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Top 25 Secure Email Gateway Tools

Organizations are always in dire need of securing their services. Every critical component required for running a business, from emails to networking, must be safeguarded by special software. Secure email gateway tools are one such key piece of software that safeguards emails.

Since choosing the efficient Secure Email Gateway Tools is quite challenging, here is a top tools list of secure email gateway tools.

1. Abnormal Security

Abnormal Security is a cloud-based email security platform that safeguards against email threats, phishing, malware, and ransomware using machine learning algorithms. Since it is based on machine learning, the software is able to detect and avoid malicious information while still securing the email content.

The email solution is integrated into your email software through APIs and launched at multiple email environments within minutes.

Key Features:

  • Thanks to behavioral AI, abnormal can simply detect and block any tiny malicious activity.

  • Microsoft has designated Abnormal Security as a "Microsoft Preferred Solution."

  • Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are both natively integrated into the software.


You can request a quote from their website.

2. TitanHQ

TitanHQ monitors all inbound emails in real-time, and its email filtering technologies prevent whaling and spear phishing. They offer a multitude of integration choices via APIs, policy controls, and web protection. SpamTitan's corporate spam filter checks all outbound emails for spam and malware, blocking those that could lead to your IP address being blacklisted.

Key Features:

  • SpamTitan addresses email and DNS filtering for SMB and MSP.

  • Blocks malware, ransomware, viruses, and phishing.

  • Enhances the Security of Microsoft Office 365 email.

  • SpamTitan's powerful spam protection safeguards your company by preventing spam, viruses, malware, ransomware, and connections to hazardous websites from entering your inbox.


You can request a quote from their website.

3. Forcepoint Email Security

Forcepoint Email Security is a renowned email security solution that offers large firms protection against a range of malicious attacks such as phishing attacks and many more. Forcepoint provides real-time threat, sandboxing, malware protection, and data loss prevention powered by machine language.

It also has spam protection that blocks over % of spam emails and generates thorough monthly reports with email security statistics. Security administrators will find the security data particularly useful in tracking and analyzing the security level.

Key Features:

  • It has a user interface that is both intuitive and interactive.

  • Forcepoint uses cutting-edge AI technology to thwart any prospective attacks in the future.

  • Provides adequate data loss protection.

  • Capable spam filtering and malware protection.

  • Users can learn about the software through security awareness modules.


You can request a quote from their website.

4. Perception Point

Perception Point is yet another cloud-based solution that incorporates the most up-to-date and robust capabilities to guarantee comprehensive protection against all types of attacks. The software may be integrated into any email service across several cloud accounts in a couple of minutes.

Perception Point is a Prevention-as-a-Service provider that intercepts any content-borne assault via email and other cloud collaboration channels like cloud storage, cloud apps, chat platforms, and APIs.

Key Features:

  • The average scan time for scanning attacks is about 10 seconds.

  • Since the technology is so efficient, there is very little probability of false positives.

  • With anti-evasion engines, Perception Point's email security can swiftly detect and block any malicious intent, no matter how complex a malicious attachment is.


You can request a quote from their website.

5. Proofpoint Essentials

Proofpoint Essentials, also synonymous with the World's leading email security gateway platform, has provided improved solutions to a wide range of enterprises, regardless of their size.

Proofpoint Essentials provides clients with an all-in-one solution that includes Security, encryption, archiving, and other critical features. As a market leader, Essentials is constantly one step ahead of the competition and can thwart any new assaults or email threats. With excellent spam protection and detection, robust URL defense, and dynamic content filtering, Proofpoint provides the most significant Security against email threats.

Key Features:

  • Clients receive advanced anti-virus, phishing, and spam protection in addition to email security.

  • Firms have no possibility of encountering any detrimental threats thanks to features like content filtering and outbound filtering.

  • Email threats are stopped even before entering the networks with URL and attachment defense.

  • Admins receive thorough reports regularly, describing their security statistics and any necessary remediation.


You can request a quote from their website.

6. Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is one of the special Secure Email Gateway Tools that is specifically created for providing premium tier security to Office 365. As a cloud-based email security solution, Microsoft Defenders is a cloud-based email security service that includes capabilities like URL scanning and anti-virus.

Organizations would have less to worry about their content being breached because of its comprehensive collection of elite features.

Microsoft Defender has a myriad of capabilities, including antiphishing policies, anti-malware protection across SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams, and the ability to secure attachments.

