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Top 16 Sales Coaching Tools

To optimize sales rep performance and give representatives the tools they need to have a positive influence on the larger sales organization, sales managers engage in sales coaching. Every sales rep is supported and given the tools they need to successfully meet both their individual quota and the quota and goals set for the team through the sales coaching process.

Iterative, customized, and inclusive coaching techniques for sales are essential. It's intended to reprimand bad conduct or reinforce good behavior. Sales coaching, which is frequently a component of each sales rep's daily or weekly schedule, is concentrated on skills and procedures rather than figures.

A sales coach tracks each rep's performance using data to spot areas for development and promote winning habits. Customers typically receive a certain amount of cloud storage space for previous calls from sales coaching software vendors. The corresponding rep information is then added to the recordings as tags for later easy access. This might be useful for sales representatives or managers who wish to listen to a call again in order to learn from it or obtain account information.

The following are the top 16 sales coaching tools discussed in this top tools list.

1. Demodesk

Revenue leaders can coach at scale and provide real-time guidance to reps using the sales meeting platform Demodesk. The platform provides managers and team members with an overview of all meetings taking place, allowing them to observe meetings while they're happening for coaching purposes or to hasten the onboarding of new reps. It resembles a virtual sales floor in certain ways, but nobody monitoring the meeting ever interrupts the client interaction.

To ensure they have everything they need, regardless of the curveball the prospect throws their way, Demodesk also helps sales executives standardize pitches with the material throughout the meeting.

Key Features:

  • Work directly with consumers during virtual meetings using Demodesk's virtual screen software. Enable real-time communication amongst consumers to increase the value of your product.

  • Real-time sales enablement lets you quickly obtain the required information throughout each contact. You may address objections and customize dialogues with bespoke playbooks and on-demand battle cards.

  • Seamless CRM Sync: Collect client data from booking pages, speaker notes, and email correspondences using custom fields, and have it sync to your CRM automatically.

  • Connect with your whole sales stack through integrations, including G Suite, Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Gong, and more.

  • Sales coaching tools include observing meetings without being seen or heard, using AI-based insights to direct representatives in real-time, and researching what increases deal conversion.


Demodesk package start at €29 per user/month

2. Chorus

Chorus, a conversation intelligence platform, focuses on sales conversation analysis to improve performance and boost income. Particularly for coaching sales calls, this platform is beneficial. It makes use of AI-powered transcription, recording, and consumer interaction feedback. Additionally, it offers data-driven insights that point out potential areas for development.

Key Features:

  • A limitless number of call transcripts are available - Access the recording, transcription, and discussion analytics in Chorus shortly as your call ends.

  • Sensitive trackers - With AI-based trackers that automatically reveal important subjects like next steps, cost, or frequent objections, you can access the moments that matter the most.

  • Proactively advising suggestions - Receive coaching opportunities from sales calls automatically in your mailbox.

  • Business Intelligence - Having complete visibility into the connections and information that drive the sales pipeline into closed business can help you forecast confidently.

  • Intelligence in Relationships - Every contact and consumer interaction from your engagement systems should be combined and synced with your CRM and other records systems.

  • Reporting and Analytics - Use 20+ pre-built reports to make reporting simpler, or use custom objects to tie conversation metrics into your reporting.


Contact their sales team via email to get pricing information

3. Gong

The revenue intelligence tool Gong assists in capturing client interactions across the web, phones, emails, and other forms of communication. Providing real-time insights and data based on sales conversions helps decision-makers for revenue strategy make better decisions. Deal intelligence, integrations, people intelligence, field sales, and market intelligence are some of its other vital characteristics.

Key Features:

  • Enhance Security: To safeguard client data, combine enterprise-grade features with thorough audits of apps, networks, and systems. These features include GDPR, application security, data center security, and more.

  • Boost Transparency: Use deal, market, and people information to drive effective decision-making and get unparalleled visibility into consumer preferences.

  • Recover Losses: To stop sales from tanking, combine all the interactions across transactions into a single view and rapidly assess pipeline health.


Gong executives need to speak with you to provide correct cost information because their pricing methodology depends on a few elements unique to your team. To begin, only complete the form to the right.

4. Brainshark

A complete sales preparedness system called Brainshark gives client-facing teams the critical skills they need to be as productive as possible. Sales professionals are prepared to take advantage of any selling opportunity thanks to its cutting-edge training materials and comprehensive analysis of an organization's sales performance. It teaches staff how to handle challenging situations and exceed the competition by mastering superior sales skills.

Key Features:

  • Machine analysis: AI-backed feedback and grading will transform coaching programs. Whenever a user uploads a video, automatically generates user ratings. Obtain helpful information about a seller's performance, subject knowledge, and emotional expression. Utilize machine learning to scale coaching while giving feedback top priority.

