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Top 25 NFT Games

The blockchain is home to novel digital collectibles or NFTs. Because of this property, they are suitable for usage in video games as representations of characters, consumables, and other tradeable things.

In Game-fi, NFT games have become well-liked as a source of revenue. You can earn tokens with play-to-earn models and even sell your in-game NFTs to other gamers and collectors.

Make sure to move your gaming NFTs to a suitable wallet before doing so. Whenever you send the NFT to an NFT marketplace or another user, be on the lookout for frequent frauds as well. In order to see any chance of losing, carefully read the rules of any NFT game you play.

Most NFT games are found on Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Some employ collectible figures like CryptoBlades and Axie Infinity in their battle experiences, while others use collectible cards like Sorare.

There's a wide range of NFT games available, we’ll see the top 25 here.

1. Lucky Block

Lucky Block is the ideal choice if you want to earn rewards just for holding an NFT. You can enter several contests where you can win enticing prizes by purchasing Lucky Block NFTs. In addition, even after the competition has ended, you will continue to get daily benefits as long as you possess an NFT.

Purchasing Lucky Block NFTs is an easy and straightforward process. Choose the competition you want to enter on the official website, then purchase the relevant NFT on NFT Launchpad. Your participation in the competition of your choice is guaranteed.

By possessing comparable NFTs, you can also join the Platinum Rollers Club. You are eligible for free entry into a number of exclusive contests as a member. The Lucky Block NFT competition platform can be the ideal fit if you want to win lots of prizes and freebies without working for hours.

Key Features:

  • Contests

  • Numerous benefits

  • Easy process

  • Platinum rollers club

2. Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity, an anticipated metaverse platform that enables gamers to engage in multiple activities outside of the actual gameplay, firmly holds the #1 spot on our list. This platform is a jack-of-all-trades that combines virtual reality, a number of play-to-earn games, and an NFT marketplace into one service. There is no better fantasy sports site than Battle Infinity if you like them.

The platform has an NFT pass that enables you to participate in any of the game's available leagues. In the IBAT Premier League, you can buy players to assemble teams and increase your chances of triumphing in a game. You get a sizable payment for winning a game or a league, which you can use to keep playing or swap for real money in-game.

Battle Infinity is much more than just a fantasy sports game, as was already explained. Additionally, you can make money by selling NFTs on the IBAT Battle Market, and opening crates of various rarities.

Key Features:

  • Multiple activities

  • Play-to-earn games

  • Leagues

  • Crates

3. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is another game on the list, which is among the top web3 games worldwide. Axie Infinity, a straightforward Ethereum-based game that was released at the beginning of 2018, lets you collect virtual pets called Axies. These Axies serve as the game's NFTs, and you can mint them to make money.

This project's gameplay itself is also quite valuable because it allows you to breed Axies, create communities, and more while also engaging in combat with other Axies to win rewards. You must make a preliminary investment by getting the AXS tokens in order to begin playing Axie Infinity.

It's crucial to remember that Axie Infinity suffered a severe blow in the middle of 2022. It was a tumultuous time to invest in Axie because the SLP game token lost 99 percent of its peak value. Despite how adorable the dogs are, you might do better to look for another NFT play-to-earn game.

Key Features:

  • Ethereum-based

  • Valuable gameplay

  • Play-to-earn

  • Beneficial investment

4. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is one of the few truly free-to-play NFT games that let you make money. Most others call for a financial commitment upfront. You can make money using Gods Unchained without having to spend any money. This card warrior is certain to appeal to Magic: The Gathering fans.

True gamers should consider Gods Unchained as well because it rewards real abilities and lets you advance in accordance with them. Gods, in contrast to the majority of other P2E games, require considerably more than simple luck to turn a reasonable profit. Gods Unchained can bring in a fortune if you play it wisely.

It's a card game, as we've already established, and the cards are the NFTs. They each have unique strengths, weaknesses, and attributes, which you can improve by using the GODS in-game token. The NFTs can be purchased, traded, and sold on the cryptocurrency marketplace, Immutable X.