Key Features:

  • To block harmful content, Microsoft Defender checks for email attachments automatically.

  • Threat Explorer is a feature that generates a real-time report that gives admins a perspective of recognized risks.

  • Phishing attacks can be easily discovered and prevented using powerful machine learning techniques.

  • It has built-in integration with Office 365.


You can request a quote from their website.


IRONSCALES is carefully constructed and equipped with the most up-to-date resources and features to give adequate protection against all types of threats and viruses. IRONSCALES is readily linked with Office 365 and G Suite because it is an entirely cloud-based platform.

Complicated hostile attempts, such as malware and phishing emails, are readily averted with AI-driven security systems.

The 'Unique Phish' button is another one-of-a-kind feature provided by IRONSCALES. This feature allows the client to report any suspicious emails received in their name to the organization.

Key Features:

  • Integrates well with G Suite, Exchange, and Office 365.

  • Machine learning algorithms offer advanced protection against phishing and impersonation threats.

  • Any hostile activity discovered is reported in real-time and frequently.

  • Human intelligence teams verify every attack.


You can request a quote from their website.

8. Clearswift

Clearswift offers a unique combination of high-quality and healthy features that give top-tier defense against all types of cyber threats. Clearswift thoroughly examines email content to eliminate even the tiniest possibility of a harmful threat.

Clearswift interacts with various security systems such as Kaspersky, Avira, and others to provide even more excellent protection.

Key Features:

  • Ensures that no hidden virus can infiltrate and harm the material with intrinsic features.

  • Analyzes every email for a cyber threat or sensitive information.

  • Both incoming and outgoing emails might be subjected to data reduction.

  • Other notable features include:

  • An optional sandbox function.

  • Data loss prevention.

  • Multi-layer spam defense.

  • Different encryption options.

  • Comprehensive content filtering tools.


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9. Egress Intelligent Email Security

Egress Intelligent Email Security uses powerful encryption and analytics technologies to prevent even the slightest instance of a data breach. With an easy to install plug-in, organizations will not have to worry about email and data leaks.

Egress efficiently detects and prevents anomalous human behavior such as targeted phishing attempts, misdirected emails, and data exfiltration using their patented contextual machine learning.

Key Features:

  • Their eDiscovery program generates regular security statistics analytics.

  • Employees can get helpful information from DLP technology and contextual machine language, which can help them make better security decisions.

  • The service is automated based on the client's security policies.


You can request a quote from their website.

10. McAfee Security for Email Servers

McAfee Security is a multi-award winner in enhancing Security against even the most potent viruses. This platform delivers enhanced Security against all types of risks and removes viruses, worms, Trojans, and other hazards from incoming and outgoing emails using sophisticated policies.

McAfee Security for Email Servers delivers comprehensive content security for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino servers.

Key Features:

  • McAfee's innovative technologies let it detect spam emails quickly, thanks to its Message Reputation tool, which analyses spam emails to historical patterns.

  • Analyze the email theme depending on the IP address from which it is sent and stop it if the IP address is questionable.

  • With content filtering, the email's surface and its inside content are filtered.

  • Regularly, detailed reports are sent to the appropriate administrators.


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11. RMail

RMail specializes in email security services such as encryption, privacy, impostor detection, and many others required to protect enterprises' sensitive data. Organizations primarily prefer its easy-to-understand and straightforward UI and innovative AI-infused services. Organizations with RMail installed will no longer have to worry about delivering sensitive massive file data via email.

Key Features:

  • Senders can send up to 1GB of data without worrying about data breaches.

  • It has a distinctive disappearing ink feature that causes some text to vanish for a short period. When receivers read the dispersed ink, senders will be notified.

  • When sending an email, senders can redact sensitive information so that if the recipient answers, the sensitive material is automatically erased from the reply email thread.

  • Because of its superior security features, RMail is particularly popular in the insurance, healthcare, financial services, legal, real estate, manufacturing, and government sectors.


You can request a quote from their website.

12. Paubox Email Suite

Paubox Email Suite is a notable HIPAA-compliant email provider. With a HITRUST CSF certification, the benchmark in healthcare security and compliance, organizations in a similar niche can put their faith in its services without hesitation.

Any email platform, such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, can be readily integrated with Paubox Email. Firms may improve their reputation without fear of malicious intent via tailored email marketing, thanks to Paubox.

Key Features:

  • Any fraudulent emails can be easily whitelisted or blacklisted.

  • If a malicious email is discovered, it is immediately quarantined.

