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Top 19 Online Survey Tools

As a small business owner, you're certainly aware that an online survey is one of the most successful methods for gathering feedback from customers. Creating and disseminating them, on the other hand, might be an entirely different task. Hence, online survey tools are extremely important.

Your team might waste days, if not weeks, attempting to create a great survey if you don't have the necessary tools. Even so, the quality and layout of your hand-crafted questionnaire may fall short of professional standards. Instead, your team will want a survey creation tool to assist them in establishing an effective feedback loop.

In this top tools list, we have compiled the top 19 online survey tools for you to choose from.

1. SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey is an online survey tool that makes automating data collecting is a piece of cake. SoGoSurvey, which is suitable for both small and large businesses, allows you to quickly build surveys that are complex enough to satisfy your needs. The online survey tool includes all of the critical areas that require surveys to flourish, from quizzes to consumer feedback to staff experience surveys.

Key Features:

  • Numbers alone do not tell the whole story. To realign objectives and build more successful company plans, you must first understand the reasons for your metrics - SoGoSurvey helps you with that.

  • Utilize the capabilities of technology and automation to unify important platforms to produce efficient and productive business operations.

  • A platform that caters to everyone. SoGoSurvey lets you obtain the results you need quickly by having the smallest learning curve.


$25 per month.

2. CrowdSignal

CrowdSignal’s user interface is simple to navigate and features 14 different sorts of questions, such as multiple choice and Likert scales. There's also the option of conditional branching for a variety of survey paths. Before upgrading to the premium plan, you can only accumulate 2500 data points using the free version.

Key Features:

  • With 14 question and form kinds to choose from, including multiple-choice, free type, and Likert scales, you can easily create surveys, polls, quizzes, and forms.

  • Choose one of their themes and change the colors and fonts, or use CSS to completely personalize your survey.

  • Crowdsignal remains hidden behind the scenes, so you may distribute your survey or quiz using your own URL.

  • Keep an eye on your progress in real-time. To evaluate your data and discover where your replies are coming from, use filters.


$15 per month.

3. Google Forms

Google Forms is one of the most well-known names when it comes to free online survey tools. Its drag-and-drop user interface allows you to quickly design a survey. Furthermore, you may alter its pre-built templates to create forms that meet your needs. You'll also get access to real-time graphs and data based on customer feedback.

Key Features:

  • Use your own photo or logo, and Forms will determine the perfect colors to finish your form or choose from a collection of curated themes to set the tone.

  • Select from a variety of question types, including multiple-choice, drop-downs, and a linear scale. Add graphics and YouTube videos, or go all out with question skip logic and page branching.

  • Because Forms is responsive, it's simple (and elegant) to create, amend, and reply to forms on screens of all sizes.

  • Forms collects responses to your surveys in a clean and automated manner, including real-time response information and infographics. Alternatively, you may view all of your data in Sheets.


This is a free tool.

4. SurveyLegend

SurveyLegend is well-known for creating visually appealing surveys. The online survey tool's minimal learning curve and easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface make it a client favorite since it allows them to create good surveys in minutes.

Key Features:

  • Send your survey to people by email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social media platforms.

  • Your analytics will come to life as replies come in, providing you with real-time information.

  • Create surveys that are mobile-friendly.


$15 per month.

5. Survs

Survs is wonderful online survey tool for not just designing surveys, but also for distributing them over many methods, including email, website embeds, social media, via a link, and even manually. Skip logic, pre-filling responses, and piping are all features available in the survey creator (to help with personalization). You'll be able to construct an infinite number of surveys, each of which can get up to 200 replies.

Key Features:

  • Create a user-friendly interface for your survey. Choose from a variety of question kinds, themes that may be customized, and flexible settings.

  • When you're finished, share your survey by link, email, social media, or directly from your website.

  • You may view replies in real-time, share them with colleagues, and export data in a variety of forms using the analytics area.

  • Survs' multi-user accounts and the flexibility to assign various responsibilities to each account member make it ideal for working in groups or with coworkers.


$23 per month.

6. Pulse Insights

Pulse Insights is one of the most feature-rich online survey tools in the market. When it comes to conducting surveys, Pulse Insights gets to the heart of your customer experience by asking relevant questions.

You may also make your survey form seem and feel more important by customizing it. It also comes with a variety of customization choices, such as themes, colors, and logos, to help you stick to your brand requirements.

Key Features:

  • Install their tag on your site and you'll be up and running in no time. All of Pulse Insight's sophisticated capabilities, including QA, formatting, targeting, and corporate connectors, are supported.

  • In just minutes, you can create, preview, and launch creative micro surveys, profiling campaigns, and engagement events. There is no need for a tech staff or technical expertise.

