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Top 35 Text Analysis API Tools

Text analysis, commonly referred to as text mining, is a technique that makes it possible to glean insightful information from unstructured text. It breaks down the data using natural language processing (NLP) and mines text data for machine-readable insights using machine learning.

However, you are not required to create your text analysis solution from the start. An API (Application Programming Interface) for text analysis is an alternative. Integrating an existing product API is the most common method of beginning text analysis. You may use a polished tool that is bug-free to your advantage. Additionally, getting software support services is simple. Depending on your needs, you can use open-source or SaaS software.

Let's discuss the various options in this top tools list.

1. Chattermill

A customer experience management tool called Chattermill uses artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and analytics to help firms gather, compile, and evaluate client feedback. The platform enables businesses to create automated workflows using event-based triggers to capture customer experience and classify the data according to metrics, segments, tags, and other factors.

Key Features:

  • With the help of Chattermill, businesses can gather customer feedback via conversations, app store reviews, social interactions, emails, and surveys and save it in one place for later use.

  • Its data visualization features enable administrators to acquire insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) on client replies through sentiment analysis, comparisons, and user patterns.

  • Teams may collaborate on customer data by sharing interactive dashboards, reports, and client metrics with individuals from other departments.

  • Users may set Chattermill to get notifications when KPIs, customer attitudes, or other statistics change.


Contact the company for details.

2. IBM Watson Studio

Data scientists, application developers, and subject matter experts can work together and easily with data in IBM Watson Studio to design and train models at scale. You can create models wherever your data is located and deploy them anywhere in a hybrid environment, which allows you to operationalize data science more quickly.

Key Features:

  • Automated feature engineering, visual model creation, automated hyperparameter optimization, and automated model development are some of IBM Watson Studio's key capabilities.

  • By automating data preparation, model construction, feature engineering, and hyperparameter tuning, AutoAI minimizes time-consuming, repetitive operations.

  • Using text analytics to conclude from unstructured data

  • Visual model construction with drag & drop and SPSS Modeler

  • Powerful graphics engine for creating beautiful representations


Contact the company for the details.

3. Relative Insight

A comparative text analytics software called Relative Insight aids businesses in extracting useful business insight from text. To enhance how they promote, sell, and develop their goods and services, brands and agencies utilize the platform to analyze consumer feedback, social media postings, forum discussions, media coverage, and competition brand messaging.

Key Features:

  • Their comparative technique exposes what distinguishes audience groups and businesses from one another using technology first created in collaboration with the British government to protect youngsters online.

  • Leading companies and agencies utilize insights to drive marketing messages, product development, customer service strategy, and other areas.


Contact the company for the details.

4. Forsta

A cloud-based survey tool called Forsta (formerly known as FocusVision Decipher) was created to assist businesses in creating adaptable surveys in a variety of languages to get client feedback. Managers can filter received data based on specific customer categories and show findings using tables or charts.

Key Features:

  • Tools for both quantitative and qualitative market research

  • Ever-present client insight

  • Gather, examine, document, and disseminate current consumer insights.

  • Most complete and potent software for employee and consumer interaction

  • Simple to complex scale


Contact the company for the details.

5. Assembly AI

Custom voice recognition software called Assembly AI turns spoken words into text. Among other things, this technology may be used to make speech interfaces and to record phone calls. This utility may generate transcripts of speech into numerous audio formats and languages as a voice-to-text service. All video and audio formats are supported, and the system instantly and without transcoding converts them to spoken audio.

Key Features:

  • Boosting keywords

  • Export a subtitle or caption

  • Casing and Automatic Punctuation

  • Auto-Highlighted Transcript

  • Multiple Accent Models

  • Dual-channel assistance

  • Advanced Privacy and Security

  • Support for Audio and Video Formats


Assembly AI package starts at $0.00025 PER SECOND

6. RapidMiner

Data analysts may create new data mining methods, set up predictive analysis, and more with the help of the range of technologies offered by RapidMiner. RapidMiner Studio, RapidMiner Server, RapidMiner Radoop, and RapidMiner Streams are among the available offerings. Designing analytic procedures in the RapidMiner Studio uses a drag-and-drop graphical interface. You can include your existing, customized algorithms using the open APIs. You can do more than 1500 operations using The Studio's template library, batch processing, several data visualizations, and automated charting on all significant platforms, sources, and systems.

