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Top 15 Most Successful Crypto ICOs of All Time

ICOs are a specific type of cryptocurrency that is used as a token to raise money to produce more crypto tokens.ICOs benefit from tools like software or new items. Thus, a project's aim is crucial in this situation. Investors find the ICO projects more intriguing since they like the objectives and know they may expect improvements in the future.

We have listed here the top 15 most successful crypto ICOs of all time along with their specific prices and features.

1. EOS

EOS used an ICO to generate $4.2 billion in 2018 as part of its year-long fundraising strategy. Dan Larimer, one of the early pioneers of cryptocurrency, started the initiative.

Key Features:

  • This is identified as Ethereum's rival and can be utilized as a proof-of-stake platform.

  • Being a part of the dApp is a critical procedure, and EOS provided the appropriate development tools for the purpose.

  • The project was designated as a decentralized process in 2020, and since then, there has been a tremendous increase in developer funding.


Stats from 306 EOS = 1 ETH.

2. NEO

NEO is regarded as a lucky ICO for investors. It is an open-sourced blockchain initiative from China. Most people refer to it as the Chinese Ethereum.

Key Features:

  • NEO's goal was to achieve smart contracts and decentralized trade, and they were successful.

  • The Chinese government participated in this initiative as an investor as well.

  • The value of the coin increased from 3 cents at its beginning to $180 at its peak, which was astounding.


Starts from 1 NEO = 0.2 USD.

3. Ethereum

Ethereum has a very high market cap and is the second-largest cryptocurrency of all time. Many more cryptocurrency enthusiasts were motivated by this ICO.

Key Features:

  • However, even if Bitcoin is the newest cryptocurrency, it is still only a form of money. Ethereum, in comparison, combines the features of digital money and a decentralized program with smart contracts.

  • This coin is currently $3,128 per token.

  • For fortunate investors, the rate of return is also very high.


Started from $0.31 per coin.

4. Ark

The ARK Network is the first blockchain to be built using ARK-Core. It is a completely decentralized network governed by 51 validators and a large community of supporters.

Key Features:

  • Ark is an ICO that was launched in order to gain prominence in the cryptocurrency market.

  • Through its own network, this platform enables users to swiftly include different currencies.

  • The cost of a token was only $0.04 during the ICO. From there, it increased to about $11 at its peak.


The Ico price is $ 0.00995394.

5. NXT

NXT was introduced in September 2013 via an ICO on the BitcoinTalk Forum, where it was successful in raising about $16,800 in bitcoin.

Key Features:

  • NXT was one of the first blockchain startups to achieve success.

  • The coin was created to act as a blockchain platform, enabling the deployment of private blockchain applications by banks, enterprises, and small businesses.

  • At its height, the price of each NXT coin was $2.15 USD, yielding a staggering 1,477,000% return on investment.


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The IOTA project is a cutting-edge blockchain initiative that combines blockchain and Internet of Things components.

Key Features:

  • The only cryptocurrency that doesn't use a complete blockchain is this one.

  • A cutting-edge technology called Tangle is used to address the scalability and transaction fee problems.

  • In its initial coin offering, which took place in November and December 2015, it raised more than $400,000.


starts from 1 IOTA = 0.00059 USD.

7. Bioviratech

During the COVID-19 epidemic, Bioviratech was established to aid in the equitable delivery of vaccines. In the event of a future pandemic, the platform is collaborating with pharmaceutical firms to establish 360 million contracts for vaccines.

Key Features:

  • Bioviratech offers an opportunity to get around restrictions placed on the distribution of vaccines by law and regulations.

  • The ability to buy vaccines with Bioviratech USD (BVTD) tokens will be available to holders.

  • These tokens will be made available to users by the platform through crypto airdrops, but they may also be bought on exchanges.

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8. Stratis

The Stratis platform for blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) facilitates the creation of blockchain applications for business use.

Key Features:

  • When it launched its initial coin offering in June 2016, it was able to raise $600,000 in digital currency.

  • The initial selling price for Stratis' STRAT token was $0.007 per token.

  • On January 9, 2018, it reached its all-time high price of $22.66.

  • Early token holders will get a 38,600 percent return on their investment within two years.


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9. Storj

Storj was one of the earliest blockchain projects to provide decentralized cloud storage.

Key Features:

  • After its first initial coin offering (ICO), which raised $461,000 and valued each token at $0.009, the token started trading in the fall of 2014.

  • Another crowdfunding campaign by Storj in 2017 raised $30 million in addition to an additional $3 million in startup investment.

  • When it reached its all-time high of $2.96, the ROI was approximately 33,000%.


Starts from 1 STORJ = 0.5 USD

10. Particl

Particl is a decentralized all-in-one financial platform that safeguards your rights and grants you complete independence.

