outside partners so that everyone can interact and cooperate. Administration may be significantly streamlined to save time and money and free up your time so that you can focus on your goal. accuracy and transparency in reporting for all of your initiatives.

Key Features:

  • Marketing automation, customer journey monitoring, one-click internal referral, referral, and lead management, enterprise analytics, and connectivity with EMR/EHR are just a few of the life plan and network features of Enquire CRM.

  • The software takes the role of spreadsheets and offers current insights in addition to forecasting the census and log of patients.

  • Using real-time dashboards and data, users can keep tabs on contacts, inventory, and referrals.

  • A fully integrated marketing system that enables users to create online forms, landing sites, bulk emails, social media posting schedules, and drip campaign workflows.

  • The dashboard's customized interface and more than 100 visualizations help transform manual reports into automatic reports.

29. Amplifund

By automating and streamlining the management of grant funds from application through performance reporting, StreamLink Software's AmpliFund grant management platform benefits organizations. Through the use of AmpliFund, grant funders and recipients will be able to control all phases of the grant lifecycle, from pre-award planning, research, and distribution through post-award performance monitoring and reporting.

Key Features:

  • AmpliFund complies with the non-negotiable budgeting and reporting rules set out by federal authorities.

  • Align grant activities with goals, automate tracking & reporting, and increase expenditure transparency. Reduce the amount of time spent on administration and devote more resources to important tasks.

  • AmpliFund provides an infinite number of users with access to and storage for documents.


Pricing often consists of three aspects

  • For Grant Makers

  • For Grant Seekers

  • For Grant Lifecycle

30. Amp Impact

Amp Impact by Vera Solutions is a Salesforce-based service that aids enterprises in making an impact in more than 100 nations. Amp Impact was developed to meet the requirements shared by several digital transformation programs. It enables businesses to replace complex spreadsheets with integrated technological solutions. Amp Impact combines data from many grants or program lifecycles to offer comprehensive insights that aid in decision-making and program transformation.

Key Features:

  • Decreased bounce rates.

  • Increased rates of conversion.

31. akoyaGO

Philanthropic organizations can use the full grants administration software package called akoyaGO. For more than 40 years, Bromelkamp has led the field in data management technology for foundations and grantmakers.

By serving as a strategic technology partner and providing a flexible, all-inclusive software solution, akoyaGO aids foundations in their goal of enhancing philanthropy. They provide a comprehensive integrated, end-to-end system that includes everything from client management to fund accounting.

Key Features:

  • Complete end-to-end solution, from fund accounting to relationship management.

  • Fully customizable technology to meet the specific requirements of your foundation

  • Automate daily tasks to make them more efficient while reducing touchpoints and procedures.

  • A platform built on the cloud allows access from anywhere at any time.

  • Increased Efficiency and Better Fundraising Results from Donor Segmentation

  • Relationships Managed with a Strong CRM

  • Accuracy and conformity

32. InfoReady

The market leader in software for managing research contests and group choices on R&D is InfoReady. They request study suggestions via software, which then sends them to reviewers for approval. Around the world, there are more than 150 research institutions and organizations. Through our outstanding client retention, unrivaled customer service, and strong product recommendations, we not only develop software but also build relationships with our clients.

Key Features:

  • They provide strong, programmable workflow automation that enables the approving, reviewing, and routing of applications, forms, and documents.

  • They provide solutions to help their partners spread the word about the excellent events, activities, and resources they have available as well as other possibilities on their campuses.

  • Their products assist clients in removing obstacles standing in the way of successful process management and promotion.

33. Cayuse

Cayuse Grants Manager, a software module for managing grants and research, may reduce duplication of effort and boost overall efficiency. Organizations with several supported projects may track pre- and post-award data with Cayuse Grants Management. Users of Cayuse Grants Management get access to crucial data on grants and research initiatives.

Key Features:

  • Interface that is simple to use and intuitive just needs an hour of training

  • Automatically populates relevant areas with institutional and personnel data

  • All proposal-related files are kept in one location for convenient access, tracking, and administration.

34. Blackbaud software

Access grants management data whenever you choose, whether you're at the office, at a board meeting, or at home. While maintaining the same simple user interface as Blackbaud software products, the open grantmaking platform interfaces with other business solutions. This makes onboarding new workers throughout your whole business simpler. You may view the data that affects your intended results with customized reports. Be proactive in how you choose to donate. Data may be utilized to locate possibilities and enhance prior efforts. Don't respond to requests for grants or opportunities to apply. One grant management software can handle all of your grantmaking needs.

Key Features:

  • Ability to be customized to fit your process

  • Dashboards with real-time information

  • Integrated financial, payment, and reporting tools

  • capacity to measure results

  • Connect with your other critical software solutions through an open API.

35. Benevity

Benevity specializes in offering the best grant management and workplace volunteering software. Benevity works with some of the biggest companies in the world. This software enables these companies to recruit, keep, and engage employees—who then volunteer to make the world a better place.

Key Features:

  • Event Planning

  • Membership Administration

  • Self-service website

  • Compliance Control

  • Making payments

36. OpenWater

With the help of the all-inclusive software platform OpenWater, your company may gather, examine, and submit any kind of application. You can furthermore offer online reviews. A software platform called OpenWater can assist you in expanding your prizes, abstracts, fellowships, scholarships, and other initiatives.

The OpenWater Growth Stack has undergone thorough testing and is equipped to manage even the most challenging grant, scholarship, fellowship, and abstract application and evaluation processes.

