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Top 23 Home Inspection Tools

There are a number of benefits that make opening a home inspection company worthwhile. You're free to set your own hours. Since you just have to please yourself, it's simple to uphold your high standards of performance.

You also benefit from a modest initial investment, although the cost of the equipment necessary to conduct a thorough house inspection can quickly mount up. As a house inspector, you won't be doing any repairs or working under contract with clients, so there's no need for you to bring along a garage full of power equipment or a hefty pickup truck.

Although you could theoretically get the job done with just a pencil, clipboard, and an expert eye for building, having the proper equipment will make your life much simpler.

Let's discuss the best home inspection tools in this top tools list.

1. AppFolio Property Manager

AppFolio Property Manager is property management software that allows you to see clearly and concentrate on what's most important. It is cleverly crafted to satisfy both your residents and employees.

Key Features:

  • Automated in a clever way to free up your time to focus on growing your company and realizing your dreams.

  • Portals available online make it simple to perform any task. From any location and on any gadget.

  • Streamline the management of your whole residential real estate portfolio with this simple-to-use software.

  • With AppFolio, your team can work digitally at any location.


It has two different plans

Core: $1.40

Plus: $3

2. HomeGauge

HomeGauge is the highest-rated home inspection software available, streamlining and simplifying the inspection process for all parties. It facilitates the management of your company.

Key Features:

  • You will be provided with everything you need to succeed, such as inspection report authoring software, integrated business tools, dashboards, and much more.

  • Provides a wealth of tools for homebuyers to use during the inspection and purchasing processes.

  • Bridges the communication gaps that can arise between the buyer, the agent, and the inspector during the buying process.

  • Resources, support, online collaboration, report delivery, and even a create request repair list are just some of the ways it makes the Buyer's journey easier and more productive than ever before.


Contact the sales team for pricing queries.

3. Spectora

Spectora offers everything a home inspector needs to save time and money and expand their business, regardless of how established they currently are.

Key Features:

  • Get easy-to-understand reports on the same day.

  • With a streamlined interface, quick access to key information, and helpful features like the Repair Request Builder, their web-based reports put the focus where it belongs.

  • Save time and effort scheduling, automatically upsell, and streamline your interactions with others.

  • Accessible in both digital (on the web) and print (in a printable PDF) formats


Contact the sales team for pricing details.

4. Jobber

Jobber simplifies the process of keeping track of customers and jobs by requiring them to be entered only once. Use a centralised hub to manage your company and consumer interactions.

Key Features:

  • Calculate costs, create quotes, plan projects, send invoices, and collect payments with zero prior expertise with the software.

  • Whether you're at your desk or out in the field, you will always have access to crucial customer information.

  • Scheduling that adapts to your needs in real-time and gets your team where they need to be when they need to be there.

  • It allows you to use a professional template and set up automatic reminders in your calendar.


There are three different plans for the tool

Core: $49

Connect: $129

Grow: $249

5. mHelpDesk

When it comes to task management, mHelpDesk is among the best solutions available. Everything from field employees to dispatchers to schedules to custom forms to invoices is all linked together for easy management.

Key Features:

  • mHelpDesk's streamlined processes adapt to the way you do your job.

  • You will have full command because you will be able to define and monitor every stage of the process, from initial interaction with the consumer to receiving payment.

  • With mHelpDesk's mobile and web apps, you can automate time-consuming, error-prone manual operations, enhance customer and employee communication, have access to up-to-date company data from anywhere, and more.


Contact the support team for pricing details.

6. Commusoft

If you run a field service business, Commusoft is the only platform you'll ever need to organize your jobs, increase your sales, and keep in touch with your complete staff. The client services team at Commusoft is committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction with the programme from the moment you install it. The helpful trainers and support staff are available to answer technical questions, provide direction, and boost morale among your staff.

Key Features:

  • Through the use of Commusoft, you may streamline processes by reducing the time wasted on routine administrative tasks that slow down your team.

  • Keep tabs on the whole sales cycle and stand out with polished proposals.

  • Get back in the driver's seat by consolidating all of your team's communication onto a single, secure platform.


Contact the sales team for pricing details.

