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Top 40 Kanban-based Tools

Kanban is a visual method for controlling the flow of work through a process. Kanban shows both the workflow and the actual work going through it. Kanban aims to locate possible bottlenecks in your process and eliminate them, allowing work to move through it efficiently and cost-effectively at high throughput. The Kanban Method manages and enhances the flow of work by adhering to a set of principles and practices. It is an evolutionary, non-disruptive approach that encourages process improvements over time within a company. Agile and Lean management techniques are becoming more and more popular all over the world in response to these difficulties. The fundamental ideas and principles of Kanban continue to be a simple way to implement Agile and foster corporate agility by taking a fresh approach to an old idea.

We've curated a list of 40 kanban-based top tools to help you in this proces.

1. SwiftKanban

Digité's SwiftKanban is a potent Kanban project management tool for both physically based teams and distributed teams. It combines the most significant aspects of Scrum, Kanban, and visual project management to give you a strong lean/agile software development tool. To provide you with the greatest Kanban or Scrumban solution, it combines highly flexible and visual workflow modeling with potent and actionable Flow metrics and simplicity of use.

Key Features:

  • SwiftKanban is a robust yet user-friendly digital Kanban product that will assist you in successfully implementing the Kanban Method.

  • It enables you to apply WIP Limits and Pull, visualize your work and workflow, and enhance the movement of goods and services across your company.

  • Your teams and business can improve and become more agile with the help of SwiftKanban, which offers a complete and potent set of Lean/Flow metrics.

  • SwiftKanban has the most robust board design currently available, supporting various hierarchical workflows with multiple SmartLanes-based swim lanes.


Contact the company for the details.

2. Trello

An online Kanban project management tool is called Trello. It is a well-liked collaborative tool for setting up Kanban boards for your projects. Instead than using a timeline-based structure to depict work items, it employs a simple Kanban board. Trello is ideal for personal use and is renowned for its simplicity. Businesses can upgrade the free basic product to get extra features and security.

Key Features:

  • Teams can use it to track straightforward procedures and reposition cards in the column in accordance with the stage they are at.

  • Lists and cards, the organizational components of the Trello Kanban board, allow you to manage, track and share with teams every component of your assignment.

  • Users are able to enter task descriptions, deadlines, and checklists.

  • Trello is effective for displaying straightforward operations in a small team and makes it simple and real-time for team members to collaborate.


Trello package starts at $5USD.

3. Asana

A flexible software program called Asana was created to make managing team-based projects easier. Teams may work together on projects using the web and mobile apps from Asana with the aid of a simple Kanban board that permits task movement tracking. The boards let you construct columns for "new work," "priority work," "on hold," and "finished" work to indicate different levels of your workflow. On a Kanban board, you may adjust your workflow based on the demands of the team and keep track of your top priorities.

Key Features:

  • By streamlining task requests, Asana delivers better time management and increased productivity.

  • When tasks are given or adjustments are made, your team can view real-time updates and receive notifications. However, it has limited Kanban functionality and does not let assign several individuals to the same task.

  • Asana fosters accountability, transparency, and better cooperation.

  • Asana works well for straightforward projects, but it can be challenging to track larger projects, which might be problematic.

  • Workflows are made easier by its automation features. To advance your work through stages, for instance, you can automatically drag and drop jobs.


Asana package starts at US$10.99


An easy-to-use Kanban tool for job automation is It is a table-based application for managing work that has an eye-catching structure and supports features like showing work items in a list-based view, supporting different views, allowing users to attach files, allowing comments, etc. It is a straightforward Kanban task board that can be customized with various columns to improve operations. To define by priority, status, or assignment, you can add multiple rows.

Key Features:

  • Individualized Kanban Boards.

  • Automatically alerting.

  • Tracking of timesheets.

  • Mobile and desktop devices can sync.

Cost: package starts at $8 per month.

5. Wrike

Wrike is a flexible and powerful platform for streamlining internal project management and enhancing teamwork. It is a project management application for businesses that supports Kanban. Due to its adaptability, it is utilized to support other job areas of various divisions within an organization in addition to serving as a project management tool. On a straightforward Kanban board, you may see the tasks at hand, change the view with different columns, and include WIP restrictions.

