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Best SimSolid Alternatives From Around The Web

Altair SimSolid is a revolutionary 3d architecture simulation solution for architects, and engineers since it can do structural assessments on fully featured CAD assemblies in a matter of minutes. 

It uses an algorithmic model informed by its knowledge of previous simulations. It takes as input the number of degrees of freedom that the user has specified for the 3D model. It runs the simulation or analysis and then solves it to obtain the stresses, deflections, and other metrics of interest. This is compared to the boundary conditions (loads, constraints, etc.) that you specified initially, and local and global errors are computed accordingly.

There are a bunch of decent tools out there that offer the same array of services as SimSolid. And it can sure get confusing to choose the best from the lot. Luckily, we've got you covered with our curated lists of alternative tools to suit your unique work needs, complete with features and pricing.

Neo, developed by Foyr, is a great software used to make 2D floor plans, and furnish and customize designs in 3D mode. You can make or upload 3D models, and produce high-quality photorealistic renders in under an hour using their proprietary cloud-based rendering engine. More importantly, you can accomplish everything right in your browser without ever having to download or install any additional software.

The capacity for users to work together effectively is Revit's strongest suit. It guarantees that everyone on the project team has access to the design and update process. This aids in the quicker and more efficient completion of the project. You may use Revit with AutoCAD with no problems. Parametrically accurate, precise, and easy-to-use 3D models of shapes, structures, and systems can be created in Revit.

FreeCAD was built using parametric modeling (a digital model based on a set of pre-programmed rules or algorithms) as its foundation. FreeCAD's modular design allows users to attach specialty workbenches to the main application for increased functionality. One of these workstations supports the full functionality of BIM software. FreeCAD's BIM capabilities have been gradually separated into the Arch Workbench, which houses fundamental architectural tools, and the BIM Workbench.

SketchUp was split into many tiers after Trimble acquired it, although the free desktop version is still available under the name "SketchUp Make." 2017 saw the introduction of the most recent version of SketchUp Make. The good news is that Trimble continues to officially provide this version even if it is no longer receiving updates. It's still a fantastic choice if you want a free desktop version of SketchUp.

This tool supports the 3d pipeline which includes modeling, animation, simulation, rendering, and motion tracking. This system seems to be beneficial for individuals and small-scale institutes who want to build a responsive development process. Since it is cross-platform, the tool is supported on various other devices such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. The tool was created with a noble vision to provide free production and technical service and free access to its users.

Doors, windows, walls, ceilings, stairways, and roofs have always existed in both 2d and 3d. Archicad has been connected with BIM for several years, making it appropriate for both modest buildings and interiors and very large building projects. As Archicad is a 3D architecture program that incorporates MEP and engineering disciplines, it is favored by many architectural firms today. Newer Archicad releases, however, also come with an MEP modeler.

Conceptual designs, fully coordinated BIM models, building papers, and spectacular presentations are just some of the many tasks that may be facilitated with Vectorworks. It's a flexible method of consolidating separate systems into one unified environment. The BIM data is where this software's creative skills can really shine, but that's not to say that the creative tools aren't impressive.

This standardization in building design has allowed for greater efficiency in team communication and collaboration than was previously achievable. This 3D architecture program has powerful modeling features that let you create nearly any shape imaginable. In addition, MicroStation is a full-fledged parametric modeler that lets you alter the form of your design by tweaking the parameters that determine the sizes of its primary elements.

Not only that, but it can picture appliances, cars, and other things with ease. The use of 3D architectural software for structural design allows for the seamless integration of the building's aesthetic and practical components. Rhinoceros has many applications in the workplace, from machine builders to toy manufacturers. As a result, it can be a useful strategy for 3D architecture since it provides a plethora of options and is more adaptable than other similar programs.

Edificius is a design and BIM solution, but it is compatible with the rest of ACCA's offerings, such as those for architectural visualization, project management, structural design, cost estimation, and energy performance. Edificius is an advanced 3D modeling program that also supports 4D and 5D design. As a result, not only can a building's full life cycle be planned with its aid, but it can also be monitored. Edificius's BIM modeling features are straightforward and simple to grasp.

AutoCAD's functions include those for 2D drafting and drawing in addition to its superior rendering capability. It's compatible with Revit, and the team members on your project may all work together thanks to the collaborative features of the 3D architectural program. In order to get started with making 3D models, many people turn to AutoCAD. You can use it to create sketches that are a less sophisticated representation of your buildings.

Many people view it as the industry standard for animation because it is powerful and adaptable. The programme Maya is used to create 3D materials for usage in movies, television shows, video games, and advertising. The IRIX operating system was the platform for the software's initial release. Virtual reality software development tool Maya from Autodesk. Motion graphics, visual effects, and 3D animations may all be produced with Maya.

This user-friendly program gives architects and designers a graphical environment in which to construct 3D design models. The Dynamo Studio is a one-of-a-kind component of the program that allows architects and designers to evaluate the acoustic properties of a potential building or room. When architects have access to extensive primary data insights and analysis, they are able to create more sophisticated designs.

The software's applications extend beyond the realm of design and testing to include manufacture. In addition, Fusion 360's cloud-based deployment facilitates teamwork in various contexts. In this way, you can pool the expertise of people from different fields into a single set of projects. Advantages beyond portability and cost savings are associated with this cloud-based design. Fusion 360 is mobile, so you may use it on a variety of different gadgets.

Walkthrough videos and renderings of their designs can easily be made on any device, anywhere in the world. It allows users to quickly and easily create construction drawings and photorealistic renderings, as well as sketch 2D and 3D floor plans, personalize their homes' interiors and exteriors with over 7,000 3D items, and much more. With Cedreo's time-saving capabilities, you can write a full house plan in just one hour, even if you don't have access to expensive software.

The Grasshopper toolkit includes a number of time-saving utilities. The software has varying use. Most design programs require you to copy and paste elementary components like lines in order to reuse them. Some tools employ matrices to do these operations more quickly. Grasshopper simplifies such tasks with its variable system. To generate a new set of items, just type the appropriate quantity into your variable.

The software is compatible with building design software like ArchiCAD and 3D modeling programs like SketchUp. The end result is photorealistic images. With this method, you may display your 3D models as they would seem in the physical world. Because of this, V-Ray is perfect for creatives who want to spice up their work. The program has amazing textures available for use. In addition, its range of hues is unparalleled.

TAD is utilized for the conceptual design of a structure rather than solving the nuts and bolts of building construction. It takes into account the design components from the start and provides comprehensive answers. Advanced new versions of TAD's 3D architectural design software are released often. The Architect's Desktop (TAD) is a lightweight, open-source BIM editor and modeler developed from foundational architectural research.

Among its many advantages is the ability to address clash groups, made possible by the software's remarkable 3D tracking, which also enables project team members to identify a wide variety of difficulties in both 3D and 2D. It also supports most existing CAD applications via plugins, including Revit, AutoCAD, Tekla, and Vectorworks, and enables remote access to data, VR model exploration, and integration with several other popular BIM systems.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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