Key Features:

  • Brand-new templates, such as those for direct marketing, sentiment analysis, and churn reduction

  • Runs on every central operating system and platform

  • Perform over 1500 operations. From attribute creation through market-based analysis to data splitting.

  • Various data handling techniques


Contact the company for details.

7. Thematic

Using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Thematic is a text analytics tool that aids businesses in gathering and analyzing client input from diverse sources. Professionals can use the sentiment analysis tool to recognize favorable and unfavorable remarks and to draw attention to contextual themes in comments.

Thematic enables organizations to produce net promoter ratings (NPS) based on geographical regions and translate received comments into several languages.

Key Features:

  • Managers may use trend analytics to analyze the effect of customer experience (CX) activities and can divide comments into sub-themes, uncover possible problems using loyalty measures, and split comments into sub-themes.

  • Additionally, it enables users to send essential findings to collaborators or stakeholders, enhancing process visibility.

  • The application programming interface (API) that comes with Thematic enables businesses to alter the system and combine it with numerous third-party platforms.


Monthly subscription pricing is offered, and live chat, phone, and other internet tools are used for assistance.

8. Playvox Customer AI

Managers have pushed information on agent performance and customer service through Playvox dashboards, scorecards, and automated reports, allowing them to act quickly and based on accurate data.

A motivated agent performs better overall. To keep your employees functioning at optimal efficiency, we provide motivational tools. We use an incentive-recognition program, which enables managers to award karma points for excellent performance and a social community wall for internal and BPO-based agents. Additionally, we offer an online rewards catalog for agents to win prizes.

Key Features:

  • Connect Playvox to your CRM or customer service software. Create filters and order the interactions with the Quality Product that are most pertinent to your quality process.

  • Determine the areas in which your agents require training, give them courses that are specifically tailored to their needs, and simply monitor their progress with the learning product.

  • With all of your KPIs in one location, you can quickly resolve problems. With its Performance Product, Playvox provides you with all the information you want in real-time.

9. Kapiche

A feedback analytics software called Kapiche analyzes consumer feedback data, enabling customers to make better decisions and increase their company's bottom line. It enables customers to quickly examine hundreds of consumer feedback comments by combining data from several sources.

Key Features:

  • You may gain insights 30x faster using Kapiche. You won't have to wait weeks or months for answers since you'll be able to respond to queries immediately.

  • Be informed of new patterns in customer feedback, swiftly dive down to find core causes, and quickly assess the impact of themes on CX KPIs.

  • Additionally, Kapiche enables you to share findings throughout your business confidently. Your teams and leadership will have quick access to your customer insights so they can investigate and work together on them. And you'll like how easily you can produce special reports and respond to impromptu inquiries.


Contact the company for the details.

10. Canvs AI

Using open-ended material from surveys, social media, and transcripts, Canvs AI turns this text into conversational intelligence. Analyzing product reviews and other information, such as product reviews, may also be done with it. Some of the most reputable corporations, research firms, media, and entertainment organizations utilize Canvs globally to shorten the time to insights and improve audience comprehension. Additionally, it lowers the price of analysis.

Key Features:

  • Automate the reading, analyzing, and interpretation of the free-form text to get consumer insights with high analytical confidence and rich emotional context rapidly.

  • You may easily explore, filter, and compare your findings with Canvs' user-friendly and intuitive insights platform.

  • Additionally, you may produce beautiful data visualizations. Coding attribute, recall, and awareness questions should be automated.


Contact the company for the details.


With the help of, a platform for no-code service automation, customer support staff may create AI models under their direct control, streamlining and automating vital assistance procedures. They effortlessly connect with Zendesk and Salesforce, freeing agents from laborious manual duties to concentrate on what matters most to the client.

Key Features:

  • Automation for the CX Organization Driven by Data.

  • The cornerstone of your automation road plan.

  • Data-driven and tailored to your company.