Key Features:

  • Wrike provides excellent usability, which is helpful for users without much experience.

  • It includes capabilities that let you tailor procedures and your brand with cutting-edge theme options in accordance with your needs.

  • Project management, both big and little.

  • Simple-To-Do List makes task management quick and simple.


Wrike package starts at $9.80 user/ month.

6. Jira

Jira, an application created by Atlassian, is a well-liked project management and issue tracking solution. All agile approaches, including scrum, Kanban, etc., are supported by Jira. Agile sprints and several project views, including user stories and story points, are supported by Jira. With complete transparency and team visibility, it aids agile teams in planning sprints, allocating tasks, and prioritizing work.

Key Features:

  • Jira uses kanban boards to track work; these boards are set up with columns and WIP limits to provide a rapid overview and manage workflow.

  • Project management tools like reporting and collaboration are extra advantages, but Jira's reporting functions are difficult to set up and difficult to access.

  • Only the most basic reports are offered right out of the box; for deeper reporting/analytics, users must rely on solutions from external partners.

  • Designed for scrum and agile management.

  • Good for managing issues


Jira package starts at $7.75 per user.

7. Leankit by Planview

A visual project delivery tool designed for lean software development teams is called LeanKit by Planview. It's a great tool for managing projects at all levels and provides engineering teams with a range of Kanban capabilities. Customizable Leankit Kanban boards make it simpler to view different processes. The amount of cards that can be used by work-in-progress teams can be restricted, and tasks can be estimated in story points or hours. The productivity of the teams can be monitored via the team velocity measurements.

Key Features:

  • You can visualize processes, find areas for improvement, and interact more successfully using Leankit.

  • Leankit gives consumers excellent project visibility, enabling thorough workflow process visualization.

  • Managers may oversee your projects from beginning to end and receive real-time updates on various tasks and assignments thanks to this cloud-based SaaS platform.

  • Adaptability in the design of the Kanban board.


Leankit by Planview package starts at $20 USD Per user, per month, billed annually.

8. Zoho Projects

A cloud-based project management tool made specifically for small and medium-sized organizations is called Zoho Projects. Project managers may establish project tasks, assign the tasks to their teams, predict project expenses, and monitor the progress of ongoing projects thanks to its ability to support project scheduling and budgeting. All issues are shown as cards in various columns in a Kanban board layout.

Key Features:

  • Zoho Projects provides issue management, which helps managers fix errors in project assignments.

  • Users can produce management summary and business reports using the dashboards and reporting module.

  • Gantt charts can also be used to compare how tasks are proceeding versus how they were initially planned.

  • The resource distribution chart displays the availability and workload of each team member.

  • Large projects are easier to manage because of the way milestones and task lists divide them into smaller tasks.


Zoho Projects package starts at 4.32 USD.

9. ProofHub

One of the well-liked Kanban-based project management solutions is ProofHub. It offers a deadline for finishing each assignment. Both internal and remote teams frequently use it. One of the most important features of the platform is its visual nature. It enables teams to self-manage by allowing them to keep track of work in progress by monitoring tasks as they move through various phases on the Kanban board.

Key Features:

  • The user of ProofHub can make task lists and delegate assignments to team members.

  • Additionally, the user can decide who to subscribe to at each stage.

  • It allows the user to utilize an online Kanban board to use a workflow to be attached to this list. It only takes a few hours to become familiar with all the things that ProofHub has to offer.

  • In general, teams working on projects requiring visual components will find ProofHub to be a useful project management tool.

  • ProofHub is perfect for a small and expanding team because it has a fixed monthly subscription regardless of the number of users.


ProofHub package starts at $45 /month billed annually.

10. Smartsheet

Project management, teamwork, and crowdsourcing platform Smartsheet is SaaS-based. With the help of Smartsheet, a variety of business procedures and tasks can be managed.

Key Features:

  • It provides tools for team collaboration, the development of project reports, and the ability to manage a project from beginning to conclusion.

  • Kanban is one of the main approaches that Smartsheet can be adapted to suit.

  • Project management tasks can be easily viewed on a board in the Kanban style with the help of Smartsheet's Kanban Sheet template.


Smartsheet package starts at $7 Per user/month, billed yearly.

