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Top 18 Insider Threat Management (ITM) Tools

A present or previous employee, a lately terminated colleague, or an identity thief who takes valid credentials to acquire inside data are all examples of insider threats. These con artists use inside information about the company's operations, hardware and information systems, and security measures to conduct fraud and gather competitive intelligence. To prevent this, Insider Threat Management tools are crucial.

Rather than employing a specialized security force to meticulously examine all the actions for suspicious behavior, why not automate the process to save money and eliminate human error?

In this post, we've prepared a list of the top 18 insider threat management systems available today. These top tools will help detect and prevent any threats to your inside information.

1. Teramind

Teramind collects staff information in real-time to spot unusual activity, identify potential threats, track employee productivity, and assure compliance with GDPR regulations. It comes with a number of built-in notifications as well as the option to build custom alarms. It also features an Android tool that allows you to keep track of things while you're on the road.

Key Features:

  • To safeguard sensitive data from theft or leakage, data loss prevention technologies are used

  • Monitoring user activities to ensure adherence to organizational security policies

  • It helps in detecting insider threats and preventing it

  • Tracks employee email, file transfers, and keystrokes


$10 - $25 per month

2. SolarWinds Security Event Management

Solarwinds Security Event Management is a centralized security tool for Windows that can detect and prevent attacks from both inside and outside the company. SEM operates by collecting data from records and analyzing, alerting, and correlating it in its own system. It is able to collect information from events like account lockouts, after-hours login details, and when particular files are viewed

Key Features:

  • It can manage Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems and is designed with businesses in mind

  • Upon installation, over 700 pre-configured notifications, correlation algorithms, and detection patterns provide immediate insights

  • SEM is compatible with technologies like Snort, allowing it to be used as part of a bigger NIDS strategy

  • The number of auxiliary tools you require for your IDS is reduced thanks to built-in monitoring and dashboard functionality

  • Threat response guidelines are simple to create, and intelligent reporting helps to eliminate false positives.


$2639 yearly subscription

3. Pathlock

Pathlock is a powerful insider threat management system that can identify, respond to, and eliminate insider attacks in your most essential enterprise systems. It connects with over 130 systems to track all user activity and prevent illegal access, modification, or deletion of sensitive data.

Key Features:

  • Handles user permissions automatically to save effort for the IT staff while implementing the least privilege rule to enhance your organization's overall security.

  • Performs automated user access checks to confirm necessary access permissions, particularly if those privileges aren't in use

  • Analyzes all apps for Segregation of Duties breaches and identifies any regulatory issues due to excessive permissions.

  • Provides a detailed historical perspective of user behaviors to assist you in passing security audits


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4. ActivTrak

ActivTrak can rapidly eliminate insider threats and provide an insight into the threat spectrum on a corporate level thanks to a number of lightweight sensors that live on endpoint devices. These sensors are capable of not only detecting insider threats but also delving further into the background of the security event.

Key Features:

  • Employee behavior can be monitored for performance and security reasons.

  • ActivTrak includes basic virus protection, website limits, and automated data masking.

  • ActivTrak also has capabilities including app usage monitoring, employee productivity reporting, and workflow tracking for spotting uneven workloads.

  • Organizations that are participating in high-risk activity can be identified using the tool's insights.

  • Larger firms can monitor their security infrastructure by the department and potentially identify possibilities for additional security training.


$9 - $15 per month

5. Datadog Security Monitoring

Datadog Security Monitoring aspires to provide a holistic solution to information security by collecting data from each and every area of your network. The tool's flexibility allows you to actively hunt dangers as well as use automation to prevent insider threats. The combination of threat identification and Datadog's functionality allows you to deploy your threat detection plan faster than with other platforms.

Key Features:

  • Datadog features some of the most versatile recording and monitoring capabilities for threat management.

  • Integrations enable you to shift and introduce additional features to current and new tools.

  • A CrowdStrike integration can be enabled for extra incident management functionality, such as directing how internal threats are handled.

  • Customization is feasible but not often necessary; templates perform incredibly well.

  • Datadog enables you to easily exchange "Signals," or sensitive data, with your team.

  • Email, push notifications, and third-party applications like Slack and PagerDuty can all be used to communicate.


