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Top 18 Sports NFT Drops

Created by using almost a similar type of program used in cryptocurrencies, Non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) are taking over various industries by exhibiting its quality as a reliable crypto collectible. These tokens can either be in digital forms or can also be used to tokenize objects or items in the real current world. One industry where NFT has emerged as one of the most popular concepts is the sports industry.

These tokens are exchanged and traded in various sports to take benefits of a pool of resources such as special insights, highlights, badges etc. These tokens can also be traded in various centres in the NFT marketplaces. NFT gives a unique chance to sports enthusiasts to become a part of the sports world and connect with their favourite teams and sports person. People get a chance to preserve their favourite players’ ‘behind the scenes’ footage and can also connect directly with them by collecting NFT of individual athletes and enjoying its benefits.You can check out some of the top tools related to NFT that will give you more insight into the topic.

We have come up with a list of the 18 Sports NFT Drops which have for sure brought enthusiasm in sports fans.

1. Vira Lata Football Club

Vira Lata Football Club, which is one of the first Brazilian sports NFT drops in the world of cryptocurrencies, includes football players in the form of dog characters. The money collected is also planned to initiate a social cause.

Key Features:

  • Based on the Polygon blockchain, this game provides its users tokens in the form of players that are characterised by different attires and looks. The users will collect NFT’s upon winning tournaments.

  • The profit will be channelised towards the donation to social causes related to the field of sports in Brazil.

  • Upon purchasing NFT’s for Vira Lata Football Club, collectors can also get gifts and access to the game's new collections.

2. Super Racer : F1

Super Racer is a sports NFT drop that involves car racing where multiple players can participate by choosing cars that they love. The tracks that are created for this game take you through beautiful views and enable you to drift your cars and experience amazing visual graphics.

Key Features:

  • The users can choose and customise their favourite cars and trade and sell them to collect credits that can be used for various benefits in the game such as customising your player and entering special races.

  • The game has higher chances of getting built and created for computers and there are future plans to come up with an updated and advanced version of the game.

  • This project which is created by the Solana blockchain will also come up with public sales and presales for their users.

3. Boxing Boyz

Boxing Boyz, a 3D animated game consists of interesting characters available for users to choose from. The game revolves around boxing and earning NFT’s by winning rounds in the boxing ring.

Key Features:

  • You will play as your character and will get a chance to improve the skill sets of your Boxing Boy. You can earn rewards by making your character train, fight and participate in as many tournaments as possible. The tokens can be traded.

  • The users get to choose from at least 10,000 characters and for future plans, the game will also be released as a VR game.

4. Fan Craze

Fan Craze is an Indian brainchild that has been founded by Sundar Raman and Anshum Bhambri to give the opportunity of cricket fans to be a part of the NFT cricket world. This sports NFT drop is in partnership with the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Key Features:

  • 75 memorable moments that took place during the ICC Men’s World Cup from the year 2015 and 2019 will be a part of this project.

  • Fan Craze has also created partnerships with some of the most popular cricketers such as Jonty Rhodes, Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Andre Rusell, Yuzvendra Chahal and many more.

  • The NFT’s will be included in packs and the marketplace for trading is also available on their official website.

5. Lucky Block

Lucky Block tokens are used to participate in lottery games that are held online. The chances of winning remain the same for each player thus, the playing ground is fair for all. The winners tend to win by mere luck and the game is said to be free of frauds. See why this sports NFT drop is interesting.

Key Features:

  • Their ‘Platinum Rollers Club’ collection, which was a first, gave the NFT holders a chance to get into competitions and the users received some percentage from the pool of rewards.

  • Investors who are consistent in holding on to their NFT’s and participating in competitions are given special rewards as well.

6. Fanzone Sports Club

Fanzone Sports club gives the fans an access to a platform where they can collect and trade their tokens by just supporting the teams and players they love and favour.

Key Features:

  • The NFT’s will be available as various items such as jerseys of your favourite player, seats for matches at a stadium and player cards. One of the most important forms of NFT is the membership pass.

  • Different types of membership passes can help you avail different types of perks and benefits. The passes are divided into three types : a Gold pass, a Black pass and a Diamond pass.

  • The top passes which are the Gold and Black ones can also help you get tickets to real sports events.

7. Hockey Heroes

Hockey Heroes aims towards bringing hockey into the NFT and world of digital games. This is a sports NFT drop that enables you to play this fun game on your smartphone. The participants can win and collect digital tokens that tend to represent different hockey players in the game.