Key Features:

  • Free to play

  • Reasonable profit

  • Card game

  • In-game tokens

5. Silks

Silks is a highly distinctive project because it replicates actual horse racing. The horse you selected will receive prizes when it wins a race in real life, and you will gain money in the process. For those who are interested in horse racing and are familiar with the business, it is reasonable to conclude that Silks may be the greatest option.

Your unique avatar serves as your NFT in Silks. The patterns will be discernible on every in-game asset you own. The avatars vary in colors, patterns, and accessories. You are qualified to receive several awards, mint Silks Horses, make land, stables, and other things if you have a Silks Avatar.

The project hasn't even officially started yet, but the first quarter of 2023 is when it will. But some of the most fascinating Silks NFTs are available for purchase. Keep an eye out for this special NFT P2E game if you don't mind having to wait a little while for your investment to pay off.

Key Features:

  • Unique

  • Horse racing

  • Different avatars

  • In-game assets

6. Decentraland

Decentraland has many investors who are keeping an eye on the exceptionally well-liked metaverse project. Since it began to be developed in 2015, it has taken center stage in all discussions pertaining to the metaverse. Decentraland is essentially a virtual environment where land parcels can be sold for NFTs.

In addition, many well-known companies have bought real estate in Decentraland. Without a question, Decentraland continues to offer a promising investment opportunity, and the NFTs have a high potential value.

It's interesting that numerous publications have criticized the project, alleging that it has numerous flaws and slow loading times. Despite the achievements Decentraland has made as a browser game, this NFT metaverse platform still has a lot of space for growth. However, you might become wealthy if you wish to make your own avatar and experience this well-liked virtual reality.

Key Features:

  • Investment Opportunity

  • High potential value

  • Unique avatar

  • Metaverse discussions

7. Pirate X Pirate

Pirate X Pirate is a brand-new and fascinating NFT project because it was just released in March 2022. It is a blockchain-based game with a pirate theme, as the name would imply.

The gameplay is simple: to gain experience, you engage in player battles, enhance your ship, and hire additional pirates. You can buy and sell PXP, the in-game money, on the market by defeating your opponents in battles. Additionally, you can mint NFTs like exclusive and customized ships.

PXP may be purchased on PancakeSwap for 9500 (about $15) for the beginning set. If you enjoy the pirate concept, you'll enjoy Pirate X Pirate. The game appears thrilling and new. Take your crew out on the open seas and begin exploring.

Key Features:

  • Battles

  • Customized ships

  • Blockchain-based

  • Thrilling

8. Cryptokitties

Cryptokitties was introduced in 2017, a long time before the current NFT mania. As a result, it's a well-known blockchain game built on Ethereum that lets you buy and sell virtual animals. These cats are the game's NFTs; they stand out from the crowd thanks to their special qualities and high market value.

As the game progresses, you'll quickly find that there isn't a clear objective, which can put some players off. You aim to increase the rarity and value of your new children by breeding them with distinctive qualities. The game is essentially simply a sideways method of attempting to produce your own NFT artwork.

However, if you put enough time into it, you might find that Cryptokitties is a play-to-earn NFT game. Particularly, one Cryptokitty went for more than $1 million. For a game about reproducing cats virtually, that is an incredible return on investment.

Key Features:

  • High market value

  • NFT medium

  • Play to earn

  • Ethereum-based

9. Sandbox

Sandbox is one of the most popular NFT games because it functions more as a creation platform than it does as a game in many aspects. Imagine The Sandbox as an NFT-powered Roblox or Minecraft where you may play games and create stuff. You can only do this in The Sandbox, where you own your creations and may use the SAND token to buy, sell, and trade them on the platform's marketplace.

The Sandbox also has a game mode where you may create your own world inside of it, add games and experiences, and create a metaverse. You may play games, explore other people's worlds, and import content into your own. Players can vote on new features, tools, and the direction of The Sandbox through this, which is controlled by the LAND token.

Key Features:

  • Creation platform

  • Different game modes

  • Unique world

  • Player voting

10. DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is one of the first video games to effectively harness the potential of NFTs and combine it with wistful fantasy pixel imagery. This game has the aesthetics of a Harvest Moon-style SNES RPG from the 1990s or a contemporary indie.