  • With feedback collection that looks and feels organic to the content, you can accurately target the appropriate consumers at the right touchpoint—web, mobile, in-app, email, and anywhere else.


You can request a quote on their website.

7. JotForm

JotForm is an online survey software that is regarded for its simplicity and ease of use. JotForm's online form combines robust functionality with acceptable statistics and connectors. You can easily create leads, send surveys, collect money, and do lots more.

Key Features:

  • With Jotform Online Form Builder, you can create professional-looking forms. To complement your branding, customize using advanced styling choices.

  • With Jotform's industry-leading functionality, you can speed up and simplify your everyday work by automating complicated activities.

  • Sell things safely and easily. Subscription fees and donations can be collected.


$29 per month.

8. Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey's paid versions include a slew of useful features like bilingual surveys, offline surveys, and sophisticated reporting, the free version has all of the elements you'll need to build a successful survey. You may construct an infinite number of surveys using this option, but each one is limited to 10 questions and 100 replies. This is a decent alternative for small firms who need to produce quick, simple surveys with a little flair.

Key Features:

  • You may create your own survey with over 25 question kinds and features like skip logic and piping. With adjustable themes, you can make it fit your brand and style.

  • Using social media and email campaigns, rapidly distribute your surveys to everyone on your mailing list. Your surveys will stay safe and confidential thanks to the SSL security.

  • Customizable reports aid in the visualization of response patterns and the making of well-informed judgments. To have a better grasp of the data, use Google Sheets to analyze it.

  • As a group, create. Invite individuals to assist in the editing of your surveys, or give them reports with the findings.


$8 per month.

9. NiceReply

NiceReply employs the use of branded one-click surveys to collect real-time feedback. You may add extra questions and adjust the in-built gorgeous themes.

Additionally, use the 'Customer Effort Score' to analyze surveys to determine why and where consumers are experiencing trouble with your products or services. Use its Net Promoter Score to identify your most loyal consumers and expand the number of users in the area.

Key Features:

  • Get a deeper understanding of what keeps your consumers happy. CSAT may also be used to evaluate the performance of individuals and teams.

  • Calculate how much work your clients must put in while dealing with you. CES may be used to locate and eliminate friction areas.

  • Discover who believes in your brand and why. Use what you've learned to improve your support. Nicereply is an authorized NPS reseller for BAIN & COMPANY, the NPS creators.

  • At the bottom of each email, request feedback from consumers. When a discussion starts to go off track, act fast to redirect it around.


$39 per month.

10. KwikSurveys

KwikSurveys is an extremely user-friendly application that allows anyone to construct a survey with no effort. On the other hand, this survey maker's upgrades aren't inexpensive, and the customization possibilities are limited. Kwik Surveys are sometimes said to be dull since they are just too straightforward.

Key Features:

  • Create reports that may be shared with management and other stakeholders.

  • Most premium accounts come with additional team members.

  • Create quizzes that engage users or meet regulatory standards.

  • Use question logic, text piping, and API data to personalize respondent pathways.

  • To comply with company rules, customize themes and add branded graphics.


$12.99 per month.

11. Alchemer

Alchemer helps enterprises of all sizes analyze and change their relationship with markets, customers, and employees, using everything from survey software to customer feedback management. On their free plan, Alchemer provides three free surveys with limitless questions. However, because each survey may only get 100 replies, this tool is best used with extremely specialized groups, such as a specific internal team or a small group of consumers who just purchased a product.

Key Features:

  • Customers' voices flow through departments and systems using Alchemer, ensuring that everyone hears the same voice and responds appropriately based on their relationship with it.

  • Cint and Lucid are two-panel suppliers with whom they collaborate. However, you may link with Salesforce to get a customer list or Hubspot to get a prospect list.

  • Email, SMS text, video, and audio options are all available. As a result, you may communicate back and forth – and in real-time – with the individuals who are providing the input as well as those who are studying it.


$49 per month.

12. GetFeedback

GetFeedback collects real-time user feedback to help you provide excellent customer experiences. It has a simple drag-and-drop editor that allows you to create interesting surveys and send them to your consumers for feedback.

The good news is that it collects input from customers at every stage of their experience, from sales to service.

You may also link your GetFeedback dashboard to your Salesforce account.

Key Features:

  • Gather real-time input across all channels.

  • Identify patterns quickly and share your findings with your team.

  • As soon as critical feedback is received, close the loop.

  • Get the raw answers you need to create world-class customer experience initiatives.


You can request a quote on their website.