$15 - $23 per month

6. Code42 Incydr

Code42 Incydr is a software-as-a-service data threat detection platform that detects and minimizes insider risks without interrupting normal operations. It keeps track of how the staff use and share information between their PCs and cloud storage, and records it. All user action is tracked in a historical log, giving you a complete picture of insider threats.

Key Features:

  • File uploads to business and personal mails, and also social media accounts, are monitored with the platform.

  • You can use this tool to build lenses, which are groups of users who are in danger of revealing critical corporate data and hence need to be monitored closely.

  • Examines files received via Slack or Airdrop and the files shared by your colleagues via Google accounts

  • Creates a list of the workers who have engaged in suspicious behavior.


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7. Paessler PRTG Monitoring

PRTG Network Monitor is well-known for its dependable and adaptable sensor-based tracking, but it has recently added insider threat management to its capabilities. Its latest update gives the PRTG system a lot more flexibility, which is great for firms seeking a mix of insider attack detection and remote monitoring.

Key Features:

  • The sensors of Paessler work together to provide comprehensive insights into a device's network state.

  • When the security events have been analyzed, they are collected together and given priority based on their seriousness before being presented on the platform’s dashboard.

  • Through a succession of critical insights, graphs, and live network diagrams, the live dashboard brings your whole network into context.

  • Over 300 distinct graphic elements and visualizations can be used to present and modify all of your essential insider threat management.



8. Veriato Cerebral

Veriato Cerebral is an insider threat management tool that is driven by machine learning techniques. Employee discussions, messages, internet browsing, and file transfers are all monitored. You'll be able to see a complete record and a screenshot of the prohibited conduct after receiving an automatic notification. This data will eventually aid you in determining what steps should be done to address the threat.

Key Features:

  • All onscreen behavior is captured on video, making it simple for your team of lawyers to investigate insider occurrences.

  • The platform allows your company's security staff to take proper action before the threat becomes a problem.

  • It's simple to set up on a PC, Mac, or Android device.

  • The firm says that its superior AI-based technology can detect insider risks before they become a problem.


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9. Splunk

Splunk can be used for attack detection, tracking, and even business analytics. It harvests its power by gathering data from users, hosts, and applications via records. These records are collected and shown in a consolidated dashboard in the Splunk ecosystem.

Key Features:

  • The behavioral analysis can help identify significant security events that a human review would have missed.

  • It has an amazing user interface that is highly attractive and easy to customize.

  • The Splunk platform helps detect and prevent data theft by continuously tracking the network.

  • Splunk may tag sensitive data such as passwords as confidential, preventing it from leaving via insecure means and auditing its access history.



10. InterGuard Employee Monitoring Software

Employee behavior may be tracked with InterGuard Employee Monitoring Software on a variety of devices. It can take a snapshot from company laptops automatically, giving you a glimpse into their nefarious actions.

Key Features:

  • Employee timesheets track and record all the activities that are done on the company desktop

  • Regardless of the other data kinds captured by InterGuard, screenshots are the most effective

  • It can detect suspicious behavior signals in real-time

  • Email and web browser tracking helps detect threats and prevent it

  • Data leak prevention using file activity tracking using a keylogger


$9.99 per month per user

11. Ekran

Ekran primarily serves as an insider threat management system that keeps track of third-party platforms that your company uses to identify potentially vulnerable elements. It not only warns you about possible threats, but it also allows you to investigate them and take fast action.

Key Features:

  • It includes a large number of pre-defined warnings as well as the ability to build custom alerts.

  • Automatically responds to incidents, such as terminating an application or blocking a suspect actor.

  • Analyzes remote sessions using parametric searches.

  • Ensures ongoing defense against insider threats while protecting the enterprise from system failures.

  • Ekran is the only company that delivers video of all worker interactions on controlled endpoints.


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12. Forcepoint Insider Threat

Forcepoint has a lengthy track record of creating cybersecurity, router, and cross-domain IT data encryption. The solution's fundamental concept is to assist security analysts in gathering the evidence needed and building a case to identify problematic users. It's a part of the Forcepoint CASB system's security suite, which is tailored to businesses that use cloud applications.

Key Features:

  • Provides insider threat investigation that is simple and case-specific.

