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Top 32 Hedge Fund Management Tools

A hedge fund is a limited partnership of a private investor whose money is managed by specialized fund managers. These fund managers use a wide variety of strategies, such as trading non-traditional assets or leveraging them to earn more investment returns.

Now, wherever money or investment is involved, it needs to be handled carefully. Similarly, hedge funds also need to be managed with utmost care. There are hedge fund management tools in the market to manage these funds. These tools help users create strategies, connect with investors, manage portfolios, and improve the whole process.

Since many tools in the market cater to the needs of fund managers, we have created a list of top tools. You do not have to search for the best among 100s of hedge fund management tools. You can pick anyone from the list and make your work easy.

1. Fund Count

Fund Count is a hedge fund management tool that helps users manage all their accounting and analytics for legal entity structures, complex fees, and investment strategies. The tool automatically calculates management and investment fee structures across several partnership investment vehicles. Users can easily shadow their fund administrator with multicurrency and double-entry accounting based on their customizable chart of accounts.

Key Features:

  • Portfolio and investor accounting activity flow through a single integrated multicurrency general ledger.

  • Provides ready-to-use reports.

  • Create custom-tailored reports from scratch in a few minutes.

  • Provides investors with secure access to view live reports through phones and tablets.


Pro: starting from $11,000/user/year

Shadow NAV: starting from $8,000/user/year

Enterprise: Contact sales.

2. Backstop Solutions

Backstop Solutions provides users with a hedge fund management tool that effectively manages client relationships and marketing efforts, manages investor accounts, and optimizes capital raising in one central location. The tool provides a scalable solution that enables hedge fund managers to provide the best quality investment service investors demand.

Key Features:

  • Scale asset growth without increasing operational costs.

  • Easily manage and track all associated activities during the capital raising cycle.

  • Track and report on liquidity, performance data, and investor account activity.


Request cost details on the website.

3. Meta Trader 5

Meta Trader 5 helps users create a multi-asset infrastructure in a few days. Users no longer have to separate terminals with disparate analytics with this tool. It allows them to work in different markets, try different strategies, and customize tools. The tool is directly linked to liquidity providers and global financial exchanges. Users can get instant access to backtesting and algorithm trading.

Key Features:

  • Provides more than 80 liquidity providers and exchanges.

  • Accessibility to algorithm trading.

  • Automates workflow.

  • It can work on the desktop on mobiles.


USD 2,000 monthly

4. Dynamo

Dynamo is a cloud-based hedge find management tool that users can use to manage investor communications, analyze performance, and raise funds in one location. The tool provides an integrated investor portal. The portal helps users to engage with prospective or potential investors and move them efficiently through the pipeline.

Key Features:

  • Provides mail campaign feature to send personalized emails to locate new investors, streamline relationships and raise capital.

  • Provides detailed profiling and activity management.

  • Easy to pull in transactions and account balances from the fund admin.


A demo is available—request cost details on the website.

5. Hedge Guard

Hedge Guard is a hedge fund management tool that hedge fund professionals engineer. The tool's portfolio management software provides users with a full suite and the best investment management tools and features. The tool delivers analytics, reports, and views to stay on top of strategies. Users can streamline their front-to-back-end operations through an asset management system the tool provides. I

Key Features:

  • Provides real-time price feeds.

  • Provides trade, cash, and account management.

  • Connects with administrators and custodians.

  • Provides risk, investor, custom, and regulatory reporting.


Request cost details on the website.

6. Linedata

Linedata helps users create adaptable operations with expert teams who will understand their business evolution. The tool provides order entry to risk management through custody and settlement. The tool provides easy-to-use and actionable insights through machine learning models, data sourcing, and secure cloud hosting. Users can experience single vendor accountability with end-to-end support of technology and data.

Key Features:

  • Provides real-time intraday P&L and order management.

  • Positions risk compliance and monitoring.

  • Provides dashboards and custom reports.


Request on their website for price details.

7. Puritas

Puritas is a hedge fund management tool that helps fund managers improve the process of managing investor activity. The tool is a dealing and share register platform providing integrated client record management. Users can easily manage investor activity, rate and price setting, and payments through integrated banking interfaces. The tool minimizes risk through integrated controls. It provides portal access allowing managers and investors to access documents and data securely.

Key Features:

  • Increases operational efficiency through bulk batch processing.

  • Streamlines processes to provide efficient and enhanced productivity.