7. GoCanvas

With GoCanvas mobile data capture, your entire team can access the same hub, where they can collaborate and keep tabs on projects in real-time. You can save time by integrating GoCanvas data into the applications you already use for automation purposes.

Key Features:

  • Use cloud storage and file-sharing services like Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox to streamline your billing and accounting processes, and Quickbooks to streamline your invoicing.

  • Time and money can be saved through the efforts of administrative teams who streamline business processes like accounting, customer communication, and paperwork for outside contractors.

  • You can keep track of tasks and reliably plan for the future.


Contact the sales team for pricing.

8. Horizon

By facilitating the execution of the best practices, Horizon allows you to complete tasks in record time. Both you and your clients will be pleased with the improved quality of your reports. Configuring Horizon as the ideal inspection tool is now easier than ever. Whether you're just starting out, are a seasoned practitioner, or run a multi-inspector firm, Horizon may be tailored to your needs.

Key Features:

  • Horizon's robust reporting capabilities are a major plus. Create reports that are both easy to understand and visually appealing to wow your clients.

  • Horizon facilitates rapid and simple production.

  • It facilitates efficient and precise scheduling of inspections.

  • It keeps you from accidentally double-booking your time, which improves both productivity and service to your clients.


There are two different plans for the tool

Annual- $67/month

Monthly- $79/month

9. Home Inspector Pro

Home Inspector Pro was created over 16 years ago, to be utilized on site. The user experience is designed to be intuitive regardless of whether you're using a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device to get the job done.

Key Features:

  • It offers 24/7 phone help on both coasts. Because of this, they are able to offer twice as many hours of technical support through phone, email, help desk, and live chat.

  • Create your own from scratch, or start with one of the many accessible examples.

  • Go over the photos and videos with the clients right there on the spot, and compile a list of all the thoughts that were summarized.

  • Integrating video and 360-degree photographs into your report is a great way to liven up your presentation.


Free Plan is available

Monthly Subscriptions: $74

Foundation: $799

10. HappyCo

HappyCo is a real-time property management system that supercharges your organization's data across the board, from maintenance and make-ready to acquisitions and asset management, so you can make more informed decisions.

Key Features:

  • In case you miss a call, take it as an opportunity to convert, delight, and keep the caller.

  • It has simple tools that help speed up the process without sacrificing quality.

  • Assist your team in taking care of the details to avoid major problems.


Contact the sales team for pricing details.

11. Kizeo Forms

A mobile forms app, Kizeo Forms can be used to streamline a wide range of processes. Convert all of your paper files into digital format. This convenient online form editor only takes a few clicks to use. Use this data-gathering tool across sectors to streamline operations.

Key Features:

  • Use this programme to build a survey and send out personalized reports.

  • Automatic geolocation, electronic signature, digital photographs, and many more can be accessed.

  • Keep tabs on your squads and conduct in-depth analyses with the help of the user-friendly platform.

  • Use the blank form templates to make data collecting a breeze.


Contact the sales team for pricing

12. Palmtech Home Inspection Software

Quickly produce high-quality reports, whether you're out in the field or stuck in the office, with the help of these editable templates in Palmtech Home Inspection Software. It’s intuitive interface and training requirements mean less time is spent on report writing and more on scheduling visits.

Key Features:

  • Palmtech's report writer is straightforward to use but packs a punch, helping you optimize your corporate operations.

  • To see how simple it is to create home inspection reports, submit the form below and you'll get a free, fully-functional demo.

  • Its report writer is designed to help you produce reports quickly and efficiently, whether you're in the field or at the office.

  • Customizable reports put you in charge. Choose the locations that will serve as checkpoints.


The pricing plan of the tool includes:

$50 per user

$500 per user

13. Gruntify

Gruntify is the engine that drives asset processes, job assignments, intelligent staff dispatch, and inspections in the field. Act as a leader. Monitor development. Boost productivity. Enjoy a clean consumer experience, low IT support and fast implementation with a fully integrated system that incorporates inspections, jobs and assets.

Key Features:

  • Create a map, keep track of it, and add a geotag.

  • Gruntify provides the spatial grunt of a GIS while maintaining a user-friendly interface on the web and mobile devices.