  • Create and update tags in a matter of minutes.


Contact the company for the details,

12. Amazon Comprehend

A natural language processing tool called Amazon Comprehend can draw conclusions from text and interpret them. In order to extract text from documents, support tickets, reviews, emails, and social media feeds and categorize that material based on keywords, sentiment, entities, and other factors, Amazon Comprehend uses built-in OCR and NLP capabilities.

Key Features:

  • To grasp the sentiment concealed in the text, Amazon Comprehend identifies the language of the text and extracts crucial details like locations, occasions, or persons.

  • This program analyzes text using parts of speech and automatically groups collections of text files according to subjects or phrases.

  • Utilizing Amazon Comprehend, businesses may create text categorization models or entities specifically suited to their brand's requirements.

  • This software allows organizations to send personalized information to their consumers using text file subjects. They can also improve customer search and navigation to boost customer retention.

  • Organizations may also expand the capabilities of this NLP software to find certain phrases and categorize documents according to their operating culture.

13. Stratifyd

A real-time analysis of unstructured and structured information is made possible for enterprises by the augmented intelligence (AI) and data analytics application Stratifyd. It provides a voice analytics technology that enables call centers to use machine learning and natural language processing to automatically generate call transcripts.

Key Features:

  • Managers may use the platform to examine various speech data, such as call length, conversation rate, and the usage of positive and negative terms.

  • Anomaly detection, data warehouse management, predictive analytics, GDPR compliance, collaboration, and other services are among its many functions.

  • Administrators may also utilize the tool to build predictive models, provide bespoke reports, and obtain insights into client journeys.


Contact company for the details.

14. InMoment Text Analytics

A comprehensive, cloud-based experience intelligence system called InMoment Text Analytics enhances the experiences of customers, employees, and businesses. User-created customized reports and dashboards with real-time data sets may be scheduled, shared, and improve customer interactions. Organizations may use the EX and MX Clouds to obtain insights into the viewpoints of their employees and the industry, respectively. Smart surveys, real-time feedback, social media monitoring, and other services are provided by Active Listening Studio.

Key Features:

  • Through AI-powered engines, you can rapidly respond to client feedback, monitor survey frequency, and point customers toward valuable resources.

  • Analyze feedback from websites, videos, and comments to make data-driven decisions.

  • Create and export dashboards and reports using real-time data sets.

  • You may answer questions and stop unpleasant encounters using suggested actions and intelligent notifications.


Contact the company for the details.

15. OpenText Magellan

A predictive analytics platform that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) is called OpenText Magellan. The platform combines self-service analytics and immediate access to big data to assist enterprises from a variety of sectors in making choices based on data. Structured and unstructured data imported from enterprise data management platforms and outside systems may be used to build reports and dashboards.

Key Features:

  • The building of machine learning models, data crawlers, natural language processing (NLP), data visualization, algorithm modification, data connections, and other features are among OpenText Magellan's features.

  • Reports and analytics may be utilized to comprehend clients, partners, staff, sales, issues, and other company performance measures.


Contact the company for the details.

16. Google Cloud Natural Language AI

It may be used to extract data from text documents, news stories, blog entries, and much more that reference persons, locations, events, and much more. It may be used to analyze social media sentiment about your product or to determine the purpose of consumer discussions taking place in contact centers or messaging apps. You may use Google Cloud Storage to interact with your document storage or analyze the submitted text in your request.

Google Cloud Natural Language API is a tool in a tech stack's NLP / Sentiment Analysis area.

Key Features:

  • It may be used to analyze social media sentiment about your product or to determine the purpose of consumer discussions taking place in contact centers or messaging apps.

  • You may use Google Cloud Storage to interact with your document storage or analyze the submitted text in your request.

  • Utilize entity recognition and sentiment analysis to glean meaningful data about consumer reactions to products or user experiences from customer discussions in email, chat, or social media.

  • Use signals from cutting-edge syntax analysis to filter unsuitable content, categorize documents by subjects, and create relationship graphs of entities taken from the news or Wikipedia articles.


Contact the company for the details.