  • The protection of data is a significant priority.

  • With this product explicitly designed for the healthcare industry, clients will have little to worry about.


You can request a quote from their website.

13. LuxSci Email and Web Security

LuxSci Email and Web Security is yet another platform that offers HIPAA-compliant web and email communication security. Thanks to years of experience and HITRUST certifications, emails and data were kept secure.

One of the best Secure Email Gateway Tools, it can be integrated with any email software and has several functions. Every outbound email is encrypted, and a secure email marketing platform is available to execute marketing campaigns successfully.

Key Features:

  • All of its services are HITRUST CSF standards for HIPAA.

  • It offers customizable, one-of-a-kind solutions that may be purchased by any organization, regardless of its financial resources.

  • SecureLineTM sensitive information is well-protected thanks to its encryption technology.

  • LuxSci is a leading provider of Zero-Trust aligned, micro-segmented, specialized security and performance solutions.


You can request a quote from their website.

14. FortiMail

FortiMail, a product of FortGuard Labs, is a pioneer in providing premium email security services. Organizations will be able to detect, prevent, and respond effectively to email-based threats if they provide multi-layered Security with threat intelligence features.

Fortimail is well-known for incorporating improved protection against malware, zero-day attacks, impersonations, and other dangers.

Key Features:

  • More than 99.87 percent of spam emails are blocked, earning an AAA grade.

  • Integrated data loss prevention and email encryption that is unique and advanced.

  • Fortimail can be used with other Fortinet solutions to improve email security.


You can request a quote from their website.

15. Avanan

Avanan is a pioneer in delivering cloud email and collaboration security solutions. In a matter of minutes, the program can be linked with Office 365 and Google WorkSpace, establishing a solid resistance against disruptive attacks like phishing, malware, account compromise, and data loss.

Avanan also offers enhanced email malware prevention. This features extensive reporting for all inbound, outbound, and internal emails and protection against malicious attachments and URLs.

Key Features:

  • For collaboration, it provides malware sandboxing.

  • Anti Phishing protection is available for inbound, outbound, and internal emails.

  • Avanan rapidly generates Post-Attack Forensics and quarantines the specific email after detecting any possible malicious content.

  • Automated retraction and attack mitigation are available.


You can request a quote from their website.

16. Barracuda Essentials

Barracuda Essentials is well-known for its comprehensive set of security technologies. In terms of email security, the veteran security provider, as expected, offers a slew of advanced capabilities, including virus scanning and spam filtering.

Thanks to high-end features like URL scanning and outbound email filtering, firms can be assured that their data will never be hacked.

Key Features:

  • Valuable services are available at a fair price.

  • Each and every email is subjected to thorough filtration.

  • It has excellent technical support and management capabilities.

  • Businesses can avoid data loss by using outbound filtering and encryption technologies.


You can request a quote from their website.

17. Sophos Secure Email Gateway

Sophos Secure Email Gateway is an AI-based email security solution that can defend against even the most sophisticated and destructive email-based assaults. The user-friendly cloud-based software responds to every danger and offers 99 % spam protection. Suspicious emails are also quarantined, labeled with a subject line warning, and anti-virus integration can effectively encrypt emails.

Key Features:

  • Provides cybersecurity training to give employees a more in-depth understanding of how to defend themselves from email threats.

  • Anti-spam and anti-virus software of the highest possible level are integrated.

  • Even the most lethal attacks can be avoided with behavioral analysis.


You can request a quote from their website.

18. Mimecast Secure Email Gateway

Mimecast Secure Email Gateway is mainly targeted at enterprise users, and it ensures a high degree of threat protection and flexible admin controls. The Mimecast platform is robust and adaptable. Mimecast delivers adequate email threat protection, and administrators can tailor the service to meet their requirements. Mimecast provides Impersonation Protection to aid in the prevention of phishing attempts. Attachment and URL protection are also available from Mimecast. These operate in real-time, preventing threats from infiltrating your network.

Key Features:

  • Attachment sandboxing and URL protection are two high-level threat security features available.

  • Thanks to a significant threat database that monitors billions of emails, threat protection is kept up to date.

  • Spam filtering is guaranteed to detect 99 percent of spam

  • In-depth insights on your email network in real-time, including all inbound and outbound traffic

  • End-user self-service tools, such as the capability to blacklist spammers


You can request a quote from their website.

