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Top 12 Best Screenwriting Tools

Screenwriting tools help creative writers in the script-writing process. They may also be utilized to organize scenes, create the character, conversation, and much more. They could even be used to correct spelling and grammatical errors.

Making the ideal software selection for screenwriting is essential if users desire to develop as a screenwriter. The premier screenwriting tools can assist in achieving your objectives by providing a diversionary tactic environment and simple scene and characterization planning.

Screenwriting tools fundamentally aid in the drafting, editing, structuring, and publishing of scripts for movies, television programs, or games consoles.

In this top tools list, we have compiled the top 12 screenwriting tools along with their pricing and features for you to choose from.

1. KIT Scenarist

Thanks to its recurring monthly software upgrades,KIT Scenarist is one of the most modern and technologically advanced screenwriting software vendors. The open-source KIT Scenarist screenwriting software is another feature that makes it a versatile and customizable alternative.

Key Features:

  • Versions of KIT Scenarist are available for Windows, MacOS X, Linux, and Android, making it incredibly adaptable.

  • It enables scripts written across all languages.

  • It enables statistical analyses of the script that provide important information.

  • It offers full-featured desktop experiences on mobile apps.

  • Users can use Shot Designer 3D integration for previz the script as you compose it.

  • Integration of several media available (storyboards, animation).

Cost :

  • Free for a month

  • Start from $4.99/month.

2. Causality

This free screenwriting programme differs from the majority of just this category in that it organizes the screenplay's elements visually, as opposed to using a traditional movie script style.

In other words, Causality is a novel form of screenwriting program that aids in the overall development of the tale instead of getting bogged down "in the weeds" of every scenario.

Key Features: :

  • It can synchronization,easy sharing, and teamwork available

  • It has features for managing modifications, producing reports, and overseeing scripts.

  • Automated publishing and booklet layout is available.

Cost :

  • Regular Plan: $5.99 per month

  • Pro Edition: $279 for a perpetual license with no additional fees for eternity.

3. Fade In

Fade In, which debuted in 2011, is one of the top screenwriting tools on the market right now. It is extensively used in the movie business and works with a variety of operating systems, including Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS.

It is quickly taking over as the emerging industry standard because of features like support for many languages, an intervention calculator, and comprehensive capabilities for rewrites and changes. In fact, it has been positioned as Final Draft's main competitor.

Key Features:

  • It is a global, cutting-edge application interface

  • Provides automatic formatting of scripts

  • It has a built-in autocomplete typing tool

  • It provides in-the-moment cooperation

  • Complete image support is offered which allows you to insert images directly into the document

  • Full-screen, distraction-free, page-only mode is offered.

  • Accepts variety of file formats like text, HTML, and more

  • Provides cloud storage ,which has easy access from any location

  • No cost software upgrades


  • Trail version is free

  • Full version is for $79.95

4. Squibler

One of the best screenwriting tools, Squibler, features a robust yet user-friendly text editor for scriptwriters. It includes more than 30 script play templates that make it easy for you to get started.

The drag-and-drop user experience makes adding headings, rhythm boards, and other features incredibly simple. Multiple authors can collaborate on a single narrative at once thanks to this capability. By doing this, you avoid the inconvenience of submitting the same tale to several peers and then having to wait until they add their piece.

Key Features::

  • As users write, Squibler automatically structures ones script, allowing users to emphasis on the storyline

  • It avoids being distracted and get down for writing.

  • Squibler offers a simple, minimalist interface made to make writing faster. Script formatting will not be a concern.

  • It can be operated on web, PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android compatibility

  • It can also be effortlessly integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox

  • There are approximately 30 templates available.

  • Drag and drop software is available

  • It robust internal communication tool

  • It includes a variety of useful writing tools, including a plot generator

  • 30-day no-cost trial available

Cost :

  • Free Trial - Take advantage of the 14-days

  • Squibler Pro (monthly plan) for $9.99

5. Celtx


Professional companies and businesses that wish to plot, write, and produce from a single platform should use celtx, a multifunctional scriptwriting and producing tool. It is simple for writers to really get started due to the user-friendly design. It provides a number of tools for authoring, script formatting, editing, cost planning, reporting, teamwork, and other tasks.

Key Features:

  • It has interface that is easy to use and intuitive

  • teamwork that can be done in real-time is available

  • It also supports the construction of stories by using a storyboard and index cards

  • It can be operated offline from anywhere

  • it makes sure for tracking of revisions

  • Software that serves multiple purposes and aids in planning and producing

  • It assists a team and several participants

  • 30-day no-cost trial


  • The monthly fee for the "scriptwriting" plan is $15, paid yearly.

  • The monthly fee for the "video production" plan is $27, paid yearly.

  • The monthly cost of the "game creation" package is $27, payable yearly.

