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Top 23 Investment Portfolio Management Tools

Investors require portfolio management tools so that they can track entities like investment returns, fees, asset allocation, etc. You would be obviously questioning the need for portfolio management tools when you can do it manually or a tracking spreadsheet. These are good alternatives only until a certain period of time. Investments can lead to figures that go beyond the spectrum of the human mind At times like these, these management tools come in handy.

But with so many options available to us, how do we decide the best one for us? We have curated this top tools list containing the top 23 investment portfolio management tools for you to follow up.

1. Right Capital

RightCapital provides you a financial planning solution that allows financial advisors to: differentiate their asset value for more clients, create a simple plan in a couple of minutes, and empower themselves to evolve with the planning needs of the investment industry. Currently, it is helping thousands of advisors grow, maintain, and spread their businesses and set up their clients globally for financial success.

Key Features:

  • You can demonstrate how your clients will be able to save money with an optimal tax-efficient distribution strategy.

  • Help protect your clients from financial disability or death. Evaluate their needs and requirements in different situations and craft out ways to ensure their success in every situation.

  • Use the unique student loan module to illustrate different payment programs so clients can reduce payments.


You can request a quote on their website

2. Morningstar Direct

Morningstar Direct is headquartered in Chicago and is a branch working under Morningstar. It is an investment portfolio management platform focusing on financial and risk analysis. Direct has empowered investors globally for many years now and continues to invent new ways to help people achieve financial security and authority of their own.

Key Features:

  • Direct enables you to evolve your expertise with detailed insights from one of the largest independent equity teams and the best product analysts in the world to get the most effective industry trends relevant to your work.

  • Use data, research, and analytics to make decisions frictionlessly and avoid time-consuming back-end processes.

  • Navigating through evolving market trends and new definitions through Morningstar to adopt sustainable investment practices makes you a reliable investor for your client, no matter what the situation is.


You can request a quote from their website.

3. Advisor Engine

AdvisorEngine, a New-based platform offers a B2B digital wealth management technology service. Exclusively built for financial advisors, this organization enables advisors to deal with typical wealth management clients and fully digitally-operating clients from a single platform. It happens to integrate its features with various technologies and financial services CRMs.

Key Features:

  • This wealth management platform empowers financial advisors to deliver a more engaging, personalized, insightful client experience and operate at scale through a smart automation facility.

  • Clients can quickly and conveniently view their portfolio performance data, like past transactions, holdings, and asset allocation, further enabling them to develop a strong relationship with their advisor.

  • It enables your firm to execute various tax management strategies, including tax-loss harvesting, the short-to-long term gains deferral, permanent gains deferral, and tax-sensitive transition, in an automated way to avoid time consumption and to yield better investments.


You can request a quote from their website.

4. MoneyGuidePro

MoneyGuidePro is exclusively designed for financial advisors with client considerations in mind to provide solutions and smart pathways to help advisors navigate their clients through complexity on financial grounds. The product is now supported by Envestnet globally.

Key Features:

  • You can map out your client's future retirement years with the Retirement Cash Flow Chart technology and plot out their goals, options, and loopholes that can happen over the life of the plan, based on their current plan inputs.

  • Easily maintain, strengthen, and engage clients across all age bars and financial situations by facilitating a strong and long-lasting advisor-client collaboration.

  • The interactive Slider feature allows clients to alter plan elements that are within their control and immediately see the impact in their investment decisions.


You can request a quote on their website.

5. Geneva

Geneva from Advent Software, is an SS&C company, that has proven to be one of the best financial assets and global portfolio management solutions for hedge funds, asset managers, financial advisors, and wealth management managers. It has a history of excelling at portfolio accounting and position management irrespective of instrument, structure, and region. Locally deployed or cloud-based, Geneva enables investment managers and advisors to manage and grow their businesses efficiently.

Key Features:

  • The exclusive Advent outsourcing facility will help you customize a wide range of portfolio management-related issues according to your needs.

  • Under the umbrella branch of Geneva world investor, Advent has managed to combine the portfolio management system with investor accounting to serve best to the clients.

  • Geneva supports multiple fund structures and offers best breed reconciliation programs.


You can request a quote on their website

6. Ajaib

Ajaib is an investing platform that allows Indonesians specifically to buy and sell stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. Powered by Ajaib Group, this brokerage platform gives online access to Ajaib Reksa Dana and PT Takjub Teknologi Indonesia mutual funds and their own securities company, Ajaib Sekuritas, that provides easy and affordable access to stocks.

