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Top 10 NPS Tools

The ultimate goal of any business or firm is to keep its customers satisfied, as without them, the enterprise cannot function. If you're interested in gauging your customers' satisfaction levels with your service or product, then the NPS (Net Promoter Score) tool is what you need.

NPS tools help you calculate your customer satisfaction levels through automated surveys, follow-ups, and advanced scoring systems. The scores are usually represented on a scale from -100 to 100, covering various parameters of satifaction such as customer loyalty and the likelihood of them recommending your brand to their friends or family.

We understand how important calculating customer satisfaction, and that is why we have created a list of the top tools in this category.

1. Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback lets you measure your NPS at every possible touchpoint. You can track your NPS through email, SMS, website, and mobile. You can even conduct a net promoter score survey on Android tablets, iPads, and kiosks using the tools offline survey app.

With this tool, you can use their WYSIWYG survey builder to build NPS surveys instantly. You can even use their ready-to-use templates. You can schedule your survey from within the tool to send the survey automatically at the given time or date. With this tool, you can view and track responses in real-time and efficiently analyze the results.

Key Features:

  • You can make changes to the NPS questions based on the type of transactions or customer relationships.

  • It provides real-time notifications to the team regarding detractors, angry customers, or at-risk customers.

  • You can integrate it with more than 200 thrid-party tools.

  • You can add logic to your survey by displaying questions based on the selected score.


Starter: $49/month

Professional: $99/month

Growth: $199/month

Enterprise: Contact sales

2. Retently

Retently gives you two ways to conduct NPS surveys. You can either conduct customer and product experience surveys separately or combine both of them. If you want an NPS for customer experience, you can combine web pop-ups, email, and messengers to reach out to your customers on the platform they will mostly engage. When it comes to product experience, you can conduct an omnichannel survey to understand how your customers feel about the product experience.

You can efficiently automate follow-ups and deliver personalized experiences. You can segment your customers and create personalized experiences with this tool using real-time data.

Key Features:

  • You can use tech tools and A/B testing to see customer engagement.

  • Provides efficient analysis of sentiments and spots trends to under customers better.

  • Integrates with various platforms such as Slack, Salesforce, and more to provide personalized experiences.


Basic: $25/month

Plus: $40/month

Pro: $299/month

Enterprise: $599

3. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is an NPS tool that helps you decode customer sentiments and uncover loyalty insights to increase your firm's growth. You can easily distribute the survey through email, SMS, or embedded in-app.

You can create dynamic segments and lists for your customers based on any type of criteria. This will help you gain in-depth analysis and knowledge of your customers and their persona. You can monitor your net promoter score in real-time through a dashboard. You can view responses from passives, detractors, and promoters.

Key Features:

  • Easily segment customers and incorporate various follow-up strategies quickly.

  • You can set up a cyclic feedback system to automate the process.

  • The throttling feature ensures that no customer is surveyed until the configured time.


Request on the website for cost details.

4. Survey Sensum

Survey Sensum lets you measure the willingness of your customers to recommend your services and products efficiently. You can easily spot critical issues with this tool and prioritize your actions. The tool provides a real-time customizable dashboard.

The tool lets you identify the touchpoints in your customer's journey with the most friction. The tool uses text analysis on open-ended answers of the touchpoint and helps us find the reason behind the friction. Survey Sensum provides instant and automated alerts on detractors so that you can respond to them on time and gain more information.

Key Features:

  • Lets you integrate your CRM with the tool for quick process.

  • You can make the survey in any language with any type of character.

  • You can transfer existing data to the tool within minutes.

  • Efficiently automate processes based on pre-set schedules or events triggered using workflows.


You can request a demo. For cost details contact sales.

5. Qualtrics

Qualtrics moves beyond customer feedback collection and lets you start conversations with customers on any app, website, chatbots, SMS, and more. With this tool, you can easily identify at-risk customers using experience data and churn data to improve the experience.

With this tool, you can send the information to the right person in your firm using pre-configured reports and flexible dashboards.

Key Features:

  • Provides Qualtrics iQ, to improve customer experience with behavior prediction.

  • Provides templates and built-in features for reporting and data visuals.

  • It can connect with various channels to analyze feedback in real time.


Contact sales for cost details.

6. GetFeedback

GetFeedback provides NPS surveys. You can access ready-to-use survey templates instantly and send the survey across. You can collect real-time feedback across various channels such as websites, SMS, and mobile apps.

With this tool, you can instantly spot trends, understand key drivers, and analyze the sentiments of your customers that are impacting your firm or business. You can even share the insights with your teams.

Key Features:

  • You can segment your customers for more targeted reach.

  • It integrates easily with other tools such as Jira, Salesforce, and Slack for efficient coordination across the firm.

  • You can incorporate customer feedback with operational data from other systems for a holistic view of customers.


Contact sales for cost details.

7. Delighted

Delighted is an NPS tool designed to respect customers and the brand's time. You can send surveys across various channels within minutes. While making the survey, you can add logos, create a branded survey page and customize colors. While using this tool, you do not need any knowledge regarding coding.

You can add 10 follow-up questions within a single survey flow. The tool provides an autopilot feature where you can schedule surveys to send at a routine and measure NPS. With this tool, you can send customizable Thank You messages to those who answered the survey.

