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Top 33 Log Management and Analysis Tools

Log management and analysis tools are the applications that examine data and find security threats produced by network devices. They help deal with a huge number of computer-generated messages. The log management tools deal with the collecting, storing, and reporting of logs.

In this top tools list article, we will discuss the best log management tools along with their features and price.

1. Kiwi Syslog Server

Kiwi Syslog Server is one of the top log management tools that use rules to filter and process messages in different ways. This tool allows you to receive numerous messages from unlimited sources with a dozen processing options.

Kiwi server has the ability to handle 2 million messages in an hour. Just one installation is enough for several environments. However, you can always get another installation.

Key Features:

  • Can collect and deploy messages in minutes

  • Gives real-time updates and notifications

  • Detects issues within minutes

  • Maintains regulatory compliance

  • Allows scheduling Syslog reports generation through email


Free trial, $319 per installation

2. Splunk

Splunk falls at the top of the log monitoring tools list for the ability to turn machine data into answers. It is used for monitoring, analyzing, and visualizing real-time log data. This tool has a searchable container the performs capturing, indexing, and correlating data in real-time.

Key Features:

  • Gives visual reporting output

  • Focuses on important events and actions through monitor alert systems

  • Has a user-friendly interface

  • You can build real-time data applications

  • ROI generates quickly


Free, Enterprise plan starts at $150 per ingested GB per month

3. SolarWinds Log Analyzer

Solarwinds is one of the best log management tools 2021 that normalizes data through compliance, troubleshooting, and security. This tool allows you to view logs across various Windows systems.

Key Features:

  • Allows root cause analysis with log monitoring tools

  • You can execute searches using the multiple search criteria

  • Provides an interactive log stream

  • Gives real-time log messages

  • Logs data with color-coded tags


Starts at $857

4. Sematext Logs

Sematext is one of the centralized log management tools open source that is available in the Cloud. It allows you to store and perform log analysis in real-time. It can troubleshoot quickly because of its powerful searching capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Real-time log correlation with different types of events

  • Features live log stream

  • Easy to use with various log shipping tools

  • Can handle large volumes of data

  • Easy to set up



5. LogDNA

LogDNA is one of the top centralized log management tools open that provides deployment in the Cloud and on-premise. It performs real-time monitoring and analysis of the logs. It comes with a fast searching and filtering system that makes the log management quick.

Key Features:

  • Can perform real-time log analysis through any platform

  • Features real-time alerts and automatic field parsing

  • Can work with a huge volume of data

  • It is privacy shield certified

  • Can handle 1M log events per second


$4 per GB per month

6. Datadog

Datadog is one of the important log management tools solution for hybrid cloud environments. It provides end-to-end visibility across the high-scale infrastructure by collecting logs from more than 450 technologies. Datadog accelerates troubleshooting with correlated data from your environment.

Key Features:

  • You can search and filter your logs for troubleshooting quickly

  • Allows analyzing logs for open-ended exploration

  • Intuitive, facet-driven navigation without query language

  • Machine learning-based monitors for quick detection of log patterns and errors

  • Real-time log analytics

  • Can keep track of every log


Starts at $0.10 per GB per month

7. ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

ManageEngine is one of the SIEM tools for log management that monitors professionals. It has the ability to collect, analyze and search through 700 log data sources. It handles up to 25,000 messages every second. ManageEngine can do a forensic analysis of past events too.

Key Features:

  • Can perform monitoring network devices, event log, application log, and security log

  • Can minimize security breaches

  • The log parser is highly customizable

  • Allows you to discover complex attack patterns through real-time event correlation

  • It will give your actionable insights



8. NX Log

NX Log is one of the top log management tools Linux that focuses on the concise analysis of logs from various platforms and sources. It can collect logs in many formats and can receive logs from the network on supported platforms.

Key Features:

  • Offers multi-platform support for Linux, Android, Windows, BSD, and GNU

  • Plugins offer modularization

  • Features high performance and is scalable

  • Has the ability to collect logs as 5,00,000 EPS

  • You can prioritize logs with the message queuing feature

  • Features task schedule and log rotation

  • Secure network transport over SSL



9. Sentry

Sentry is one of the best free log management tools that have a high-class algorithm to help teams detect errors in the application. It provides support for preventing the hassle of problems that are too late to be fixed. It also informs the teams about the potential fixes that could sustain healthy software.