It is possible to use storytelling and legend to communicate complex NFT and decentralized crypto concepts to people as a byproduct of the DeFi Kingdoms strategy. DeFi Kingdoms serves as a portal to NFTs, but regrettably, there is no free method to play.

As it combines the fundamental utility of NFTs with traditional game design, DeFi Kingdoms demonstrates how NFTs can be applied in games. DeFi Kingdoms can be played just like a classic role-playing game, including quests for experience points and equipment, resource management, and hero advancement.

Key Features:

  • Quests for points

  • Storytelling

  • Decentralized crypto concepts

  • Kingdoms strategy

  • Utility NFTs

11. Splinterlands

Splinterlands aims to provide the trading and collecting elements of traditional physical card games like Magic: The Gathering online. NFTs' ability to provide certified rarity and make it possible for gamers to trade and collect digital cards is one of their strengths. The Hive blockchain keeps track of every move in Splinterlands, making sure that everything can be proven.

The gameplay is comparable to that of the non-NFT game Hearthstone as well as other strategic card fighting games like Gods Unchained. Cards have stats and values, and some are uncommon and have higher values. Cards can be fused together to increase their strength.

Splinterlands is a paid game, unlike Gods Unchained, and you must purchase a new card pack in order to start playing. Because the cards you receive are random, Splinterlands is haunted by the loot box mechanic from video games. However, once you're in the game, you can get extra cards through quests and combat.

Key Features:

  • Elements collection

  • Strategic card fighting

  • Stats and values

  • High values

  • Quests and combats

12. Sorare

Sorare is a fantasy football game powered by NFT, and an MLB version is also available. It combines the two concepts into weekly tournaments where your deck of cards is influenced by actual statistics and activities from the top football leagues around the world.

Gather football player trading cards from the real world and select five athletes to represent your deck in the weekly contests. Similar to fantasy football, your point total is determined by how well these footballers perform during the week. In the game, there are more than 200 officially recognized clubs, including Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Bayern Munich.

While it's free to sign up, get a starter pack, and play, win, and earn rare cards as well as Ethereum, to advance and win more matches, you'll need to purchase rare, super-rare, and unique cards.

Key Features:

  • Weekly tournaments

  • Actual statistics

  • Trading cards

  • Free sign up

13. Wizards and Dragons: Reborn

Wizards and Dragons: Reborn was developed using Wool Game's open-source code, hence the "Reborn" moniker. The game's creator immediately mobilized a community after seeing a flaw in the previous game's design and found a means to fix it.

The game is an RPG where players' Wizards collect GP tokens from PvP while avoiding Dragons, which would steal their GP. Quests and a Job system are also intended but not developed. The game has a training component, so as you win battles and reinvest your winnings, your NFT-powered Wizard will increase in power.

Wizards and Dragons: Reborn is an intriguing premise, however for now it seems like the NFT aspect of the game dominates the gameplay. Time will tell if this changes sufficiently or if it actually falls completely.

Key Features:

  • Community-driven

  • Quests

  • Job system

  • Training components

  • Strategic gameplay

14. Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a similar experience to the older Elite or the more recent No Man's Sky, except here you can really make money from your intergalactic adventures. Star Atlus gives NFT usefulness a degree of popular gameplay. Due to the lack of a free-to-play option, many players may be turned off by the play-to-earn concept. Star Atlus holds a lot of promise, though, and you can start assembling your fleet right away.

Star Atlus raises the bar for the next NFT games with its triple-A gaming aesthetics and performance. Player versus player (PvP) and Player versus Environment (PvE) missions form the foundation of the gameplay. By purchasing ships and other things from the in-game market, you can make an investment in a fleet.

Key Features:

  • Intergalactic adventures

  • NFT usefulness

  • Popular gameplay

  • Gaming aesthetics

  • In-game market

15. Parallel

One of the most innovative NFT games is already Visually Parallel. Similar to Magic: The Gathering, this card game is science fiction. In order to resolve conflicts and save the universe, the tale relies on ideas like various races joining together to discover shared truths, hence Parallel's card-collecting incorporates a community-based cooperative component.