13. QuestionPro

QuestionPro, one of the most popular online survey tools, allows you to quickly construct effective surveys, polls, and quizzes. It's a terrific tool for businesses because of the shared, powerful analytical results. The online survey platform provides customers with multilingual customizable surveys, several survey templates, and over 30 question kinds, as well as branding options.

Key Features:

  • QuestionPro helps you transform data into choices in a flash, from real-time shared dashboards to the full suite of analytics.

  • They handle everything from better security to time-saving integrations to advanced collaboration. They also have the personnel to back you up with the world-class account service team.

  • QuestionPro's team is devoted to making your research success, from Enterprise account managers to live chat.


$129 per month.

14. SurveyPlanet

SurveyPlanet, even the free version, provides for an infinite number of surveys, questions, and replies. Because of the absence of limits, it's an excellent choice for larger companies that need to survey huge groups of people on a regular basis. One drawback of this program is that unless you upgrade to their Pro edition, exporting data might be tough. Keep that possibility in mind before initiating a large-scale feedback campaign.

Key Features:

  • You may incorporate photographs in your survey if you're a Pro user. You may include them in your questions, as well as in the welcome and success statements.

  • You may use the branching function to develop a filter that will help you figure out which questions are relevant to each of your replies. Based on the responses they previously provided, participants will only see the questions you want them to view.

  • With SurveyPlanet, creating unique themes for your surveys is a breeze. If you're in a hurry, though, they've produced a collection of attractive preset themes for you to select from.


$20 per month.

15. Qualtrics

Qualtrics will enable you to quantify your customers’ experience accurately. If you need unique solutions to survey consumers, staff, or brands, Qualtrics is a great choice. With its drag-and-drop survey builder, you can design highly customizable and straightforward survey forms in no time. It comes with over 50 built-in templates to help you generate beautiful surveys quickly.

Key Features:

  • Understanding the major determinants of customer satisfaction at each touchpoint can help you create customer experiences that promote loyalty and expenditure.

  • At the moment, survey your consumers across numerous platforms, and view all of your data in real-time on a single platform.

  • With a drag-and-drop user interface, a library of 100+ question types, and pre-built survey templates created by Ph.D. survey scientists, you can create, edit, and alter your customer surveys in minutes.

  • With predictive analytics, you can forecast what your consumers will do next and anticipate their future demands. It's all done automatically, so every time you check-in, you'll see the steps you need to follow to make the most difference in your company.


You can request a quote on their website.

16. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is a survey tool that is simple to use. It also has some automation features, such as piping responses to new questions, sending emails/notifications based on responses, and so on. Furthermore, it offers a wide range of question kinds and filtering tools to guarantee that the right questions are asked.

Key Features:

  • White-label surveys hosted from your company's domain. Make your surveys genuinely your own and use them to promote your company.

  • Ensure that your surveys are perfectly styled with CSS. To personalize surveys exactly the way you want, use themes and CSS codes.

  • Emails from your company's domain address should be shared. Customize your email's topic, body, and every other aspect.

  • At a certain time, receive survey results in your mailbox. You may obtain a comprehensive view of survey performance and replies without even signing in after you plan and automate reports.


$99 per month.

17. Survicate

Survicate is a professional survey and NPS platform that starts with 100 free replies per month and limitless survey questions. Survicate interacts with HubSpot, Intercom, and other services, and you can select from over 125 templates to generate your surveys quickly. The best thing is that their Feedback Hub allows you to gather all of your observations in one spot.

Key Features:

  • Choose from over 125 survey templates or start from the very beginning.

  • A visual editor allows you to change colors, fonts, and layouts.

  • Use 15 different question kinds, such as NPS, CSAT, and CES.

  • With skip logic, custom actions, and redirection, you can create smart surveys.

  • From your email tool, send 1-click email-embedded surveys.

  • Share link surveys on your blog, social media, email, and other platforms.

  • Any user activity, such as exit intent or scrolling, can be used to trigger web surveys.


$65 per month.

18. SurveyMonkey

Survey Monkey is an online survey tool that you can consider using. Through this tool, you can create reports and analyze them. Through this tool, you can collect online and offline data.

Key Features:

  • Creating surveys is simple. They offer AI-powered guidance.

  • You can choose from expert-written survey question templates and customize them.

  • The tool has a global panel that you can use to get information about market insights.

  • You can collect data and feedback from any source.

  • You can create reports and analyze responses. You can share them with your team as well.


  • Team Advantage: $25 per user per month.

  • Team Premier: $75 per user per month.

  • Enterprise: Contact sales.

19. Typeform

Typeform is another online survey tool that runs efficiently. It has a great interface and various template options.

Key Features:

  • The survey will show only one question at a time to the reader.

  • You can drag and drop the different types of fields to the survey.

