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Top 12 NFT Trading Card Games

Due to its quick growth, the NFT market will draw more than $3.5 billion in month trading volumes on the OpenSea platform alone by 2022. Usage for non-fungible tokens are emerging in a number of sectors, such as technology, the arts, and gaming.

NFT trading card games are a perfect match for that use case and have grown to be just as popular as real trading cards since NFTs are regarded as high-value digital collectibles. In this article, we highlight and list the top 12 NFT trading card games that have become popular among players worldwide.

1. Gods Unchained

Tech siblings Robert and Jamie Ferguson created Gods Unchained, arguably one of the most well-liked and lucrative NFT games. The founders, who had previously collaborated with the Ethereum developers in 2015, went on to develop Immutable X, the first-ever ZK rollup on Ethereum, the first multiplayer blockchain-based game, and the first cryptographic trading card game. GODS, an Ethereum token, is employed to power the game's numerous features. It is largely employed in the game to craft NFTs and other things.

Key Features:

  • The sophisticated and slick design of Gods Unchained hooks the player.

  • The user can then employ these cards to compete against unrelated opponents in order to win the native GODS token.

  • Its cryptocurrency game team has been looking for answers to this and has made it known that it plans to switch the entire game over to a more advantageous blockchain solution.

  • The game maintains a constant roadmap and rewards players with weekend rankings and other incentives.

2. Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a decentralized, blockchain-based NFT trading card game developed by Mathew Rosen and situated in Media, Pennsylvania. Since its launch in 2018, Splinterlands has amassed over 1.8 million users, making it one of the most popular blockchain games ever. Classic trading card games like Magic the Gathering served as inspiration.

Key Features:

  • Since the team recently released the app, it is a free NFT game that can be played on both desktop and mobile devices.

  • There are features and capabilities that are exclusive to the desktop version. The mobile app itself incorporates both the game's main battle mode and its deck-building component.

  • Given the popularity of the game, the aforementioned collectible cards have been in great demand for a time.

  • On secondary NFT markets like Opensea, Binance NFT, and others, they can be converted into ERC-721 tokens and then sold for a profit.

3. Metropolis Origins

One of those popular crypto games is Metropolis Origins, whose development team is well-known. Due to the authenticity of the team behind it as well as the game's appearance and feel, Metropolis Origins, developed by renowned gamer Graeme Devine and a few other tech experts and gamers from QXR studios, has established a strong brand recognition within the cryptocurrency gaming industry.

Key Features:

  • The game, which is set in a cyberpunk universe, lets players compete against AI bots or other gamers from across the globe.

  • The player can select from the Corporate, Government, and Underground team factions.

  • As soon as they buy a pack of trading cards, players can begin the game by going to Metropolis, the game's fictional metropolis.

4. Doctor Who – Worlds Apart

One of the most well-known sci-fi programs ever produced is Doctor Who. The same franchise and the TV show's characters are the focus of the blockchain-based digital trading card game Worlds Apart.

Key Features:

  • One of the best NFT trading card games to have been released with a plot centered around a major TV show is Worlds Apart, created by Reality Gaming Group.

  • Trading cards are available for NFT collectors and Doctor Who fans to gather as they play and trade to a large community of collectors wanting to stock up on unique franchise merchandise on NFT markets.

  • The Doctor Who game, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain, depicts several eras and the adventures that the selected character embarks on while earning rewards along the way. In the game, the player is in control of a race of Time Lords.

5. Skyweaver

Skyweaver is a fully F2P game that has caught the attention of many crypto gamers. It was developed by Horizon Blockchain Games, which also contributed to the creation of the ERC-1155 NFT standard. In 2022, the corporation made its open beta available to people. The ready-to-play web3 cross-platform trading card game includes an app for mobile gamers as well as desktop users.

Key Features:

  • NFT cards can be owned, traded, or given to friends at the discretion of the player.

  • The aesthetics of the game are comparable to a number of contemporary titles that are popular with players.

  • Players can summon monsters, cast spells, and engage in random combat with other players known as skyweavers from across the globe.

6. Dark Country

For aficionados of cowboys and the wild west, this game is ideal. A sizable player population has been drawn to this gothic-themed game with ghostly cowboys, rangers, Indians, ghosts, zombies, and demons. Dark Country was created by Immortal Games, and its concept was once more influenced by legendary CCG games like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering.

Key Features:

  • The creators combine all the best components from this genre to create one of the top games in its category that is also NFT integrated.

  • It is constructed on a multichain framework for different interoperability in order to give players the most liquidity of their assets.

  • Since the first alpha launch, tournaments and further community events have been planned for the games. Reward systems have also been established.

7. Ether Legends

Ether Legends’ creators, Elementeum Gaming, a 2017 startup, have been active in the market for more than ten years. According to the founder, Curren Mulvihill, they took a gamble on developing a trading card game because they believed that blockchain technology could be utilized to create fair and enjoyable games that also offered an opportunity for players to gain money.

Key Features:

  • Elementeum Gaming bills itself as a ground-breaking gaming platform that offers a global market where physical trading cards can be visualized, redeemed digitally, traded, or sold as digital assets.

  • The first release on this platform is Ether Legends, which is built on the Ethereum network.

  • To promote its digital ecosystem, this gaming platform uses Elementeum tokens as payment and a form of reward.

8. Spells of Genesis

Video game makers Evergreensoft and their collaborators All 4 Games proudly present Spells of Genesis as their flagship mobile title. Spells of Genesis is one of the most well-liked and acclaimed NFT trading card games. The second of many games being created by EverdreamSoft is called Spells of Genesis.