With the introduction of the PRIME token, different card collection strategies result in various payouts. This opens the way for the team and other partners to integrate a number of new projects into the Echelon ecosystem.

While there are already card fight games With fantastic imagery, engaging stories, and DEFI (decentralized finance) features, Parallel aims to reimagine the crypto-based trading card game genre. For instance, there won't be any card reprints, guaranteeing rarity.

Key Features:

  • Sci-fi game

  • Conflict resolution

  • Card collection

  • Community-based

16. The Walking Dead: Empires

The Walking Dead: Empires is one of the new types of licensed NFT games that aims to mimic the gameplay of linear games in this example, survival MMORPGs while providing an NFT foundation for doing so. This indicates that you can participate in the game, win rewards, and collaborate with others to play a socially engaging game.

In TWD: Empires, this means that you can purchase and possess collector cards and other goods, create new gear, develop cities, and possess land just like you would in a "normal" game, but in this instance, you can make money when other players use your gear or play on your territory.

Even better, Will Wright, the renowned developer of The Sims, has joined with the VOXverse to create TWD: Empires. Players can eventually trade and play throughout a metaverse of games and events thanks to TDW: Empires NFTs, which take advantage of the VOXverse. You purchase character card packs right away and start developing your game, just like many of the top NFT games currently under production.

Key Features:

  • Licensed NFT game

  • Rewards

  • Socially engaging

  • Characters

17. Treeverse

Treeverse is still under development though, you may now purchase 'Timeless' characters that will function in the Treeverse universe. The game promises an expansive open environment to explore and a fighting system inspired by multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs).

In Treeverse, you can kill monsters, craft rare weapons, join guilds, and conquer dungeons and fish. The selling point for Treeverse is that it will emphasize play-and-earn more than play-to-earn. Within the cryptocurrency community, excitement is already growing. As a writer, Ric Galbraith, known for his work on Punks Comics and Cycle of the Shroom, has been hired.

Although the game has a starting investment budget of $25 million, you may currently purchase plots of land and characters on OpenSea. That said, one thing is for certain: the art is of the highest caliber. The Timeless character pictures are all handmade and stunning, largely referencing anime inspirations. Check it out for yourself because the developer frequently posted gameplay footage to Twitter.

Key Features:

  • Timeless characters

  • Play to earn

  • Plots and characters

  • Community-drives

18. Grit

Grit is a western-themed battle royale game with Fortnite influences. The winner is the last gunslinger standing, just like in Epic Games' monster hit, but the action here has a cooperative twist. The objective is to board and commandeer the last train shown on the map; you can attempt going solo or collaborating to hijack it.

While generative hero NFTs let you build and customize your hero, which may raise earnings, wild card NFTs let you improve your skills and unlock new gear. An NFT Battle Pass will also be available. There are many things in the works for Grit, and NFTs have not yet been used to their full potential in the battle royale genre.

Even better, Grit will include a free-to-play mode so that you can earn money in F2P that can be used to purchase non-fungible tokens instead of spending money on them. This simple design also applies to the "hat system"; if you die while wearing your hat, you can respawn and engage in a 1v1 combat; the victor stays in the game.

Key Features:

  • Wester-themes battle

  • Customization options

  • Raise earnings

  • Free to play mode

19. Bridgeworld

Bridgeworld is the first game from TreasureDAO, a fascinating ecosystem that employs the MAGIC token as its currency. Consider TreasureDAO to be the decentralized "Nintendo of the metaverse," which hosts and links various games. Even though the release date isn't until September, the lore is already developing.

Bridgeworld's objective is to gather treasures through a variety of activities, including quests, mining, and community elements. Possession of treasure raises your ability to stake in the Atlas Mine. In addition to various strategy game designs, players can join neighborhood guilds to boost their mining capacity.

The lore and design of Bridgeworld have a feel similar to early D&D and text adventures. It may sound complicated, but the gamification of NFTs and the metaverse the reason it's dubbed a "bridge world" lies behind the wealth of world-building. Bridgeworld is a game to watch because it puts a lot of cutting-edge game design theory into practice.