11. Kanban

An easy-to-use Kanban task management tool is called KanbanTool. Its objective is to enable teams to view their Kanban procedure on a digital board. Because of this, this application does not have many project management features, but it does provide the teams with all of the essential Kanban functions. Teams can design task boards with KanbanTool by using columns, column groups, and rows. They were able to change their physical Kanban board into a digital one as a result.

Key Features:

  • Simple to use

  • Adjust to your preferences.

  • Reporting and timekeeping.

  • Metrics for measuring a project's progress.


Kanban package starts at $5 per user / month.

12. ZenHub

A popular project management program for GitHub-based software development teams is ZenHub. ZenHub, which has a close relationship with GitHub, enables users to quickly move issues through pipelines on a Kanban board, group large projects into Epics, and modify processes with Workspaces to suit the requirements of certain teams. Users may track progress, identify and fix bottlenecks, and increase performance with detailed reporting.

Key Features:

  • Enables quick access to burndown charts, a high-level overview of sprints and their progress, etc.

  • Developers can create bugs and epics directly from the GitHub extension-integrated interface.


ZenHub package starts at $8.33 USD.

13. ProProfs

A Kanban board program with many features is called ProProfs Project. It is made up of columns and task cards that represent the project's overall workflow. The columns show the various stages of a task, including "Open," "On hold," "Under review," and "Complete." The task cards show the development of each activity separately. Each task card also lists its assignees, followers, and end dates. Additionally, you can each one with remarks and a file attached. For improved job organization, you can add a subtask beneath each task on the Kanban board. Additionally, as your assignment advances, you can transfer task cards across various columns. The ProProfs board's fundamental structure is as follows.

Key Features:

  • Easy tool navigation and onboarding

  • Increased adaptability to evolving project requirements.

  • The Kanban board may be quickly and easily set up.

  • In order to move tasks about the board, drag & drop them.


ZenHub package starts at $39.97

14. Project Manager

Work management software called Project Manager was created for hybrid teams. The task management part benefits from the Kanban method. Making task boards and cards is simple. By including files, due dates, notes, or assigning users, you can personalize them. Each card contains a progress meter that shows how close the task is to being finished. Additionally, you can add tags to indicate the priority of each activity, from high to low.

Key Features:

  • Real-time time tracking of hours spent on each task is ideal for agencies who need to track billable hours or businesses that wish to better manage workload.

  • If you have a lot of work to do and only need to see a certain section, filtering tasks is helpful. The tool includes sophisticated reporting capabilities.

  • The number of tasks you have at each stage of development, the task backlog, the proportion of tasks in each project that are finished, and whether any tasks are ahead of schedule or behind schedule are among the metrics you may view.


Project Manager package starts at $13 user / month.

15. Kanban Zone

The dedicated Kanban tool Kanban Zone has all the tools you require to manage projects. It seeks to strike a balance between straightforward Kanban to-do lists and sophisticated job management software. To do this, the Portfolio Kanban approach is essential. To help you see work across your organization, this solution enables you to build several boards and connect them.

Key Features:

  • The workflows across your business can then be tracked.

  • Swimlanes are another tool you may utilize to further segregate and organize your operations.

  • With this in place, you can more clearly understand how various jobs link to one another and create uninterrupted flows.

  • Although setting this up can be challenging, Kanban Zone offers customers a coach to assist in setting up the boards in a way that benefits your company.

  • Through webhooks, the Kanban Zone API, or Zapier, Kanban Zone offers several connectivity options.


Kanban Zone package starts at $5 per user / month.

16. Clickup

You may create workflows and dashboards using ClickUp, a versatile office tool, for a variety of use cases. It enables you to set out your work in a Gantt chart, calendar view, mind map, and Kanban board view. You may alter the columns to view your work in various ways, which is a neat feature.

Key Features:

  • Like a typical Kanban board, the column can display jobs according to their stage. Alternately, you can arrange it so that the columns display the work by task assignee, due date, or any tags you've given it.

  • The ability to access data from numerous boards in one view is another feature I like. Consider having a distinct board for the project management phase. You can get information from all of these many boards through single views.


Clickup package starts at $5 PER MEMBER PER MONTH.