  • To preserve users' privacy, granular supervision over data collecting is used.

  • Forcepoint security solutions are tightly linked.

  • Large-scale deployments will benefit from a distributed design.


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13. ObserveIt

ObserveIt is designed for large enterprises that need to identify unsafe user activity, analyze insider-related security issues, and prevent data exfiltration. It's an excellent tool for tracking user activity and detecting insider threats, but the expensive cost limits its application to major corporations.

Key Features:

  • Provides visibility into Citrix and other virtual desktop environments such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • Owing to 400+ preset insider threat models, it identifies system usage and policy breaches in real-time.

  • It offers a timeline of the unlawful action that successfully handles insider threats.


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14. Exabeam Advanced Analytics

Exabeam boasts that their User & Entity Behavior Analytics security solution is one of the most widely used tools in the world. Its package aggregates data from a variety of sources, including Active Directory, SIEM, DLP, and data analytics systems, to uncover insider threats and security vulnerabilities.

Key Features:

  • It has a dashboard that is intuitive and simple to use.

  • Analytical assessment and downstream threat actions are automated using a unique session structure.

  • Exabeam is integrated with most of its other products which makes it easy to use


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15. Blackfog Enterprise

Blackfog protects its users from ransomware, spyware, and also insider threats on all client computers, including workstation Macs, PCs, Android phones, and tablets. To neutralize the attack, BlackFog's solution concentrates on data exfiltration. It is feasible to prevent data loss and lateral transmission to any other device.

Key Features:

  • Data loss is minimized by geofencing and behavior analytics.

  • All possible and active dangers are reported with all the details.

  • It provides advanced security against fileless remote attacks and security from attacks on the Dark Web


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16. Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix analyses user activity, notifying you of any outliers and limiting risks associated with confidential documents, regardless of where it is stored. It works seamlessly with a variety of other third-party services.

Key Features:

  • Changes in permissions that are not authorized are detected

  • Determines SOD risk levels automatically and shows the results in easy-to-understand reports.

  • By giving correct tags for the company's sensitive data, Netwrix may be utilized in conjunction with a DLP tool.

  • Allows you to build up automated messages for incidents that are likely to occur.

  • GDPR, CCPA, and other current requirements are fully compliant.

  • Apart from insider threats, it detects ransomware assaults as well


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17. Haystax

Haystax is a security technology that integrates seamlessly into business SOC systems, evaluates possible insider risks, and issues early alert about cyber threats at an early stage. It generates thorough statistics for each known danger in your business, which you can see and map to all connected user activity.

Key Features:

  • Machine learning is used to examine data in Haystax.

  • It's possible to use it as a SaaS or an on-premise solution.

  • Insiders who are both irresponsible and malicious are detected, as well as worker behavior that begins to vary from usual.

  • Haystax can examine a collection of employee behavior data and make significant correlations between apparently irrelevant events.


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18. inDefend

inDefend is a complicated software system that assists in identifying various sorts of insider threats and also avoiding critical data breaches. This tool gives you complete visibility into all digital data within your organization, allowing you to detect and avoid insider threats.

Key Features:

  • It is appropriate for all types of businesses, from tiny businesses to major corporations.

  • Monitoring the productivity of your employees

  • International policies equipped with smart data analysis can be used to handle user access permissions.

  • Automatic snapshots of illicit conduct will aid in the resolution of the most difficult insider instances.

  • InDefend has a number of modules to protect various types of endpoints, including PCs and Mac.


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Things to Consider While Choosing Insider Threat Management Tools

Commercial technologies are available in all areas, although they may be too expensive for some companies. Such expenditures may deter a company from implementing an insider threat program. There are, however, low-cost solutions that companies can use to get their insider threat initiatives up and running.

Here are some of the things that you should consider while choosing insider threat management tools:


Several low-cost tools come with operational expenses that are often overlooked. Before a tool can be deployed and performed as intended, it may require more technology, programming, or other resources. Employees may also need to be taught and committed to the tool's upkeep. These procedures may necessitate the use of additional expenses. You should keep in mind all these costs before you jump into using a free tool.


Before deploying technologies in a production setting, companies should test them. It's crucial to know how a product works and to determine specific threats to the device's privacy, security, and availability.