19. SpamTitan Email Security

SpamTitan Email Security is a premier secure email gateway platform that shields against many email threats such as spam, malware, ransomware, and phishing assaults. SpamTitan is designed on a robust spam filtering infrastructure with a market-leading catch rate of 99.99 percent and a false positive rate of 0.0003%.

SpamTitan, in addition to spam filtering, offers powerful protection against sophisticated phishing attacks, screening all inbound emails in real-time and filtering out malicious content such as links to phishing webpages and malicious files.

Key Features:

  • SpamTitan enables administrators to configure threat protection rules simply.

  • SpamTitan enables administrators to create robust data leak prevention rules that help to avoid outbound email data leakage.

  • SpamTitan is an excellent additional layer of Security for Office 365 accounts.


You can request a quote from their website.

20. Security Gateway

Security Gateway depends on cutting-edge email threat detection technology and policy enforcement technologies to ensure that legitimate emails are delivered and received by consumers. The Security Gateway cloud service is quick and straightforward to set up, allowing you to focus on other critical responsibilities.

Security Gateway comes with a wide range of technologies and methods for detecting and preventing malware before it reaches the user's inbox.

Key Features:

  • Policies are enforced to prevent emails containing critical employee, financial, or confidential information from leaving your firm.

  • A team of professionals with deep expertise in email deliverability and Security manages the Security Gateway service.

  • Flexible domain or user level administration, personal account choices, extensive reporting, and logs contribute to easy email traffic management.


You can request a quote from their website.

21. N-able Mail Assure

N-able Mail Assure is email surveillance software that scans incoming and outgoing emails for malicious content and quarantines them before they reach your clients' corporate email accounts. The Mail Assure Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine, which combines real-time pattern threat identification and machine learning technologies to identify threats, can prevent unwanted cyberattacks.

Key Features:

  • Advanced threat protection is included to assist in preventing costly hacks.

  • Customers can adapt filtering criteria and settings to their preferences using Mail Assure's flexibility and customization.

  • Mail Assure contains business continuity capabilities that ensure your clients have access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even if your email server is down, as well as secured long-term email archiving to assist avoid data loss.


You can request a quote from their website.

22. Cisco Cloud Email Security

Cisco Cloud Email Security serves as protection against ransomware and corporate email compromise. It has developed a robust email-safe gateway that provides adequate protection against business email intrusion and phishing attempts. This platform offers several administrative functions that can be customized. The reporting and logging features on offer are excellent, providing you with valuable information about your email security.

Key Features:

  • Cisco provides efficient spam filtering, ensuring that only the emails you desire arrive in your inbox.

  • DMARC email authentication also aids in the prevention of phishing scams.

  • Machine learning approaches to assist in the detection and prevention of phishing attempts.

  • Strong anti-business-email-compromise protection.


You can request a quote from their website.

23. DuoCircle Advanced Threat Defense Suite

DuoCircle Advanced Threat Defense Suite is well-known for safeguarding users from phishing schemes and exploits. Despite offering a wide range of useful functions, this platform is best recognized for its ruthless resistance to phishing emails. DuoCircle is very simple to set up and administer, and it's straightforward to interface with other tools.

Key Features:

  • Has built-in data loss prevention (DLP) features prevent hacked employees or accounts from sending important information out.

  • Administrators can configure user access privileges to allow only authorized parties access to sensitive information.

  • Supports secure integration with familiar email clients and programs.


You can request a quote from their website.

24. Symantec Messaging Gateway

Symantec Messaging Gateway integrates threat isolation for corporate email, preventing advanced email cyberattacks, including spear phishing, credential phishing, and malware. Symantec email security solutions are offered both on-premises and in the cloud. Using third-party SIEMs, administrators can correlate advanced threat intelligence, find attack trends, and identify targeted attack victims.

Key Features:

  • Isolate suspicious email attachments to prevent ransomware and other viruses from infecting users.

  • Email Threat Isolation safeguards the consumer from malicious activity such as spear phishing, and malware attacks.

  • Isolate questionable email links and web downloads to stop advanced spear-phishing attacks.


You can request a quote from their website.

25. Trustifi Email Security

Trustifi Email Security analyzes all emails for threatening content such as spam, viruses, malware, and phishing attempts. Trustifi is an email security and encryption provider that assists businesses in protecting their inbound and outbound email communications against email threats such as phishing, account takeover, and malware sent by email.

Trustifi, which is compatible with local email clients, Office 365 Outlook, and Google Workspace, assists enterprises in securing their inboxes and being compliant regardless of the platform they use to communicate.

