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Top 19 Sales Stack Tools

Acknowledging your target, constructing appropriate content to achieve out to potentials, establishing coherent mechanisms to never miss a chance, optimistic and assertive salespeople, and a stack of sales tools to structure, digitize, and speed up revenue activity are all important factors in the factors for the success of your marketing initiatives. And hence, there is no denying of the fact that sales stack tools must be selected wisely.

Sales representatives can execute deals in a consistent fashion with a well-structured marketing funnel. The equipment you buy should help you make your operation more effective and successful. As a result, before you consider introducing new sales tools, ensure sure you have a well-defined approach in place.

In this top tools list, we discuss the latest and most reliable sales stack tools to make your work easier and more efficient.

1. Walnut

Walnut allows salespeople to personalize demonstrations preceding each meeting, resulting in a higher engagement rate. Showcase your dynamic demonstrations in a secure setting that ensures no interruption and no delays in processing.

Provide your customers with exceptional sales encounters. Customize your demonstrations for each lead and give them the opportunity to try out your item at any point during the sales journey.

Embed an engaging demonstration on your website and track how your users connect with it. In only a handful of clicks, you may record your item or program display right from your website. For your clients, personalize every element of your business demonstrations with the help of this tool.

Key Features:

  • Personalizing option

  • Collect insights and optimizes

  • Powerful demos

  • Share product tours

  • Transparent sales process


You can request a quote through the website.

2. Aligned

Aligned is a collaborative workspace designed for B2B sellers who want to hit their revenue targets in a simple, fast, and organized way. It does away with multiple email threads, links and decks, and instead provides a streamlined platform with everything they need in one place.

It allows them to engage with prospects and customers by providing a space that helps sellers control deals, by mastering next steps, plans and timelines.

They can sell smarter using never-before tracked insights and analytics, and provide a buying encounter that helps buyers choose their company and giving them an experience they love

Unlike traditional selling methods that can be complex and lack visibility, Aligned streamlines the process and provides a more efficient way to close deals and increase revenue.

Key Features:

  • Content Library that allows you to manage your resources and share them in customer workspace.

  • Revenue project management to assist in customer onboarding.

  • Communication tools that streamline connectivity

  • Mobile optimized services.


Basic package starts from $29 but free versions also available

3. Gong

Gong evaluates all of your customer-facing contacts, including phone, mail, and online meetings, to provide your company with the information it requires to complete more business. With independent analytics that lead your employees, you can get your employees to reality-based success right now.

As a result, they are well connected throughout the corporation. Your sales force earns consistent income regardless of where they work owing to this sophisticated tool that helps them comprehend every client encounter, communicate, and establish connections. Only a small portion of what is said is recorded in the notes of sales reps.

To unify your team behind what's really communicated in customer interactions, eliminate bias and misinformation. Allow your employees to invest more time with clients and lesser time on repetitive tasks by providing automation, next actions, and analytics.

When marketing teams understand the customer's genuine perspective, the entire organization can understand what they want and increase revenue more quickly.

Key Features:

  • Proactive Guidance

  • Onboard new hires easily

  • Collective Reality

  • Real-tie Insights

  • Data-based guardrails


You can request a quote through their website.

4. Staircase AI

Staircase AI Startup Stash
Staircase AI helps you discover post-sales opportunities by analyzing all your communication with customers. It automatically discovers customers' sentiment, stakeholder changes, risks, and other human insights from what your customers are saying.

Using unique AI and machine learning models, Staircase AI analyzes all of your customer interactions, including emails, chats, Slack activity, video calls, and more. It then connects between the human signals to generate relationship-based insights such as stakeholder changes, positive or negative sentiment trends, problematic topics, and more. Combined with existing product analytics, this human analytics provides the missing element to fully understanding your customer to grow at scale.

You can simply get notified automatically every time a new expansion opportunity arises, or reveal churn risks before it's too late.

Key features:

  • Identify growth and expansion opportunities

  • Alerts on positive and negative topics

  • Live journey mapping

  • AI-driven sentiment trend analysis

  • Discover churn risks and negative sentiment


Offer a free tier up to 20 customers, Growth starts at $499/m

5. DealHub

DealHub helps you let all of your sales tools be integrated into a single, dynamic sales interface. Add opportunity data and streamline the creation of any assets required to complete a sale.

Make quick, tailored proposals for consumers to assist you to differentiate out from the competition. Any asset utilized to clinch a sale may be linked back to your CRM immediately, giving you all the information you want to optimize deals, track patterns, and achieve a comparative edge.

Improve sales efficiency and deal implementation efficiency by enabling a fully integrated workflow. In every trade, get a strategic benefit with this sales stack tool. Deliver tailored estimates and offers to clients quickly with a DealRoom.

