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Best Alternatives From Around The Web is an enterprise-level digital asset management platform which uses Google Drive, and Amazon S3 to keep files safe and accessible.

Keywords, file descriptions, and even user-defined metadata sections can all be used to find specific documents. In addition, they may automatically generate keywords. is IPTC compliant and can read metadata from a wide range of media types. Help is offered via a help forum, live chat, or email. 

There are a bunch of decent tools out there that offer the same array of services as And it can sure get confusing to choose the best from the lot. Luckily, we've got you covered with our curated lists of alternative tools to suit your unique work needs, complete with features and pricing.

Without the aid of developers, offers the planning, authoring, and delivery capabilities required to create content for any channel. Your team can quickly build, experiment with, and upgrade software as a service solution as needed. Every user is catered to by the authoring experience, which only shows them the fields they are expected to view and offers guidelines and context for each type of content.

Pageflex is a digital asset management platform that helps businesses organize digital files of any size or format, keep tabs on revisions, and distribute materials to distributed teams. It allows users to send automated emails or printed letters to their clients based on predefined criteria. Pageflex enables field teams to deliver better campaigns by combining digital asset management, multichannel distribution, customization, brand compliance, and analytics capabilities.

Companies can automate the responses to frequently asked queries with customer care and support module. Because customers can get answers to pressing queries quickly, the support team sees reduced volume and more satisfied, self-sufficient users. The Q&A feature in Answerbase can be used to boost conversions during online shopping, as interested shoppers may have questions about the product that can be addressed right there on the page.

Airtable is an online database management solution that allows you to organize anything, with anyone, from anywhere. With it, you can easily create and manage databases of anything.

The word "database" might throw you off a bit, but it's definitely worth taking a closer look at what Airtable can offer. Compared to most project management software, Airtable's features can look a bit unusual. However, that might be precisely the thing that saves you time and severe headaches.

It allows users to effortlessly store, manage, distribute, manipulate, and analyze assets in hundreds of forms, such as 8K video, documents, photos, and 3D models. Brandfolder's top-tier services, support, security, and scalability enable multinational brands to rapidly develop engaging, consistent, and relevant brand experiences. In spite of the constant evolution of products, it manages and distributes brand assets while preserving coherence.

It has facilities for managing content already built in, and users can easily import their own knowledge base articles. The software uses machine learning to propose additional search terms and possible additions to the lexicon. Users can work together on content, distribute and revise draughts, and finally release the final product. Elevio enables groups by providing customers, support agents, and internal teams with contextualised information.

Businesses can use it to keep track of projects, files, finances, problems, and threats. ISETIA allows users to plan projects, break them down into smaller tasks, bring in new team members and supervisors, monitor the project's progress, and generate reports. Every user has their own dashboard where they may view project updates, receive alerts, and communicate with others working on similar tasks. ISETIA is designed to respond quickly to user requests for assistance.

To better utilise your time, one can use Marvia's modular construction programme. You can create an environment where (local) marketing materials can be readily created, managed, and distributed by any member of your team. The tool also provides digital assets and templates needed for marketing and communication. Since no two businesses are same, neither are Marvia's offerings. Marvia puts a premium on customization and constantly has a fresh take on how to fulfil your needs.

MediaBeacon is used by marketers to facilitate asset production, asset discovery, and asset distribution. With this centralised repository, your teams can easily upload, search, and locate the photographs, videos, audio files, artwork, and other digital resources they need to create marketing and packaging content. MediaBeacon is able to accommodate big, complex instances and operations while yet delivering a simple interface for end users.

Canto is relied on by marketing teams of all sizes and in all sectors because of how well it manages marketing assets and content. They've been in the digital asset management business for over 30 years, and now thousands of companies all over the world rely on them to manage all of their digital files in one place. Canto is a DAM that lets you store, manage, and distribute your brand's assets in one place.

The tool provides a single location for storing and managing multimedia items such as photos, docs, and videos. Any number of metadata types, taxonomies, and sets can be set up in it. There is a whole governance architecture built into the system to handle controlling who has access to what. Versions, licences, releases, and expirations of assets can all be controlled by adjusting permissions.

Bynder makes digital files management quick and easy to use, saving teams significant time in uploading, sharing and collaborating on files. You can fully customize your portal to match your brand experience and upload hundreds of files in a matter of seconds.

Automatic file conversion lets you download any file type you need. Bynder automatically extracts all metadata, keywords and relevant information during the upload process, and its AI-powered search makes files instantly searchable.

User collaboration within an organisation is facilitated by this solution. The dashboard, personalised reports, and content aggregation are the main features. The solution is made for a wide range of sectors, including the information technology sector, the electronics sector, and the nonprofit sector. In an automated workflow, users can delegate duties like production, approval, and publication to other team members while also improving their ability to communicate with one another.

Instead of relying on file sharing and email tracking for marketing and brand compliance, this tool allows users to do all of these things in the cloud. File versioning, emailing asset links (registered and public users), reviewing marketing collateral (via an image carousel slider and PDF reader), lightbox collections, sharing and embedding media, metadata management, file watermarking, integration with multiple applications (via IntelligenceBank's Universal Connector).

With this DAM system, businesses can easily upload, store, manage, distribute, and track digital assets including photos, videos, audios, texts, and creative files. It also has features like content workflows, which will make content production and preparation more efficient. In addition, it offers comprehensive statistics and insights into your content's performance so you can gauge your content's return on investment.

It's a central hub where users may keep their digital stuff and find what they need when they need it. Branding, internal/external sharing, social media publishing, rule-based search, workflow actions, analytics, data extraction, automatic transcoding, watermarking, and direct download are just a few of the many features that can be implemented with ResourceSpace. ResourceSpace is a secure platform that facilitates access management, single sign-on, and user confidentiality.

Thanks to its compatibility with a wide range of other programmes, including CRM systems like Salesforce, Workfront may be seamlessly integrated into your existing operations. Workfront provides a powerful framework for managing work that makes it easier to handle complex corporate operations. It allows you to monitor your company's supply and demand for resources. Better yet, Workfront's AI technology can figure out the best way to divide jobs based on priority and skill set automatically.

Marketing media may be managed and distributed more efficiently with the help of, a digital asset management (DAM) platform. This software provides the means to coordinate advertising, presentations, copy, videos, and images across a variety of marketing channels. is a cutting-edge cloud platform that can replace popular cloud storage services like Box, Sharepoint, and Google Drive as well as traditional library-style digital asset management systems.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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