Key Features:

  • The main plot of the game is to create teams and aim to win hockey tournaments. Other than this, the participants can also opt for challenges that don't require a team but can be completed by a single player.

  • The game consists of 3000 Heroes that can be collected. 111 players out of these are labelled as ‘Legendary’. Upon winning these legendary tokens, they can also be converted into hockey cards that are real.

  • The season 2 of the game will most probably be released next year until then, hockey fans can hold tight and enjoy the first season.

8. Blockchain Brawlers

Blockchain Brawlers is here and WWE fans need to listen up! This is your chance to be a part of the wrestling world and represent wrestlers by collecting and trading NFT tokens or cards. Blockchain Brawlers is conducted on WAX, a blockchain that is created for smooth running of games.

Key Features:

  • To play this game, the rules are quite simple. You need to purchase your favourite wrestler and a wrestling ring where it can fight and show its moves. If you are able to win and make your opponent taste defeat then you are rewarded.

  • The more rewards you collect, the more the chance you have to train your fighter virtually and help him/her become the best.

  • The fighters or brawlers can also be auctioned which makes the process of trading your NFT assets easy and more flexible.

9. The Ballman Project

The Ballman Project is the brainchild of Stan Wawrinka, who is a Tennis player and has won the Grand Slam singles championship 3 times. You might have been able to guess what game the sports NFT drop focuses on. Yes, you are right! It is indeed Tennis.

Key Features:

  • The NFT’s can be won and used in virtual Tennis competitions where the aim is to compete against different players and defeat your opponent.

  • The project is based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

  • The most important event of the game is called NFT Open where you get a chance to win huge amounts of ‘Ether’ NFT’s.

  • Rumours are in round related to the opening of an online store where fans of the game get the opportunity to buy merchandise and giveaways from the game.

10. NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot project is quite popular amongst basketball fans. The NBA had already begun to use video cards from the year 2020 and these cards have become very close to the hearts of the users due to the following reasons.

Key Features:

  • Each card that trades a digital video comprises a significant moment from NBA that can be collected by the users and can also be traded. One of the most expensive clippings that was sold was of the player LeBron James from the LA Lakers dunking in a match from one of the matches from 2020.

  • When you sign up for NBA Top Shot, you are eligible to collect pack drops that consist of a variety of moments that are rare and exclusive.

  • The moments are labelled according to their genre and importance. They are called Legendary, rare, fandom and common.

11. NFL All Day

NFL All Day is a project that is based on the sport of football. NFL All Day believes in being consistent and thus, comes up with drops from time to time. If you want to stay updated with their sports NFT drops then you must join their discord server.

Key Features:

  • The NFT’s that are created by playing the game help the users to collect some of the most loved clippings or moments that took place in NFL.

  • NFL All Day, which is based on the Dapper Lab’s Flow blockchain, has got quite the attention from football lovers.

  • The moments are assorted in packs that are available on the marketplace and can be bought with cryptocurrency.

12. Autograph

Autograph is a sports NFT drop that has been founded by Tom Brady and was launched in the year 2021.. The main idea behind this project is to give the users an opportunity to buy assets in the digital world that are signed by some of the legendary athletes.

Key Features:

  • The NFT’s include autographs of athletes that helps the athletes to connect with their fans. The autographs can be mere illustrations or can be produced in graphic forms as well.

  • The buyers that are a part of this project win rewards by bidding on these autographs. The higher the bid, the more rewards you can win.

  • You can also connect with other fans as well that are a part of this project. Some of the hotshot athletes who are a part of this are Usain Bolt, Tiger Woods, Rafael NadalNaomi Osaka and many more.

13. Silks

Silks horse racing game that connects real horse racing with virtual games gives the chance to the users to collect NFT’s that keeps a track of the information related to the thoroughbreds. The NFT’s also collect rewards upon the win of real world horses.

Key Features:

  • There are interesting features in the game that attract its users. For example, the ability to create an interesting avatar for yourself in the game.

  • Silks consist of various benefits and one of them is low barriers for entry. Some benefits also make the ownership of horses less risky and more flexible.

  • Skills are an important aspect involved in this project. This fantasy game requires you to think like a real horse racer.

14. Ferrari and Velas

Ferrari and Velas’ existence can be concluded easily from the fact that most of the F1 fans go gaga over Scuderia Ferrari.They have proved themselves on the racing tracks by winning the hearts of almost everyone present in the stadiums while they roll.This is why this is an interesting sports NFT drop.