Key Features:

  • Evaluate your current sales stack

  • Align your sales process

  • Streamline contract signings

  • Scale renewals

  • CPQs


You can request a quote through their website.

6. Intercom

Intercom is a consumer interaction application that enables people to connect with prospects, connect them, and turn them into regular clients all in one place. You may also deliver push reminders, in-app messaging, and customized email series with intercom. You can also run A/B testing to see what messages connect your clients the most.

Intercom may be used to develop an information library for your business in addition to live chat and chatbots. Intercom integrates with a number of CRM systems, including NetHunter, allowing all interactions in Intercom conversations to be connected to CRM user data. That's a great idea for a dynamic client service encounter.

Key Features:

  • Live chat for support

  • Outcome reporting

  • Targeted messaging

  • App integration

  • Business messenger


You can request a quote through their website.

7. Finteza

Finteza is an innovative intelligence system that delivers a comprehensive evaluation of all your advertising information in one location, allowing you to manage your organization from start to finish.

You may use the tool to track traffic flow in real-time, construct and evaluate sales pipelines, perform A/B testing, generate extensive and easy-to-understand audience statistics, and execute advertising programs.

You can simply save money on marketing, enhance engagement rates, generate successful ads in your area, and manage marketing results with Finteza.

Key Features:

  • Built-in advertising engine

  • Sales funnels

  • Page analytics

  • Traffic evaluation

  • Audience analysis


The pricing for this sales stack tool starts from 4USD.

8. Salesloft

Salesloft is a user onboarding and retention platform that also manages renewals. SalesLoft measures website connections and participation, integrating performance with CRM customer and client data.

You may use SalesLoft to discover at-risk clients, trigger steps to interact with them and arrange meetings with clients who require additional assistance. The tool aids in employee engagement and business expansion.

Keep employers up to date on what's going on with available positions. To prevent transactions from falling through the channels, identify gaps in the transaction process. At every level of the marketing funnel, displays offer rich information.

Key Features:

  • Sales Email

  • Calendaring

  • Mobile App Access

  • CRM Sync

  • Alalytics and Reporting


You can request a quote through their website.

9. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo increases B2B salespeople's efficiency by locating new information about firm connections. It collects leads from your website and divides them into segments for outreach activities. The tool combines data from experts and businesses. Overall, it aids in the identification of the most relevant profiles that correspond to your optimal client pattern.

With computerized marketing and advertising operations, you may move quicker on crucial industry indicators like customer desire, financing changes, and equipment upgrades. With this tool's native contact encoder and mail interface, you can create and manage multi-touch marketing intonations.

ZoomInfo Chat, an easy-to-use, statistics chabot platform, can help you reduce your sales funnel. Set up real-time offer notifications to connect the best-fit customers, or manage lead qualification conversations to create additional time for your actual process.

Key Features:

  • Website Visitor Tracking

  • Contact Tracking

  • Conversation intelligence

  • Webform optimization

  • Digital advertising


You can request a quote through their website.

10. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder determines which firms access your website, how they arrived, their activities, and their spending goal. It also displays the sector segmentation, which aids businesses in adjusting their operations and ensuring that they are targeting the appropriate audience.

Leadfeeder can also assist you to decide who to approach from a prospective company. The identities of the organizations that visit your website are identified by Leadfeeder. Visitors to your website are far more likely to make a purchase than those who have never known of you.

Don't let those ready-to-buy prospects slip through your fingers. Find out what kind of material your customers are engaged in and use it in your presentations. Before you ever communicate to them, predict their requirements.

Key Features:

  • Record tracking

  • Filtration

  • Ready-to-buy sales leads

  • Custom feeds

  • CRM Integration


This sales stack tool starts with a free lite plan and costs €79 per month for the premium plan.

11. Clearbit

Clearbit captures your website's users and converts random website visits into usable information and prospects. Clearbit displays information about people and firms who access your business website, such as company size, sector, and staff information, as well as employment changes.

The information engagement system from Clearbit provides you with a 360-degree picture of your industry, leads, and clients. Identify and connect specific groups, create specialized buyer journeys, and respond to intention indicators quickly throughout the client term.

To develop and execute your optimal customer identity, integrate Clearbit's entire market perspective with statistics from all of your current go-to-market platforms. Concentrate your funnel, staff, and processes on the prospects who are most valuable to you.

Key Features:

  • Prioritize good-fits

  • Align your team

  • Accelerate revenue

  • Qualified pipeline


You can request a quote through their website.

12. Outreach

Outreach is the industry-leading sales interaction technology that allows you to manage, schedule, analyze, and manage your email and audio conversations with clients. Outreach aids in the creation of cycles including a succession of multiple touchpoints in order to increase potential and personalization.