17. MeaningCloud

With the use of MeaningCloud, businesses in the banking, publishing, insurance, and other sectors may extract information from call recordings, surveys, blog entries, and contracts. Managers may use it to automate content publishing processes, create custom reports, and undertake sentiment analysis.

Key Features:

  • Data analysts may use voice layout, KPIs, and visualization to get insights into company data using MeaningCloud's natural language processing (NLP) capabilities.

  • In order to categorize texts in accordance with organizational needs, managers can preconfigure parameters and establish new taxonomies using the program.

  • Through APIs, MeaningCloud makes it simple to integrate with a variety of other programs, including Dataiku, Google Sheets, Microsoft Word, Zapier, RapidMiner, and more.


MeaningCloud package starts at $99.

18. PoolParty

The most comprehensive and cutting-edge semantic middleware platform available on the market today is PoolParty Semantic Suite. It makes use of cutting-edge techniques to assist businesses in creating and managing enterprise knowledge graphs as the cornerstone of their AI strategy. PoolParty Semantic Suite intelligently extracts pertinent entities, words, and other metadata from text and documents using powerful text mining algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Key Features:

  • Along the whole Linked Data Lifecycle, PoolParty Semantic Suite enables you to develop and update business knowledge graphs.

  • A knowledge graph is a detailed illustration of a knowledge domain that may help you get greater insight from your data.

  • PoolParty Semantic Suite facilitates the generation and administration of Enterprise Knowledge Graphs in a fully automated manner and is based on supervised machine learning.


Contact the Company for the details.

19. MonkeyLearn

To do sentiment analysis, subject categorization, intent detection, and entity extraction, small to big businesses may use MonkeyLearn, a cloud-based text analytics platform, to train their own bespoke machine learning (ML) models.

Support teams may use the program to automatically categorize, route, and prioritize request tickets. Customers' comments and input through reviews, chats, surveys, comments, or support requests can be evaluated by teams to improve the product plan.

Key Features:

  • To obtain certain keywords, characteristics, or entities from a text, MonkeyLearn aids developers in creating text extractors.

  • Numerous other capabilities are also available, including process automation, historical tracking, tag prediction, classification, data input, and visualization.

  • A number of third-party programs, including Zendesk, HelpScout, Google Forms, Airtable, Gmail, and others, are integrated with MonkeyLearn.

  • Monthly subscriptions are available for the solution, and phone, email, and live chat assistance are all accessible.


MonkeyLearn package starts at $299/mo.

20. TAS

TAS Enterprise Search is a cloud-based and on-premise domain and subject-independent search engine that provides corporations, non-profits, academic institutions, and governmental organizations with sophisticated and bulk search options. Users may complete difficult query jobs and locate pertinent results by using integrated entity identification and name matching technologies.

Key Features:

  • Gaining insight is a process of extracting knowledge from company data with the intention of assisting business decision-making.

  • Understanding your data and receiving results and answers are crucial for overcoming the problems of today's corporate environment, therefore it should be clear why having insight is so important in today's world.

  • To achieve this, TAS Insight Engine combines the most recent developments in text analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP).


TAS package starts at 557.77 USD.

21. Verient

An innovative software program called Verint Text Analytics enables users to acquire better understanding of their customers' experiences across web chat, social media, email, call notes, and other channels. Through recorded exchanges, the program automatically detects relationships, patterns, and subjects as well as consumer feelings using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. This can be a useful technique for spotting high-value or problematic consumers before a problem develops.

Key Features:

  • Utilize virtual assistants and tailored interactive voice response (IVR) to automate processes and improve service channels.

  • On digital platforms, replay consumer interactions and record clicks, taps, and gestures.

  • Determine hazards and vulnerabilities, and protect resources and personnel. Utilize the identity authentication and fraud detection module to validate consumers and identify questionable activity.


Contact the company for the details.

22. Amenity Analytics

Amenity Analytics is a text mining tool made to assist companies in the banking and insurance sectors evaluate unstructured data found in a variety of documents, such as research papers and call transcripts. In order to acquire insights on current changes in environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) sentiments, administrators can use pre-built Microsoft Excel templates.

