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Top 15 Interview Prep Tools

Applying for jobs can be easy, but getting it depends on one very important step: the interview. During the interview process, your interviewer will be evaluating your communication skills, subject knowledge, attitude, and professionalism.

As a candidate looking for a job, being good at job interviews is important for several reasons. First impressions: A job interview is often the first time you meet your potential employer face-to-face, and it's your chance to make a good impression. In many industries, there is a lot of competition for jobs and being good at interviews can help you stand out from the crowd. A job interview is also an opportunity for you to learn more about the company and the position. Asking thoughtful questions during the interview can demonstrate your interest in the company and help you determine whether the job is a good fit for you.

Preparing for an interview can, indeed, gets confusing and overwhelming. Usually, many do not know where to start and how to prepare. To make things easier for you, there are interview prep tools that will make you ready to leave a great impression on your future employers.

Here are the top tools that will help you with interview preparation.

1. InterviewBuddy

InterviewBuddy is an online face-to-face interview prep tool that helps candidates with mock interviews conducted by experts who help candidates prepare for the interview in a stress-free environment.

Key Features:

  • The experts have approximately 9+ years of experience in the interviewing field.

  • The candidates who use the tool will be able to face behavioral questions.

  • The tool will grade and give constructive feedback. The experts will also provide tips to improve in areas where there is weakness.

  • You can playback the interview when you use the tool and give a mock interview.

  • There is no need to download the software.


Uno - $18.99

Duo - $31.99

Trio - $40.99

2. LeetCode

LeetCode is an interview prep tool that helps candidates prepare for interviews for the software engineer role. The tool also provides a plethora of questions related to different programming langauges with varying levels of difficulty.

Key Features:

  • The questions cover questions related to programming languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript, C++, and many more.

  • An online judge will evaluate the interview answers.


$29.75 - Billed Monthly

3. Gainlo

Gainlo is an interview prep tool that helps engineering students or candidates prepare for various interviews.

Key Features:

  • Once you take the interview, you will receive immediate feedback.

  • Experienced professionals from companies like Google, Amazon, and other big companies will conduct mock interviews.

  • The tool offers tips for interviews.


Contact through the website for pricing details.

4. Foundit

Foundit is an interview prep tool that helps candidates crack the most challenging interviews.

Key Features:

  • You can select your goals and the companies you have applied to, and the tool will match you with an interviewer within 24 hours from the same or similar company.

  • The interview will last for 45 minutes, and it will be 1:1.

  • You will have a feedback session with the interviewer after the interview.


There are various packages depending on your experience level. Entry level starts at 119 USD.

5. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a popular interview prep tool that helps candidates that offers interview advice and information on different companies. Candidates can view the difficulty level as well as the type of questions that the other candidates have faced during their interviews.

Key Features:

  • The tool has separate pages for companies.

  • The tool offers an experience section where people can anonymously post their experiences. Through this, you will know what type of questions are asked in the interview.

  • The tool provides tips.


You can contact them through the website for cost details.

6. Pramp

Pramp helps people prepare for interviews in the fields of programming and coding.

Key Features:

  • The tool pairs you up with a peer after you specify what you want to practice.

  • The interviews take place in a collaborative environment.

  • Your peer and you will interview each other for 30-45 minutes.

  • The tool provides various interview questions such as product management, behavior, system design, and many more.


You can start practicing for free.

7. AmbitionBox

AmbitionBox is an interview prep tool that provides candidates tips based on their chosen company. It allows you to select from options like technical interview questions, behaviour questions or personal questions.

Key Features:

  • Provides interview questions and answers from real interviews.

  • Provides interview questions for colleges as well.


You can search for free.

8. Zety

Zety helps you understand what type of questions will be asked in interviews. Zety has a database of commonly asked interview questions that you can use to practice for your interview. It alsp offers a video interview practice tool that simulates a real interview with built-in recordings of your responses.

Key Features:

  • You can choose from a variety of industries and job positions.

  • The tool provides various blog posts where the articles give tips and guides on how to answer interview questions for multiple categories.


It is free.

9. Tech Mock Interview

Tech Mock Interview is an interview prep tool that provides mock interviews with professional interviewers in the tech industry. This is an essential tool to employ during periods of mass tech firings or periods of tech IPOs and hiring expansions.

Key Features:

  • You can find and have interviews with mentors from top firms.

  • The mentors will be allotted according to your job position.

  • You will be able to get feedback immediately.


The cost will depend on the mentor you choose.

10. Interviewing

Interviewing is a tool where candidates can anonymously practice interviews with interviewers from top-notch companies. If your performance in the practice rounds is higher than expected, the same mock interviewers might offer you a job.