Key Features:

  • Fascinating ecosystem

  • Gather treasures

  • Text adventures

  • Cutting-edge design

20. Zeedz

Zeedz is the first play-for-purpose game in which players lower carbon emissions by acquiring Zeedles, tiny animals inspired by plants. They develop in line with the actual weather and live as NFTs on an environmentally friendly blockchain.

Zeedz is the first play-for-purpose game that not only raises money for charities but also raises general awareness of global warming and actively encourages a sustainable lifestyle by tying in-game challenges with actual weather events and educational material.

Due to the fact that Zeedles are real-world creatures that respond to the weather in real-time, any successful growth begins with learning about climate zones and weather phenomena through our in-game educational resources, which are always linked to practical advice on how to reduce CO2 emissions in your daily life.

Key Features:

  • Play for purpose game

  • Environmentally firendly blockchain

  • Real-world creatures

  • Practical phenomenon

21. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds, the NFT DeFi metaverse mimics economic competition and player cooperation in an effort to discover new planets. Players are encouraged to compete for Trillium (TLM), which is needed to manage rival decentralized autonomous organizations (Planet DAOs) and to unlock more gaming, in order to accomplish this.

Players can obtain NFTs to mine TLM, participate in conflicts, and finish tasks in the Alien Worlds metaverse. Players can buy and put together NFTs that best suit their gaming based on their strategy. Additionally, players can participate in government by choosing the Councillors of six Planet DAOs, which will change the way the game is played.

Key Features:

  • Economic competition

  • Active participaltion

  • Strategic gameplay

  • New in-game discoveries

22. Illuvium

Illuvium is a forthcoming open-world role-playing game that resembles Pokemon in that players explore a virtual environment full of uncommon and rare creatures (referred to as Illuvials) that can be caught, gathered, trained, and fought.

The objective of the game is to assemble a strong team of Illuvials that may be used to win battles and receive rewards. Because various in-game assets (such LAND and Illuvials) are represented as NFTs that may be bought and sold at will, the game mixes features of both a free-to-play and a paid experience.

It will make use of Immutable X's layer-2 solution for free NFT transfers and transactions to make sure the platform is always available. Illuvium is not only one of the biggest and most ambitious play-to-earn games available right now.

Key Features:

  • Role-playing game

  • Rare creatures

  • Battles and rewards

  • Ambitious play to earn game

23. Gold Fever

The planned play-to-earn game Gold Fever attempts to recreate the dynamics and atmosphere of the gold rush through a comprehensive role-playing setting.

The game is set in a vast jungle that is both dangerous and full of opportunities. Players can exploit NFTs to own and control portions of the jungle. The plots can be expanded upon by players to improve their riches and earn passive income.

Each of the player factions in the game adventurer, tribal, capitalist, and merchant—will have a unique experience in the world of Gold Fever and will frequently clash in the struggle for resources.

Key Features:

  • Role-playing setting

  • Gold rush

  • Control portions

  • Passive income

24. Dogami

Dogami might be the answer you've been looking for if you had a Tamagotchi but felt it wasn't sufficiently realistic. More than 300 different DOGAMI breeds are included in the game's "Petaverse," each of which has unique characteristics. These adorable creatures have distinctive characteristics and are available in four different rarity levels: bronze, silver, gold, and diamond.

One of the few DeFi projects and blockchain games to be created on the Tezos blockchain, Dogami will support both NFT and play-to-earn functionalities. Users of the game may raise their puppies all the way to adulthood using a mobile-based 3D augmented reality interface, much like Nintendo's Nintendogs.

Key Features:

  • Uniques characteristics

  • Adorable creatures

  • Different rarity levels

  • Play to earn functionalities

25. Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks, created by the Dutch game studio Gamedia and utilizing Gala Games' play-to-earn platform, aspires to be one of the first esports games to make use of the particular advantages of blockchain technology. Players engage in extensive PVP brawling in a variety of game modes while employing their custom-configured weaponized tanks to collect rewards.