Key Features:

  • Spam and phishing scams can be detected before they reach your mailbox.

  • Clients can choose between safe listing and delisting.

  • Detection of malware and ransomware viruses, prevention of BEC attacks, and notifications.

  • Detection of spoofing, phishing, impersonation, and fraud, as well as spam filtering.


You can request a quote from their website.

Things to Consider When Selecting Secure Email Gateway Tools

The Level of Security Functions

Every email security gateway should safeguard against malicious email, phishing attempts, and spam. This is not to say that an email security gateway product should only include basic anti-virus, antispam, and anti-phishing features.

Instead, an organization should seek out more advanced anti-virus, antispam, and anti-phishing technology. Malware detection, for example, should employ sandboxing and other advanced techniques to examine files for potentially dangerous behavior. Using signature-based malware detection approaches, such as anti-virus signatures, is no longer sufficient. Email security gateway providers typically provide sandboxing and other advanced features.

Other Security Features Offered by Email Security Gateways

Some gateways merely provide the aforementioned basic security functionalities. However, gateways are increasingly providing additional email-related security features, such as data loss prevention (DLP) and outbound email encryption.

Many firms, particularly larger enterprises, disregard these additional services since they already have corporate DLP and email encryption capabilities. However, adding DLP and email encryption options to an email security gateway for enterprises that do not have these capabilities.

Customizable Features

Although enterprises may not want to spend time customizing their secure email gateway tools, doing so can enhance detection capabilities and the management process by customizing administrator dashboards, gateway reports, and other parts of the gateway.

The requirements for usability and customization of gateway administration differ significantly between businesses. High-risk businesses require a high level of customization to make detection as advanced as feasible, even if this has a detrimental impact on usability.


We hope you were able to get to know more about secure email gateway tools. As essential as they are, it is equally critical for businesses to ensure that they are investing in the right ones that correspond with their objectives. With the information provided, we hope you were able to select the most suited platform.


What is Email Gateway?

A Secure Email Gateway (SEG) is a hardware or software that monitors emails delivered and received. Email gateway protection is intended to prevent unwanted emails while still providing good email. The unwanted messages include spam, phishing assaults, viruses, and fraudulent information.

Outgoing messages can be evaluated to prevent sensitive data from leaving the enterprise or automatically encrypt sensitive emails. Depending on the needs, SEG functionality can be installed as a cloud service or on-premises appliance.

Hence, secure email gateway tools are crucial.

What Are Email Gateway Tools?

Secure email gateway software blocks the distribution of malicious emails that contravene business policy or contain malware, social engineering attacks, spam, or other unsolicited emails intended to cause harm.

Secure email gateway software is used by businesses to protect their systems from attack and to reduce the chances of user error caused by social engineering assaults. Secure Email Gateways all work to keep assaults from reaching their intended targets. Many SEG companies also provide data loss prevention services. DLP capabilities prevent sensitive information from being leaked in outgoing emails. When working with sensitive or proprietary information, or when regulatory compliance is necessary, DLP is very important.

When Should You Consider Using Secure Email Gateway Tools?

There is no specific moment or event when businesses should invest in email gateway software. You can invest whenever you want. However, the earlier, the merrier.

As you may have been aware, advanced-level malicious assaults have made Security scarce. Given the increasing frequency of cyber-attacks, it is prudent for businesses of all sizes, large, medium, and small, to invest in a good email gateway solution.

What Are the Benefits of Secure Email Gateway Tools?

The following are some of the advantages of employing email gateway technologies for your business:

  • A secure email gateway safeguards your employees from hazards, including viruses, spam emails, and phishing assaults.

  • It not only prevents malicious emails from entering your servers but also encrypts any critical data leaving your company's systems.

  • Email gateway software assists your company in fulfilling the significant security criteria established by regulatory bodies.

  • Email archiving and encryption are features that allow you to back up and save email communications and secure outbound communication that contains critical information.

Who Uses Secure Email Gateway Tools?

When it comes to using email gateways, organizations of any size can benefit from them because it safeguards their essential information. Since any organization, regardless of its size or sector, is vulnerable to cyber attacks, it is a wise option to invest in one.

Governments and organizations have used email gateway security to guard against various cyber threats, including phishing scams, Business Email Compromise (BEC) schemes, Denial of Service (DoS), clickbait, counterfeit content, spyware, trojan, and other types of malware.

Top 25 Secure Email Gateway...

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