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Best Sametrica Alternatives From Around The Web

Sametrica streamlines processes so that the results of ESG/impact investment, community programs, and diversity/inclusion (DE&I) initiatives can be quantified. 

Sametrica also serves as an investment management platform that helps you track and improve your portfolio's environmental and social performance across many asset classes. In order to quantify the impact of your ESG initiatives, you should automate data gathering and then let ESGeniusTM, our proprietary AI engine, do the heavy lifting. This tool helps you get new investors on board, expand your AUM, and speed up your portfolio firms' success.

There are a bunch of decent tools out there that offer the same array of services as Sametrica. And it can sure get confusing to choose the best from the lot. Luckily, we've got you covered with our curated lists of alternative tools to suit your unique work needs, complete with features and pricing.

The revolutionary software developed by Planetly allows businesses to take control of their carbon emissions. Methods include calculating the carbon footprint openly, taking effective efforts to lower it, and offsetting what remains through verified climate programs. Planetly uses software and technology to organize what would normally be done with time-consuming Excel spreadsheets, allowing for faster scaling and more effect.

SustainLab is a SaaS-based Sustainability Management tool that automates the collection, processing, and visualization of your data. They help improve your data visibility so you can operate more efficiently. With SustainLab, you can spend less time managing data and more time making an effect.

With just three simple steps—setup, connect, and track—the software provides decision-makers with fast, better decision-making information based on data that actually counts.

Goby is a simple tool that helps firms win over investors, keep their best employees, and avoid major setbacks. Goby makes it easy to track, analyze, and report on a company's Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics. It is the only platform that can compete with its level of intelligence, breadth of features, and ease of use when it comes to handling ESG aspects. They aid portfolios in developing and implementing ESG strategies in order to entice and keep investors.

With the new GRITS Goals features, users may create scenarios to determine the financial viability of achieving various carbon reduction, energy efficiency, and resource conservation targets over the course of several years or decades. This tool serves as a great resource for those working on energy master plans or climate action plans. Considering the cost savings, reduced carbon dioxide emissions, and potential profit, the decision is a no-brainer.

EnergyCap also features a real-time dashboard for collaborative data monitoring and analysis by company administrators. By replacing time-consuming methods like manual data input and complicated spreadsheets, EnergyCAP streamlines the process of keeping track of utility bills. Businesses can use this service to have access to automated expense input, financial planning, and quality assurance processes.

EnergyElephant is a web-based service for monitoring and controlling one's energy consumption. It can be used in any kind of commercial or residential structure. EnergyElephant's bill management function does things like checking unit rates automatically and assisting users in lowering their predicted energy expenses. In order to find places to cut costs, energy audits and evaluations might be conducted.

With Ecochain's activity-based footprinting, your organization can generate hundreds of Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) in minutes, allowing you to spend more time taking action and less time producing reports. Get up-to-the-minute information from your suppliers by integrating Ecochain into your supply chain. Ecochain can be used to assess the environmental impact of a product or an entire product line and recommend measures to lessen that impact.

Diversity, climate, worker safety, supply chains, third-party risk, cyber, and more can all benefit from the solution's role as a hub for ESG data used in GHG goal formulation, risk monitoring, and stakeholder reporting. Their sustainability reporting features can rapidly provide high-quality Sustainability and Carbon Reports that can be customized in a wide variety of ways. It requires no setup or configuration and comes with over 2,000 different kinds of emissions sources.

This system is safe since it was built with protections against hacking in mind. It utilizes Amazon Web Services in the European Union to provide immediate worldwide service. By just entering the supplier's email address, users may quickly onboard them onto the pre-built platform. Insights into high-risk regions and suppliers can be gleaned from the dashboard. The social media analytics engine constantly monitors data sources to assess supplier and sustainability project-related conversations.

If you provide your attendees' email addresses and the length of time you'll be there, the tool will help you figure out where they're coming from. Since travel by attendees accounts for typically 70 percent of a meeting's total CO2 usage, carbon neutrality is possible with careful planning. With this tool, you can reduce your meeting and event travel costs by up to 30%. Their algorithms consider every criterion and preference and then output the optimal location.

Safety, compliance, risk, and sustainability can all be managed with EHS Insight's comprehensive platform. You can integrate your data with a robust set of modules for data governance and management, data analytics, high-level workflows, and teamwork. It's the most cost-effective EHS program available, allowing you to conduct your business in a way that's better for the environment and your employees.

MyConsole is a sustainability management tool that assists companies of all sizes with project portfolio management, workflow automation, setting ESG standards, risk monitoring, job management, and more. It enables employees to manage stakeholders, including grant applicants, donors, supply chain partners, and other people, using the integrated CRM application.

Business executives can design, assign, and monitor project objectives, goals, and milestones on a local and national level.

There are adaptable dashboards included, so asset managers, sustainability managers, financial managers, and engineers can track the metrics that matter most to them. With Watchwire's utility budgeting feature, firms can evaluate their finances in light of several indicators like future projections, internal usage, delivery tariff rates, and supply market predictions, and then allocate funds accordingly. Users can establish their own benchmarks to compare demand, usage, and expenditures.

This platform provides a central hub for your organization's worldwide ESG data and information sharing. The next step is to manage objectives and report progress to international ESG guidelines. Measurabl's goal is to provide an ESG solution that can expand along with its users' requirements, thus we're always working to add more functionality. Measurabl's menu of low-cost, high-quality services complements the company's market-leading software platform.

Cority is an EHS solution that helps businesses improve environmental sustainability, workplace health and safety, and adhere to laws. The product largely serves the requirements of major corporations, including those in industries like mining, utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, and government.

With the help of the software, users can integrate and organize data, standardize processes and workflows, maintain regulatory compliance, detect risks, and track performances.

You can track and report on all of your most important KPIs with ease using our dashboard and reporting tool. Many consumers and potential hires are searching for companies that make a noticeable difference in society. Our user-friendly reporting provides the openness and information that charitable organizations need to grow. Employees can quickly and easily find charities with whom they share values, make one-time or recurring donations, keep track of their giving, and even file their taxes.

The tool enables you to save time and effort by automating as much of the ESG reporting process as possible. It ensures that your records are complete and correct thanks to automated data collection workflows that allow you to gather information gradually over time and save it in a single spot.

By working with subject-matter specialists and outlining the scope of your report in advance with the use of flexible reporting templates, you can guarantee full compliance with all regulations.

Quentic is the ideal EHS platform that was developed by EHS experts. The web-based modular solution is available from any location in the world. It guarantees that laws are followed and improves the general effectiveness of your work.

You can establish clear lines of accountability and fluid processes. Any small, medium, and large-scale businesses can benefit from Quentic, which provides a tested system that complies with ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and ISO 50001.

Sustainabill is a cloud-based solution that allows users of procurement and CSR teams to maintain transparency along the supply chain and fulfill present and future sustainability criteria for the supply chain.

Sustainabill reduces the time and effort needed to vet suppliers with event-related questions, supply chain mapping, intelligent self-assessments for suppliers, and thorough reporting while fostering transparency throughout the entire supply chain.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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