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Top 28 Language Learning Tools

Languages have great power. They serve as a gateway to a foreign land, a window into a foreign culture, and a fresh lens through which to view the world. The majority of curricula around the world now require students to master a second language, preferably a foreign language. Some people even view picking up new languages as a pastime. Additionally, learning new languages has become necessary for communication due to workplace culture's increasingly diversified and global nature.

Regardless of the motivation, the urge to learn a foreign language is surely growing in popularity, and language learning software can help you reach your objective. Therefore, we will discuss the 28 top tools for language learning in today's blog.

1. Duolingo

One of the most popular language learning apps available is Duolingo, so if the name sounds familiar to you, it probably does. The Duolingo app includes 19 languages, including French, Italian, and Japanese, along with more than 30 language learning alternatives. The fact that you can learn through games is the best aspect of it. The creators of Duolingo choose to gamify learning to make it more engaging and encourage learners to stick with it and stay on task while learning.

Key Features:

  • You can complete activities, acquire awards, advance in levels, contend with other students, and climb the leaderboard.

  • You can also practise your grammar and vocabulary with Duolingo's daily lessons and tests. The tests test vocabulary knowledge as well as listening and speaking skills.

  • Short stories are included in Duolingo Stories for Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese language learners at the beginner and intermediate levels to practise reading.

  • Weekly language conversation practice sessions are held at Duolingo Events, which bring together students from various cities.

Cost: Free of cost.

2. Memrise

For users with beginner and intermediate language skills, Memrise is another entertaining language learning app. The software provides a range of activities to help you study while having fun and offers 20 different language options.

Key Features:

  • The collection of native speaker movies from their hometowns is one of Memrise's most intriguing features. Through the videos, you can get a feel for the regional accents and cultures.

  • The simulated text-message chats are another feature that lets you apply the language you're learning in a variety of contexts.

  • The Memrise app keeps track of how many new words you learn each session as well as how many terms you master overall.

  • To assist users in learning a new language, the app employs memory techniques. Additionally, it employs an algorithm to give students a personalised learning experience.

Cost: Contact company.

3. LingoDeer

For individuals who want to learn a new language, LingoDeer is a well-known language study app with some fantastic content. With its various features, the LingoDeer app makes learning a new language enjoyable.

Key Features:

  • Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Italian, and English classes are all available on the app, along with sessions in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

  • Spending just 10 minutes every day on interactive classes can improve your vocabulary, writing, speaking, and listening abilities.

  • The programme also includes placement tests, grammar courses, flashcards, quizzes, and many other features that make learning a language simple.

Cost: Contact company.

4. Babbel

The "rapid repetition" strategy is used by the Babbel app to aid in vocabulary retention. Additionally, the app offers interactive training for students at all skill levels.

Key Features:

  • The exercises in the classes will help you learn the new language well enough to engage in conversations in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

  • Because the courses are brief—about 15-20 minutes—it will be simple for you to incorporate language study into your schedule.

Cost: Contact company.

5. Busuu

Among the collection of language learning apps, the Busuu app stands out for a number of reasons. In contrast to the other applications, where you can choose a course right away, the Busuu app requires you to take a placement test first. Your skill level is determined by the test, which also assists you in selecting the appropriate lessons.

Key Features:

  • The programme provides a variety of exercises for students to practise vocabulary and grammar while enhancing their reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities.

  • Additionally, you can put what you've learned into practice and get feedback from native speakers.

  • According to the app, 22 hours spent using the Premium version of the app is equivalent to studying a foreign language for one semester of college.

  • The Busuu app also has a "Study Plan" option where you can create objectives and get reminders, as well as a "Vocabulary Trainer" feature for word reviews.

Cost: Contact company.

6. FluentU

The FluentU app is the one to use if you want to learn a brand-new language at your personal speed. The app has a carefully curated video library with original movie trailers, news segments, and other video clips in several languages.

Key Features:

  • You can get the meaning of words, associated visuals, and meanings by accessing the annotated captions that come with the films.

  • By clicking on a word, you may view the videos' usage of that word.

  • Additionally, the app contains an algorithm that takes the user's learning history into account and generates questions depending on what you have learnt.

Cost: Contact company.

7. Mango Languages

The Mango Languages app is one of the greatest options for those wishing to study less-common languages because it is vibrant and offers lessons in over 70 different languages.

Key Features:

  • The app provides a variety of reading and listening exercises designed to improve vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and cultural competency.

  • Additionally, it has recordings of native speakers speaking at various speeds so that students may understand pronunciation and cultural nuances.

  • You can pause, play, or resume learning using the app's "Jump back in" option.

By giving students data on their learning rate and frequency of involvement, the review feature gives them a personalised learning experience.

Cost: Contact company.

8. Mondly

By teaching you important vocabulary and practical phrases, the Mondly app gets you ready for real-world talks. Learners at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels can use the app.