Key Features:

  • Managers may use the platform's single interface to categorize, explain, highlight, export, or print certain documents.

  • Marketers may gather data from several sources using Amenity Analytics to examine trending subjects and find new business prospects.

  • Teams can also identify emerging business risks and monitor red flags across Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings.


Contact the company for the details.

23. Discover Text

DiscoverText is a text analysis and data science tool that uses the cloud to analyze large amounts of unstructured free text, survey responses, Twitter data, and more. Users can build adaptive, custom text classifiers using machine learning and crowdsource coding in the semi-structured workflow to find pertinent items and group them into categories like topic or sentiment.

Key Features:

  • Using DiscoverText, you can quickly remove duplicates, group related text and comments, and auto-highlight any unusual or unpleasant language.

  • Create word clouds and delve into them to better comprehend text data graphically and to create tiny subject dictionaries. Create reports in the following formats: PDF, XML, RTF, or CSV for additional analysis.

  • To work together on assignments and tasks inside DiscoverText, create peer groups and project networks. You may then share or preserve finished projects online.

  • Use Boolean-defined search to find keywords and text, and archive social media posts from both the free and paid Gnip Twitter data streams.


Contact the company for the details.

24. Acodis

By contextualizing the document, comprehending the content, extracting it, and transmitting it to the appropriate location, intelligent document processing automates the processing of data within documents. You can accomplish all of this using Acodis in a matter of seconds. Unstructured data is prevalent in the world and will continue to be so for a very long time to come. To enable data extraction from any document, in any language, we created Acodis. With machine learning, extract structured data from any document in a matter of seconds.

Key Features:

  • Workflows for document processing may be created and combined with a few clicks—no coding is necessary.

  • Integrate the procedure into your current systems after you have automated and captured the data from your paper.

  • Acodis provides a simple user interface. As a result, your team is able to automate document-related activities, and you may quickly arrive at choices using machine learning.

  • Use the REST client for your chosen programming language and incorporate it with your current business tools.


Acodis package starts at 61,560.48 /year.

25. Semantria

Lexatics provides Semantria, a cloud-based text and sentiment analysis application. This solution is made to assist companies in gathering tweets, SMS, and other comments from customers and then analyzing them to gain extremely important and useful information. The program effectively and elegantly integrates text analytics into the user's business apps because it is provided as a SaaS.

Key Features:

  • Through analysis of tweets, posts, comments, and other documents on social media platforms and elsewhere in the digital sphere in general, it may recognize patterns, identify variations in sentiment, and identify shifts.

  • With the help of this program, you may learn things and develop perspectives that can help your business succeed.


Contact the company for the details.

26. Sayint

Sayint is a data analytics tool that gathers and analyzes data from consumer conversations drawn from multiple communication channels to produce high-quality, useful insights. To guarantee that customer calls comply with current compliance standards and laws, the platform gives businesses and organizations the ability to automate compliance monitoring and audits.

Key Features:

  • Sayint assists you in finding valuable performance measures that your sales staff may utilize to swiftly and simply identify knowledge and training gaps.

  • All of your communications are audited by Sayint, which also thoroughly examines them for compliance.

  • Sayint can gather and display customer journey evaluations from numerous data sources as well as record crucial metrics like CES, NPS, and C-SAT using industry benchmarks.


Contact the company for the details.

27. Synthesys

A team may benefit from the expertise of thousands of people thanks to Synthesys. The final image is determined by connecting the dots and comparing it to the opportunities, dangers, and anomalies that are sought after reading over all the material and underlining the significant individuals, groups of people, organizations, events, and facts being addressed.

Key Features:

  • A cloud-based program that allows users to operate remotely

  • A cloud-based program that will enable users to operate remotely

  • Use podcasts, explainers, social media, TV ads, explainer videos, and more!

  • Pick from a sizable collection of expert voices: 35 women and 30 men

  • Unlimited voiceovers may be produced and sold for any purpose.


Synthesys package starts at $29 per month.

28. BytesView

BytesView is a fantastic machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) based text analysis application that may assist you in analyzing and extracting useful information from unstructured text.