17. Teamwork

Teamwork is a project management solution with features made especially for client work and Kanban board capabilities. It assists you in managing projects involving both your internal team and external partners like contractors and clients.

Key Features:

  • Every functionality you would expect to see on a Kanban board is present, including the ability to create numerous boards, assign team members to tasks, and drag-and-drop Kanban cards.

  • There are many functions that are very useful for agencies. For instance, you may grant clients free access to the message board.

  • The program also includes templates that you may utilize to easily onboard new clients. Additionally, time tracking and invoicing features are built-in.

  • Slack and Hubspot are just two of the many applications that teamwork integrates with.

  • A desktop and mobile Teamwork chat application is also available, and it works well with the platform.


Teamwork package starts at $9.99

18. Kanbanize

Agile project management software called Kanbanize is built around Kanban boards. You may use it to build anything from a simple board to intricate structures that show all the work being done in your company. The ability to build a network of interconnected boards is the major feature.

Key Features:

  • These can grow vertically across management levels or horizontally across teams, giving your business a clearer picture of how work is developing.

  • Workflows may be established for each level, making it simple to manage job dependencies and remove bottlenecks.

  • Sub-columns are yet another amazing feature. By doing so, you may divide each section of your Kanban board into distinct stages.

  • There are several additional tools that the tool integrates with. These include BI tools like Tableau and Data Studio as well as online storage solutions like Google Drive.


Kanbanize package starts at $149 / month

19. Meister Task

A cloud-based project and task management tool that serves companies of all sizes is MeisterTask. Any agile workflow can be accommodated by Kanban project boards. It is a great option for almost any team, department, or sector because it includes everything from traditional project and task management to software sprints.

Key Features:

  • Users of the tool can examine ongoing projects and activities on a dashboard.

  • It is an online mind-mapping tool that enables users to make project plans and work with colleagues.

  • Users can shift tasks to different channels, change the status of tasks, and assign tasks to members using MeisterTask's section actions functionality.


Meister Task package starts at $4.19 per month.

20. Paymo

A work and project management tool for marketing, design, and marketing firms, construction firms, universities, law offices, and consulting organizations is called Paymo.

From the same platform, you can manage projects, keep tabs on employee time, send invoices to clients, receive payments online, and calculate profitability.

Key Features:

  • Track work hours using a web browser, desktop applications, or mobile apps - In Paymo's Team Scheduler, you can check who is over or under scheduled. track spending, send clients bills, and receive payments online

  • Evaluate worker performance and monitor leave days

  • Use task comments to communicate with your team in real time.

  • Quicker design proofing thanks to the file versioning and proofing feature


Paymo package starts at $4.95/ user / month Maximum 1 User.

21. Hive

Hive facilitates team movement. The first democratic project management platform in the world is called Hive. As a result, their product is developed using consumer input through their forum. Thousands of businesses are already using Hive's robust project and process management software to move forward more quickly.

Key Features:

  • Forms for requests, templates for activities and projects, and routine tasks Automate tasks to save time.

  • All facets of your job are connected with group messaging and file integrations.

  • To connect to all the various products you use, there are more than 1,000 connections accessible.

  • Tracking time and resources is made possible through time tracking.


Hive package starts at $12 Per user Per month.

22. Sciforma

The concept & demand, portfolio & program, planning, work and collaboration, resources, and time tracking are the most fundamental PPM functions that Sciforma Project and Portfolio Management Software enables for PMOs. It fits many industries, is adaptable to different PMO maturity levels, and is functionally expandable.

Key Features:

  • Adapts to your present portfolio and has the capacity to expand functionally as your firm develops and expands.

  • Simple to use, simple to maintain, and customizable

  • Accelerated return on investment

  • Provides all methods of project management

  • No charge and no limit Only Read Access


Contact the company for the detail.

23. Kanboard

For companies of all sizes, Kanboard is a web-based Kanban tools solution that improves project management through features like drag-and-drop dashboards and collaboration. To ensure that employees are exclusively focused on their project and do not leave duties unattended, the system has set project limitations.

Key Features:

  • A project manager or staff members with dashboard access can assign tasks, and a graphical timeline shows when each work was accomplished. This feature shows which workflows are effectively used while also allowing collaborators the ability to comment on and share documents. It also gives analysis on completed tasks.