  • Provides a customizable API, user-specific permissions, real-time analytics, and dedicated portals for both internal and external customers.


There are three different pricing options

Professional- $29


14. FinishLine

Track tasks, delegate responsibilities, and send out signature requests in record time.

With FinishLine, inspection times can be cut by 30–40%, data dissemination times by 98%, and re-inspection times by 65%.

Key Features:

  • You can save time in the field by adding items straight to the plan.

  • The highlighted areas on the project plans can be tapped to quickly move between sections.

  • Reports can be generated and emailed or printed and sent to the appropriate people.

  • It allows you to include supporting materials like signatures, attachments, commentaries, and images to elaborate on your points.


500 sheets- $40

5000 sheets- $70

Unlimited sheets- $140

15. AllGeo

AllGeo is a field service automation platform tailored to your industry's needs. Real-time data and event integration between the field and the office.

Key Features:

  • Watch where and when your workers are working in the field.

  • Use geofencing to keep track of when workers arrive and leave.

  • Use portable, interactive smart forms on mobile devices to gather information in the field.


Contact the sales team for pricing details.

16. MarketBox

MarketBox makes it simple to manage the schedules of mobile employees, streamline the booking process for customers, handle payments, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Create a branded e-commerce platform to streamline your business operations. Make your services available to clients around the clock, even when your business is closed.

  • The streamlined booking process we provide can also be utilized to swiftly and easily close sales over the phone.

  • Control where and when employees can work to boost productivity and earnings.

  • MarketBox, in contrast to competing scheduling tools, makes it simple for firms to expand into neighbouring areas, metropolitan areas, and even international markets.


Basic: $40 per month

Professional: $50 per month

17. Insite Teams

Insite Teams to work together and communicate efficiently on your assignments. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, it is important to implement standardized procedures and unique workflows across all locations.

Key Features:

  • Put away your calculators and papers. Check things out on your time, even if you're not connected to the internet.

  • Quickly and easily record any information and immediately begin saving resources.

  • Record the status of projects and issues for future reference. Increased efficiency in inspection times and delivery of reports.

  • Fast, easy report creation that doesn't sacrifice depth or reader interest.


Contact the sales team for pricing.

18. ReachOut Suite

With ReachOut Suite, organisations of all types can organise their workforce without resorting to cumbersome whiteboards or spreadsheets. It allows you to gain insight into administrative processes in real-time and coordinate group efforts via a centralised hub.

Key Features:

  • Using the business mobile app, field agents can receive real-time work updates and complete tasks directly from the field.

  • Use standardised or user-created checklists to centralise management of inspection, work order, and audit processes.

  • Collect information quickly and accurately with the use of premade templates or specially designed forms.


Monthly: $90/per month 3 users

Annually: $75/per month 3 users

19. Payaca

Increase your income by offering consumers the chance to add on to their quotes. Giving your customers more with Payaca digital proposals boosts your revenue.

Key Features:

  • Initiate contact with customer journey pipelines. From the initial point of contact with a client to project completion and subsequent referrals, the pipeline makes every step of the process transparent and trackable.

  • Spare yourself the trouble of penning each and every message by hand. Verify that you are receiving money and following up on scheduled visits regularly.

  • It ensures that your quotes and invoices are delivered quickly and accurately.


Contact the support team for pricing queries.

20. ArchiSnapper

Cut down on the time spent on-site visits, reports, and fixing problems with ArchiSnapper. It also allows you to create polished reports to dazzle your customers. Make digital copies of your checklists and inspection forms to replace the paper ones.

Key Features:

  • Fix problems by noting them down right away. Make and distribute "punch" lists mechanically.

  • Talk problems over with your new employees. They can provide comments both verbally and visually.

  • Reduce your workload in the field by as much as 70% while still producing client-ready reports.


Contact the support team for pricing details.

21. SmartServ

The goal of SmartServ is to reduce operational overhead and improve income for organisations that don't require a traditional office environment. You can schedule in a matter of seconds, sort jobs, and keep track of who is available thanks to this highly adaptable trade solution software.

Key Features:

  • Having a real-time dispatch screen that allows for clear communication between technicians and the office can save both time and money.