Key Features:

  • The goal of Ajaib is to educate the Indonesian public about the importance of the investment industry as an asset for the future.

  • It has opened the door to free access to safe, trusted, and affordable investment instruments provided to the Indonesian public.

  • Ajaib Group's stock and mutual fund services can be easily accessed online, by anyone.


You can request a quote on their website.

7. Riskalyze

Riskalyze is an Auburn-based portfolio management system. It has been assisting in transforming the advisory industry by strengthening the investment advisors capture a quantitative measurement of client risk tolerance through various detailed analyses and insights, and use the said client data to win new clients in the future, inspect and meet expectations and quantify suitability in the longer run.

Key Features:

  • Riskalyze allows you to tap into sophisticated analytics of the security, account, and portfolio fronts to let you design the perfect investment strategies and techniques for clients.

  • Riskalyze monitors your client accounts (past investments, investment strategies, finance-based data, etc.) so you can focus on making great decisions as an advisor when something urgent turns up.

  • Their home office tools which use a consultative approach enable all the advisors and compliance teams across the platform to decide on how to approach clients.


You can request the quote from their website.

8. RedBlack

RedBlack Software offers one of the leading portfolio management and rebalancing, and trading solutions used by asset management firms, wealth managers, investment advisors, brokers, and trusted financial companies. It supports automated rebalancing process and rapidly executing trades which results in improved portfolio performance of their clients and investors. RedBlack offers a more efficient and highly profitable practice that enables advisors to spend more time with their clients and understand the prospects of their interests.

Key Features:

  • RedBlack allows you to achieve a better portfolio modeling precision by assessing trade restrictions and your past investment decisions stretched over a specific time span.

  • It enables the investors to become more adaptable to the client’s needs with help of more juncture, flexible models.

  • It uses the concepts of tactical rebalancing, tax-losses harvesting, and making portfolio adjustments to make sure clients don’t lag behind and make intelligent decisions.


You can request the quote from their website.

9. FutureAdvisor

FutureAdvisor is a free, wealth management software meant to manage your stock portfolio, owned by BlackRock. The web-based subscription services and automated financial insights offered by FutureAdvisor allow consumers to manage their investments within a customized dashboard and portfolio.

Key Features:

  • It allows institutional quality, goals-based investment for various financial and wealth management firms.

  • It allows the clients to have a space that is personalized according to their needs and is a tax-aware platform for investors and financial organizations to communicate through.

  • FutureAdvisor has been successfully integrated with advisory firms to give better opportunities to its clients.

  • The funds, portfolios, and insights are daily monitored so that the consumers can make more financial-sound decisions.


You can request a quote from their website.

10. VestBerry

Vestberry is portfolio management and reporting software, specifically meant for venture capital and private equity. Vestberry manages LP & GP relationships by advanced analytics to develop transparency and good decision-making practices. It helps to manage nearly $ 4 billion worth of investments to funds that have already been invested in various globally operated companies and financial firms like such as Wolt, Masterclass, and Telegram.

Key Features:

  • Vestberry offers its clients, automation in workflow, reporting systems, communication with limited partners, and access to advanced analysis to let them make better investment decisions for the future.

  • It enables investors to work upon and evolve in their information amalgamation and management as well as develop automated quarterly LP reporting easier and relatively faster.

  • Every portfolio company, which has access to its own simplified, personalized space, can separate interface for actuals, budgets, and forecasts, bringing them more structured insights.


You can request a quote on their website.

11. Allvue LP

Allvue Portfolio Management solution is a platform that has been designed to enable very limited partners investors to perform front-middle, and back-office activities within a single unified environment. Allvue has managed to blend functionalities of services like CRM, deal tracking and analysis, portfolio management and analysis, various reporting, and investment accounting into a single product on one platform. Users will be able to manage multiple asset classes, track new opportunities, generate and analyze performance insights, get a personalized detailed analysis of their current investments.

Key Features:

  • You can track, analyze and gather different asset classes utilizing only one solution.

  • It allows the clients to easily monitor and gain insights into a portfolio’s effective investment exposure using a customized dashboard.

  • You can keep a record of the contact information and documents associated with each investment throughout the platform.

  • You can track transactions and re-evaluate alternative investments.


You can request a quote on their website.

12. Wealth Block

Wealthblock is a fintech firm that has been focusing on becoming a white label capital-raising platform. Integrating some key funding tools like CRM, investor verification, fund admin, etc. with their basic functionality to boost up streamline processes and increase authority. Currently, figures suggest that Wealthblock supports services like 50+ venture capital, private equity, and placement, investment banking, and broker-dealer firms who leverage the market offerings like funds, assets, A+, R, etc to investors.