  • Reporting: Make individualized reports to evaluate worker performance. Create pre-made or bespoke reports to analyze training materials' usability and potential for engagement. Discover your team's and your own sales preparedness.

  • Learning Development: For the benefit of teams who work with customers, such as salespeople, develop their learning pathways. Utilize evaluations and training materials developed to maximize client satisfaction.


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5. MindTickle

Through interaction and ongoing skill development, the real sales preparation and training platform MindTickle empowers sales representatives. This software focuses on developing distinctive and adaptable sales enablement programs, which is particularly helpful in cutting down onboarding and training process ramp time. Additionally, a sales capacity index is included, which enables the sales manager to observe trends in the association between performance and readiness.

Key Features:

  • Contact Management

  • API

  • Activity Dashboard

  • Third-Party Integrations

  • Reporting & Statistics

  • Data Import/Export

  • Lead Management

  • CRM


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6. (RingDNA)

A VoIP solution called RingDNA gives sales teams access to capabilities like an automated dialer and voice communication tools. This cloud-based tool bridges the communication intelligence and business telephony gaps. There are several key features to the platform, including sales coaching, an inbound sales tool, a CTI solution for automating recorded conversations, sales prospecting, and Conversation AI. Reports and insights are provided to managers by automating the call log.

Key Features:

  • Great Sales Tools - Utilizing the proper approach, the appropriate context, and the perfect moments, sales teams may communicate with clients and prospects with ringDNA.

  • A Dialer's Intelligent Feature- By automating all repetitive operations and ensuring that all call actions are recorded in Salesforce, the software may enhance the workflow of your sales professionals.

  • AI Communication Feature - The program integrates context, call performance metrics, and outcome data from your CRM to help you understand which conversational techniques and behaviors generate ROI and quota attainment. You can then reproduce what works to complete more successful transactions, more quickly.

  • Connected DNA Feature - You may make sure prospects are directed to the appropriate agents using this technology. Build campaign-based routing, ACD, and IVR menus using the straightforward drag-and-drop interface.


Revenue has 4 pricing plans

  • Elite

  • Core

  • Professionals

  • Pro Plus

7. SalesLoft

A web-based platform called SalesLoft was developed to give users a more effective and revenue-boosting sales experience. It is accomplished by providing sales teams with improved communication tools, including centralized email and sales call tracking. This sales marketing tool claims to up to 300% boost qualifying appointments and demos. By automating the production of an estimated cadence, it also hopes to save users some time. Users' sales work is greatly simplified by the system's straightforward interface and well-organized access.

Key Features:

  • An effective email marketing solution - With the help of SalesLoft, customers may design a process that enables sales development representatives to build and distribute email templates for sales to the whole team.

  • Communication control - Emails and phone calls are included in the system to track all communication activity on a single platform. The following action can then make use of the engagement. Users can automatically execute call lists, which simplifies sales calls and makes them more accessible and less labor-intensive.


SalesLoft has 2 pricing plans

  • Prospect

  • Enterprise

8. Quantified

To maximize potential, Quantified gives you the ability to evaluate your rep-level strengths and shortcomings. The innovative platform teaches individuals to become excellent at the behaviors that drive sales performance through behavioral science, quick individualized feedback, experiential learning, and live simulations.

Key Features:

  • The only dynamic sales coaching AI platform that leverages science, AI, and accurate simulations to create exceptional, customer-facing teams is called Quantified.

  • Make every salesperson a top performer by providing your team and leaders with objective and individualized insights using the most cutting-edge AI sales coaching and simulation software.

  • Deliver targeted, evidence-based coaching using AI that increases results in terms of revenue, customer experience, and audience impressions.


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9. Allego

The next phase of sales enablement is represented by Allego. Allego's all-in-one, patented rep-centric platform makes sure that sellers have the abilities, information, and resources they need to maximize team success in a virtual environment. Allego equips reps with the activated content they need to close deals faster, as well as the individualized coaching and learning they need for continuous improvement, in place of conventional training and content enablement tactics, which are quickly becoming out of date and frequently ineffective. And it all takes place as they go about their everyday tasks.

Nearly 500,000 professionals are using Allego to redefine the way they onboard, train, cooperate, and sell. This is done through asynchronous video feedback between colleagues or skill development through AI-powered coaching and peer-to-peer collaboration.

Key Features:

  • Faster time-to-productivity for launches and onboarding

  • Wider uptake of content and strategic usage

  • Faster sales cycles and higher win rates

  • Increased awareness of competitive readiness

  • Lower training expenses


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10. Balto

Calls are dropped in 66% of cases because of errors that may be avoided. The majority of technologies provide data indicating call loss without offering a solution. The first and only real-time guidance that alters agent behavior is Balto. Balto is the most effective way to boost conversion rates, provide top-notch customer service, collect more, and shorten ramp times.