Key Features:

  • The Mondly app offers interactive lessons and games to aid in language learning.

  • Additionally, it has native speaker audio recordings, voice recognition exercises for speaking practice, a dictionary, a verb conjugation tool, and much more.

  • Even a kid-friendly version of the app exists, geared toward kids between the ages of 6 and 8.

  • The programme boasts that at the conclusion of the classes, you will have learned over 5000 words and phrases in 33 different languages.

Cost: Contact company.

9. Beelinguapp

Because you can combine your passion for learning a new language with your love of reading, Beelinguapp is the perfect option for you!

Key Features:

  • Beelinguapp provides language instruction through audiobooks. The corresponding text is highlighted while you listen or read along.

  • You can read stories and news articles or listen to music in the language you want to learn, and you can also see the text translated into your own language.

  • In Beelinguapp's "karaoke reading" feature, a native speaker reads a narrative while you follow along to better understand the vocabulary and pronunciation.

  • Beelinguapp has 13 different language options and regularly updates its material.

Cost: Contact company.

10. HiNative

The greatest individual to dispel your lingering questions about language learning is undoubtedly a native speaker. However, it can be challenging to find a native speaker in your region, which is why the HiNative app is the best site to ask your questions.

Key Features:

  • With the HiNative app, you may ask a native speaker any questions you may have about the language you are studying.

  • You have the option of posing queries via text, audio, or photos.

  • It provides to clarify your questions in 110 different languages.

Cost: Contact company.

11. Daily Dose of Language

The Daily Dose of Language app is for you if you want to learn a new language but cannot afford to dedicate several hours of your time to it.

Key Features:

  • The Daily Dose of Language app gives you a choice of 12 different languages.

  • With the app, you can discover something new every day.

  • It offers daily, free 1-minute mini-lessons in vocabulary, phrases, slang, and culture.

Cost: Contact company.

12. Rosetta Stone

One of the leading brands in the field of language study apps is Rosetta Stone, which has been around for 27 years. The app uses real-world situations to teach you new languages.

Key Features:

  • Without really translating anything into your local tongue, it provides immersive language learning through words, visuals, and audio recordings of native speakers.

  • When you travel, Rosetta Stone's Phrasebook is useful. It allows you to learn phrases in 164 different languages.

  • A speech-recognition feature of the programme also enables you to speak the language with a local accent and improves your speaking abilities.

  • Additionally, it offers free learning materials that you can download.

Cost: Contact company.

13. Speexx

The top brands in the world and 1,500 organisations use Speexx to learn a language more effectively and finish projects on schedule. In 2011, Speexx was established. 1700 people work for the company, which includes offices in Munich, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Sao Paulo, New York, and Shanghai.

Key Features:

  • With continuing support in 13 languages, Speexx is one of the most popular corporate online language learning and evaluation solutions for Business English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French.

  • The cloud-based solution offers business analytics and APIs for enterprise customers, from SMBs to Fortune 500, as well as training and assessment tools for all users across all devices.

Cost: Contact company.

14. ELSA

ELSA is a learning app with AI that aids non-native speakers in developing their English speaking abilities. Businesses have difficulties relying on their employees' English-language abilities for accuracy, safety, and high-quality customer service (Hospitality, Call Centers) (Banking, IT).

Key Features:

  • ELSA guarantees 24/7 training to aid companies in achieving success in these fields for about 1% of the price of conventional programmes.

  • ELSA offers immediate feedback on speech, grammar, vocabulary use, and programmes tailored to particular industries.

  • It's especially beneficial for those who are more reclusive and may not want to interact with people or admit their flaws.

Cost: Contact company.

15. Open English

In the Hispanic market in the United States and Latin America, Open English offers online English classes. The business was established in 2007 to reimagine English instruction while also catering to the demands of today's busy professionals. The online school provides individualised, live sessions with native English-speaking instructors every day of the week.

Key Features:

  • One of the things that makes it simpler is the availability of a highly comprehensive learning tool that includes textual courses in addition to video conversations and other methods for accelerating learning.

  • They discuss more than just travel and professional problems; they also joke about and discuss politics and other amusing subjects, which can be useful in business meetings.

Cost: Contact company.

16. italki

Italki is a marketplace that brings together language students and teachers from all around the world for online education. If you're learning a foreign language, you can discover a native speaker to give you individualised online lessons so you can become proficient.

Key Features:

  • It's fantastic that you may make your own schedule.

  • You can pick whichever educator you wish.

  • You may fill out a lot of information thanks to the excellent customisation of the profile.

  • Both the video quality and fluency are respectable.

  • There is also a group or private chat feature so you may speak with the teacher in private.

Cost: Contact company.