6. Scrivener

The top writing programme available today, Scrivener, aids writers in concentrating on their narrative and achieving their objectives.

With characteristics like full-screen mode for distraction-free writing, thorough editing tools, and numerous outsource formats, Scrivener has indeed been designed to be suitable for both beginning and experienced authors.

Users may get organized and stay motivated while creating an article or book with the assistance of the outstanding writing programme with Scrivener.

Key Features:

  • One may keep projects nicely categorized with the help of the drag and drop features.

  • While users work, users can take "snapshots" of the script to store draughts and other revisions.

  • To keep records of objectives, Scrivener lets you define word limit objectives for individual scenes or the entire screenplay.


  • It is available for a 30-day free trial.

  • Plans start at $19.99 for iOS and $49 for macOS and Windows, respectively.

7. Writerduet

The collaborative writing programme writerduet enables authors to collaborate and revise one another's manuscripts.It can be utilized at home by providing for writing comments to each other or in the school for group work. The way the programme works is that they simply upload their paper and then share it with someone else so they can edit the draft.

A word processor called WriterDuet enables real-time writing collaboration. It's simple to use and usable from any internet-connected device, providing it ideal for remote partnerships or composing groups.

WriterDuet provides all the tools you require for writing, including a full-screen mode without distractions, quick keys for structuring paragraphs, automated storing and refactoring of the draughts, an abundance of shortcut keys, and perhaps even spell checking.

Key Features: :

  • It provides real-time cooperation for authors using several devices at the same time.

  • There is a free plan offered.

  • It provides a wealth of educational courses that make it simple for users to use the software to its maximum potential.

  • The Bechdel Test, essentially analyses whether there are scenes among female characters which address other than males, is a function available on the Pro plan that enables users to play the script through it.

Cost :

  • premium plans at $5.99/month

8. Arc Studio

Early in 2019, Arc Studio was established, making it one of the many brand-new screenwriting tools in the market that virtually eliminate every headache you might experience when producing your script. Its professionally industrialized formatting is a godsend to the raconteurs of today.

With renowned story-building tools built right into the software, Arc Studio gives even untrained screenwriters an advantage in the cutthroat fight of literary creativity. See our in-depth Arc Studio review for more information before making your decision.

Key Features: :

  • Arc Studio Pro goes above other industry standards with its selection of writing assistance tools.

  • Notably, their distraction-free writing environment enables you to concentrate on your thoughts and words.

  • You can envision your story and generate ideas with their innovative story-building tools before transferring it to script layout.

  • With the opportunity to see each other's edits as they happen, cooperate without worry.

  • Real-time capability for cloud-based work using Google Doc-like applications

  • Use an advanced script panel to organize the script's framework and keep notes connected to it.

  • The formatting used in the industry enables precise script specifications.

  • A writing mode without interruptions that enables you to concentrate just on the words.

  • It checks your story plan as you write to make sure it's accurate.


  • Free edition

  • Regular Plan: $69 per year

  • Pro Edition: $99 annually (real-time collaboration, history)

9.Final draft

A tried-and-true favorite for decades, Final Draft is one of the most well-known and dominating screenwriting tools in the business. Numerous entertainment companies, such as Netflix and Pixar, claim to utilize this programme only internally, and it has won numerous honors.

The requirements of screenwriters are undoubtedly at the core of Final Draft's design and goal. Nevertheless, other writers can also benefit from Final Draft because of its vast template library, which include materials for books, TV shows, stage productions, and comics.

Key Features::

  • Advanced tools for visualizing ideas and brainstorming to work on writing projects with different writing partners.

  • It Automatically transforms scripts to industry standards and paginates them.

  • It lets you arrange and personalize "beats," which might include character arc, plot elements, setting suggestions, research, and more.

  • Story maps link your beat boards and visualizations to one's script.

  • Important turning points and plot elements can be planned visually.

  • Users can save as many variations of a line as you wish using alternate dialogue.

  • The Tab and Enter keyboard keys make switching between discourse and action quick and easy.

  • To ensure that users never lose important data,as it offers automatic file backups.

  • A script's revision history is available when it is in revision mode during the production process.

  • Over 97 languages are supported by its fonts.


  • It provides a free 60-day trial.

  • The price for a digital version is $199.99.

  • Cost of an educational license is $9.99. (only for educators)

10. Slugline

Users can compose scripts in plain text using the Mac-only, sleek and straightforward software called Slugline.

Slugline builds on Fountain's simplicity by incorporating advanced functionality like character highlights, auto-complete, and extensive output tools.

This software is attractive, quick, effective, and devoid of outside distractions.

Key Features::

Slugline is aware of what makes a strong script:

  • Character names, action, scene titles, parentheses, and more are automatically formatted.

  • a unique "activity" font that is simpler to read Double dialog transcribed manually (with no extra work).