Key Features:

  • The group's NFT trading card game, which uses its BitCrystals coin, is intended to function on the Blockchain Gaming Platform that is now under construction.

  • The fantasy journey Spell of Genesis takes place in the Moonga universe.

  • Players can methodically eliminate adversaries by combining their special skills and spells in a quick-paced battle system.

9. Parallel

Parallel is an NFT game designed by Sascha Mojtahedi that is set in the far future. NFT cards from the game can be sold for money on online markets. Top broadcasters and players have tried their hand at the game, and they usually show off their futuristic NFT library of games.

Key Features:

  • In Parallel, players control their cards and other game assets thanks to non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

  • The cards can be used to create decks and play in a mobile and online game that is currently under development.

  • According to the game's lore, there are five parallel streams of human evolution that took place at the same time: Augencore, Earthen, Kathari, Marcolian, and The Shroud.

10. Sorare

With a sizable fan base that has embraced sports NFT decreases, football is unquestionably the most popular sport in the entire world. It didn't take long for Nicholas Julia and Adrien Montfort to decide to develop a fantasy football-themed NFT trading card game, Sorare on the Ethereum network.

Key Features:

  • The most expensive football NFT card game available right now is Sorare, which has even risen to the top NFTs in terms of market worth. That followed their recent announcement of their Series B round of investment, in which they raised over $680 million and received a valuation of nearly $4.3 billion.

  • The teams that players create can be used to challenge friends or compete for positions in the global rankings.

  • Users receive rewards for assembling their teams, taking part in online competitions, and exchanging and collecting cards.

11. Curio Cards

You've probably heard about Curio Cards if you're new to collecting digital NFT trading cards. A digital deck of 30 one-of-a-kind cards called Curio Cards is regarded as the first NFT art initiative on the Ethereum blockchain. On May 9th, 2017, these cards were made available as an online art gallery.

Key Features:

  • The Curio Card series consists of a deck of cards with numbers 1 through 30 and art created by seven distinct painters, each with their own distinctive style.

  • Unique artwork and a predetermined quantity of digital prints are included in every numbered series.

  • These NFT cards are available in quantities ranging from 111 to 2,000. A total of 29.7 thousand cards were ever produced, with an estimated 4,000 being lost or destroyed.

12. Crypto Strikers

The first sports NFT project on Ethereum, known as Wrapped Strikers or Crypto Strikers, debuted in June 2018. Because these NFTs were created using a rudimentary and incomplete implementation of ERC-721, they are incompatible with some of the new protocols, which is why Crypto Strikers are also known as Wrapper Strikers.

Key Features:

  • 100 players from the 2018 Fifa World Cup are represented in the collection of 10,261 digital soccer trading cards known as Crypto Strikers, of which 32 are restricted editions from the Iconic Set.

  • Each NFT must be "wrapped" in order to be listed on a marketplace like OpenSea in order to compensate for the early technology. A card can always be unwrapped to reveal its original shape if desired.

Things to Consider Before Buying A NFT Trading Card Game

  • Easy authentication procedure

  • increased trading card utility and diversity

  • minimizing the loss of value


At an auction, even some real-life trading cards have fetched hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was only a matter of time before online trading cards attracted aficionados of the genre and developed into digital collectibles with a market value of their own. They might make a wise investment in the future for a collector with an eye for rarity.

In the end, there are a tonne of NFT trading cards available. The ones mentioned in this article, however, have the greatest potential for value because of their age, relevance in human history, and practicality.


What are NFT Trading Cards?

NFTs are particularly suited for use in video games as in-game characters, consumables, and other limited edition tradeable objects like an NFT trading card since they are distinctive digital assets on the blockchain. NFT games are a well-liked method to have fun and earn money on GameFi thanks to the "play to earn" idea (P2E).

Whether they are NFT trade cards or other kinds of tokens, players can sell their NFTs to other players and collectors. The number of traders in the NFT gaming community skyrocketed when games like Axie Infinity appeared on the scene in 2021, demonstrating the huge demand for these artifacts.

Why Play NFT Trading Card Games?

NFT Trading Card Games (TCGs) are the most recent innovation to come out of the crypto sphere. They have an unmatched level of appeal because they have unquestionable ownership proof that is enabled by blockchain technology. Tradespeople have been searching for methods to protect their investments against uncertainty since the dawn of time.

Do NFT Trading Cards Have Any Value?

Trading cards have always been one of the most valuable possessions a collector can acquire. Now that the NFT community is expanding quickly, NFT trade cards are soon rising in value, if not already exceeding them.

Where Can You Buy NFT Cards?

When you start playing one of the games below, the question of where to get the NFT cards can be the first thing that crosses your mind. Usually, the platform itself or OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace at the moment, are the ideal places to start. The likelihood is strong that any specific NFT you're looking to purchase for the titles mentioned above and others can be purchased on OpenSea.

Is it Safe to Invest in NFT Trading Cards?

Similar to actual cards, digital NFT trading cards are more valuable because of their distinctiveness. Finding anything truly valuable and unusual is difficult. To locate investments that offer a return on their time and money, investors will need to spend a lot of time and money studying about this developing sector.

As a result, for individuals who don't want to buy these kinds of collectibles, it might not be the greatest investment. If you're looking for an NFT trading card that is a rare winner, you could easily lose a lot of money.

Top 12 NFT Trading Card...

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