The value of many in-game things, such as tanks, bodies, and weapons, is greatly influenced by their special qualities and rarity. These items are all represented as NFTs and are completely tradeable. Each tank is also significantly upgradeable, allowing participants to increase their chances of victory by exchanging bodies, guns, and supplies.

Spider Tanks has excellent graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and a tonne of customizability choices, as you can see from the gameplay footage below.

Key Features:

  • Various game modes

  • Special qualities and rarity

  • Completely tradeable

  • Upgradable tanks

  • Excellent graphics

Things to Consider While Deciding On The Best NFT Game To Play

Customizable Characters

There are usually only a few playable characters available when you play a traditional game. In contrast, you can typically create your very own customizable avatar in NFT games. This enables you to modify the character to suit your own needs.

Levels and Tasks

In play-to-earn games, you frequently have to complete objectives and stages, just as in regular games. This is frequently the greatest way to obtain in-game tokens as you advance through the game. This stimulates interaction between players and the in-game platform and community, which in turn raises interest in the game.

Earning Tokens

Once you have a certain amount of in-game cryptocurrency, you can often withdraw it to a personal wallet. And once you've done that, you may sell your tokens for a recognised cryptocurrency like Ethereum or BNB. You can use a licenced exchange broker to convert these established tokens into actual money if you'd like.


Digital collectibles are used in NFT gaming, which develops rules for players to interact with one another's NFTs. NFTs are valued by some people for their collectibility, while others seek them for their practicality. Although many NFT games function similarly to trading card games, not everyone who acquires cards intends to participate.

New NFT game economies developed by Game-fi have altered how people can make money with NFTs. Nowadays, making money involves more than just chance and collecting; it also involves playing.


What are NFTs?

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a digital, cryptographic token that stands in place of a singular item on the blockchain. There are numerous uses for an NFT. It may be a downloadable gaming item, a collectible work of cryptographic art, or even a physical thing like real estate.

An NFT is not interchangeable. Due to this quality, each token is distinct and cannot ever be exchanged for another token that is exactly the same. You can exchange one bitcoin (BTC) for another bitcoin that is exactly equivalent in every manner. This is not conceivable with an NFT, not even with NFT artwork distributed in a series with different iterations.

How do NFT games work?

Unlike simply keeping cryptocurrency collectibles in your wallet, NFT games offer more options. NFTs will be used in an NFT game's mechanics, regulations, and player interactions. A game might, for instance, depict your individual avatar or character as an NFT.

NFTs can also be found in digital goods that you find while playing the game. Then, you can exchange or profitably trade your NFTs with other gamers. You can also make money from NFT games using a more recent play-to-earn paradigm, which we'll cover in more detail later.

What are play-to-earn NFT games?

Users that play play-to-earn NFT games have the opportunity to earn money as they play. The more time a player spends playing, the more tokens and possibly NFTs they receive as rewards. The game's crafting system frequently requires the use of the tokens acquired.

Since tokens can be acquired continuously through gameplay and NFT drops are more chance-based, the token technique is typically the more consistent of the two. Users in low-income nations have taken a particular liking to play-to-earn as a supplement to or replacement for fixed income or social security.

How do NFT games make money?

The mechanics of the individual game and consumer demand will determine how much money you can make playing an NFT game. Other users who value the NFTs or cryptocurrencies acquired in the game will be the ones who pay you money.

Selling your things on a market, exchange, or auction house will be necessary for you to make a profit. Value in NFT games is derived from the utility or collectability of the NFT or token. These two elements also give rise to conjecture.

How do you join an NFT game?

Typically, you'll need a cryptocurrency wallet, like MetaMask, which you may link to the game's website. You still need to link a wallet even if a game is free to play because many games still give out free token incentives. Typically, these are the simple actions to perform:

  1. Create a cryptocurrency wallet; the default option is MetaMask, and then buy Ethereum.

  2. Even if a game utilizes its own coin, you'll still require Ethereum.

  3. Purchase your NFT by linking your wallet to the game's website.

  4. A game's NFT can also be bought in OpenSea and kept in your wallet.

  5. Play the game to acquire and improve your NFT beast or hero.

Top 25 NFT Games

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