Key Features:

  • The interviewers are from leading firms.

  • It will be an audio based interview; you can switch on the video later during the feedback session. It is optional.


You can contact them through the website for price details.

11. My Interview Practice

My Interview Practice conducts mock interviews for over 120 job positions and offers a video course as well to better yourself.

Key Features:

  • Gain realistic interviews for more than 120 different job positions to improve your skills in no time.

  • You can take mock interviews on your own with no meetups.


Plus (3 months access) - $24/mo

Premium (3 months access) - $27/mo

12. InterviewBit

InterviewBit is an interview prep tool that conducts anonymous mock interviews. The tool also has a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of topics, including data structures, algorithms, system design, and SQL. It also has thousands of practice questions that cover a range of difficulty levels.

Key Features:

  • The process takes place on a collaborative real-time code editor with only an audio calling option.

  • Provides personalized learning paths based on the user's skill level and learning pace.

  • It has an active community of users and mentors who can provide support and guidance throughout the interview preparation process.


It is free.

13. Interview Focus

Interview Focus is an interview prep tool that provides top-notch mock interview experience with its face and eye-tracking patent software. You can select your field of interest based on the categories provided, get a set of 12 to 15 questions and receive feedback about your mock interview.

Key Features:

  • While taking the interview, you will be graded on eye contact, head engagement, speaking rate, filler word count, tone of voice, word count, and smile time.

  • You will receive personalised coaching tips and various interview strategies for an hour with experienced coached.


Self Evaluation - $49

Meet the Coach - $100

Standard Package - $138

Premium Package - $175

14. Interview Warmup

Interview Warmup is an interview prep tool provided by Google. This tool takes into consideration a variety of fields like data analytics, UX Designs, IT, project management and other general categories as well.

Key Features:

  • You can practice for interviews by simply talking into your microphone. All the answers will be transcribed by the tool in real-time.

  • Get insights about the answers, the words that you used the most and the overall language that you've used for answering the questions.

  • Get interview tips that you can follow before-during and after the interview. You'll also get tips to answer behavioral and technical questions.


It is free.

15. LinkedIn

The LinkedIn platform provides assistance for your interview preparation. The interview assistance feature provides candidates with informative videos, tips and tricks by industry experts on how to answer specific questions and important information for specific topics.

Key Features:

  • Practice for the interview privately by either recording your answers or writing a response. You can revisit it again for self-evaluation.

  • It also provides videos and tips from experts.

  • Premium users will also have access to expert approved interview questions.


You will need premium LinkedIn access to view all answers.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Interview Prep Tool

Your Job-Related Tool

Choose a tool that provides questions and answers to your related field. You can choose tools that provide questions based on the company you have applied to.

Know the Tool

You should be able to know the tool and how it functions so that you will not have an issue while giving the mock interview, especially with the tools that keep you anonymous and tools that work on peer connecting. Knowing how these tools work is essential to efficiently using them.


Look for tools that will give you feedback. Feedback will help in understanding where you are going wrong.


Interview prep tools are beneficial tools that will boost your confidence and improve your interview skills. These are the top 15 interview prep tools you can consider using. These tools will make your life easy and help you gain knowledge on how to give an interview.


What Are Interview Prep Tools?

Interview prep tools help candidates prepare for the interview process before the interview at the company. These tools list out questions and answers that candidates must know. The tools also help give feedback regarding the candidate's drawbacks or weaknesses.

When Should You Consider Using an Interview Prep Tool?

You can use an interview prep tool a few days or weeks before your interview. You can use these tools even for college interviews. Interview prep tools help you boost your confidence and relieve stress. Consider using these tools without fail to ace your interview.

Why Do You Need Interview Prep Tools?

Using interview prep tools will help you gain information that can help you during your interview process. These tools will also help you gain a better understanding of the questions you can ask your interviewer. Apart from this, interview prep tools are also easy to access. These tools will help you build your skills effectively according to the job role you're applying for. With technology, you can manage your time and provide concise answers to your interviewer. Hence, using interview prep tools is beneficial to land your dream career.

What Are the Benefits of Interview Prep Tools?

Interview prep tools have certain benefits that will help you ace the interview without fear. The benefits are:

  • The tool boosts your confidence.

  • Your stress levels will reduce.

  • You will be more comfortable taking the interview.

  • You will understand the interview questions and how to answer them.

What Is the Best Way to Prepare for an Interview?

Here are a few things you can do while preparing for your interview:

  • Know why you want the job.

  • Research the company and understand its mission or vision.

  • Prepare well for common interview questions.

  • Have a mock interview using a prep tool.

  • Work on maintaining eye contact with the interviewer.

Top 15 Interview Prep Tools

The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.