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With this tools you can sort all the NFTs depending on their collections, average price, and even volume in ETH. Their strongest feature is their ability to assign a rarity score to any NFTs. 

The ability of to assign a rarity score to any NFTs is one of their strongest features. You can quickly decide whether it is a wise investment or not using the rarity score. It is an easy-to-use tool that offers thorough information and directs you toward profitable NFTs. For a price, may also promote and highlight collections. allows you to arrange NFTs in a variety of ways, such by collection size, average price, and ETH volume.

One of' major features is its ability to give a rarity score to any NFTs. Using the rarity score, you can quickly determine whether or not purchasing the item is a good idea. It's a simple app that gives you all the data you need and points you in the direction of promising NFTs. can advertise and feature collections for a fee.

There are a bunch of decent tools out there that offer the same array of services as And it can sure get confusing to choose the best from the lot. Luckily, we've got you covered with our curated lists of alternative tools to suit your unique work needs, complete with features and pricing.

It's the only online educational platform that provides you with free courses and even scholarships to help you study. The BitDegree platform employs blockchain technology to give users cryptocurrency-based rewards., BitDegree is extremely simple to use and explore. You may immediately search for courses you're interested in from the site, or login/sign up to see the courses you've registered in.

The platform estimates the current fair value of NFTs using machine learning. Price predictions for each particular NFT take rarity, attributes, market information, and other elements into account. The "Screener," which displays the currently most affordable NFTs across all tracked collections, is their key feature. It might be advantageous to choose an NFT that is regarded as a deal if you are thinking about purchasing one.

Moby can be quite beneficial for NFT investors and assist them in keeping track of their investments. Shorter window durations of 10 minutes, 60 minutes, 24 hours, and a few others allow them to act on their investments and make decisions more quickly. You may see all the data charts and conduct a more accurate analysis if you subscribe to Moby's Pro version. More helpful information is available to subscribers, including historical collection data, real-time feeds, NFT signals, and much more.

You may see a list of the top NFT collections on the official website, together with information about their total assets, collection worth, floor price, volume, and sales. On, you can also look up upcoming NFT collections to see if there are any worthwhile projects to invest in. Visitors can browse through these NFT collections and learn more about them, including their asset worth, dropping date, minting price, and other details.

It is not just helpful for browsing an incredible selection of digital art. With all the data and NFT shop together, OpenSea has successfully built a strong ecosystem. Finding the best new NFTs has gotten much easier and simpler for everyone now that everything is in one location. One of the most well-known marketplace for purchasing, selling, and trading NFTs is OpenSea.

The first item you see when you launch is the "Trending Collections," which includes several recently trending NFTs. You may even filter the ranking for the previous 15 or 30 minutes if your wallet is connected. Additionally, you can see all the NFT-related data on the leaderboard, including the floor price, volume, sales, and average price. The best feature is its user-friendly interface, which makes performing NFT analysis simple enough for beginners.

It frequently occurs that you miss out on a specific NFT drop because you were unaware of it. You discover afterward that the price is really high in the market. You no longer need to be concerned about missing prospective NFT drops. It will inform you of giveaways, events, and sales involving NFTs in addition to keeping you informed about all upcoming NFT drops.

For tracking the sales information of NFT collections, DappRadar has become the go-to resource. In 2020, they also developed a portfolio tracker to give consumers an easy method to keep tabs on their Ethereum wallets in real-time. To receive information about the tokens and NFT balance as well as the overall net value of that wallet, users only need to enter the Ethereum wallet address or ENS name into this tracker.

Upcoming NFT is a great tool for never missing out on the coming NFT drops. If there are any new NFT projects, events, drops, auctions, or giveaways, then you may get an idea about them through this platform. You can sort the NFT projects listed by popularity, date of addition, or even upcoming projects. If you are thinking about creating your own NFT project, you may also submit your NFT to the platform. You will be able to sell your digital artwork more quickly and easily as a result of this.

If there is any new NFT project emerging in the market, you will be able to access it on this platform. You can browse through crypto artwork, collectibles, blockchain games, and the platform's metaverse in addition to NFT news and analysis.NFT Evening also helps in growing your event or NFT project for generating visibility before launch. This greatly aids in giving your project a boost. The tool allows you to run the analysis with multiple criteria like categories and blockchain.

In addition to NFT, Coin Rivet is a complete platform with many additional capabilities. Get the most recent information about NFTs, Defi, and much more. You will receive a notification when any NFT launches if you have made an account and added any NFT to your calendar. This will enable you to purchase all upcoming NFTs and ensure that you never pass up a lucrative opportunity. On any of the listed projects, Coin Rivet does not provide investment advice.

Numerous applications make use of the Etherscan APIs and further analyze the data to give the user additional insightful information.The ERC-721 standard is used to build NFTs on Ethereum, and as of right now, the Etherscan lists 21,669 tokens as ERC-721 compatible. The collection of NFT tools recently gained more capabilities, including knowledge of NFT minting, distribution, transfers, and prices.

One of the earliest NFT tools to offer this functionality was in 2013. NFT tools have long looked to discover market opportunities. Users can view a scorecard of the most lucrative NFT wallets depending on how much money has been produced by using the NFT wallet analysis tool. Better asset management and long-term planning can result from the research. Additionally, the program functions as a wallet and an investment tracker.

The NFT ranking tool from CryptoSlam contains every feature a user might want, including NFT sales, floor price, transaction volume, number of owners, and more. Additionally, the platform has a section specifically designed for NFT Rarity functions that provide users with a thorough understanding of each non-fungible token. Without requiring registration or login, the CryptoSlam Public API is designed for developers who want to get started right away.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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