Key Features:

  • You can send the survey in more than 30 languages.

  • You can see the feedback in your customer's words on the real-time dashboard.

  • You can monitor certain themes and see how your improvement can affect your NPS over time.

  • The tool lets you compare scores against 20 industries.



Premium: $224/month

Premium Plus: $449/month

8. NiceReply

NiceReply is another NPS tool that you can consider using. You can create great surveys using this tool and find the score. Your customers can respond or react to the questions on a scale from 1 to 10 (very unlikely to very likely). The tool later separates the responses into three categories: Detractors (score 0-6), Passives (score 7-8), and Promoters (score 9 -10)

You can add your NPS surveys to your email templates, or you can use in-signature surveys to ask your customers for feedback at the bottom of every email your firm sends. The tool provides features such as analytics, data security, integration, and customization.

Key Features:

  • You can choose how long to wait for post-resolution (closing ticket, deal, or conversation) to send the survey.

  • Organizes all customer feedback on the dashboard.

  • You can see improvements with time filters, comparisons, and charts.


Starter: $59/month

Essential: $119/month

Growth: $239/month

Business: $359/month

9. InMoment

InMoment helps you ask the right questions on the right channels. With this tool, you can create and send surveys quickly. You can send micro surveys through mobile, SMS, email, in-app and intercom messenger.

With this NPS tool, you can get insights without hiring a data analyst. The tool auto-categorizes sentiments and topics at scale. InMoment captures an immediate view of your customer's responses and journey over time for better analysis.

Key Features:

  • Provides language and segment selection options while creating surveys.

  • Provides automated real-time sentiment measures to never miss a trend.

  • Provides set alerts and customizable dashboards.

  • It integrates with other platforms, such as Slack, for better follow-up.


Contact sales for cost details.

10. CustomerSure

CustomerSure is an NPS tool that provides comprehensive features that allow you to monitor, collect and respond to feedback and make improvements efficiently. You can create surveys that reflect your brand identity, and you can deliver these user-friendly surveys over SMS, web, email, and more.

The tool is fully GDPR compliant, ensuring your data is safe. You can track and improve engagement, deliverability, and response rates on surveys using this tool. CustomerSure also provides unlimited expert consultancy.

Key Features:

  • You can pick the language your customers speak and send the survey across.

  • You can send daily or weekly digest reports to your stakeholders or teams for everyone to be on the same page.

  • Provides restricted views feature for people to see information that is relevant to their role and location.


Contact sales for cost information.

Things to Consider When Choosing an NPS Tool


If the NPS tool can integrate with the existing platforms you use, your work will be simplified. You can keep track of all your data in one place and compare them to make effective improvements.

Customer Segmentation

The NPS tool must segment customers into three categories. (Promoters, Passives, and Detractors) Categorizing you can help you understand the percentage of loyal and at-risk customers you have.


Choosing a tool that provides templates or customizable templates will be beneficial. It will reduce your workload and save time. Also, having customizable templates will give you the chance to add your logo and colors.


You need to know your customers to make improvements, and that is where NPS comes into play. Every company needs different NPS surveys that fit their needs. It is never too late to invest in an NPS tool. We have provided the best tools, and you can pick the one that suits your needs and see the changes it brings to your firm.


What Are NPS Tools?

NPS tools are platforms that record your business's net promoter score. The tool collects all the feedback from your customers through surveys. The surveys include NPS loyalty questions and then display an NPS score after analysis.

With NPS tools, you can collect the scores and make changes to your strategies for places of improvement. You can even integrate these tools with your CRM and other existing platforms.

When Should You Consider Using NPS Tools?

NPS tools are used to know customer experiences and what they feel of a brand. If you run a business where you deal with customers and their feedback and make a lot of difference to your growth, you must consider using an NPS tool.

NPS tools are not restricted to one type of industry. Any products or service businesses can use NPS tools. You should consider using NPS tools from the moment your business begins and you have a certain number of customers.

Why Is NPS Important?

Net Promoter Score is a great way to get an idea of your customer satisfaction levels. It is helpful for benchmarking the quality of your customers' experience and satisfaction against your competitors.

Through NPS, you can also:

  • Get insights on your valued services

  • Follow up with disappointed customers and make them happy.

  • Get an idea of the pain points of your customers.

  • Improve and build better strategies.

What Is the NPS Scale?

The Net Promoter system categorizes customers into three groups :

  • Promoters (score 9 and 10): They are the firm's loyal and enthusiastic customers. They increase the referral flow of the company and help it grow.

  • Passives (score 7 or 8): They are not like promoters but are not bad-mouthing the brand. They are close to being promoters if their customer satisfaction levels are met.

  • Detractors (score 0 to 6): They are the opposite of promoters. They will most likely not make any further purchases, and there are chances of them discouraging potential customers.

Which Company Has the Highest NPS Score?

There are a few companies that have a good score, such as:

  • Princeton Mortgage, NPS score = 98

  • Tesla, NPS score = 97

  • Nutanix, NPS score = 92

  • Loanboox, NPS score = 90

Also, you must note that it depends on what NPS method you are using to calculate.

If you take the range of -100 to 100:

  • A score above 0 is good

  • Above 20 is great

  • Above 50 is amazing

  • And 80 or above is the highest percentile.

Top 10 NPS Tools

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