  • Over 30 languages are translated by Kanboard.

  • The system also has a search feature that enables users to look for information using custom criteria like due dates, task descriptions, categories, and employees who are currently working on a certain assignment.


Contact the company for the details.

24. Toggl Plan

Teams using Toggl Plan are joyful, stress-free, and successful. even when managing several projects at once. You may quickly build color-coded availability, project, and deadline timeframes with Toggl Plan. Work timelines allow you to see where there is room for new projects, how busy your team is, and how work is moving. Toggl Plan makes sure that everyone is given the appropriate amount of work and that deadlines are spaced out. With just two clicks, timelines can be shared, making updating clients and stakeholders simple.

Key Features:

  • The simple visual timeline provided by Toggl Plan reduces the amount of time needed for back-and-forth messaging to determine who is doing what and when tasks are being completed.

  • Toggl Plan helps users understand their workflow and identify underutilized or over-exhausted resources in advance, whether it is used for project planning or quarterly planning.


Toggl plan pricing starts at $7.50 per user per month.

25. QEasy Projects

With the help of Easy Projects, marketing, IT, and operations teams can replace a jumble of spreadsheets, emails, and whiteboards with a single online tool. Easy Projects is a project management and collaboration platform for mid-size organizations and enterprises. Everyone has access to real-time project status information, employee accountability, and resource availability forecasting thanks to Easy Projects. From setup to training, your own personal project management coach will supervise and guarantee successful execution.

Key Features:

  • With real-time communication, decision-making, and sharing tools like message boards, alerts, file sharing, and group events, you can promote team cooperation.

  • Gantt charts, critical paths, resource loading reports, various dependencies, and a project calendar can all be used to plan projects and tasks.

  • Utilize the color-coded resource loading report to view the workloads of each member of your team, identify any gaps in coverage, and identify under- or over-utilized resources.


Easy Project package Starts at $12.58

26. Azure DevOps

Azure boards offer a variety of functions if you're wanting to use the Kanban method of workflow management. From recording work-in-progress on Kanban boards to extracting KPI data to analyze and optimize your processes, the tool is a potent project management tool.

Key Features:

  • Handling of tasks.

  • List view.

  • Status reports

  • Setting work priorities.

  • KPI tracking, analytics, and reports


Contact the company for the details.

27. Teamhood

Regardless of the sector or size of the business, Teamhood is a truly potent Kanban board application that will aid in process optimization. Although the framework is not required of Teamhood users, the technology was created with the best Kanban board in mind.

Key Features:

  • Kanban boards for teams are designed to show complexity.

  • More actionable information may be displayed on one screen thanks to its design than on any other product on the market.

  • You may follow the progress of subtasks by using Teamhood Kanban boards, which can be customized with custom columns, column groups, rows, and secondary workflows.


Teamhood package starts at 9.5$ per user/month.

28. Eylean Board

A robust on-premises Kanban system called Eylean Board is excellent for people that require complete data control. Teams have excellent customization possibilities for their task board because the kanban board is the tool's primary focus. making it simple to use for businesses from all backgrounds and sectors. Users can opt to add WIP limits and priority swimlanes to the Kanban board to gain complete control over the workflow. The Kanban board is configurable with columns, column groups, and rows.

Key Features:

  • Eylean Board provides 18 various reports to monitor the progress, including a Lead & Cycle Time report and a Burndown chart.

  • Software development teams can benefit from a real-time integration with TFS as well as additional collaboration capabilities like time tracking and thorough task information.

  • Windows-only on-premises program called Eylean Board has some usage restrictions.

  • Making it an excellent option for businesses where data security is a key priority as the finest Kanban software.


Eylean Board package starts at 9.77$.

29. Microsoft Planner

A more adaptable Kanban tool for solitary use or small teams is Microsoft Planner. Despite the fact that this is still a column-only Kanban board, the teams here have more freedom to set up and monitor their operations. To increase usability, task cards come with files, comments, and subtasks. They may also be estimated to see how long they should take. Teams can make use of a dashboard to monitor progress as well as a calendar view for planning.