Key Features:

  • A user-friendly and interesting virtual conferencing experience is offered by OpenWater software. Enterprise-grade virtual event software, OpenWater, provides high-quality broadcasts at scale.

  • Even the most complicated application and review procedures may be handled by OpenWater, and users can design review forms and procedures that are specifically tailored to their program's requirements.

37. Slayte

Slayte offers all the resources you want to organize an interesting conference for your members. With the help of our virtual conference solution, you can hold stunning virtual, hybrid, or in-person conferences. Sessions can be scheduled as live, taped, or on-demand events. Additionally, you may personalize the tickets and promote networking. They've built their association-first platform on years of industry knowledge. To lessen the workload for your events staff, it may be linked with your CRM or AMS.

Key Features:

  • The members of your events team will like this all-inclusive solution.

  • You may use AMS or Stripe to buy tickets, explore sessions, sign up for them, bookmark exhibitors, and send out contact requests.

38. Reviewr

Correct submission handling. A cloud-based digital platform called Reviewr gathers, controls, and evaluates online contributions. With Reviewr's submission management tool, you can focus more of your time on creating an impact rather than managing. a single, all-purpose tool the best equipment for the job. Reviewr is a digital experience as well as a submission tool.

Reviewr promotes development, feedback, and community influence using recipes that have been tested in the marketplace. The current approach of managing and reviewing submissions is Reviewr.

Key Features:

  • From beginning to end, they have the ideal submission management system.

  • The customized recipes provided by Reviewr's submission management software are based on years of expertise and input from thousands of users.

  • With the appropriate equipment, these tried-and-true recipes may turn scholarships, grants, and accolades.

39. Untap

An organization may organize, launch, administer, and evaluate open innovation programs, such as contests, startup programs, awards programs, grants, hackathons, and open innovation challenges, using the competition management platform Untap.

Key Features:

  • Simple compilation of further submissions Organize submissions and design routines for reviewing them. Pick the most deserving candidates to get your award.

  • Make the appropriate submissions judgments.

  • Choose the best qualified participants. Analyze each phase's contributions in full.


Untap package start at $500

40. PanGMS

PanGMS Software for managing grants from start to finish that lets you monitor development and assess outcomes. Post-grant opportunities, rank and analyze applications, keep track of, assess, and report on grants in relation to spending plans and performance targets. integrating actions, outputs, and goals with results to analyze the effects of financing. You may redesign certain apps or whole applications as a collection of tiny, independent services with improved functionality.

Key Features:

  • You can transfer your application from a vintage infrastructure platform to a more contemporary infrastructure platform or to the cloud.

  • To enhance the user experience, security, speed, and scalability of your application, you can redesign or replace certain components.

  • Automation that is intelligent increases build, UI, and code efficiency. It also permits the deployment of several instances and production-level monitoring.

  • Create, create, and architect autonomous components that can be deployed and scaled more quickly.

Things to Consider When Choosing a grant management tool

It's challenging to reduce the options and concentrate on the solutions that are actually ideal for you. The only way to make it work is to systematize your foundation's grant management needs and criteria. The following steps will help you locate the finest grant management system:

Determine what you need

Participate in a brainstorming session with your team. The end result ought to be a thorough inventory of what your organization requires. It's crucial that we avoid discussing any specific software solutions in order to guarantee that you can fulfill your needs independently of any functionality packages. As a consequence, you'll create the best strategy for achieving the greatest grant management outcomes with the available resources.

Establish a reasonable spending plan

Always base wise spending decisions on meticulous budget preparation. Decide how much should be spent on each grant management stage's assistance and create a reasonable budget based on your foundation's income. Designing a budget with three categories—expected expenditures, the most your foundation is willing to spend, and a backup budget—is a wise move. You'll have a financial answer in this manner for each situation that occurs.

Prioritize the necessities

Your main priority in terms of submission evaluation should be an automatic assignment related to a certain time zone if you intend to engage judges/reviewers from different nations. You may set up the ideal circumstances for a focused search by identifying your must-haves. Your work will become lot simpler as a result, as you will simply pay attention to solutions that have the qualities that meet your requirements.


Effective grant management systems offer several superpowers, from a simple user interface to great data transfer tools. Examine the needs of your foundation, present the top products you find, and then move your grant-making online. We provide 40 grant management tools in this article. You can pick the one you prefer most.


What is a grant management tool

Grant management software aids in managing the grant submission and granting process from many angles for both grantmakers and grant seekers. Although grantmaking foundations use these technologies mostly in the nonprofit sector, governmental bodies and scientific research institutions can also use them. Compared to private fundraising, some solutions are better suited to managing the complexity of public funding, including governmental laws and compliance.

What exactly do grant managers do?

When it comes to properly implementing the grant procedure, grant managers play the most significant role. They oversee the logistics and coordination of the grant, which includes efficient communication, reporting, and administration.

Both the business and nonprofit sectors have this position. They might also be referred to as grant writers for organizations.

A grant manager's job is to gather pertinent data on the project's progress and outcomes so that they may be reported back to important stakeholders.

What is included in grant management?

The tools used for grant administration include those that let you create practical procedures, track effects throughout the course of the grant application process, and communicate clearly.

This may also include the resources you employ to enhance internal communication, the grant application procedure, and your techniques for reaching out to the best charity organizations.

Top 40 Grant Management Tools

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