Key Features:

  • Provides detailed error reports

  • The graphical interface can understand the nature and origin of the errors to fix them

  • Dynamic alerts and notifications via email, SMS, and chat services

  • Real-time error reporting

  • Offers a user-feedback system


Starts at $26 per month

10. Graylog

Graylog is one of the centralized event log management tools that analyze machine data after capturing and performing real-time data analysis. It has a user-friendly interface and it renders a faster alert on cyber threats.

Key Features:

  • Provides an effective incident report

  • Quickly analyzes the data

  • A simple user interface helps explore and report data

  • Has features for auditing logs, fault tolerance, archiving, and access control


Open Source

11. Fluentd

Fluentd is one of the open source log management tools for windows that works as a data collector. The decouples data sources of backend systems are unified using a logging layer to perform the log analysis.

Key Features:

  • Gives an OS default memory allocator

  • Offers features of self-service configuration

  • Utilizes a system resource in the combination of #C and Ruby language

  • Provides more than 500 plugins that connect with several data sources

  • It has community-driven support



12. Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Auditor is one of the log management tools windows that can identify security threats. It can be utilized for several IT systems like network devices, Windows, active directory, etc. You can use Netwrix Auditor to perform remote access monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Complete visibility on configuration changes and threat scanning for network devices

  • Detects hardware malfunctions

  • Gives alerts on critical events like change in configuration of the device

  • Available for Oracle Database, SQL Server, SharePoint, and VMware


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13. SolarWinds Security Event Manager

SolarWinds Security Event Manager is one of the important Windows event log management tools that allow you to filter significant events. It sends the Windows events automatically from workstations and stations.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to export your event data from Windows servers easily

  • Enables you to specify events by keyword, type ID, and source

  • The events can be forwarded for auditing to the external system

  • The events can be sent to several servers over UDP or TCP


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14. Flume

Flume is one of the network log management tools that help users stream data directly into Hadoop. It streams data flows and is used to ingest data from several sources that link up to Hadoop.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for ingesting data of several sources because of its multi-server support

  • Collection can be done in real-time

  • Allows ingestion of huge data sets from conventional social networks for real-time analysis

  • It is scalable

  • Features a strong back-end built with failover protection and storage


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15. Sentinel Log Manager

Sentinel Log Manager is a group of apps that give opportunities to businesses to take advantage of the log collector features. It keeps the data safe and accessible in a cost-effective way. The flexible log management platforms of Sentinel make log auditing of businesses very easy in real-time.

Key Features:

  • Features distributed search for finding comprehensive details of the events

  • Offers reports required for common regulatory reporting

  • Predefined reports save the time you spend on compliance

  • One-click reports

  • Supports non-proprietary storage systems

  • Provides log encryption for security


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16. Loggly

Loggly is a log management tool that lets you analyze logs with a quick search experience. It is compatible with Syslog which means that you can collect data from the system. The interface is easy to use and navigate despite the robust analytic capabilities.

It can efficiently cull through large volumes of data that might not be noticed by other tools.

Key Features:

  • Offers unlimited customizable dashboards

  • Integrates with other applications because it supports REST API

  • Text-based logs from all the sources are available

  • Supports server-side log parsing

  • Provides custom tags


Starts at $79 per month

17. Firewall Analyzer

The firewall log management tools support the analysis of Firewall logs as well as security logs. It is used to make the network security stronger.

Key Features:

  • Detects Firewall automatically

  • Has the option to import Firewall logs

  • Syslog server is embedded


The license starts at $395

18. Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is a log analysis tool that is easy to use and makes you understand data. It provides advanced security analytics because of its combined security analytics and threat intelligence.

Key Features:

  • It builds and runs log monitoring tools in Azure

  • Provides time-series metrics and log management

  • Uses an elastic cloud to scale infinitely

  • Helps grow your business

  • Offers continuous real-time integration


Starts at $305 per GB per month

19. Site24x7

Site24x7 is one of the top log management tools DevOps that collects, indexes, and analyzes logs from various sources. It offers quick searching and filtering through language-based search.