17. VEDAMO Virtual Classroom

An engaging virtual classroom platform called VEDAMO offers capabilities for lesson planning, classroom administration, and gamification. It mimics the atmosphere of a conventional classroom. VEDAMO was created with education in mind.

Key Features:

  • You may engage your students in engaging live online sessions without the need for additional software.

  • With options like reusable lesson templates, distraction tracking, complete class management settings, and many more, it saves teachers time.

  • It connects to popular LMS platforms.

  • It contains a variety of features that make the teaching interesting, entertaining, and interactive.

Cost: Contact company.

18. Lingvist

The Lingvist app customises your learning experience by understanding how your memory functions best and pulling up the words you need when you need them so they are more likely to be retained in your long-term memory. You can use it to quickly learn English, French, Spanish, German, and Russian.

Key Features:

  • Real-time level adjustments that are made.

  • Learn the 5,000+ words that are most pertinent and useful.

  • Sentences constructed by language experts using actual settings.

  • Grammar tips and exercises with context.

  • Virtual voice with a genuine voice (Unlimited only).

  • Recognising speech to facilitate hands-free learning.

  • Monitor and evaluate your development.

Cost: Contact company.

19. OpenSesame

The most effective and admired workforces in the world are developed with the aid of OpenSesame. They are here to assist you every step of the way, from finding courses, charting them to your core competencies, and syncing them with your LMS to increasing utilisation and improving your L&D programmes. They have the most comprehensive catalogue of elearning courses from the top publishers in the world.

Key Features:

  • Not only will OpenSesame give you a variety of purchasing alternatives, but you'll also find it easy to use and manage your e-learning courses.

  • Thousands of courses in business skills, compliance, safety, technology, certifications, and industry-specific topics are available in their skillfully curated portfolio.

Cost: Contact company.

20. Drops At Work

A digital tool called Drops at Work makes learning languages quick, enjoyable, and efficient. Drops concentrate on the fundamental language building blocks, such as important terms and phrases that help you succeed in an international workplace, as opposed to long sessions about difficult syntax and sentence structure.

Key Features:

  • Even the busiest schedules can accommodate a few brief sessions of five to ten minutes each day.

  • Users are charmed by short bursts of gameplay, which keeps them coming back for more.

  • Learn the essentials quickly to speak with assurance both inside and publicly.

Cost: Contact company.

21. Linguician

You currently instruct your students in songwriting, am I correct? All language instructors use that strategy. Not just because singing is enjoyable. Additionally, it helps with pronunciation by adding rhythm. Linguician is a tool that aids in the process of music-based language acquisition.

Key Features:

  • You can choose songs from the suggestions and as your students listen, assist them in expanding their vocabulary.

  • Additionally, the app provides you with multiple-choice examinations that allow you to assess your students' listening abilities.

Cost: Contact company.

22. Pimsleur

Pimsleur, as opposed to "pop language apps" like Duolingo, are frequently more thoroughly researched, incorporate many learning methods, and are typically expensive. Fox and Vincent Perez, a French teacher at the independent travel bookstore Idlewild Books, both gave Pimsleur high marks for its conversational style among the available programmes.

Key Features:

  • Unlike some other applications, which could present words haphazardly and with excessive repetition, People can learn in a conversational setting with the aid of Pimsleur's "a lot of listening, repeating, and rehearsing conversations with taped footage."

  • Compared to other programmes, it is "more demanding."

  • With Pimsleur, you may learn more than 50 different languages.

Cost: Contact company.

23. uTalk

If you wish to use your new language skills while travelling, uTalk is fantastic for learning essential words and phrases. It's ideal for those learning a new language for the first time, and it's priceless for intermediates trying to fill in vocabulary and pronunciation gaps.

Key Features:

  • You can browse their collection of topics at your leisure and study whatever you choose.

  • Over 60 subjects are available on uTalk in more than 140 languages.

  • uTalk is fantastic because it does a great job of assisting you in overcoming this by providing loads of reinforcement and games to help you learn more quickly subconsciently.

Cost: Contact company.

24. Glossika

Over 60 languages are available on Glossika. Each language lesson emphasises repetition training using AI through speaking and listening. Another extremely original product, this one helps you become more fluent by having you repeatedly "listen and repeat."

Key Features:

  • It is one of the best tools for improving listening comprehension when learning a language.

  • You pick up vocabulary and grammar by being exposed to whole sentences instead than having to memorise the rules.

  • Glossika keeps track of your progress and prompts you to examine what you've learned.

  • Undoubtedly not a traditional course, but if you use it regularly, you'll be shocked at how efficient it is.

  • You can easily learn when you're on the go because you don't have to stare at the screen all the time.

Cost: Contact company.

25. Lirica

You can memorise any song's lyrics through repeated listening, even if they are in a different language. How do you interpret them, though? The Lirica app can be useful in this situation. The method used by this software to teach Spanish and German is distinctive.