A cloud-based call center system called Balto is available for companies of all sizes. The solution makes use of artificial intelligence to assist the teams in training sales representatives and assessing consumer problems.

Key Features:

  • Balto listens to phone conversations and then directs the representative's next words while they are on-call.

  • By controlling scripts and identifying overlooked conversational components like complaints, worries, and objections, it standardizes communication patterns.

  • The program automatically recognizes questions from the caller and gives the agent a prompt answer. Additionally, it pushes agents to ask discovery questions to delve deeper into customer concerns.

  • By notifying agents when necessary, Balto promotes soft skills like active listening, empathy, de-escalation, and rapport building. Additionally, it automates call quality analysis, finds non-compliant language, and provides a quick fix.

  • The solution is accessible through a subscription model, and assistance is offered over the phone, via email, and through online ticketing.


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11. SalesHood

Using SalesHood's cloud-based sales enablement and productivity platform, businesses of all sizes can manage and enhance the productivity and engagement of their teams through training and coaching, video storytelling, content management, and peer learning modules.

Key Features:

  • With features for completion monitoring and reporting, users may evaluate how well employees perform on their responsibilities.

  • Managers may automate and streamline content workflows like scorecarding, one-on-one or team training, quarterly business reviews, feedback, and more by using preset templates in the coaching solution.

  • Users can easily find updates on procedures thanks to the content management system's integrated library, which allows publishers to automatically categorize papers, files, folders, or videos and arrange information depending on sales phases, products, and regions.


Saleshood package start at $75 per user per month

12. Ambition

Ambition is a sales management platform that focuses on coaching and gamification, making it a perfect tool for ongoing sales training, defining monthly goals, and organizing team-energizing tournaments. This solution can also integrate sales scorecards and contest templates, exhibit central dashboards for simple visibility, arrange weekly one-on-one meetings with your sales agents by creating action plans and analytics, and migrate an existing framework online.

Key Features:

  • With the help of the Ambition platform, managers can easily construct adaptable performance visualizations and insights for their whole sales organization by syncing data from their effective systems (Salesforce, New Voice Media) onto a drag-and-drop user interface.

  • Ambition's operational efficiency is its greatest asset. Ambition provides a system of records for sales leadership, technology, frontline managers, and their employees.

  • Managers can be proactive rather than reactive, thanks to real-time data updates, and representatives can see the whole picture regarding strategy, procedures, performance targets, and rewards.


Ambition has 3 pricing plans

  • Gamify

  • Pro

  • Coaching Orchestration

13. ClearSlide

The direct feedback feature of ClearSlide's more effective sales engagement software solution. The direct feedback solution from ClearSlide stands out because it continuously tracks client participation in virtual sales meetings. This is unique since most feedback systems only address the sales representative's performance or behaviors, not those of the client.

Key Features:

  • More rapid rep onboarding - By imitating the behaviors, engagement strategies, and outcomes of your most successful sales representatives, new sales reps can ramp up more quickly.

  • Training Effectiveness - With the ClearSlide sales content library, training content – web presentations and interactive content – can be easily surfaced to users using tags. With thorough slide-by-slide engagement metrics, you can keep tabs on training utilization and see how sales professionals use the information.

  • Success Coach - Based on your sales cycle, ClearSlide Team Insights offers personalized benchmarks for activity and engagement levels.

  • Track Possibilities - Every sales contact is covered in depth by the ClearSlide Customer Insights Reports.


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14. TryWingMan

TryWingMan uses covert pop-up cards to provide sales people with real-time guidance. It listens to the discussions and provides AI-based nudges if either party starts speaking in a monologue. Following the meeting, WingMan makes suggestions for the best conduct and assists the management in determining the skill gaps and training requirements of each representative.

Key Features:

  • Deal intelligence - Wingman keeps you informed of everything you need to know so you can identify risky transactions at a glance.

  • Market knowledge - Based on firsthand knowledge, create a GTM plan. Understand who your rivals are and who you are losing to.

  • Conversational wisdom - Understand the greatest worries, sales obstacles, and pain spots for your prospects. No more secret messages.

  • Intelligence training - Monitor sales practices for individualized coaching. Your best player should be everyone. Give the newbies cookie cutter coaching.


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15. Goodmeetings

The newest tool for sales coaching is Goodmeetings. It has the option of a covert coach who may covertly provide advice to the salesperson if the pitch is veering off course. Additionally, GoodMeetings offers real-time AI nudges based on the body language, talk/listen-to ratio, and attention score of the consumer.

Furthermore. In order for the sales professional to tailor his or her presentation and make it more effective, Goodmeetings leverages conversational intelligence to assess user behavior utilizing video, audio, and chat.

Key Features:

  • All-Browser Video Meetings. No app download is necessary.

  • Authentication using a single sign-on (SSO). CRM is fully integrated.

  • Sales widgets collection. Adaptable upon request.