  • Empower your technicians by streamlining the billing process and shortening the payment timeline using digital invoicing and estimate templates.

  • In addition to tailored monthly and quarterly business reports for in-depth analysis, SmartServ also offers ad hoc, client-requested reports.


Contact the support team for pricing details.

22. Inspectcheck

Transform your inspection forms into a simple process on your iPad/iPhone or Android Device and get brilliant, authoritative reporting with the touch of a button with Inspectcheck.

Key Features:

  • It's flexible inspection templates, you may conduct regular inspections for maintenance, quarterly site reviews, due diligence, and anything else you can think of.

  • Make use of pre-made forms for QC, due diligence, and property condition evaluations during lease moves.

  • You may quickly and easily evaluate your properties and get professional-looking reports right away.


Contact the support team for pricing details.

23. Inspection Support Network

Inspection Support Network provides a scalable, high-performance platform that adapts to the unique requirements of your organisation.

Key Features:

  • ISN now has a versatile inspection report-writing tool, complete with quick and easy data entry, video editing, real-time data syncing, and an interactive report delivery system.

  • Convenient time-keeping, report sending, job-status checking, and smartphone access.

  • Enhanced email, SMS, and messaging utilities, including message templates, calendar alerts, and reminders. Inspectors are available around the clock.


Contact the support team for price details.

Things To Consider When Buying Home Inspection Tools


The cost of home inspection software varies widely between providers. Software ranges in price from extremely cheap to extremely pricey. Home inspectors on a tight budget should consider a free or low-cost alternative.


You should give some thought to which functions are must-haves for you. A house inspection program's price may rise in line with the number of included features. Choose a less expensive software package if you won't be using all of its capabilities.

Simplicity Of Operation

There is software available for house inspections that are tailored to first-time users as well as software that is made for seasoned pros. As a result, you should select a programme that is suitable for your skill set.


The correct tool can help you conduct a comprehensive job while being organised and prepared for anything to come your way, whether you're just getting started or looking to enhance your home inspection firm to take on bigger and better assignments. In the long term, you can save money by investing in high-quality equipment upfront.


What are the things looked into during Home Inspection?

A buyer's best chance to learn about a home's condition is during the inspection. It lists both major and minor problems, so you can see what you're getting into before you buy. There the few things that are looked into during inspection include the roof, plumbing, foundation, HVAC system and more.

How does home inspection help?

It's a Way Out. Accurate information regarding the state of a home and its components can be gleaned from a thorough inspection. The buyer will have a better idea of what they can expect to spend both now and in the future on repairs and upkeep.

What are the key features of home inspection software?

The following are some of the most important functions of any house inspection tool:


Property inspection software allows users to design their own checklists and templates to use during an examination. By doing so, you can enhance the thoroughness and accuracy of the inspection by generating data unique to the property under review.


Such tools allow users to upload photos from the real world, annotate them with notes and perform other tasks as they progress through an electronic checklist.

What are the benefits of using home inspection software?

The various ways in which they can aid in raising the standard of work are as follows:

  • Most home inspection tools make it possible for your entire staff to examine and analyse inspection data in real time. This ensures that the information is current and can be accessed from any location.

  • Inaccuracies can be found and corrected considerably more quickly and easily thanks to these systems, which greatly improve the efficiency of inspections.

  • The advantages of home inspection apps include the ability to upload new data such as images, notes, and comments at any moment during the inspection process.

  • Getting price estimates from suppliers and putting in work orders to address problems is also simplified in this way.

  • If you use a system that automates your property inspections, you can quickly and easily apply uniform standards to all of your properties. This is a major benefit because it ensures that all members of your team inspect the same way and to the same standard.

How to grow a Home Inspection Business?

  • To get started, you need to have a well-thought-out strategy for your firm. You'll be able to focus on your goals and strategies with this in mind.

  • The next step is to establish a legitimate corporate structure and to take care of any certifications or licences that are required. Having your own company requires you to obtain the appropriate licencing.

  • Following that, you should give some thought to getting some sort of liability, errors, and omissions insurance.

  • The next step is to gather resources and establish your brand's USP so that your company can separate itself from the competition.

Top 23 Home Inspection Tools

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