Key Features:

  • Lirica employs popular music by Latin and reggaeton singers to teach language and grammar instead of the conventional teaching methods.

  • You are not only learning the language, but also being fully immersed in the culture.

  • While you are learning, the app also provides information about the artist.

Cost: Contact company.

26. LingoPie

Finding content that you genuinely like might be challenging, but LingoPie makes it simple by providing access to the top programmes from across the world so you can learn in the convenience of your own home. Thousands of hours of TV episodes, comedies, travel documentaries, and more are available. Each month, new shows are added. Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese versions of LingoPie are all available.

Key Features:

  • Simply select a video to view, and you'll have access to both your native language and your target language's subtitles.

  • See a word that's unclear? Any word can be clicked to instantly translate it. There is much more to learn.

  • With LingoPie's super-cool integrated contextual and video-based flashcards, you may review your new vocabulary.

Cost: Contact company.

27. Speak Norsk

You can't go wrong with Speak Norsk, the top-rated Norwegian language school in Norway, for the most thorough and all-encompassing way to learn Norwegian. If you're serious about learning Norwegian at a high level, Speak Norsk is the market leader and your best choice.

Key Features:

  • They provide a whole pathway that allows you to progress from total beginner (A0-A2) to intermediate (B1-B2) and advanced levels (C1-C2).

  • You may learn anytime, anywhere from the comfort of your home and around your own hectic schedule with the help of Speak Norsk, which also operates a physical language school in Oslo.

Cost: Contact company.

28. Bite-Size Languages

With the help of Actual Fluency Podcast creator Kris Broholm, you may enhance your pronunciation and listening comprehension. His Bite-Size audio courses are full of understandable listening exercise for beginners and are available in Italian, French, Spanish, German, and Russian.

Key Features:

  • His language classes all come with immersion listening, simplified grammatical explanations, transcripts, vocabulary, and translation sections for in-depth study, along with 100 lessons of real dialogue recorded by two native speakers on mobile devices.

  • Additionally, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee; if you request a refund and aren't satisfied, Kris will do it without hesitation.

Cost: Contact company.

Things To Keep in Mind While Purchasing A Language Learning Tools

A Brand Name

Make sure you're receiving your money's worth when you purchase something, not just spending a lot for a well-known brand. Never assume that a product's high price reflects its quality.

Language Dialects

It's common for a product to state up front the dialect it utilises and what the different dialects are, but it's still worthwhile to conduct some study to determine whether it will work for you.

Although it isn't always possible, good products will go a step further and offer dialect variations. Make sure the product will provide you with a dialect that will allow you to communicate with locals in their native dialect if you are travelling to a specific country or region.

Overstated Commitments

Does it make any guarantees about your ability to learn a language in a matter of days, weeks, or months? Does it employ trick words like "master" or make any promises about quick fluency? Prevent it.

Anything guaranteeing you a quick way to "learn a language" is no different from a TV commercial promising you six-pack abs or a pyramid scheme promising you the ability to earn six figures from home in a single night. Even the most dedicated, hardworking person cannot avoid the fact that learning a language takes time and effort.

Audio With Native Speakers Speaking

There should be speech included in the book, CD, or software programme for you to listen to and repeat. Verify whether it is being spoken by native speakers.

Some items aren't, and for many people, this is a deal-breaker right away. No matter how talented they are, you should never buy anything that was recorded by a non-native speaker. You might need to conduct some investigation to learn the answer if it isn't listed on the package.


In addition to your plan, your level of enjoyment and engagement with your language materials will determine how effective you are at learning a language. Your success will soar once you choose the appropriate resources, tools, and approaches based on the sort of language learner you are. Hopefully, the ones on this list will be able to assist you. I wish you luck!


What is A Language Learning Tool?

Language Learning tools are created expressly to assist users in learning, expanding their knowledge of, or maintaining their proficiency in foreign languages.

Who Can Use A Language Learning Tool?

Companies and individuals from a variety of industries utilise language learning software to improve their foreign language proficiency for job aid, career promotion, or personal delight.

What is The Use of A Language Learning Tool?

As much as people can use this software to improve their marketability, employers can also provide it as a perk to assist employees become more knowledgeable. For people learning a foreign language, combining the use of language learning software with other products from the Education category might result in a more seamless learning process.

Which Qualities Qualify A Product As A Language Learning Tool?

A product must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the Language Learning category:

  • Possess characteristics designed with language learners in mind.

  • Include various classes dependent on level of proficiency.

What Are Some Factors That Impact The Selection of Language Learning Tools?

The top four elements that have a favourable effect on customer satisfaction for Language Learning products are "Peer Feedback," "Self-Paced Lessons," "Personalized Learning Paths," and "Quality of Support." An algorithm that chooses the characteristics most likely to predict customer pleasure determines these variables.

Top 28 Language Learning Tools

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