  • AI-Powered Assisted Selling

  • Anonymous Login

  • System for Managing Video Recordings

  • Annotations, transcripts, and other meta-data for recordings


Goodmeetings package starts at $99 Per month/ rep

16. Bigtincan

The first automation platform for sales enablement is called Bigtincan Content Hub. The real-time, AI-driven automation it offers improves the customer experience while giving the sales and marketing teams the resources they need to produce greater business outcomes. It's made to accommodate the needs of the mobile worker.

Key Features:

  • You and your team may easily produce and distribute sales proposals to your prospects with Bigtincan.

  • By using your own templates, anybody may easily and at scale develop personalized sales proposals with the document automation software from Bigtincan.

  • Using the Bigtincan search, your sales staff can access all of these files from one location, eliminating the need for them to transfer files to a different platform or copy and paste the desired material.


Speak with the Bigtincan sales team to determine a pricing strategy that works for your business and to determine the precise items you require.

Things to Consider while buying a Sales Coaching Tool

Analyze your team's performance both as a whole and on an individual basis.

You can decide what kind of training your team needs by understanding how they function together and independently. You can use your CRM to track crucial statistics like customer fit, close rate, and upsell rate, for instance, which can help you develop a sales coaching strategy. If your team is spread out across the globe, this is especially helpful.

Maybe your staff needs additional training in selling strategies because they currently don't have any. Alternately, it's a good idea to set aside time for tactical training if your team is having trouble with typical sales circumstances like objections.

Acquire suggestions from your team.

Asking your team directly is the only surefire way to find out what they should be concentrating on. The choice of coaching is ultimately up to you as the sales manager, although you could discover that the reps require training in other areas.

Create and disseminate a survey asking inquiries like:

  • What are your best-selling qualities?

  • What kind of sales training would be most beneficial?

  • What are your main sales-related challenges?

  • You may choose the style of training by using these questions to determine the main areas that your team needs to concentrate on throughout training.

Implement, evaluate, and adjust

Once you've chosen a coaching approach, be sure to assess its effects on your reps at various points. By doing so, you may determine how responsive the reps are to the sort of training and adjust as appropriate.

Keep in mind that a successful sales coaching program won't be a one-size-fits-all approach. The training must be modified to meet the special qualities of your team.


One of the best things you can do for your team and business is to invest in a sales coaching program. Your sales representatives will be prepared for long-term success—and the business will gain from it—if they are consistently learning and honing their sales techniques. Participating in a sales coaching program might be one of the best things you do for your team and business as a whole. Your sales representatives will be prepared for long-term success—and the business will gain from it—if they are consistently learning and honing their sales techniques. We provide top 16 sales coaching tool in this article. You can pick the one you prefer most


What is Sales Coaching Software?

Software for sales coaching gives managers and sales reps candid feedback on how to raise overall rep performance. Numerous solutions for sales coaching capture, examine and offer insights on audio and video sales conversations. For instance, the program may track the length of each caller's discussion, the following actions suggested by the sales representative, and provide the transaction stage and account status.

The majority of sales coaching platform providers now include call information and recommendations based on AI. This might be in the form of AI-recommended rep improvement opportunities, crucial call times, deal risk levels, and the best course of action.

What does software for sales coaching do?

For the purpose of giving sales representatives individualized feedback and coaching, sales coaching software records and analyzes sales calls. These tools may train new representatives, monitor rep performance during calls, recognize high-performing reps, assess adherence to best practices, and more.

Individual reps can also listen to calls later by using call transcriptions and recordings. These technologies' dashboards and data may be used by sales managers to acquire a broad picture of sales rep productivity.

Why should sales teams utilize the software for sales coaching?

Sales managers and executives may use sales coaching software to ensure that their sales teams continually communicate the right message and adhere to best practices. Listening to samples of excellent sales calls is a terrific approach for novice sales representatives and business development reps to understand how successful sales reps discuss the things their organization sells.

Sales coaching platforms offer a deal and account-level knowledge that would be challenging for salespeople to glean from sales conversations on their own, in addition to monitoring sales rep productivity and new rep onboarding and training. Numerous systems today provide AI-based suggestions and may identify key times in calls and highlight them for representatives.

What characterizes a competent sales coach?

Sales managers need to be invested in their staff members' success. They should be able to establish trusting bonds with SDRs and show empathy via their actions. Each SDR receives this in return and appreciates knowing that their boss has their best interests at heart.

How should a sales team be coached?

  • Encourage and motivate salespeople to increase sales.

  • Set significant goals, plan ahead, and come up with successful methods and approaches.

  • Analyze information and data.

  • Speculate on future numbers and a range of potential sales.

  • Control consumer interaction on a daily to weekly basis.

  • Ensure effective communication between teams and executives.

Top 16 Sales Coaching Tools

The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.