  • Provides a dedicated share register to manage funds easily.


For the cost details, request on the website.

8. Bipsync

Bipsync is a hedge fund management tool that helps fund managers eases the burden. It provides research analyst features and boosts employee buy-ins. The tool streamlines audit, discovery, and reporting processes. The tool provides natively open APIs to sort information and data. Users can share and capture information from anywhere securely.

Key Features:

  • Provides highly configurable dashboards.

  • Accessible on mobile phones.

  • Provides collaboration and notes taking features.


Contact the website for cost details.

9. Hedge Tek

Hedge Tek helps users handle investor accounting needs. The tool tracks investors' investment accounts and calculates fees across various structures. It generates statements for fund-level performances and partners. The tool easily integrates and allows users to download and import data between systems. The tool provides a tax allocation and dual book system.

Key Features:

  • Tracks P&L to streamline investor activities and capital activities.

  • Creates complex allocation class structures across linked funds.

  • Provides integration with accounting applications.

  • Can upload large data sets and convert funds from spreadsheets.


For cost details, contact the website.

10. Portfolio Shop

Portfolio Shop provides fund accounting, portfolio management, reporting, general ledger, data aggregation, and reconciliation. The tool eases the burden of managing complex fund structures. It provides users with purpose-built tools for managing sub-accounts, side pockets, capital activity, and more. The tools' portfolio management feature provides accurate integrity checks and valuations to transform transactional activity into valuable insights.

Key Features:

  • Provides a fully integrated general ledger.

  • Dashboards and APIs for users to understand and analyze investment data.

  • Supports external market data feeds and validates pricing.

  • Provides seamless and automated data uploads to other systems.


For cost details, visit the website.

11. Northstar Risk

Northstar Risk provides all the features that are required for hedge fund management. It provides end-to-end integration and reconciliation, which means that the tool is easier to maintain and works fast. The risk management feature analyzes the mark risk in real-time and historically. Users can group positions by country, region, strategy, asset class, and more. With this tool, portfolio managers can set alerts when changes are made to the portfolio.

Key Features:

  • Allows users to control what individual users can see.

  • Provides investors reporting.

  • Allows users to know if the risk model is working.


For cost details, contact the website.

12. Octopus

Octopus is a hedge fund management tool that provides maximum automation. Users can import out of external sources seamlessly and send reports efficiently. The tool provides the easiest way to capture trade and provides automated report generation for a factsheet, daily NAV, etc. Users can also benefit from the tool's email support and report scheduler.

Key Features:

  • Provides live chat support.

  • Requires no local installation. It runs on the browser.

  • Provides data migration and setup support.


Visit the website for cost details.

13. Liquidity Calendar

Liquidity Calendar is a hedge fund management tool that helps users manage redemption, liquidity requests, and terms. The tool tracks gates and lock-ups and automatically calculates redemption schedules. It tells the users how much can be redeemed with the myriad of terms for every investment. The tool prevents manual and error-prone spreadsheet assembling of terms and dates.

Key Features:

  • Provides email alerts as redemption deadlines approach.

  • Provides weekly reports and emails them to you.

  • Generate customizable reports.

  • Understand liquidity by tranche, fund, date ranges, and more.



14. Arbor Fund Solutions

Arbor Fund Solutions provides features that give users detailed trade and position management. Users can get access to in-depth portfolio analysis. It also provides them with a compliance set-up for the front, mid, to back office general ledger reporting. The tool provides users with real-time P&L and NAV. It offers a view into the real-time positions of fund level by currency, sector, strategy, product, liquidity, and more.

Key Features:

  • Provides historic position reporting and fund summary reporting.

  • Flexible trade import tool to automate trade feeds from DMA.

  • Provides email notifications.


Get in touch with them through the website for cost details.

15. PackHedge

Pack Hedge is a hedge fund management tool that provides comprehensive portfolio management and construction. It provides tools to enhance the investment decision-making process. The tool provides portfolio simulations which include asset allocation, rebalancing, and exposures. The tools' transaction-based portfolio allows users to keep track of all positions by investment, account, current, and style.

Key Features:

  • Provides user-friendly and flexible report generation feature.

  • Provides due diligence to design questionnaires.

  • Streamlines workflow.


Contact the website for cost details.

16. Atom Invest

Atom Invest tool provides users with integrated features that help them maintain and manage investor relationships effectively. Users can track engagement. The tool provides an investor portal that showcases current investors' and prospects' strategies and performances. The tool has a built-in regulatory compliance check for workflows and fund marketing.

