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Best Teladoc Alternatives From Around The Web

Teladoc was not created to provide support in an emergency and is not a fully functional telemedicine system. Instead, it gives patients quick access to a huge doctor network. 

Therefore, building long-lasting relationships with patients is less crucial than just ensuring that someone is available to listen to their problems and provide counsel.In conclusion, rather than fostering a doctor-patient relationship, Teladoc is made to assist those who only want quick access to basic medical advice or care, like a facility for urgent care.

There are a bunch of decent tools out there that offer the same array of services as Teladoc. And it can sure get confusing to choose the best from the lot. Luckily, we've got you covered with our curated lists of alternative tools to suit your unique work needs, complete with features and pricing.

Using this portable telemedicine device, you can equip patients with the means to keep track of and record changes to their health information, allowing for more rapid, accurate, and evidence-based diagnosis and care. They have carefully selected and adapted a suite of ancillary devices that can monitor a wide range of vital signs and provide a comprehensive picture of one's health and well-being.

This is achieved by combining patient self-scheduling, online forms, and SMS appointment reminders, which collectively cut the no-show rate to single percentiles. Along with audio and video calling, it has a number of automated processes to speed up workflows and increase productivity, such as reducing the need for additional tools and screens.

Even though this is in some ways advantageous, the absence of mobile apps, which are normally easier to set up and use on iOS and Android, is a drawback. Its primary selling point is that you can use it for unlimited audio, video, and message chats for no additional cost. This makes it an essential tool for many professions. You may book phone or video appointments, adjust waiting areas, and send text and email reminders with the Professional Tier.

This includes monitoring and Bluetooth communication to allow remote devices to exchange biometric information that may be provided by the patient or a caregiver. The tool enables patient personalization to make early evaluations and guide adjustments, like medication dose, easier. The dashboard summary updates in real time. The data can also be used to configure workflows.

The community paramedicine programme offers home health monitoring and is built to deliver real-time video communications, especially in locations where there is a higher risk of readmission. The Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) system is designed to notify first responders while they are at the scene of an emergency or travelling to the hospital. Thanks to swyMed, cameras and personalised glasses with a microphone and video link may be integrated wherever care is needed.

The following items are included in the OhMD patient communication toolkit: - Two-way text message discussions that are HIPAA-compliant without the need to download an app or sign in to a patient portal - Automated communication procedures for things like booking appointments, parking lot check-ins, referrals, and refilling prescriptions.

It accurately segments vertebral bodies and recognises significant morphological traits automatically to speed up reporting. It recognises and categorises several signs of spinal impairment, such as baseline angles, irregularities in the sagittal rotation of the vertebral motion segments, and convergence of baselines, an indication of biomechanical dysfunction brought on by ligament damage.

Private phone numbers, scheduled consultations, $1 million in liability insurance, group chat, in-app billing, encrypted text, audio, and video messaging, among other useful features, are just a few of the features offered by Medici. With the help of Medici, doctors may instantly start consultations with their patients over the internet. Patient lists can be obtained from the provider's third-party EHR systems.

Users can have private video chats with clients using this HIPAA-compliant application. Thera features include file sharing, client/session notes, electronic payments, scheduling, client listing directories, and secure messaging. LINK's Practitioners have access to client profiles, past appointments, personal information, session lengths, and payment histories.

TigerConnect enables medical professionals to text, audio, or video chat with case managers, experts, staff members, and patients. Through it, clinicians can organise remote check-ins for patients, communicate with their families, and have individual or group video consultations with other team members.TigerConnect Patient Engagement enables users to communicate with healthcare experts instantaneously, ask questions, and send important attachments using SMS texts that are securely secured.

Functionalities such as electronic health records, medical billing, patient interaction tools, telemedicine capabilities, patient charts, reputation management, financial analytics, and business intelligence reporting help automate medical practice activities. Self-scheduling in-person or via telemedicine appointments are just the beginning of how integrated workflows automate the patient journey and enhance the patient experience.

It has a patient portal, configurable medical forms, real-time patient eligibility checks, e-prescribing, and real-time eligibility checks. Users of DrChrono's EHR (electronic health record) component can track patient data using fully customizable form templates or pre-built forms. Medical professionals can also add paperwork or patient notes to a medical record to give context for specific patient contact.

This approach can be used by small practitioners and billing businesses. With the help of Kareo, practices may schedule appointments, check insurance, handle past-due payments and the collection process, save patient information, offer customised reports, and more. Practices can start 48 hours after registering.

This EMR solution manages clinical and administrative processes, including appointment scheduling and revenue management, for both multi- and single-specialty clinics. It allows doctors to spend less time on administrative tasks while still providing high-quality care, which benefits both their bottom line and their patients. In order to increase productivity, a mobile app and workflows have been developed.

In addition to Epocrates and other point-of-care mobile apps, athenaIDX practice management provides cloud-based services for revenue cycle management, electronic health records (EHR) & medical billing, care coordination, patient engagement, and population health management. The billing module, which can be used independently or in conjunction with the EHR, features a patented and frequently updated rules engine.

To this purpose, CharmHealth's pricing is clear, distinct, and practical for assisting practises in budgeting for and managing the cost of purchasing software. The UI's use of simple, instantly recognisable icons enhances workflow. The CharmHealth ecosystem's marketplace provides a wide range of mobile apps and add-ons with a large and growing number of integration partners and publicly accessible CharmHealth APIs, including FHIR APIs, to meet your evolving demands.

Using SynziMD's virtual care platform, physician groups can communicate with patients without the need for additional hardware, software, or time-consuming setup. Virtual visits are an option for those who want a more practical scheduling method or who feel uncomfortable with in-person appointments.

It provides care for patients that are quick, adaptable, and dependable. This electronic medical record has useful features like electronic signatures and prescriptions, electronic appointment reminders, and electronic payment options. PrognoCIS's EHR software allows you to tailor your practice's workflow to your specific needs. In addition to standard EHR functionality, PrognoCIS EHR also provides medical invoicing, telemedicine via branded mobile apps, and payment processing for patients.

It is used by health care facilities in many different countries to handle administrative tasks such as patient scheduling, billing, and payments. Almost any requirement can be met by one of its many available modules. It's more than just a mobile app or analytics since it can also be used for clinical trials and data analysis in the medical field. Doctors' productivity and efficiency have increased, and healthcare facilities that have implemented it have seen an increase in revenue as a result.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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