Key Features:

  • Saved searches mechanism

  • Monitoring support for Zoom and Okta events

  • Instant alerts using SMS, email, push notifications, and voice calls

  • Exclusive dashboards for every type of log

  • Reports can be scheduled

20. Paessler Log Monitor

Paessler is the log management solution that helps you detect weak spots of your server and computer. It can monitor application logs as well as system logs. It can also record Syslog files easily in a second.

Key Features:

  • It can filter files based on error messages

  • Provides dashboards and maps

  • Customizable

  • Allows you to create your own sensor easily

  • Offers readable charts for monitoring data

  • Alerts you in case of warning or unusual metrics


Starts at $16,600 per year for 20,000 sensors

21. Motadata

Motadata is a log management tool that correlated, integrates, and visualizes IT data. It can monitor the health and status of your network, servers, and applications in real-time.

Key Features:

  • In the event of a security breach, the data can be gathered quickly

  • Performs an in-depth keyword search

  • Enables you to view network traffic

  • Can collect and analyze data from all the sources

  • It can integrate with log monitoring tools in AWS, Jira, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.


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22. LogFusion

LogFusion is a log analysis tool that can offer real-time monitoring easily. It is particularly designed for developers and system administrators. It adds new logs from the watched folders automatically.

Key Features:

  • Can categorize logs

  • Allows you to create a custom column

  • Shows new log lines in real-time

  • Enables you to sync your highlighting rules online

  • Supports various log types


Starts at $15 per month

23. McAfee Enterprise

McAfee Enterprise is a log management and analysis tool that is suited for every type of application, event, and database. It can store the original content of the log type as well.

Key Features:

  • Supports collecting and storing all events

  • Provides retention options for individual log sources

  • Has the option to choose from network storage areas

  • Easy and simple UI


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24. New Relic

New Relic is a Cloud log management tool that provides a scalable solution for log queries. It offers an in-depth analysis of the logs quickly.

Key Features:

  • Monitors the external service performances

  • Allows full-stack alerting

  • Provides a detailed picture of the dynamically changing systems

  • You can create customized queries on metric data

  • You can track all the important transactions

25. Nagios Log Server

Nagios is one of the best log management tools open source that is used for continuous monitoring of applications, systems, and services. It is best for monitoring the business processes of the DevOps culture.

Key Features:

  • Comparatively manageable and scalable

  • Informative web interfaces

  • Good database system

  • Sends alerts automatically in case the conditions change

  • Allows you to monitor the whole business process with a single pass

  • Helps detect network errors

  • Allows you to troubleshoot the issues of performance of the server


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26. Coralogix

Coralogix is one of the top log management tools that allow its users to scan through a lot of logs quickly. It offers a personalized dashboard that helps identify abnormal production behavior when you convert the log data into JSON.

Key Features:

  • Provides real-time alerts based on your custom criteria

  • Integrates with the software deployment pipeline

  • Offers flexible querying

  • Gives a grid layout option

  • Allows quick switch between two dashboards

  • Logs can be viewed from all servers


Starts at $1.80 per ingested GB per month

27. Shiftconnector

Shiftconnector is a significant log management and analysis tool that helps its users discover logs. You can store the important data with Shiftconnector easily.

Key Features:

  • Gives you an overview of events and their status and priority

  • Meeting reporting facility

  • You can organize tasks easily

  • Visual representation of the data in the figure will be given

  • Errors can be filtered out easily


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28. Alert Logic Log Manager

Alert Logic is a log analysis tool that provides full-stack security and audit. It can track the activity of users and suspicious behavior in the environment. With this tool, you can access processed log data easily.

Key Features:

  • Expert analysis is available all-day

  • Management is cloud-based

  • Provides custom reporting

  • Real-time log collection

  • User-friendly interface

  • Advanced correlation capabilities

  • Intuitive search interface


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29. is a log analysis tool that offers machine-learning analytics to identify critical events generated by logs. You can have an insight into the log data that you are analyzing.

You can take a look at the offerings of here.

Key Features:

  • You can see critical log events through cognitive analysis before they reach production

  • Can be set up easily

  • Offers real-time metrics

  • Dynamic scaling can accommodate all business sizes

  • AWS-built data protections keeps your data secure

30. Logrhythm

LogRhythm is a log management solution that is used to find crucial insights regarding IT and business operations. The advanced visual dashboard of this tool helps its users to understand their data quickly and easily.