Key Features:

  • Enhances fundraising and investor relationships.

  • Provides efficient operational workflows and investor onboarding.

  • Provides seamless investment administration and reporting.


You can book a demo. Request on the website for cost details.

17. Broadridge

Broadridge is a hedge fund management tool for public and private assets. The tool helps reduce operational risks, streamline compliance and reporting, control costs, and meet changing business needs. It is a scalable tool. The tool provides users with front-to-back portfolio management, risk management, and order with full asset class support. Users can experience firm-wide reporting to make better decisions.

Key Features:

  • Provides data warehousing and enterprise reporting.

  • Provides visual analytics for reporting.

  • Comes with dashboards.

  • Creates workflow automation and end-of-day valuations.


Contact through the website for cost details.

18. Orchestrade

Orchestrade is a hedge fund management tool that provides dashboards that give users a real-time view of P&L, risk, and positions. It is delivered consistently across asset classes, including rates, credit, equity, commodities, inflation, volatility, and FX. The tool provides a wide range of market standard valuation models.

Key Features:

  • Provides market standard APIs.

  • Provides access to sophisticated derivatives technology.

  • Requires minimal implementation efforts.

  • Provides immediate operational pedigree that assists efforts related to marketing.

  • Efficient integration between middle and back office applications.


Request on the website for cost details.

19. Pacific Fund System

Pacific Fund System provides users with a fund accounting and fund administration system. It provides users a complete back-office fund accounting, fund pricing solution, portfolio valuation, and shareholder recording. The users can carry out all tasks in one place with this tool. The tool also combines all the benefits of a modern relational database design, such as scalability and reliability. With this tool, share class currency and base fund currency can be created in combination with the NAV calculated in the class currency.

Key Features:

  • Automatically allocated expenses and income across investors based on fund-level allocation rules.

  • Provides a general ledger.

  • More than 200 generic reports are available.


Contact through the website for cost details.

20. FinCad

FinCad is a web-based hedge fund management and accounting tool. It helps users spend less time valuing hedges in spreadsheets. With this tool, users can see if a given hedge is becoming ineffective. The tool provides automated and detailed hedge effectiveness reports to emails for better decision-making. The accounting service that the tool provides is certified with SOC 1 and 2, type 2 attestations.

Key Features:

  • Provides an easy and intuitive interface.

  • Results can be exported as CSV or Excel, or PDFs.

  • Provides corporate treasuries and auditors.

  • Easily manage requirements.


For cost details, request on the website.

21. Docsend

Docsend is a hedge fund management tool that helps users evaluate and source deals. With the help of this tool, users can understand the stakeholders' interests in real time. The tool is safe and secure for dealing with data and information. Users can create data rooms to share and store fund information and performance with investors.

Key Features:

  • Users can grant different levels of access, set expiration times, and turn off access to certain documents.

  • The watermarking feature is available to protect sensitive information.

  • Restriction of data rooms to certain domains and email addresses is available. Users can add passwords to the rooms.


Personal: $10/user/month


Advanced: $150/month

22. ProFundCom

ProFundCom provides solutions for hedge funds. Users can leverage the power of digital tools and provide their fund managers with invaluable sales intelligence. Users can learn how existing or potential investors interact with their digital channels. Users can score contacts based on preferences and send data into their CRM for fund managers to gain easy access. The tool provides an investor portal. Users can send investors their distributions easily from their computers.

Key Features:

  • Gain access to a detailed timeline of when a contact clicked a link, engaged on email, visited your website, and showed interest in your social content.

  • Provides PDF watermarking feature.

  • Easy to analyze digital activity across channels and produce automated reports.

  • Send multiple distributions and manage all of them from one place.


For cost details, request on the website.

23. Hazel Tree

Hazel Tree is a hedge fund management tool. It is a purpose-built treasury and portfolio finance forum that aggregates cash, margin, collateral, and securities finance and handles data across all counterparties in one place. The tool enables optimal funding, lending or borrowing decisions, and collateral allocation. The tools integrated workflow and execution engine helps streamline treasury operations functions.

Key Features:

  • Reduce margin requirements with the help of data-driven analysis.

  • Identify lending and borrowing optimization opportunities.

  • Reconcile and dispute collateral requirements.


Request cost details on the website.