Key Features:

  • BytesView offers API services that may assist you in fine-tuning the efficiency and accuracy of the organization's own data analysis models.

  • Unstructured text can be integrated with our analysis system considerably more easily thanks to special plugins.


Contact the company for the details.

29. Yabble


Yabble is a provider of market research software that aids in meeting your text analytics demands. Yabble, which is based on ground-breaking AI technologies, offers a variety of rapid, perceptive, and simple-to-use tools that help companies better understand their customers. providing the information that clients require to support customer-driven business development and innovation.

Key Features:

  • Hey Yabble, the industry-leading AI-powered insights generator, is at the forefront of the Yabble offering and creates rich content using a special blend of proprietary algorithms and the GPT-3 neural network.

  • Utilize our selection of strong insights tools to produce, link, and analyze data, and convert thousands of unstructured feedback pieces into new insights summaries in a matter of minutes.

  • With Yabble, extracting useful, strategic business insights from your data is simpler than ever.


Contact the company for the details.

30. DeepOpinion Studio

DeepOpinion Studio created the best artificial intelligence (AI) for identifying subjects and the associated sentiment based on the technical framework AutoNLU (ABSA). The AI might exceed global benchmarks and be scientifically demonstrated to provide the most advanced technology since it can discriminate between contexts and sectors and identify characteristics in a fine-granular way.

Key Features:

  • In the DeepOpinion Studio, we mix cutting-edge Deep-Tech in NLP/NLU, the field of AI that is developing the quickest, with pure user-friendliness.

  • Using the largest collection of pre-trained models, they here give users of all types the ability to automate text-related issues.

  • Everyone has access to actionable, highly accurate insights because no programming or AI training is necessary.


Contact the company for the details.

31. IDOL

Advanced enterprise data analysis and the search for unstructured data sets are both offered by Micro Focus' IDOL analytics. Users may examine text, audio, video, and picture data from virtually any source using machine learning. It offers real-time data to assist users in concentrating on important facts, prioritizing information, and making data-driven decisions.

Key Features:

  • The system automatically summarizes significant data points to produce a conceptual overview. In addition to a straightforward summary composed of the first few phrases of the lengthy analysis document, it also provides a contextual summary based on the original question.

  • Creates reliable written data from audio data. combines probabilistic modeling with NLP algorithms to make it easier to draw conclusions from both spoken and written language.


Contact the company for the details.

32. Provalis Research QDA Miner

Provalis Research QDA Miner Multiple search options are used by an on-premise qualitative data analysis tool to help code and analyze textual data as well as still photos.

Key Features:

  • Compared to other qualitative research products on the market, QDA Miner provides greater computer aid for coding, enabling you to code and analyze documents more rapidly and accurately.

  • You have unmatched freedom to analyze text and link its content to structured information, including numerical and categorical data, thanks to QDA Miner's seamless interaction with WordStat, a text mining and content analysis program, and SimStat, a statistical analysis tool.


Provalis Research QDA Miner package starts at $245.

33. Loris

A conversational AI tool for teams that prioritize customers is called Loris. Real-time staff assistance and analytics provided by this program help users increase productivity and enhance customer engagements. The software is an intuitive deployment solution that enhances a customer success platform's return on investment through first-rate integrations. Businesses can have more faith in their staff because Loris gives them the ability to handle more interactions and boost quality.

Key Features:

  • The software also helps users maintain a consistent user experience at scale by efficiently filtering out spam comments.

  • Inexperienced agents can perform and handle tasks like experts thanks to this software.

  • Loris uses advice from the material that performs the best to quickly construct the appropriate response.

  • When a company's regulations change, the platform centralizes change management so that agents can always rely on the most recent information.


Contact the company for the details.

34. SAS Visual Text Analytics

A data visualization tool called SAS Visual Text Analytics is employed for reporting, data exploration, and analytics. Users of the solution, including those without highly developed analytical abilities, may comprehend and explore patterns, trends, and correlations in data. The creation and sharing of reports and dashboards that track company performance is made simple with SAS Visual Analytics.

Key Features:

  • You can make interactive reports and dashboards using SAS Visual Analytics so you can rapidly summarize important performance data and publish them over the web and on mobile devices.