Key Features:

  • Brand your platform, create a suitable offer, and configure the ideal user experience for your organization.

  • Increase your productivity 10 folds using data-driven targeting, automated high-touch engagement technology, and run multiple investor compliances with just one click.

  • The comprehensive tracking of the AI matching engine provides a personal investor experience and gets first-hand insights into who is interested in your offers.

  • While working on Wealth Block, the company’s data engineers clean up and migrate your space to close more deals.


The entry-level fee is $900. It is the basic fee, for the overheads costs, you can get a quote from the website.

13. Clearwater Analytics

Clearwater Analytics is a web-based investment portfolio management tool offering solutions for institutional investors. Clearwater is presently proud of catering to the needs of more than 1000 organizations, and delivering the most trusted data integration, reconciliation, investment accounting, and reporting.

Key Features:

  • It is integrated with downstream systems to provide clean data to all of your investment accounting processes.

  • It provides you with fully-validated, and reconciled data every day so that you can make more confident and wise decisions.

  • You can toggle between high-level, and in-depth for investment accounting, compliance monitoring, performance metrics, and risk analysis for your organization.

  • View data-related issues in real time, regular monitor compliance, and portfolio exposure insights with a single click.


Not revealed by the investor.

14. Backstop

Backstop Solutions Group is a Chicago-based cloud-oriented technology which supports hedge funds. It works with many applications and tools required for investment research and analytics, accounting, a financial-specific CRM, and various investor relations and document sharing. Besides all these services, it is one of the leading investment portfolio management tools.

Key Features:

  • It provides a fully configurable research management system supporting multiple asset classes on one platform.

  • A well-developed, comprehensive portfolio monitoring is done for assessing risks and returns across multiple asset classes.

  • It includes an automated system of straight through processing of due diligence documents, and necessary transaction using ML & AI.

  • The IR reporting and management technology allows us to deal with accounts management, advanced benchmarking, and performance data to support investor servicing.

  • Leverage data on thousands of managers, and issues funds to help optimize the research management, and business workflow.


Contact the support

15. Envestnet

Envestnet offers data, technology, and services across the globe to empower financial advisors and various enterprises and advise them on many financial fronts they have to deal with. It focuses on working with asset management, client service, and business development. Envestnet helps you get a clearer insight out of your client’s portfolios as well as provide direct insights into their recent investments, giving you a transparent idea on how can you attract more clients.

In recent times, Envestnet has become a platform with seamless-integrated-network tools that give you, a good amount of authority and access to your clients investment insights.

Key Features:

  • The advisor portal delivers tools and applications that integrate all the advisor’s client-oriented tasks to reduce the back-office administrative tasks.

  • Advisors can easily access robust software solutions for better wealth management.

  • You can leverage the manager portal of this platform to help you make wiser decisions when it comes to sales and distribution.

  • The enterprise portal allows "home offices" to monitor and direct Envestnet's services and support to their concerned advisors.

  • The firms can also customize their platform with the available tools, serving the needs of the advisors as well as the leverage technology according to different business needs.


You can request a quote from the website.

16. SS&C

SS&C is a platform that offers Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX), a portfolio management and investment performance tracking system that supports complaint reporting, and direct investment analytics. Besides this, it also facilitates multiple-asset and multiple currency reporting. SS&C is the leading hedge funds and private equity manager as well as the largest mutual fund transfer agency.

Key Features:

  • Daily reconciliation of all the cash and your security balances to the prime brokers and effective counterparty organizations.

  • SS&C provides you automated support of post-trade activities, from trade entry to accounting.

  • SS&C provides solutions and services concerning global regulatory compliance reporting, tax reporting, risk reporting, and income and expense accruals.

  • SS&C provides on-time delivery of investment statements to concerned managers.

  • It offers an excellent online investor web portal that allows all kinds of investor communication, including performance data, and supplement NAV transparency reporting.

Cost: You can request a quote on their website.

17. Fiserv Unified Wealth Management

Fiserv offers a Unified Wealth Management technology solution that gives way to the multi-vehicle and multiple asset class portfolio accounting and management system. In addition to this, it has also managed to capture attention with its related trading, tax management, and rebalancing tools for all fee-based advisory programs, aim-oriented, goals-based financial, and investment advisory tools, as well as many reporting tools.

Key Features:

  • Fiserv has enabled money movement for thousands of financial institutions across different countries.

  • Gain a detailed, strategic view of integrated risk management across many business channels.

