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Alternatives to MEGA to Meet Your Cloud Storage Needs

Data storage is a key challenge for businesses in the digital age. The world together generates large amounts of data every day. According to research conducted by DOMO, Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day.” 
Source: Gyansetu, 2019
The question that arises now is where do we store all this data? There are so many free options that can meet individuals' needs, but what about the kind of requirements that businesses have? This is the reason why there are so many cloud storage services available on the market. 
The wide range of tools on offer cater to both individual and business needs, and many of them offer great features. One such tool is MEGA. You may have heard of DropBox, which is an alternative to MEGA, but here's some information. MEGA is a cloud storage service created by Kim Dotcom, who claims to have made data security a number one priority. Data security at an affordable price is one of the main pros of MEGA. Another pro is that they are quite generous with their free plan. They offer more than 50 GB for free along with all the features which paid users would enjoy. 
MEGA’s high security actually comes with a bad side. Users have to remember the encryption key. If you forget or misplace your key, you risk losing all your data as MEGA will not give you a new key. Another con is that other cloud services on the market are cheaper than MEGA's paid plans.
If you are not sure that MEGA is the tool for you,  you can go through our alternative list to see if anything else meets your requirements. 

This multi-platform friendly cloud-based file sharing service is great for instant access to all your images, videos, or any other files. Easily auto-sync your files and make sure that they are secure at the same time.

Windows or Mac, no matter which OS you use, in case of theft or other unwanted situations, you can instantly and remotely wipe all synced data while, at the same time, moving them to a new device.

Android, Windows, or Linux - Resilio works on almost all servers and platforms without any extra effort. Its auto-synchronization feature makes your life real easy. Besides, it can work just fine without cloud access.

It will get your file sharing job done in a jiffy without any problems. Resilio is like a data ninja working silently behind the firewall. Now you can share files of any size without thinking twice.

File storage and transfer can be a huge challenge for many companies. There are so many cloud storage solutions that cater to this need. If you are looking for reliable cloud storage for secure file sharing with a higher level of encryption, then Tresorit is something you can consider.

With Tresorit, you can transfer risky or confidential files without any tension. The Swiss encryption technology makes sure that your data is not breached in any way.

Pydio’s cross-platform feature is easy and flexible. It has been developed keeping in mind the specific needs of different industry-based professionals. As it focuses on file management, you can do your work in a more organized way.

This powerful open-source platform requires you to know little to no coding. In addition, Pydio comes fully loaded with a wide range of features that cater to all your cloud storage needs.

It is a versatile, robust, hybrid and flexible cloud service designed especially to meet the needs of busy entrepreneurs. It offers rock-solid encryption for storing or sharing files in a secure way.

Besides, Egnyte offers both desktop and mobile integration for ease of use. The open API was designed keeping in mind the requirements of any business.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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