  • SAS Visual Analytics was created with simplicity in mind.

  • Users have the option to import their own data, connect tables, construct calculated columns, use data quality tools, and more with self-service data preparation.


Contact the company for the details.

35. InfraNodus

Any study notes, concepts, sentences, or even the results of a Google search on a particular topic may be shown as a text network by InfraNodus. The cooccurrences of the terms serve as the links between the nodes, which are the words. It is a very rapid tool for creating mind maps since it allows you to create network graphs using hashtags.

Key Features:

  • In order to gain a thorough understanding and a fresh perspective on any text, the resultant text network may be utilized to determine the major subjects and how they are related.

  • The program will also examine the knowledge gaps to show how a certain research project or topic may be further upon.


InfraNodus package starts at 9.15 USD.

Things to consider while choosing Text Analysis API Tools


Every organization has different business objectives and selecting a text analytics API depends on the particular needs of the business and the industrial sector.


Text analytics requires a fast processing speed to compress and analyze large amounts of unstructured data.


Accuracy is a vital component of text analytics. The text analytics API should have access to a sizable amount of data, often referred to as a corpus, for findings to be accurate. In order for the algorithm to comprehend them and deliver accurate findings for multiple language analysis, the corpus or the machine-learned training should be in that many different languages.

Visualization with a dashboard

The text analytics API needs improved dashboards with various visualization choices and graphical representations. This will make the data easier to grasp and provide decision-makers and problem-solvers with a clear understanding of the resulting data.

Social media extraction

Social media postings, comments, feedback, and feelings rule the digital sphere. To ensure the data and information produced are accurate, it is essential for text analytics software to be able to infer and interpret slang, emojis, hashtags, short forms, and other social media jargon.


What is Text Analysis Software?

Businesses can use text analysis software to examine their text data using a subset of natural language processing called "natural language understanding." These analytics systems accept the text as input and give some labels, tags, or insights as input due to the unstructured nature of text data. Businesses are embracing the need to comprehend firm data like never before in the age of digital transformation.

Over the past ten years, text analysis software, also known as text mining software or text analytics software, has become a vital tool for almost every industry. The requirement to comprehend structured and unstructured data is a recent development in analytics and business intelligence.

What characteristics do text analysis tools typically have?

Text analysis software has several features that enable customers to extract crucial business insights from text data.

  • Language recognition - Users can determine the language a text was written in thanks to text analytics systems. This might be useful when figuring out where a social media post originated or when a company has global locations.

  • Tag for a part of speech: - Text analysis software can identify the language and tag each word with a part of speech, indicating if it is a noun, verb, adjective, etc.

  • Syntax analysis - Similar to speech tagging, syntax parsing aids in understanding how and why a phrase was put together rather than breaking it down word by word.

  • Recognition of entities - Solutions for text analytics may be used to identify genuine entities and elements of speech. Text analytics will determine if a noun is a person or a location, even though the part of speech may be a noun.

  • Extracting a key phrase - Keyphrase extraction, another critical aspect of text mining and analytics, enables users to identify patterns and themes in the text. These tools can help users identify such common patterns.

What advantages does text analysis software offer?

Users need to study text, which is a self-evident reason for using text analysis software. However, there are various reasons why a business could wish to undertake text mining and analysis. It all comes down to better understanding and leveraging corporate data to have an influence on business operations and the bottom line. It should be utilized to boost productivity and efficiency and to streamline procedures that might be more effective.

Text analytics is a simple approach to measure client happiness, which is something that businesses always aim to achieve. Customer attitudes may be found in a variety of text data sources, including social media, emails from consumers, phone transcripts, customer reviews, and more.

What is API for text analysis?

The Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities for sentiment analysis, opinion mining, key phrase extraction, language identification, and named entity recognition are provided by the Text Analytics API, a cloud-based service.

Is text mining and NLP the same thing?

The purpose for which NLP and text mining are utilized differs. NLP examines text, voice, or grammatical syntax to comprehend human language. Information from both organized and unstructured sources may be extracted using text mining. It emphasizes the structure above the content's significance.

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