Key Features:

  • Microsoft Planner is a good choice for people who currently have Office 365 business plans and need a straightforward visualization tool.

  • allowing a small group of coworkers to track modest, straightforward projects.

  • But other choices on this list might be better if you're searching for a fully-fledged Kanban solution.

  • Readily available, visual, and part of the Office 365 suite.


Contact the company for the details.

30. Redmine

Redmine is a project management tool that combines both conventional and Agile methodologies. Every aspect of project management is covered by this tool's extensive feature set. Therefore, it is a fantastic choice for individuals that want to combine Kanban with their existing processes. Teams can alter their views of the Kanban board using custom columns, but there is no way to divide the board into more than one swimlane.

Key Features:

  • WIP controls how much work is in progress, but unlike the other tools on this list of the best Kanban software, task card visualization is restricted to name and description.

  • Redmine has a lot of extra project management features, like a plugin for business risk management, that make it more desirable for use in large organizations.


Contact the company for the details.

31. Miro

Miro is a tool for visual brainstorming that provides workshops with a Kanban board software alternative. Teams may simply create, recreate, and add any other pertinent information to their best Kanban board here.

Key Features:

  • Since there are no other kanban-specific features like WIP or cycle time, setting up a Miro Kanban board is rather straightforward.

  • Teams, however, are free to customize the board in any way they see fit, which allows them to determine the best method moving forward.

  • Miro is your best option if you need a light-weight Kanban solution to track your workshop because it makes collaborating and working on new ideas simple and visual.

  • To ensure long-term success, this tool should be replaced and a more capable Kanban program should be discovered.


Miro package starts at $ 8 Per member/month billed annually

32. YouTrack

Kanban is supported by the issue tracker YouTrack by JetBrains. This program focuses on tracking issues and offers many of options so that your team can log, follow, and review issues that have been resolved. Here's kanban board is organized with the aid of columns and rows, making it possible to distinguish clearly between major features or projects as well as process phases. Teams can also set WIP limits and use an accumulative flow diagram to review progress.

Key Features:

  • YouTrack is a viable option to take into account if you're seeking for project management software Kanban that enables issue tracking.

  • It offers a Kanban board so the team can see problems as tasks rather than a list that software development teams can strive to solve. This program can only be utilized in a restricted number of fields because it is so heavily focused on tracking and resolving issues.

  • It might be advisable for teams outside of software development to explore elsewhere for the top Kanban board.

  • Kanban-style task board that is modifiable.


YouTrack package starts at US $3.67 per user/month.

33. nTask

A powerful project management tool for team cooperation and planning is called nTask. For managing workflows on any project, both straightforward and complicated, it provides Kanban boards. Users can build up own columns or use the default columns depending on their needs. nTask Boards can assist you in completing work more quickly and transparently.

Key Features:

  • Beneficial for project management.

  • Users can receive a free, individualized product demo from a specialist.

  • Make your templates and save them.


nTask package starts at $3/month.

34. Taiga

With the help of the open-source Kanban application, you can track projects in the Kanban manner even if you are using a Scrum template. The Kanban chart is a straightforward tool for managing Taiga projects. Its functionality is concentrated on the fundamental components of the Scrum and Kanban frameworks, including the project backlogs, and the management and reporting tools required to make them work.

Key Features:

  • Open-source.

  • Good for work management in the Scrum or Kanban styles.

  • Support for custom fields.

  • A wiki can be added to any project.


Taiga package starts at $70 per month

35. KanbanFlow

A lean project management tool featuring a variety of special tools is called KanbanFlow. This Kanban project management system is made to keep track of how much time is spent on each phase of your projects. In the meanwhile, you can spot bottlenecks and determine which tasks used the most time. It is a straightforward Kanban tool where you can add lists and cards, change the color of the cards, and create sections on your board.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use interface

  • Integrated time tracking.

  • Adaptable templates


Kanban Flow package starts at $ 5 PER USER PER MONTH.

36. Taskworld

Real-world situations are catered for in Taskworld. It's a simple Kanban board that allows you to see several jobs at once and compress your cards down to a single line of text. The top three items on that card's checklist, as well as the due dates and total amount of time tracked, will all be shown on the card.

Key Features:

  • Measuring progress.

  • It's easy to email tasks to a task list.