Key Features:

  • Smart data collection technology makes parsing any type of data easy

  • Critical attack monitoring

  • Can record the time of critical time of occurrence

  • Actionable insights can be filtered out using centralized log management


Starts at $1.08 per indexed GB per month

31. Humio

Humio is a log management tool that can manage logs with streaming observability. The dashboards of this tool can be shared across teams.

Key Features:

  • Provides real-time alerts

  • Offers cluster management

  • You can give access rights and permissions to other people

  • Allows free text search without indexing

  • Allows you to retain more data by using less hardware

  • Offers fault-tolerance


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32. Cloudlytics

Cloudlytics is built to enhance the analysis quality of log data and cloud services. It allows its users to get in-depth insights based on the data given by the services.

Key Features:

  • Offers real-time alerts about the errors immediately

  • You can watch the consumption of your resources with the billing analytics

  • The UI provides an in-depth view of the data

  • GEO data is included in the file download analytics

  • Automated cloud management for back-up

33. Logentries

Logentries is a log management and analysis tool used to search, classify, store, search, analyze and visualize logs for any application. Logentries has been designed to make it easy for developers to create rich user interfaces (UIs) and dashboards that allow you to view your logs from your own web browser or from a mobile device. Logentries is an open-source project from our customers. They are committed to developing a product that meets the needs of our customers, so we welcome contributions from everyone — individuals and teams alike.

Logentries help you capture, visualize and analyze your application's logs. Logentries' flexible architecture enables you to navigate your data with all the tools you need, including intuitive search capability, intelligent dashboards, and advanced reporting. You can also create multiple dashboards with different filters or parameters for each dashboard, as well as drill down into the data by using their advanced search functionality.

Key Features:

  • Logentries makes it easy to search your log data by searching on the application name, date range or severity level.

  • It also allows you to search for multiple logs at once using the same query criteria.

  • The tool can be used in conjunction with other tools, such as Splunk or Azure Log Analytics.

  • Logentries helps you monitor your application performance in near real-time with its easy-to-use interface.



5 Things to Consider While Choosing Log Management and Analysis Tools

1. Data Collection

The log management tool that you choose should be able to collect your data easily despite what is promised on its website. Your application should be able to integrate natively with the logging architecture of your tool.

Make sure that you verify that the data collection of your tool is indeed simple and smooth.

2. Search Experience

The log management and analysis tool that you choose should enable you to search the log data across various data sources. It sounds simple but it involves a lot more than simply entering a question in the search bar.

It should be easy to perform searches but it should be robust enough to support the complex queries.

3. Scalability

Developers need to be able to access and analyze large volumes of log data generated by their applications easily. The query results need to be quick especially when an issue occurs because developers can afford to lose time.

The tool that you select must be scalable enough to support large logging data and data growth.

4. Security

Log data consists of significant and sensitive information regarding the business and its customers. Hence, the security of the logs is a very important feature to look for in the log management tool that you choose.

5. Advanced Analytics

Some tools provide more robust solutions to the queries while others simply manage to answer easy queries. Your troubleshooting process should also be quick. For that, your tool should be able to overcome the challenges with advanced analytic capabilities.


Log Management and Analysis tools are used for various purposes like audit, security, IT operations, etc. You need to determine your purpose of using the log management and analysis tool before you choose the one best for you.

Consider the things mentioned above while choosing your log management tool.


What are log management tools?

Log management tools are the software that deals with huge volumes of computer-generated messages and analyzes them to create a report.

What is the importance of log management and analysis?

Log management and analysis help the application infrastructure to troubleshoot problems and alert the developers to detect errors. It also allows business stakeholders to get a detailed insight into the business from the embedded data.

What is a SIEM solution?

SIEM solution is software that analyzes different activities of various resources of the entire IT infrastructure.

What is termed to be the biggest issue in log management?

With regard to log management, scaling is considered to be the biggest issue.

What are the types of logging in log management?

There are around 4 different types of logging in log management.

They are;

  • Active Log

  • Inactive Log

  • Circular Logging and

  • Linear Logging.

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