24. Opeff

Opeff provides a hedge fund management tool. It offers a hedge fund investor relations system. The tool enhances investor relationships and management. Users can calculate waterfalls. This means it provides P&L allocations to investors and calculation of incentive fees and management for shadow reconciliation for internal recording-keeping purposes. The tool records investor data such as social security numbers, KYC, and contact information.

Key Features:

  • Provides real-time investor reporting to the front office and relations teams.

  • Easily track client demographics, pension funds, profits, and endowments.

  • A web-based tool, it requires no downloads.


Request on the website for cost details.

25. Open Gamma

Open Gamma is an easy-to-use hedge fund management tool. Users can increase their returns with the help of this tool. It identifies margins and financing cost reduction chances efficiently to help users make better decisions. The tool helps manage risks inherent to the existing systems and processes. The tool efficiently adapts to new regulations and increases control without increasing cost.

Key Features:

  • Helps turn the treasury into a profit center.

  • Removes credit and liquidity risk efficiently.

  • Improves operational efficiencies and drives growth.


For cost details, visit the website and place a request.

26. Deep Pool

Deep Pool assists and supports hedge funds by offering a single operating model. The tool provides consolidated reports and a unified client experience. The tool offers a customizable reporting feature for investor, operational, audit, and regulatory reporting. Users can increase efficiency with STP processing of redemptions, subscriptions, transfers, side pockets, and switches. The tool also provides automated maintenance and recording of the investor shareholder register.

Key Features:

  • Provides dynamic report scheduling.

  • Offers multi-format data exporting.

  • Automated profit and loss allocation.

  • Efficient NAV processing.


Request for cost details on the website.

27. Fin Logik

Fin Logik is a tool that empowers users and investment managers with great advisory services regarding money management and portfolio allocation. The tool enables investment managers and investors to benefit from state-of-the-art investment optimization. The tool reduces management costs and investment thresholds. The tool helps users manage and design efficient, low-cost investment solutions.

Key Features:

  • Provides analytical dashboards.

  • Helps manage all types of financial instruments virtually.

  • Helps market participating firms handle real-time multi-account surveillance.


Place a request on the website for cost details.

28. IVP

IVP is a cloud-based hedge fund management tool. This tool provides portfolio management. The tool seamlessly integrates with systems. The tool can configure different views for various strategies. The tool ensures it is up to date with regulations using a built-in compliance module. Users can generate peer comparisons and perform enhanced analytics. The tool helps generate scorecards for various strategies with the right measures.

Key Features:

  • Helps enhance investor relations and track performance.

  • Generates investor reports and sends them to investors.

  • Ensures data is encrypted.

  • Helps perform P&L analytics and provides real-time P&L.


For cost details, contact through the website.

29. Fact Set

Fact Set is a hedge fund management tool that drives users towards productivity and better performance. The tool helps streamline research and investment workflows. Users can make informed decisions and gain transparency into their risk exposure. Using various risk models, users can apply market scenarios and custom factor shocks to their strategies. The tool helps uncover business performance, interconnected business relationships, and market indicators.

Key Features:

  • Provides real-time comprehensive market data.

  • Delivers data to applications through APIs.

  • Automates workflows with datasets and quantitative and analytical capabilities.

  • Optimizes internal research process.


For pricing details, contact the website.

30. Tier 1

Tier 1 is a hedge fund management tool that improves connectivity. The tool streamlines corporate access workflows. It matches portfolio managers to the right investment professionals, eventually leading to the right events. The tool tracks all the activities for compliance and analysis. The tool helps and improves collaborations efficiently with seel-side partners. The users can control access settings and control configuration for transparency.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with Outlook.

  • It is a secure, configurable, and fast tool.

  • Streamlines event management workflow.

  • Standardizes data for accurate interaction reporting.


Request for cost details on the website. They offer a demo.

31. Pinnakl

Pinnak is a hedge fund management tool. It provides a CRM system specializing in hedge fund workflows. The tool helps users strategize, adapt, and measure. The tool optimizes the user's process for meticulous adjustments of every data point.

Key Features:

  • Provides built-in BI capabilities for analysis of incoming data.

  • Provides fund performance and analytics.

  • Offers geographic heatmaps.

  • Easy to track capital activity, series, share classes, and roll-ups.

  • Provides a virtual data room.


For cost details, visit the website and contact sales.