Key Features:

  • Because Particl is based on the Bitcoin platform, users can conduct transactions completely anonymously.

  • They email their users and supporters with significant updates and news items.

  • The official currency of Particl's free market economy is the PART.


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11. Lisk

Lisk, one of the several blockchain application platforms currently in use, was developed in the beginning of 2016 with the aim of enabling developers to construct their own decentralized apps.

Key Features:

  • It is supported by its very own blockchain network and a specific token called LSK.

  • Because side chains are adaptable, Lisk allows developers to completely customize their own blockchain apps.

  • Along with thorough documentation and development support, Lisk places a strong emphasis on the user experience.


Started at $0.08 USD.

12. Pixel Hub

Pixel Hub is a great NFT game for individuals who love an arcade-style UI. Both desktop and mobile users can access the platform, which was built on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Key Features:

  • It offers more than 20 distinct games.

  • The next step in this project's plan is the initial coin offering (ICO) of its native utility token, PHT.

  • Users can acquire PHT by participating in video games.


Started at 0.01 USD.

13. Lixiana

Early in 2022, Lixiana was founded with the goal of establishing a decentralized market for digital goods, services, and resources. The platform is still building the frontend functionality for its marketplace as it is still in its early phases.

Key Features:

  • Lixiana has already been able to establish relationships with a number of business owners who will be using the platform to market its goods and services.

  • The Lixi digital coin, created by Lixiana, powers this marketplace.

  • The Lixi token will be accepted as payment by Lixiana users for goods and services.


Started at 1 BNB = 10.000 LIXI.

14. SubQuery Network

The goal of the SubQuery Network is to develop a remedy for the ineffective processing and querying of blockchain data.

Key Features:

  • Developers may easily extract data from blockchain networks thanks to its open-source, data-as-a-service functionality.

  • It gathers and arranges data from Polkadot, Substrate, and Avalanche, and it intends to eventually provide support for more blockchains.

  • SQT, the network's utility token, will be made available as a reward for signing up.


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15. Lucky Block

Late in January 2022, Lucky Block made its debut with an ICO on LBank and an IDO on PancakeSwap. Then, in early August 2022, the MEXC exchange listed BLOCK V2, an ERC-20 token version used to facilitate CEX listings.

Key Features:

  • You can only enter to win prizes and receive compensation for owning Lucky Block NFTs on the Lucky Block NFT Competitions site.

  • Their rewards system is powered by the Lucky Block coin.

  • Since it is currently on the Ethereum blockchain, it can list on centralized exchanges.


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Things to keep in mind while choosing the Most Successful Crypto ICOs of All Time

Do Proper Research

Check out the ICO's website, the whitepaper, the team page, and even its social media pages and channels. Watch out if the website appears amateurish or if it was put together in a hurry. Scammers only have time to steal money, but some might try to steal their projects by paying attention to every aspect, so be on the lookout.

Issue of Pre mining

Pre mining enables an ICO to distribute tokens to a small group of recipients before the crowdsale starts. Typically, it serves to honor funders, developers, and project contributors. However, if you see that the majority is being sold prior to the crowd sale, you have discovered an ICO that is attempting to attract investors by using cunning methods to take your money.

Celebrity endorsement

A phony ICO may utilize celebrities to capture your interest; don't let a celebrity endorsement, whether true (maybe a paid campaign with celebrities agreeing to without awareness) or fake, draw you into something you'll regret later.


In this article, we discussed the Most Successful Crypto ICOs of All Time. Hope this has helped you get a clear idea and how you can choose your desired Most Successful Crypto ICOs of All Time.


How can you tell which cryptocurrency will increase?

The majority of cryptocurrencies have a set maximum supply. No new coins will be created after that cap is reached, which is commonly accomplished through mining activities.If interest rates remain high and the supply is limited, the price could rise.

What do crypto fundamentals entail?

The inherent worth of an asset is assessed using fundamental analysis, a type of analytical technique utilized in the financial markets. To assess whether an asset is overvalued or undervalued, it takes into account a variety of internal and external elements that can influence the price of an asset.

What are the types of tokens available during an initial coin offering?

Utility tokens and security tokens are the two major types of tokens that can be offered in an ICO. Utility tokens, also known as "user tokens," allow customers to pre-order future access to your goods or service. Security tokens, on the other hand, serve as a representation of the company's shares and are governed by the law.

Was there an ICO for Bitcoin?

Yes, there was. Despite the fact that Ethereum has hosted the majority of ICOs, the first ICO, Mastercoin, was held on the Bitcoin network.

What distinguishes ICO from Ido?

A cryptocurrency coin offering known as the Initial DEX Offering, or IDO, takes place on a decentralized exchange. In contrast to ICOs, which include sales before the tokens are released on the exchange, IDOs immediately list tokens on the DEX through which they are launched.

Top 15 Most Successful Crypto...

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