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Best Scout APM Alternatives From Around The Web

Scout APM is a debugging tool that assists developers in identifying and resolving performance issues before they are noticed by consumers.

Find bottlenecks in your source code without the need for specialized instrumentation. Scout's production-safe profiler extends its standard instrumentation to profile your bespoke code. Backtraces are overlaid with git blame output so you can immediately identify and contact the developer who is familiar with the affected code.

 But did you know that there are some great alternatives to Scout APM that you can consider? So, let’s take a look at some of the best Scout APM alternatives. By the end of this article, we’re sure that you’ll have in-depth information about the various options, their features, and the pricing structure.

Bugfender tracks all problems across all devices and provides the findings in seconds, allowing you to detect and repair issues before your users ever see an error notice. Bugfender records more than simply crashes and bugs. It keeps track of everything you'll ever need to get a clear image of your clients and get that all-important five-star rating. Bugfender protects your users' privacy, saves battery and network resources, and logs even when the device is turned off.

Bugherd is the best way to collaborate on and deliver web projects. Capture client feedback, resolve issues and manage projects effortlessly. With a simple point and click users can submit feedback on any webpage.

All information such as Browser, OS, full selector data and screenshots are sent with the bug report via Bugherd's browser extension. You can embed it directly into a website so bugs are flagged and managed visually without the need to fill out lengthy forms or annotate screengrabs.

Bugsnag is a full-stack stability monitoring solution with best-in-class functionality for mobile applications. The tool helps its users address the issues before it escalates, creating a joyful experience for both customers and engineers.

Whenever an error is detected, it is sent to your Bugsnag Dashboard for you to view and debug. Furthermore, the users are also notified by email, chat, and SMS.

Bugzilla is a bug reporting and defect tracking tool. You can expect easy and stable upgrades and maintenance with this tool.

It is a comprehensive permissions system that can link different defects for tracking purposes. Furthermore, this tool serves as excellent security to protect confidentiality. It also has integrated email capabilities.

FogBugz is used to keep track of all the bugs found while testing. It provides you with all the features you need to make great software, including project management, issue tracking, and support, fused with just enough process to help you deliver.

FogBugz can be used as a bug tracking tool, project management system, agile management – Kanban system, and discussion forum. Its application adds up efficient working and simplicity to the process of software development.

Bugsee has created a must-have solution for app developers and development teams based on first-hand expertise and experience. Bugsee automatically sends a notice to the bug tracker of your choosing when a problem is reported or an app fails. The Bugsee dashboard then shows all of the critical data that led to the fault, including brief video recordings of the user behaviors that created the problem and other information needed to swiftly and effectively squash the bug.

Developers and testers can report a defects in the software directly from the website with all the technical details a developer needs. Reduce the number of time testers and developers spend communicating back and forth. Disbug helps you save time and money.

Before delivering feedback to your project management application, sort it and prioritize it. With screen recordings, pictures, console, and network logs, Disbug offers developers context-rich bug reports.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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