Software License Policy

Before introducing a new tool that may affect an individual's privacy or legal rights, organizations should confer with their legal advisor. Software license arrangements should also be reviewed by organizations to ensure that they are in compliance. To save expenses, assure compliance, and gain buy-in, it's ideal to incorporate all parties, including lawyers, early in the project.

Development Details

Companies should think about who created the tool and who manages it. Dealing with tools produced or funded by countries having poor economic or political relations with the company's home country may expose the organization to possible dangers.


Password-protected individuals can readily modify data for the entire system which can make detecting insider threats can be particularly difficult. Insider threat detection and management tools monitor networks for suspicious or harmful activity. Make use of this list to detect and prevent insider threats for your company.


What are insider threat management tools?

If someone with ill intentions acquires exposure to password-protected data records, insider threats occur. This individual can be an employee or anyone with approved access, such as partners or suppliers. The answer to detecting suspicious behavior by authorized users is logging data using insider threat management tools.

Insider threat management entails continuously checking log data for irregularities that could indicate hostile or unlawful conduct.

What are the things to consider while choosing insider threat management tools?

Some of the things to consider while using insider threat management tools include:

  • A machine learning-based approach for establishing a standard of normal behavior.

  • Before completely reporting an intrusion, this software checks for additional signs of a threat.

  • A solution that contains warnings to attract technicians' attention to a problem.

  • Suggestions for improving access rights administration

  • Data can be fed into analysis tools in a variety of ways.

  • A trial version or a demonstration system for a risk-free evaluation

  • A tool that provides a full-featured detection mechanism at a reasonable price is excellent value for money.

How to stop insider threats?

Insider threats can be avoided by applying certain fundamental measures, such as structuring your security staff to grant data modification rights to just a small number of trusted accounts and enforcing strong password requirements.

While you still can take actions to create login passwords as complex as possible, even the most safety-conscious enterprises are vulnerable to password breaches. Therefore, it is wise to let insider threat management tools take up the challenge of detecting and preventing insider threats.

What are the types of insider threats?

Compromised Workers or Suppliers

The most serious insider threat you'll encounter is from compromised workers or suppliers. This is due to the fact that neither of you is aware that they have been infiltrated. It can occur if a worker clicks on a fraudulent link in an email and allows access to the device.

Employees that aren't careful

Workers or suppliers who aren't careful could become vulnerable to hackers. It is possible to acquire access to a computer or a terminal by leaving it unattended for a couple of minutes. Careless insider dangers include providing DBA capabilities to normal users or, even worse, utilizing complete software accounts to perform IT activities.

An insider with a hidden agenda

Malicious attacks come in all shapes and sizes. They frequently get access to the system as genuine users and harvest information or proprietary information on purpose. They can also hide their trails because they are a part of the attack. This complicates detection even further.

What are the types of insider threat tools?

Every few weeks, a well-publicized hack serves as a reminder that traditional security techniques are poor at detecting insider threats. This is due to the fact that insider threats are significantly more difficult to detect and avoid than external threats. Insiders have authentic credentials and, by definition, a sense of trust and accessibility to complete their tasks.

Some of the most common types of insider threat tools are:

Employee Monitoring Tools

An employee monitoring tool gives company information about their employees' computer activities by tracking things like:

  • Use of a software application

  • Use of the internet

  • Use of social media

  • Punch-in and punch-out time

  • Working hours

In order to combat insider threats, many companies prefer to implement employee monitoring tools. Employee monitoring allows companies to see what insiders are up to on a daily basis.

  • Data Loss Prevention Tools

Data loss prevention is a set of technologies and practices aimed at preventing confidential data from being lost, stolen, or mishandled. DLP is used by security experts to prevent attacks from both hackers and insiders.

  • User and entity behavior analysis tools

User and entity behavior analytics is a technique for tracking, collecting, and analyzing data from desktop and user behaviors. To differentiate between typical and abnormal actions, UEBA employs a variety of strategies.

Once UEBA has learned the regular patterns of behavior, it can detect suspicious behaviors that do not follow these standards. UEBA sensors can monitor suspicious online behavior, odd login activities, credential misuse, and unusually big data uploads, all of which could signal insider threats.

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