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Top 10 Tools For Smooth Web Browsing

Web browsing has become a daily part of people's lives. For anything they want to buy or know about, they type their query into the browser, and they get instant results. Sometimes, browsing might not always be smooth. When you are working on a project, you might have hundreds of tabs open, and you have no clue where to begin, or there might be pop-up video ads or banners showing up on your web page. When this happens, surfing becomes chaotic. To remove the chaos, there are web browsing tools available.

We have listed the top tools related to smooth web browsing.

1. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is a web browsing tool that makes browsing smooth with no ads.

Key Features:

  • The tool keeps your data and device safe from malware and tracking.

  • With this tool, you can block various types of ads, such as video ads, banners, and pop-ups.


It is free and open source. The tool does have a premium option.

Yearly - $20

Monthly- $2

2. Ublock Origin

Ublock Origin is a web browsing tool you can add as an extension.

Key Features:

  • You can add this tool as an extension to Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

  • The tool offers a predefined filter list. You can also create your own filter list to block unwanted ads.

  • It is simple to use.


It is free.

3. Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is a web browsing tool that can be added as a browser extension.

Key Features:

  • The tool stops advertisers and third-party trackers from tracking your web activity.

  • The tool will automatically block advertisers who have been tracking your activity across websites.

  • With this tool, you do not have to select blocking lists.

  • The tool analyzes cookies from each site.


It is free.

4. Auto Tab Discard

Auto Tab Discard is a web browsing tool that discards inactive tabs after a certain amount of time.

Key Features:

  • You can prevent certain tabs from being discarded, such as media playing or pinned tabs.

  • You can filter specific websites from being discarded after a certain amount of time.

  • The tool also allows you to discard tabs manually.


It is free.

5. Redirector

Redirector is a web browser tool that can be added as an extension to your browser.

Key Features:

  • The main feature of this tool is that it allows you to specify patterns for web pages. It allows you to set a pattern that automatically redirects to other pages—for example, to

  • The tool lets you skip confirmation pages.


It is free.

6. AdGuard

AdGuard is a web browsing tool that gets rid of ads.

Key Features:

  • The tool protects your system from malware.

  • It makes web surfing faster.

  • The tool blocks pop-ups, banners, and video ads.

  • The tool removes all trackers and analytic systems.


Personal (up to three devices) - $2.49

Family (up to nine devices) - $5.49

7. Blokada

Blokada is a web browsing tool for iOS and android.

Key Features:

  • The tool blocks ads and makes the web page look clear.

  • The tool stops trackers and saves the system from malware.

  • The tool speeds up the device.


It is free as it is an open source.

8. QLightning Reopen

Lightning Reopen is a web browsing tool that lets chrome run in the background for fast re-opening.

Key Features:

  • The tool allows chrome to run in the background so that all your extensions will not take up time to open.

  • The tool will reduce lag and will help your browser run faster.


It is free.

9. Ghostery

Ghostery is a web browsing tool that makes browsing fast and safe.

Key Features:

  • The tool has an in-built tracking blocker.

  • The tool provides a private search engine.

  • It prevents ads from popping up.


It is free. You can donate as well.

Monthly - $4.99

Yearly - $3.99

10. Tree Style Tab

Tree Style Tab is a web browsing tool that helps in categorizing tabs.

Key Features:

  • The tool allows you to set branches to your tabs. The tool categorizes your tabs under the parent and child branches. For example, when you browse for search results for a certain topic, each search result will open in a child tab.

  • You will not lose your browsing trail.


It is free.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Web Browsing Tool


When choosing a web browsing tool for smooth browsing, ensure that the tool does not store your data. Read the privacy policy conditions before installing the tool to have safe and secure browsing.

User Interface

It should be easy to use and understand when installing the tool or extension. The user interface must also be compatible with your browser.


The tool must function fast, ensuring there is no lag. For example, an ad blocker must quickly block all the ads without any disturbances. The better the speed, the smooth your web browsing.


Having ads covering your content or websites track your activities can be annoying and an invasion of your privacy. Having a smooth web browsing experience makes work easier and less frustrating. The above-mentioned web browsing tools will keep your system safe and your web browsing experience smooth.

Install the above-mentioned web browsing tools, and you will not regret it.


What Are Web Browsing Tools?

Web browsing tools are software or applications that run on your web browser. They require an internet connection to work. The point of web browsing tools is to make things easier for the user. The tools make web surfing smooth and hassle-free. They protect your browser from invasion by third-party sites.

When Should You Consider Using a Web Browsing Tool?

Since there has been a rise in ads and tracking, people are facing issues. They see ads blocking the web page content, which is related to links they have browsed before. This can get annoying for a user. If you are wondering when to use a web browsing tool, you can use it at any point in time and block all the unnecessary cookies and ads from your browser.

What Are Browser Extensions?

Browser extensions are small pieces of software that bring customization to the core browser. Browser extensions include spell-checks, ad-blockers, and to-do lists. There are many browser extensions that are available.

You must also be careful when adding a browser extension. As some extensions can access or expose your data.

What Is the List of Popular Web Browsers?

There are many web browsers available, but there are a few that are popular and most used because of their features.

Here is the list:

  1. Firefox

  2. Google Chrome

  3. Apple Safari

  4. Microsoft Edge

  5. Opera

  6. Vivaldi

Why Do I See so Many Ads on My Browser?

The reason you see so many ads might be that your browser is infected by malware. Or third-party websites keep track of all your activities.

When sites start tracking your browsing activity, they get an idea of what you are looking for and post ads that are related to your concerns or activities. When you see this happen, it is advised to install web browsing tools that will block third-party sites, cookies, and ads.

How can I protect my browser against malicious websites using a Chrome extension?

There are various extensions available that can enhance your security while browsing. It's essential to conduct your own research and choose an extension that best suits your needs. We came across an extension named Guardio in several online discussions, which has been quite effective for us. For more information, you can read a thread about Guardio that we found useful during our research.

Top 10 Tools For Smooth...

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