  • Automate and streamline financial control and accounting operations for improved accuracy and efficiency.

  • Detect, analyze, manage and prevent all types of financial risks to minimize losses and maximize your profits.


You can request a quote from the website.

18. SwixMortgage

SwixMortage is a well-crafted mortgage-backed securities and mortgage investor management system specialized for the Canadian investing industry. The system enables various financial institutions to facilitate automated processes of mortgage securitization and investor portfolio management. This platform includes mortgage-pool creation and selection, pool administration, automated investor remittance processing, and investor asset management.

Key Features:

  • SwixMortgage provides full automated security and pool management, and hence, removing financial institutions' biggest hindrance to increased issue volume.

  • It is based on next generation Java/Struts framework which allows easy development, maintenance and hosting facilities.

  • It hosts services like:

  • Mortgage securitization

  • Assets management

  • Investor portfolio management

  • It eases out the process of adding additional asset classes and functionality.


You can request a quote from the website

19. HiddenLevers

HiddenLevers is a risk technology platform that works for wealth management. It offers client-facing, and home office solutions aimed at executives, financial advisors, assets managers, and portfolio managers. It is a cloud-based platform that includes a macro-scenario library, portfolio stress testing technology, model construction, investment proposal generation, enterprise risk, and revenue analysis.

Key Features:

  • HiddenLevers uses big data to measure relationships between economic growth and investments.

  • The research team works by creating scenarios to model recessions, crises, and other important financial events. For this purpose, they use research and analysis of past decisions to see the correlation between the investment indicators.

  • A stressing test is used for the specific scenarios to evaluate the investment performance for each performance using regression analysis.

  • You can customize the applications for your sales team, get model insights, and output, and connect the investment platforms directly with trading platforms.


There are three subscription plans you can go for. The basic subscription plan is priced at $300, the pro subscription is priced at $600, and the elite subscription is priced at $1200.

20. Orion Enterprise

Orion Enterprise is an Omaha-based outlet of Orion Advisor Services. It is a full-advisor technology and provides an asset management platform. It integrates technology with compatible investment options and hands-on product support.

Key Features:

  • Effectively manage your client relationship

  • Enable your business growth and track progress using advisor tech.

  • Manage your client portfolios intelligently, with features like household level rebalancing, sleeve maintenance, and trade processing.

  • Communicate with your clients regularly, analyze, and get insights to make business decisions based on past patterns.

  • Improve the cashflows, and encourage business growth with automated fee billing on monthly basis.


The pricing can be personally quoted from the website.

21. Pepper

Pepper is a System of Management based on the Cloud, designed in a way that can easily be adapted according to various investment needs, complexities, strategies, etc. that an asset manager requires. Defining a place for itself in the investment management world, it is working on creating a Finetech community that would be capable of providing solutions to the problems of asset managers - currently, and in the future.

Pepper allows the asset managers to gather the information, make it easily accessible in a highly secure environment, visualize the past investment decisions, and extract impactful insights.

Key Features:

  • Pepper powers up the assets and portfolio managers’ data to ROI to get insights.

  • All of this is done through a very securely strategic approach.

  • Through Pepper, you can create custom cloud solutions, and optimize the cloud infrastructure for hosting services.

  • It helps you in designing a compliance platform for your funds and organizing regular compliance audits for them.

  • You can create custom dashboards for your business and can track down the progress.

  • It provides you with tools and services to automate the process of fund reconciliation.


The pricing can be personally quoted from the website.

22. Repool

Repool aims to create working with hedge funds easy for all of us. It provides us front-to-back, end-to-end fund formation as well as many ongoing fund services, making private funds much more accessible. The best part about Repool is that is very easy, and affordable to retail investors. It works for compliance consulting and is one of the best portfolio management tools.

Ensuring safety and integrity, at Repool funds are secured in FDIC-insured bank accounts and they leverage an A-grade prime broker so that nobody else can access your funds.

Key Features:

  • Repool allows you to work with the hedge funds in many ways.

  • Allows front-to-back and end-to-end fund formation.

  • It also works on funds compliance and administers your funds once you’ve successfully traded them.

  • You can be assured of safety and personal integrity since your funds are highly authenticated.


Pricing can be quoted on the website.

23. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is an investment portfolio management tool that advises on investments and investors' needs.

Key Features:

  • You can trade individual stocks.

  • You will have access to live financial planners.

  • Once your link your account to the tool, it will tell you your net worth and the value of your home.

  • The tool offers an investing category where you can see your total holdings, asset allocation, performance statistics, and more.