  • A readable color scheme Word and pages estimations are available instantly.

  • Dropbox at the actual time of cloud storage.

  • A rapid formatting bar for quicker script development is also available for power users.


  • One 6-page short film can be written as a free trial version.

  • Slugline for Mac is available for a one-time fee of $49.99

  • $19.99 for iPads

11. Movie Magic

Professional screenwriters have been using Movie Magic Screenwriter for years. The most recent edition, Movie Magic Screenwriter 6, has integrated all the features and tools for scripting you can think of into a single platform.

Movie Magic Screenwriter provides you with a paper manual, an online manual, model documents, and a 35-page production PDF guideline to get you started if you desire to learn all of its features.

Key Features::

  • Manually prepares scripts in accordance with standards used today

  • Enables character and location tagging when uploading to a scheduling software

  • has integrated collaborative tools in real-time

  • Features that are color-coded for quick organization and reference

  • It has highly adaptable,changes the layout and change the interface

  • It has a unique "NaviDock" user interface which can change the script depending on a number of factors.


  • Priced at $169

  • The upgrades cost $89.95 (for Windows and Mac)

  • The cost of the $99.95 "educational" version includes two registration possibilities per purchase.


One of the most well-liked screenwriting tools available today is StudioBinder. It has a user-friendly interface and is renowned for its contemporary style.

Additionally, by consolidating everything onto a single platform, it offers practical, completely configurable solutions for video and photographic production businesses to effectively manage their tasks. Numerous companies all over the world, including market leaders like Spotify, embrace it.

StudioBinder is ideal for major organizations or knowledgeable individuals engaged in high-profile film or television productions. Small businesses may find it challenging to afford. Excellent possibilities are available for academic use with the free plan.

Key Features::

  • You can export attachments and include custom call times.

  • Script dissections (import scripts and tag elements)

  • Storyboard and shot list creator that is powerful and extremely customized

  • drag-and-drop interface built-in

  • Gather and simultaneously disseminate communications to the team, providers, and customers.

  • It offers a version that is free to use for as much as you like.


  • Monthly payments : $29 and going up to $99

Things to Consider When Choosing a Screenwriting Software


Utilizing screenplay templates makes storyboarding easier. The fundamental components of a screenplay are provided in templates, which you can modify as necessary. For example, the template includes features such as the title, action, new characters, conversation, transitions, viewpoint, and others. This greatly reduces time wasted and make your work easier.


Users shouldn't ignore the crucial element of real-time collaboration while choosing the screenwriting software apps. Throughout the essay writing, one must cooperate with other authors, editors, and a number of other partners. You can collaborate with contemporaries using the screenwriting program's collaboration function without using additional applications. As a result, everything remains simplified and coordinated on an unified platform.

Additionally, you must make both private and public comments about the character, narrative, plan, and creative projects. The better, the simpler it is to write notes when composing.


What is screenwriting software?

Similar to word editors, screenwriting software is a writing instrument made exclusively for the creation of scripts and screenplay. Ordinary word processors, such as Microsoft Word, are unable to meet the unique requirements of screenwriters.

For instance, script writers who work with a large cast of characters want efficient alternatives when typing new characters. Similarly to novelists, screenwriters must take some notes, work with these other authors, and also have fast accessibility to a framework.

Writers and directors can use macro in Microsoft Word to make these functions simpler to use, but doing so is a tedious procedure. Professional screenwriting software gives users all the advantages and capabilities needed to swiftly and easily write amazing scripts.

How are screenwriting tools benficial?

Writing screenplays and scripts requires the use of screenwriting software, which comes with a number of features and advantages. The following is a list of the main advantages you can anticipate from the top screenwriting software:

  • Interface that is simple to use and requires little to no training

  • Downloadable templates

  • Assist with mind maps and descriptions

  • Tale maps

  • Drag-and-drop function Object

  • Real-time interaction with customers as well as other authors

  • Uninterrupted writing

  • Navigate characters and situations fast with the on side

  • Point of clarification device

  • Automatic correction, spell checking, and grammar suggestions.

Which Screnwriting Tools Do the Majority Writers of Film Use?

There are indeed a tonne of possibilities, but Final Draft is probably the most well-known tool for producers and authors. Over 90% of Films and Television Productions utilize it, yet it's remained accessible in the industry for generations.

Which Mac screenwriting programme is the right choice?

Arc Studio Pro is one of the best well-designed programmes for screenwriting. It goes above and beyond what is anticipated in the industry and provides a distracting writing environment. It also offers outstanding automated and crystal-clear shortcuts to simplify the process.

Can you Have Microsoft Word for writing a screenplay?

Yes! The company's official website offers users a "Screenplay Template" for Microsoft Word for free. Just add the structure to your text, then open a new "Screenwriting Template" in Microsoft and start writing.

Top 12 Best Screenwriting Tools

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