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Top 15 NFT Rarity Tracking Tools

Every day, thousands of NFT sales—many from completely new collections—take place. Finding the best NFTs to invest in may be challenging if you're new to the NFT investing world. While certain NFTs from the same collection may be valued at millions of dollars, others may be worth next to nothing. You may determine which NFTs are most valuable by looking at their rarity. There's a strong likelihood that an NFT will be extremely valuable if it's thought to be extremely rare. The rarity of an NFT typically drives up its price.

In the list of the top tools, we have mentioned the Top 15 NFT Rarity Tracking tools along with their features and pricing for you to choose from.

1. Rarity Tools

Due to its broad tracking and analytical skills, Rarity Tools is one of the most well-known NFT tracking tools. The average price, collections, and volume of NFTs can all be sorted. Each NFT collection has its own page on the Rarity Tools website, and each NFT also has a page with more detailed information. Every NFT has a rarity score as well. The best aspect of Rarity Tools is that all of its features are free to use.

Key Features:

  • Friendly User Interface

  • Every NFT has a rarity score.

  • No need to download any software

  • Utilizing Rarity Tools has only the following drawbacks:

  • It provides less analysis than some other tools


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2. OpenSea

The widely used site OpeanSea enables users to trade, purchase, sell, and track NFTs. This platform offers users a variety of tracking and analysis tools even though it was created as an NFT marketplace. It should be simpler for you to choose which NFTs to invest in by utilizing these features.

Remember that there is only one website where you can access both the tracking functions and the NFT marketplace. You may see the activity and ranking of an NFT in real-time by going to the Stats page. All NFTs based on the Ethereum, Polygon, and Klaytn blockchains are supported. OpenSea offers free usage of its tracking tools.

Key Features:

  • There are numerous filter options available.

  • The platform provides many features aside from tracking tools.

  • Analysis in real-time is offered.


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3. BitDegree

The feature-rich tool BitDegree allows users to track a wide range of NFT collections from the NFT marketplace. After choosing a collection, you'll have access to a wealth of information that will help you learn more about the viability of investing in particular NFTs. The best NFTs can be found using a variety of filters and criteria.

Key Features:

  • BitDegree is completely free to use

  • You can create a personal tracking portfolio

  • You can build a personal portfolio using this tool so that you can keep track of the NFTs you want to invest in.

  • BitDegree is now monitoring more than 350 collections from several protocols.


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4. DappRadar

The main purpose of the fantastic website DappRadar is to assist users in tracking sales data from various NFT collections. Additionally, a portfolio tracker that enables users to monitor Ethereum wallets in real-time was launched a few years ago. To find out the wallet's NFT balance and overall net value, you simply need to enter the ENS name or Ethereum wallet address.

Key Features:

  • Powerful portfolio tracking capabilities

  • Real-time monitoring.

  • DappRadar's broad portfolio tracking features are complemented with the ability to filter an NFT collection by sales, volume, or traders.

  • This allows you to keep track of trending NFTs and keep an eye on any sales that take place. Use of DappRadar is free.


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5. Coin Rivet

The platform Coin Rivet offers users services that go beyond NFT tracking. Information on new NFT minting and crypto events will be provided, making it simpler for you to keep track of the newest NFTs. Additionally, Coin Rivet assists users in listing each NFT by showing the platform on which the NFT is now listed alongside the NFT's price.

Key Features:

  • It is easy and simple to track NFT sales.

  • When an NFT launches, alerts are sent.

  • Users are given access to the most recent information on Defi, NFTs, and laws.

  • When you register for a Coin Rivet account, you will receive alerts whenever a new NFT is released, which can be quite helpful if you want to buy NFTs before their value soars.


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Probably the most well-known cryptocurrency website is called Additionally, it offers helpful tracking features to users. In fact, this platform provides access to the most crucial data on priceless NFT collections. You can get NFTstatistics on the volume and price when you're tracking a certain NFT. Each NFT collection also includes other information, such as information on impending drops, asset value, and minting price.

Key Features:

  • You can track cryptocurrencies and NFTs on a single platform

  • Every tracking feature is free to use

  • The website is intuitive and easy to understand

  • You can sort by floor price, sales, collection value, total assets, and volume to find the top NFT collections to follow and invest in.

  • Future NFT collections are also listed on, allowing you to set up your portfolio for future investments.


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7. Icy. tools

An efficient tracking tool that emphasizes trending collections is icy. tools. You can check the top trending NFTs over the previous 15–30 minutes after connecting your wallet. When tracking NFTs, information is accessible on floor price, sales, average price, and volume. Beginners may use this application quite easily, and it allows tracking of wallets. By characteristics and rarities, NFT projects can be divided.

Key Features:

  • This software's premium edition only costs $75.

  • There are numerous tracking and analysis tools accessible.

  • The program is continually being developed and enhanced.

  • You can access data for each NFT collection, including pricing charts and historical data if you purchase a premium subscription.


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8. NFT Drops Calendar

The main objective of the NFT Drops Calendar tool is to assist users in locating NFTs when they initially drop and are introduced to the NFT market. By using this tool, you can make sure that you can purchase an NFT before the price rises too much. Additionally, you may use a variety of filters and search criteria to look for particular collections. You can utilize search criteria like price, volume, and minting dates.

Key Features:

  • Alerts are given for NFT sales, events, and giveaways.

  • The extensive sorting feature supports a wide range of characteristics.

  • Using the NFT Drops Calendar, you can list your own NFTs for sale.

  • For forthcoming NFT drops, events, and giveaways, alerts are available.