  • It even has a retirement fee analyzer. The retirement tool allows you to see various spending and saving scenarios.

  • The tool generates reports about your banking and investing.


Pricing can be quoted on the website.

Things To Consider While Selecting An Investment Portfolio Management Tool

When you are working with the investment portfolio management platforms, you need to consider the following things:

How well does it integrate with other systems?

It is only when you’re building your portfolio management system from the scratch, that you likely already have a number of management programs and processes working for your business. An efficient portfolio management solution should be able to easily integrate with these already running programs, so that you get a comprehensive overview of your data on a single platform, allowing you to direct your portfolio management tasks with ease and comfort.

Does it promote collaboration between departments and teams?

Most of the time, business means working with several departments and teams. Make sure that the portfolio management software you use effectively enables cross-team collaboration. You can go for the cloud-based tools that allow all authorized users to access, interact and play with data in real time, updating necessary information across all users in the process. This helps in reducing redundancy and creating uniformity amongst the users.

How flexible is the portfolio management tool you are using?

Portfolio management is a dynamic process and hence, the software needs to be able to change and adapt to meet the specific needs of clients, changes in the ideas and requirements, and business prospects. Any open-source financial portfolio management software will empower you that you hold the authority to make changes, configurations in the system, and appropriate customizations. It always is capable of providing you with the tools you need, even as and when your business changes.


In this article, we saw some of the best portfolio management tools to work with. There is a large range of platforms that we can choose from. In this article, we viewed the key features of the tools available to us to analyze and understand which platform would suit us the best. Portfolio management is a very strategic approach in investment and is essential when one wants to grow exponentially in the world of finance. We hope you explore all these options and find the best one for you.


What does investment portfolio management software do?

Investment Portfolio Management Software is a platform that provides fund administration and accounting, reporting compliance, and automating investment and trading-related tasks. They help the clients to maintain business portfolios and personalized dashboards and help them get insights into their past decisions. Also known as Stock Portfolio Management Software, Wealth Management Software, or Fund Administration Software, investment portfolio management software can be used by financial advisors, portfolio managers, financial companies, brokers, traders, and individuals.

What should you consider while using portfolio management tools?

While working with the portfolio management tools, it is preferred to consider following things:

  1. Goals: What are your business goals and financial intentions, this is so that your goals can be aligned with the portfolio management platform’s core philosophy and can help you select a platform that will be the most beneficial to you.

  2. Risk Tolerance: You must analyze the risk that comes with your finances and business growth and to ensure you give your insights into the right hands, you must know how effectively the portfolio manager’s approach can provide you with risk tolerance.

  3. Make yourself aware of what you are investing in. When you are an informed client, it becomes easier for you to find a genuine platform and work with them. Awareness is a key attribute needed when it comes to the trading and investment spectrum.

What are the benefits of using investment portfolio management software?

There is no one to name, Portfolio management has many benefits for the clients. These include having a single platform providing an overview of you or your customer’s net worth, giving insightful data, analyzing it and your past trends to achieve your goals effectively.

Working with this simplicity not only saves time but also assists the user to concentrate on building wealth and maintaining it organically. For wealth management professionals and financial advisors, these tools simplify the complex process of asset management by having one single platform to view all investments, get a snapshot of performance, communicate with their fellow clients and counterparts.

What are the best investment portfolio management products?

Highly rated investment portfolio management products include:

  • Riskalyze

  • Wealthblock

  • Morningstar Portfolio Manager

  • StockMarketEye

  • Pepper

  • Backstop Solutions

  • FutureAdvisor

How much does investment portfolio management software cost?

To be honest, this is a very relative question to answer. Every tool has its own features and it depends on its resources. You can usually get the quote from their websites. For standard investment portfolio management software packaging, you can expect it to range between $50 to $300 a month per user. For versions and tools containing advanced features such as sophisticated risk management, reporting compliance, etc the prices may range from $600 to $1500 a month.

What are the popular investment portfolio types?

There are four popular types:

  • Income portfolio

  • Socially responsible portfolio

  • Conservative portfolio

  • Aggressive portfolio

What is asset allocation?

Asset allocation in portfolio management is when you can see the balance of stocks. You will be able to see the bonds and the amount available as well.

How asset allocation works is that you must have an investment strategy. Once you have a strategy, you will allocate a certain percentage for each asset that you have in your portfolio. When the market rises, the percentage of your portfolio will also rise. If the market falls, the percentage of the allocated stocks will also fall.

Top 23 Investment Portfolio Management...

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