Key Features:

  • A deal has been made between Ferrari and Velas Network to come up with a NFT collection project that will launch somewhere in the mid of year 2022.

  • Velas Network, which is a swiss company has been handed over with the responsibility to come up with the creation and launch of NFT for the Ferrari deal.

15. Solana Sports Club

Solana Sports Club is a club that is created from the Solana Blockchain. The NFT’s that are generated by this club provide an opportunity to the people to collect tickets to real sports events and mark their attendance.

Key Features:

  • The founder of the club Ben Duncanson created a system where there exists 10,000 NFT cards. The card holders are distributed into different raffle systems and according to the raffle system/tier the card holder ends up in, the benefits are decided.

  • The cards that are used in this game are designed in a unique way. Each card consists of a face with a uniform on and representing different sports.

  • The Solana Sports Club also grabbed the attention of its users when it announced that they will contribute to a sponsorship program meant for real life athletes.athletes.


Tamadoge, a sports NFT drop that might attract you if you are a pet lover because the sole aim of this game is to take care of your pets.The blockchain that this game is based on is Ethereum.

Key Features:

  • In order to be on top of the game, you need to tend to the needs of your pets in this digital world. Their needs can include proper feeding or activities involved to result in their efficient upbringing.

  • The new coins TAMA are on a presale the users can buy it for lesser price via different medium such as credit/debit cards or ethereum etc. The sale will end on 2nd September 2022.

  • Tamadoge will be available in the form of an application and also the Arcade debut of Tamadoge is round the corner.

17. Hoop Toons

Hoop Toons is ahead of its time and the interesting thing about this game is that it comes with an interesting plot. It revolves around the story of basketball players getting replaced by robots because of the decisions made by the aristocracy. The interesting plot is what has attracted popularity.

Key Features:

  • The teams consisting of robots take part in matches and compete against each other to win and bag benefits such as access to real life games and opportunities to win items from their exclusive shop.

  • Hoop Toons plans to use the profit collected to invest in the future of students in Universities and also provide aid to the underprivileged.


STEPN has been created to encourage people to exercise and become active. This is a unique idea and this is what makes this sports NFT drop different from the other projects.The users need to buy sneaker NFT’s before they can start to get involved in this game.

Key Features:

  • The users earn benefits, rewards and cryptocurrencies by exhibiting their efforts towards adopting exercise.

  • You can use the STEPN app to track your steps and details related to your exercise after you get access to the sneakers. More activity leads to more rewards.

  • You can trade the currency for cash or use it to buy new sports gear such as sneakers from the marketplace.


NFT sport tokens are amongst those assets that are soon going to see success as more people are going to get drawn by the idea behind it. Who would want to miss the chance to get rewards and benefits where they would get to meet their favourite athletes or would grab an opportunity to get free tickets to NBA games.

The floor price of buying a NFT token for these sports drops are not very high and can be afforded by more people. A lot of people are into gaming and what better can you get where you get perks for playing a game. The interest in investments is beginning to increase and this is what will give a boost to the spots NFT drops.


What is NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens that are based on blockchains and cannot be interchanged or exchanged for one another. NFT’s can be used to stand for items that exist in real life in the fields of gaming, music, art and real estate etc.

NFt is unique, is a digital asset and it cannot be forged. NFt’s have been around in the market from the year 2015 but are slowly and steadily gaining popularity.

What is the difference between NFT’s and Cryptocurrency?

One of the main differences between them is that NFT is a non-fungible asset which means these tokens cannot be interchanged within themselves whereas cryptocurrencies are fungible and can be exchanged for each other.

Which is one of the big NFT’s to buy next?

For gaming purposes Illivium is one of the best NFT’s one can invest in. Illivium is based on Ethereum blockchains and is a game of fantasy genre. You can invest in it, play it and see for yourself the benefits of it.

How can we make money from NFT’s ?

You can create money from NFT’s by buying, selling,exchanging or trading them at NFT marketplaces. In the sports world you can use NFT’s to not only make money but also receive benefits and rewards that can help you in other ways.

What are some of the most expensive NFT’s ever sold ?

The Merge was the most expensive NFT that was sold for $91.8 million. This was sold in the month of December in the year 2021. An interesting story of an expensive NFT was when the digital artist MikeWinkelmann created a collage using 5000 pictures and it was sold in an art auction for $69.3 million.

Top 18 Sports NFT Drops

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