32. Fundamental

Fundamental provides an integrated end-to-end solution. It helps with automating the investment life-cycle from rebalancing portfolios and modeling. This tool allows users to create models and rebalance portfolios to target minimum trade quantities and expected cash flows. The tool automatically generates suggested orders.

Key Features:

  • Provides a general ledger module

  • Offers flexible access to information.

  • Easily import data from transactions, static, and market data.


For cost details request on the website. You can book a demo.

Things to consider while choosing the hedge fund management tool

It's critical to understand that a hedge fund is a company, and as such, it requires the same methodical approach and long-term viewpoint. Here are seven significant issues to consider.

Define Your Approach

Some new hedge funds undervalue the significance of articulating their investing approach. Develop your plan until you can clearly communicate it to your staff and early investors. After covering the costs of maintaining the hedge fund, the approach must be repeatable, defendable, and lucrative. Investors and consultants who encounter hundreds of would-be hedge fund managers each year are skeptical of ideas that have not been tried in the actual markets.

Find the Seed Money

Your new hedge fund has to be suitably financed. Your staff size, your investors, and your particular cost structure will all have an impact on how much money your fund will need to manage to break even.

Create a marketing and sales strategy.

Nothing happens in any firm unless a sale is made. Before you start doing business, it's crucial to have a sales plan for raising assets. Small hedge fund firms frequently rely on high net worth people, family, and friends for seed money.

Think about risk management

It is important to manage risk effectively in order to run a profitable hedge fund. To be taken seriously with regard to your company's business or long-term growth objectives, you must have a clear and competitive strategy for managing both business and portfolio risk.

Hedge funds frequently use leverage, derivatives, or other sophisticated trading techniques in new asset classes. This implies that a hedge fund will have distinct risk exposures than regular funds, and such exposures may even be exclusive to a certain hedge fund.

Choose a prime brokerage.

Many beginning hedge fund managers undervalue the significance of picking a premier brokerage company that can serve as a business partner.

Your hedge fund's trading and operations depend heavily on the main broker. It can take weeks or months for you to consider your alternatives and compare the advantages and disadvantages of doing business with the various companies you speak with.


An experienced fund manager manages the capital of a hedge fund on behalf of a limited partnership of private investors. In order to generate returns on investments that are higher than average, these managers borrow money or trade in non-traditional assets. We have listed top 32 Hedge Fund Management tools. We are confident you can earn a reasonable return on investment by using any of the tools mentioned above.


What is Hedge Fund Software?

A hedge fund software is a cutting-edge, next-generation technology that enables hedge fund managers and investors to use a web- or cloud-based application to examine accounting and hedge fund performance. To increase capital-raising prospects and provide more returns, the alternative fund tool offers well-structured data-driven research, improved client communication, and automated transaction processing. The program streamlines operations management, reduces risks, and automates workflows and reporting.

What is the Process of the Best Hedge Fund Software?

Hedge fund software's job is to spot and seize investment opportunities arising from various circumstances, such as corporate mergers and acquisitions, anticipated market trends, etc. Managers can develop a variety of profitable trading methods and release derivatives with the aid of hedge fund instruments. The software used by hedge funds to manage risk helps to minimize risk and increase profit. The software solution allows for easy connection with investors while showcasing money.

Why Should Investors Invest in Hedge Fund Software?

Investors may trade freely thanks to the freedom offered by hedge fund solutions. Even cryptocurrency may be used for investing by investors. By using hedge fund risk management software, risk factors are reduced, and trust and investment likelihood are raised. Real-time reporting and portfolio changes are provided by the program. Global compliance rules can be monitored by managers and hedge fund administrators.

How to Select the Best Hedge Fund Software?

If you want to invest in a hedge fund platform but are unsure which system is appropriate for your business' needs and expansion, GoodFirms may provide assistance. GoodFirms, one of the leading research and review sites, has created an exclusive list of the top providers of hedge fund software. With the listing, it is simple to compare all the important elements, including features, cost, deployment, customer support, etc. You may use the consumer reviews to help you decide what to buy.

What Benefits Can Automation Bring to the Hedge Fund Processes?

Investors are able to access and release all of their vital data in one location by automating the methods used by hedge funds. Additionally, the automation gives them access to customizable views and on-demand data. The performance of hedge funds may be easily assessed by hedge fund managers. Investors are able to keep on top of their investing strategy because to the real-time statistics, reports, and views. The complete front-to-back investing process is streamlined by the automation of hedge fund processes.

Top 32 Hedge Fund Management...

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