In a fiercely dynamic market, there is no space for conjecture. The AI-powered transaction analytics from Outreach help you make successful decisions every time.

Outreach assists income organizations to automate pricing commitment and act on income cognitive ability to enhance their productivity, consistency, and expansion by leveraging the industry's largest B2B buyer-seller interaction data and substantial capital in patented technology AI technologies to translate sales information into insights.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Enablement

  • AI-driven reports

  • Automated pipeline generation

  • Meeting Scheduler

  • CRM sync


You can request a quote through their website.

13. Mailshake

Mailshake is a marketing interaction and automated solution that uses email, chat, and social networks to create sales contact programs. Personalize cold emails at volume, automated follow-ups, connect a call dialer, engage clients on social networks, and view aggregated statistics all in one place.

View your most involved and finest prospects so you can concentrate on the most likely to acquire. By experimenting with different variations of your marketing emails, you can quickly figure out what works best.

With multi-touch marketing, you can be front and center by interacting with your prospects wherever they are. With the built-in phone keypad, you can streamline your process and build a special attachment.

Key Features:

  • Social Outreach

  • Split testing

  • Lead catcher

  • Automated email sequences

  • A/B testing


The packages for this sales stack tool start from $44 per month.

14. Vanillasoft

Vanillasoft streamlines your processes so you can focus on closing more sales. Used independently, or in tandem with CRM systems, VanillaSoft helps sales professionals to reply to potential clues within seconds, communicate with prospects more regularly, across more platforms, and create more qualifying sales prospects.

Based on your desired demographic, purpose information, and periodicity plan, VanillaSoft's lead prioritization algorithm instantly sends up the next best lead. The periodicity of VanillaSoft delivers the correct lead at the right moment, resulting in significant increases in speed-to-lead, perseverance, efficiency, and income.

Key Features:

  • Lead routing

  • Auto dialing

  • Sales Tracking

  • Real-time insights

  • App integration


You can request a quote through their website.

15. Bloobirds

Bloobirds is a sales communication and strategy software that helps marketing representatives turn more leads into clients. It integrates with your current CRM. Bloobirds rests on top of it, making it more useful for salespeople.

With the support of the in-app playbook, it reduces administrative work, provides sales more straightforward, and ensures representatives follow best practices. Bloobirds not only assists sales organizations in moving throughout their funnel, but it also gathers important information and generates comparative analytics.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive Task-Assistance

  • Built-In Sales Playbook

  • Systematic outreach

  • App integration

  • Relevant insights


You can request a quote through their website.

16. Groove

Groove is a marketing interaction system that boosts effectiveness by managing time-consuming processes like email monitoring, outbound call tracking, event recording, and appointment planning while avoiding information delay and synchronization problems.

Groove is a communal inbox designed for midsize corporations searching for a Gmail replacement. Gather all of your support communications in one place, direct them to the appropriate individuals, and collaborate more effectively.

There will be no further tabbing back and forth. While you're assisting a customer, see all of their information presented on the screen. Groove allows you to make changes to orders, memberships, and refund purchases.

Key Features:

  • API & 50+ integrations

  • Email templates

  • Precise reports

  • Live chat

  • Shopify integration


This sales stack tool starts with a free plan while costs $50, $300, and $650 for the basic, pro, and enterprise plan respectively.

17. Yesware

Yesware is a simple-to-use solution that integrates with your email client, synchronizes with your Customer relationship management framework, and gives detailed insights on how to connect prospects at each level of the sales funnel. Clients of Yesware can see if buyers have received and read their emails, as well as whether or not they can check-up.

Key Features:

  • Personal Activity Report

  • Recipient Engagement Report

  • Email link tracking

  • Email and phone support

  • Attachment tracking


The pricing for this sales stack tool starts from $15 per month.

18. Linkedin Sales Navigator

Linkedin Sales Navigator aids in the discovery of prospects and customers in your customer base. You can receive significant insight for warm community engagement with this platform. Prospective customers should be able to believe in you.

It gathers, organizes, and generates company insights depending on LinkedIn members' personal data. The data is updated once a week. The completeness and validity of the information of data or insights are however not guaranteed by LinkedIn.

Key Features:

  • Real-time insights

  • Lead generation

  • Discover prospects easily

  • Transparent promotion

  • Enhance your brand


The packages for this tool start from ₹1,610.17 per month.

19. LeadFuze

You can automate lead generation with LeadFuze. This tool will help sales representatives to find new leads that will fit the right categories. You can set the field, job title, location, company size, and more for the leads you wish to generate, and LeadFuze will take care of the rest,

Once you have a clearly defined customer profile, this is a great tool. With the right details, LeadFuze can help you narrow your lists down to the right people, and it will also assist you in finding the customers’ contact information.

Key Features:

  • Provides hyper-targeted lead searches to sales teams with actual contact information.