  • The tool offers various templates, and you can customize them.

  • The tool has more than 20 question types that you can choose from.

  • You can ask follow-up questions.

  • This tool helps organize data and sync it with all the important tools like Google Sheets.


  • Basic: USD 25/mo billed yearly.

  • Plus: USD 50/mo billed yearly.

  • Business: USD 83/mo billed yearly.

Things To Consider When Choosing An Online Survey tool

Multiple Types Of Questions

Some online survey software only allows you to ask multiple-choice and open-ended questions. However, there are various sorts of questions that might be valuable, such as scale questions, NPS, smiley scales, checkboxes, and forms (useful for collecting emails and lead generation).

Look for tools that include Calls to Action to engage visitors and direct them to specific actions or information.

Reporting Capabilities

It can take a long time to check the results of your surveys, which may deter you from doing so. But that is the key to a good survey; without it, all responses are meaningless. So pick a platform that sends you reports with a summary of findings through email so you can see what users are saying and what the greatest trends are.

You should be able to choose how often you want to get reports, which is a useful tool.

Integrations With Tools You're Already Using

Website survey tools generate helpful and important input that can be used to improve your website or services. However, if you link them with CRM or marketing automation tools, they may deliver considerably more value. With the acquired data, the online survey tool can simplify new leads and improve their profiles. Direct integrations provide more possibilities and are quicker to set up than integrations using third-party tools like Zapier.


Customer surveys are simply one part of a larger feedback system that can help you improve your customer service. You may start getting significant insights now that you have a method to gather feedback. And it's entirely up to you what you do with it.


What Are Online Survey Softwares?

Organizations have traditionally utilized surveys to gather public opinion by assessing the responses to a series of questions.

Online survey tools are computer-based applications that allow for the collecting of input from a specific sample or community. This program aids in the conception, creation, and analysis of surveys for researchers, corporations, and freelancers.

Most survey software also includes drag-and-drop features for quickly creating survey forms. Their automated features expedite the process and make it simple to track and evaluate.

They also have significant advantages over human surveys, particularly in terms of speed and accuracy.

When Should You Consider Using An Online Survey Software?

The first instance in which you want to get a response as quickly as possible through an online survey is after you've completed a purchase. The customer's purchasing experience is still fresh in their mind, thus they are ideally suited to provide feedback. This also implies that you should question them in a style that allows them to react quickly.

After an occurrence, the next scenario for eliciting an immediate response is. An email invitation sent right after the event allows guests to submit feedback while the event is still fresh in their minds.

What Are The Advantages Of Online Surveys?


On average, an online survey takes around two-thirds less time to complete than other research approaches.

More precise.

Because participants type their replies directly into a web survey, the margin of error is considerably decreased. Some old approaches rely on interviewers' attention to accurately input all facts, and human error is certain to occur whenever a person needs to execute a repetitive activity.

Stylized with Ease

An online survey is an opportunity to establish your brand and make an impact on respondents. With customizable backdrops, logos, photos, fonts, and more, your survey may be tailored to fit your company's website.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Online Surveys?

Limitations on the Internet.

Not everyone has access to the internet. If you're seeking to poll a wide range of people, an internet survey alone may leave out the ideas and opinions of elderly populations and rural inhabitants.

Limitations on Closed-Ended Questions

The majority of surveys feature closed-ended questions, which means the responder has no choice except to choose one of the options or "not relevant" or "other." Closed-ended questions are easier to evaluate than open-ended questions, although they may have a lower validity rate than other forms of questions.

Bias resulting from non-response.

The most serious drawback of an online survey is survey fraud. There are persons who do online surveys just for the purpose of receiving a reward (typically in the form of money) after completing the survey, rather than to contribute to the study's growth.

Are Online Surveys Dependable?

Because online surveys are anonymous, respondents are able to provide more frank and accurate responses. Respondents must be as open and honest as possible with their responses in order to obtain the most accurate data. Anonymous surveys provide for more honest and unambiguous responses than other forms of research methodology, especially if it is indicated clearly that survey responses would be kept entirely secret.

What are the steps involved in conducting an online survey?

The steps are:

  1. Decide a research goal.

  2. Make all the questions.

  3. Send it across to your friends and family or others.

  4. Collect the responses

  5. Analyze all the responses to come to an understanding.

  6. Create a report.

Are there any tips to follow while doing an online survey?

There are a few tips that you can follow or consider. The tips are:

  • All the questions should be straightforward to understand.

  • Make the survey short.

  • Create sections.

  • Do not ask for long answers.

  • Assure your participants that the data is secure.

  • Design your survey interactively.

Top 19 Online Survey Tools

The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.