  • Swift additions to or modifications of projects and tasks.


Contact the company for the detail.

37. VivifyScrum

You can get a visual representation of your team's workflow with VivifyScrum's Kanban Boards. VivifyScrum personal Kanban boards are being used by individuals to ensure task completion.

Key Features:

  • Transparency into the process in real time.

  • Configure the board and team members.

  • Configuring privileges.


VivifyScrum package starts at $4.8 /user/month.

38. Pipefy

With Pipefy, you can maintain all of your information in one location while ensuring that your staff consistently adds their work to assignments. Pipefy's boards allow users to create custom lists or use pre-made process templates.

Key Features:

  • Really easy to maintain and adjust

  • Responsive and intuitive user interface.

  • Report that has many filters.

  • Automation capabilities.


Pipefy package starts at US$ 19 user / month.

39. Ayoa

Ayoa is a brain training program that incorporates Kanban. Teams can interact and produce together in real-time thanks to its focus on visualizing ideas, categorizing them, and converting them into projects. Teams can decide to display tasks in a board in the Kanban manner after they are generated for better tracking and completion.

Key Features:

  • This application will work best for businesses that require a way to compile all of their ideas and determine which methods are most effective for finishing a project.

  • While the Kanban task board will make it easier to track progress.


Ayoa package starts at 7.60 USD.

40. Scrumwise

A task management application called Scrumwise is targeted for teams that utilize Scrum as their primary Agile framework. Scrumwise is a good option AND it's an intuitive project management tool for the Scrum methodology that's supplemented with team roles, Scrum features, and reporting. Additionally, teams can choose a Kanban board if they do not need to use sprints.

Key Features:

  • Modern, swift, and adaptable design.

  • Powerful free version.

  • Feature-rich.

  • It is simpler to manage dependencies using the new Timeline view.


Scrumwise package starts at $9 per user, per month.

Things to consider while choosing Kanban Tools

  • Board customization: Look for a tool that allows you to customize your Kanban board to match your team's specific workflow. This can include adding custom columns and swim lanes, as well as adjusting the layout and formatting of cards on the board.

  • Collaboration features: Consider a tool that has built-in collaboration features, such as real-time updates, commenting, and notifications so that your team can easily communicate and stay on top of tasks.

  • Integration with other tools: Look for a tool that integrates with other tools that your team uses, such as project management platforms or communication tools. This will help streamline your workflow and eliminate the need to switch between different platforms.

  • Reporting and analytics: Consider a tool that offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities, so you can easily track progress, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions.

  • Mobile-friendly: Look for a tool that offers a mobile-friendly version, so that you can access your Kanban board from anywhere, on any device.

  • Security: ensure the tool you choose is secure and has a good track record of maintaining the security of user data.

  • Cost: Evaluate the cost of different Kanban-based tools and choose one that fits your budget and offers the features you need.


What is a Kanban Software?

Kanban Software is a work management application that assists you in managing and visualizing the workflow of your project. For teams to build and automate their workflow, Kanban Software features Kanban boards, work-in-progress restrictions, task dependencies, Gantt charts, and more.

How do Kanban boards operate?

A "virtual kanban system," represented by a kanban board, is used to model the procedure and monitor the work being completed by your team. You may track your progress by moving the cards to the appropriate columns, which you can designate as "Backlog," "To Do," "Doing," or "Done" columns.

What are the advantages of Kanban based tool?

  • Accessible from any location.

  • Updates on tasks and projects right away.

  • Appropriate for distant teams.

  • Link preparation to action.

  • Keep track of the work for several teams.

  • Gather and evaluate data about the workflow.

  • Transmit attachments.

How does a Kanban-based tool help teams manage their workflow?

Kanban-based tools help teams manage their workflow by providing a clear visual representation of the tasks that need to be completed, the tasks that are currently in progress, and the tasks that have been completed. This allows teams to easily identify bottlenecks and make data-driven decisions to improve their workflow.

Are there any specific industries that use Kanban-based tools?

Kanban-based tools are used in a wide range of industries, including software development, manufacturing, healthcare, and service industries. The main advantage of Kanban-based tools is that it can be used by any team or organization that needs to manage and track their workflow.

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