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9. Rarity Sniffer

Due to its capacity to rank new NFT projects according to their general rarity, Rarity Sniffer is among the best NFT tracker tools on the list. Users that download the free version are only monitored for the most recent collections. You must purchase a membership through the tool's Discord channel for 1.5 ETH if you wish to acquire analysis on current NFT projects and their rarity.

Key Features:

  • Friendly user interface

  • The focus is on rarity rating.

  • Tracking is available through Rarity Sniffer for all current collections.


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10. Etherscan Token Tracker

Every Ethereum-based coin can be used with Etherscan Token Tracker. There are already more than 21,000 NFTs that are ERC-721 compliant, and this tool can track each one of them. Recently, features including pricing data, transfers, minting, and distribution have been added to its NFT toolkit.

Key Features:

  • Additionally, the system serves as a block browser.

  • There are more than 21,000 monitored tokens.

  • The usage of all tracking functions is free.


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11. Nansen

In 2013, Nansen was created with the intention of being used as an analysis tool for NFT wallets. The most valued and successful NFT wallets are displayed on a leaderboard for users. The outcomes are determined by how much money the wallet has accrued over time. Nansen can be used to track investments as well. The tracking tools offer thorough information on ERC-20 tokens, including minting costs and NFT shop fees.

Key Features:

  • It's one of the first NFT tracking devices.

  • Individual NFTs might receive in-depth investigation.

  • There is a leaderboard for NFT wallets.

  • There is also a real-time study of project owners available.


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12. NFTBank

NFTBank is made to give consumers in-depth knowledge about NFT investing. For a particular NFT or collection, you can view the spending, ROI, and other activity. The NFTBank tool can also be used for portfolio management. A basic user interface, analytics, and a portfolio tracker are just a few of the many services that consumers can access.

Key Features:

  • Basic user interface

  • tools for NFT analytics and a robust portfolio tracker

  • Gives brief explanations of NFTs

  • Because it can present customers with fresh NFT investment prospects, the Analysis and Signals feature is quite helpful.


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13. CryptoSlam

An excellent NFT tracking tool that concentrates on analysis and market research for non-fungible tokens is called CryptoSlam! A dedicated page for each NFT collection features information on recent minting and sales. With CryptoSlam!, you may view whatever NFT data you desire, including the floor price, total number of owners, sales, and transaction volume.

Key Features:

  • A variety of NFT filter settings are available

  • Exclusive NFT rare section

  • Detailed overview of every NFT

  • Viewing NFT rarities is also possible. The NFT tracking tools are available without charge.


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14. NFT Stats

NFT Stats is a straightforward and uncomplicated NFT tracker that provides a wealth of NFT statistics options. You may browse details about specific collections, however, it's rather minimal. You can use sale volume or rarity rankings to narrow down the trending collections that NFT Stats ranks.

Key Features:

  • Simple NFT tool tracking that provides information that is surprisingly insightful

  • Free to use

  • The top collections sold can be filtered by the last 30 days, the last week, or the last 24 hours.


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15. Moby

Fast NFT feeds and statistics are available through Moby, a very powerful tracking tool. Moby helps customers who wish to make hasty investment decisions by allowing them to monitor their assets and identify new NFTs to invest in. You will get access to additional data charts and more thorough analysis capabilities if you purchase the pro edition of this product. With a premium subscription, you'll have access to NFT signals and historical collecting data, among other types of data.

Key Features:

  • A user-friendly website that is clear to everyone

  • Provides precision in under 60 minutes.

  • Both free and premium versions are available.

  • You can discover the greatest NFTs to invest in with the aid of the Moby ranking system.


The paid edition, which includes several features, costs 0.1 ETH per month.

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Nft Rarity Tracking Tools

You might need to use more than one research tool as an avid investor in order to receive the most up-to-date and accurate data about the state of the market. Paying to get some perks extra and hear some controversial thoughts can end up being worthwhile. So, sit back and get to work with these resources at your disposal. They will enable you to have an excellent NFT experience and make wiser financial choices.


You now have a better understanding of NFT Rarity, its importance, and how to count it. You also found a lengthy list of practical NFT investment instruments. There are, of course, additional methods for determining the worth of NFTs. Since the final rarity might be linked to aesthetic preferences, you might prefer one artist's work over the other. Some people favor red, while others choose blue.


What are NFTs?

A digital asset known as an NFT is a representation of a real-world item, such as artwork, music, in-game goods, or films. They are regularly purchased and traded online in exchange for cryptocurrencies, and they are typically encoded using the same software as many other cryptos. An NFTs are often sold, very like physical art, but the artist has the choice of keeping the copyright, giving it to the purchaser, or setting a cap on the number of secondary sales an owner is allowed.

What determines NFT rarity?

The sum of the Rarity Scores for each of an NFT's trait values represents the NFT's overall Rarity Score. Clothing, jewelry, fur, hats, sunglasses, backgrounds, and other items are used as a yardstick because all NFTs in a single collection cannot have them all, making them non-fungible.

How is an NFT value calculated?

One of the key elements that determine an NFT's worth is the social evidence connected to the initiative that underpins it. One can determine whether someone is acceptable by looking at their accounts on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

How do I track NFT volume?

Visit the page for the NFT collection you want information about, then click the box labeled "Total Sales Volume" to see the trade history in days or hours. These graphs will show you the number of completed sales as well as the total volume of sales for the time period.

For what purposes can NFTs be used?

Real-world objects like artwork and real estate can be represented by NFTs. These physical assets can be "tokenized," which improves the efficiency of trading while lowering the risk of fraud. NFTs can be used to represent a variety of things, including people's identities and property rights.

Does NFT rarity matter?

Rarity is important because it is directly tied to the excitement and the price of an NFT. Rarity also helps drive demand in an NFT project and diversifies a project by offering different levels of traits and utility.

Top 15 NFT Rarity Tracking...

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