  • Marketers can benefit from personal as well as business emails so they can have higher match rates for custom audience ad targeting and constructing outreach lists for the sales team.

  • Recruiters can benefit from the provision of personal and business e-mails that are provided after filtering out individuals who do not have an active job


Plans start at $132.30 per month

Things to Consider While Selecting Sales Stack Tools

Lead Generation and Prospecting

Lead generation and prospecting tools are a type of software that can assist you in identifying new opportunities to approach and capturing data about connections you've already found.

It's good if you have additional prospects, and it's even better if you have more information about those prospects. These technologies can provide your sales team with new avenues for marketing, allowing them to contact leads rather than relying on them to approach to you.

The information they gather from these technologies may also be used to construct unique sales pitch decks and packages, which can help them convert more leads, particularly if they use account-based advertising.

Contact Scoring

Contact scoring also referred to as lead scoring offers a nearly different exclusive function. Individual contacts are scored using these analytics depending on characteristics such as their company characteristics, onsite involvement, and other interactions with your business.

These scores not only assist your sales staff in identifying high-value prospects, but they can also assist you in identifying upselling and cross-selling possibilities.


The sales industry moves quickly, and your sales force, particularly as it develops, has a packed schedule at any given time. As a consequence, they don't have to go up every day to check whether there are new prospects.

Rather, your team must depend on data integration that is fast, instantaneous, and seamless. This is when a virtual assistant comes in handy.

There are numerous integration-heavy scripting products available to assist your sales staff in streamlining their procedures. All of your social network communications could be routed through your CRM, or you could create a follow-up email automatically when users view an email.


These were a few top sales stack tools and a few things you should consider before choosing a tool that your team can access and effortlessly narrow down deals quicker.


What are sales stack tools?

A sales stack is a set of tools and techniques that any sales team utilizes to create prospects, manage contact information, create presentations, gather agreements, and interact successfully with the employees and clients.

The greatest sales stack consists of sales products that work seamlessly, allowing your team to effortlessly acquire the capabilities, insights, and other data they require.

What should you consider while using sales stack tools?

There is a range of sales stack tools designed to assist managers to reach financial objectives, just as there are a number of marketing tools designed to assist representatives to be more productive.

The tools that help compensate a firm's software system are usually different depending on the marketing funnel. For instance, a business that relies largely on outbound marketing may spend significantly on systems that allow salespeople to contact prospects quicker, engage with more leads, and properly log call information.

Firms with a strong volume of incoming prospects may spend more substantially on solutions that assist representatives in ranking inbound prospects, routing inbound calls to the appropriate reps, and qualifying leads more quickly.

What is a sales stack?

The sales stack is a word that refers to the entire set of sales solutions that a sales team employs. Sales agents and executives are adopting a wide range of innovations as additional sales solutions become accessible.

Representatives can profit from a sales application framework by increasing sales efficiency, giving contextual information about clients, and eliminating boring processes. Sales managers can benefit from a sales software platform as well, owing to technologies that offer visibility into representatives' activity and help them make better revenue estimates.

Why are sales tools important?

Sales tools assist salespersons in determining which customers are almost certain to succeed with their item or company, when to contact them, and what topics they should discuss with them. Sales tools assist salespeople in determining which candidates are most likely to succeed with their offering or business, when to contact them, and what topics they should discuss with them.

They conserve time on organizational chores that are onerous and time-consuming, allowing them to concentrate on what counts most that are giving value to people and organizations. Another reason to engage in sales software is that workers are beginning to want a wider range of current tools. This implies that businesses who use cautious or old-fashioned sales approaches risk not just losing sales, but also alienating their best salespeople.

How to build a sales stack that can benefit your team and organization?

Buying a number of products is not identical to putting up a sales stack. It's a little trickier. If you wish to create a sales stack that your company will really use, base it on their current marketing funnel. Sales teams can expectedly narrow deals thanks to a well-defined selling process.

The tools you buy should help you transform an already amazing operation into one that is more economical and creative. So, before you start introducing new pieces to your toolbox, make sure you have a well-defined approach in place.

What is the role of CRM in your sales stack?

Tools in the list above can provide a structure to your sales stack, but its foundation lies in CRM and a well-functioning CRM software that provides easy lead import and organization, integration with tools that find everyday use, and outreach features that suit your team’s needs. CRM is a crucial part of your sales stack since this is where you accumulate current and prospective customer data, record exchanges, track representative activity, make projections, and build and manage your pipelines.

How many tools do you need in your sales stack?

An average business can require anywhere between 4 and 10 tools in its sales tech stacks. However, this number can change with the size of the business, the number of automated tasks, the automation of marketing and recruiting functions and the company’s budget.

Top 19 Sales Stack Tools

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