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Top 13 Timeshare Tools

Investing in a timeshare tool is essential. In a timeshare, there are many owners, and each has property rights. Managing resorts, homes, or companies under this type of ownership requires a lot of attention and no errors.

Timeshare tools help manage finances and other important aspects. When you invest in a timeshare tool, each owner can access their portion documents and details easily. Everyone can know financial information for billing purposes and conduct smooth property operations. Overall the tools will help with management, finances, sales, and marketing. All these elements are important for any type of property ownership, and having tools to assist you with these will give you a great advantage.

Here is a list of all the top tools that will help you experience efficient and smooth property ownership.

1. Membroz

Membroz is a timeshare & vacations ownership software and an ERP & CRM system. It is designed to simplify and automate management tasks like membership administration, enquiry administration, email notification, text message notification, bookings, and payment.

Key Features:

  • Tracking sales

  • Managing contracts

  • Property management

  • Managing commissions

Cost: Starting from $ 294 per year

2. Magna

Magna timeshare tool is a fully functional property management program created for businesses and agencies. For Windows, Magna Timeshare Software offers comprehensive solutions.

Divided commissions, workforce management, activity tracking, and commission calculations are all available in one location with this system.

Key Features:

  • Managing client databases

  • Campaign management

  • Scheduling Amortisation

  • Commission Management

Cost: $300 per month

3. CiiRUS

Ciirus is a platform for managing holiday rentals and properties for small and medium sized businesses. This tool can be used by property managers to coordinate with personnel and handle relevant tasks. Office and field personnel can communicate utilising a variety of internet and mobile communication technologies to view, allocate, and transmit jobs and projects in real-time by connecting to the Ciirus cloud.

Both SMS and email can be used to send and distribute instant notifications, which are also displayed on-screen. The available calendar can be added to any third-party website, and Ciirus features can be integrated into any current website utilising a WordPress server. The real-time management services offer capabilities for dispatching, managing, billing, cleaning and maintenance.

Key Features:

  • With connections to significant distribution channels and travel agencies, the CiiRUS network offers a seamless integration procedure that streams listings straight to the chosen channels.

  • Users can access availability, add or update bookings, browse and modify inventory, and more using the Ciirus cloud, which is designed to show on mobile devices as well as any other device.

Cost: Starting from $29 per month

4. RNS Timeshare Management

RNS is the best option for managing owners, exchanges, and rentals with completely integrated rental websites. With a complete leasing scheme built-in, you can generate additional revenue flow.

At RNS, they provide great satisfaction in offering an all-inclusive solution that is cost-effective for all resorts, including the tiny ones that only handle a handful of units. It scales up to oversee hundreds of units and can operate numerous resorts simultaneously, making it ideal for management firms.

Key Features:

  • Condo associations

  • Property management for long term

  • Rental management

Cost: Begin with a free trial

5. RDPWin

Resort Data Processing (RDP) has for quite some time been regarded as one of the industry's pioneers in the development of property management software. RDP specialises in offering each client a unique solution.

RDP provides its services to all the type of properties, ranging from luxurious vacation rental businesses to resort complexes.

Key Features:

  • Audit Management

  • Quick in giving alerts

  • Follows e-mail marketing

  • Guest check-in and check out

Cost: $ 5,000

6. Viewpoint

Viewpoint is a market-leading, cloud-based timeshare administration software solution with a steadily growing clientele. Your daily property management needs are handled by Viewpoint.

Through the member site, members can update their personal information, make payments, make reservations, and much more. There is access to a collection of pre-built reports, as well as the ability to request and build new reports.

It also provides complete financial management combining timeshare and blended properties in all areas.

Key Features:

  • Integrations of the third party

  • Supports electronic payment

  • Data can be imported as well as export

Cost: Starting from $ 1,000

7. Best Time

BestTime provides a modular platform that is perfectly suited to the commercial requirements of the global fractional real estate and vacation ownership businesses.

For a set monthly subscription, BestTime customers get unrestricted customization, a clean installation, 24/7 assistance, and support for an unlimited number of contracts, users, and properties. The tool can assist you in budget management, business process optimization, and proactive owner attraction and retention.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Contracts

  • Lead Management

  • Managing contracts

Cost: For a set monthly subscription fee, Best Time provides full customization; there are no up-front costs, hidden fees, or other costs.

8. TSS International

TSS International is a seamlessly engaged timeshare management software that promotes organisational effectiveness. You don't have to constantly navigate between several apps for bookings, reservations, transactions, and accounting.

Their timeshare and travel clubs were created with the needs of the consumer in mind. They are developed to address particular client demands rather than being the product of programmers or marketing teams.

Key Features:

  • Maintenance of bills and accounting

  • Property management

  • Tour and sales management

Cost: Starting from $ 500

9. TimeShare Ware

TimeShare Ware is a modular platform with features for owner services, sales and contracts, promotion and user management, reservations, and property administration. From straightforward cloud-based, out-of-the-box solutions to specialised, end-to-end enterprise applications, TimeShareWare and its components are offered in a variety of configurations.

The TimeShareWare package is the all-in-one platform that addresses the administration needs of shared-ownership resorts of all sizes and varieties, including timeshare resorts, holiday clubs, condo hotels, and vacation rentals.

Key Features:

  • Marketing and sales

  • Reservations

  • Property management

  • View availability of rooms

Cost: Contact the company

10. Merlin Software

Merlin Software is a comprehensive software that can accommodate all accounting functions for various businesses, currencies, and product types thanks to its full double-entry accounting module. Resorts may execute all property administration activities, such as desk reception, centralised reservations, schedule change, and night audits while maximising their inventory use and profit growth.

With powerful data gathering tools and interaction techniques, this comprehensive and versatile module serves as your resort's complete CRM system.

Key Features:

  • Property and lead management

  • Great accounting

  • Managing commissions and contracts

    Cost: Contact the company

11. Orange Systems

SPI Orange Series enterprise platform, which is the company's flagship product, is a versatile and adaptable Cloud and (SaaS) solution with modules for branding, revenues, property management, loan maintenance, service practices servicing, receivables management, centralised reservations, owner services, and website applications.

Developers and managers of a timeshare, vacation club, and mixed-use properties can benefit from SPI Software's management-oriented software solutions.

Key Features:

  • Provides assistance with sales monitoring and billing

  • Provides timeshare facilities for holiday clubs, and combined properties of all sizes.

    Cost: Contact the company

12. TSS Rhea

TSSI is a comprehensive tool providing its services in various ghotels and vacation clubs in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Managing maintenance costs, CC payouts, rental companies, and deposit accounts are all included in the monthly fee for a full-featured hosted system. It also has interconnections with several other software.

Key Features:

  • Group reservations

  • Tour Management

  • Sales and account tracking

  • Efficient payments

Cost: $500 per month

13. Resort Access

Resort Access indulges in businesses selling timeshares, timeshare resales and sales packs. They specialise in administration system solutions. Syntax International, the parent company has so far offered timeshare and vacation club marketing organisations services, solutions, and continuous support.

Their flagship product, "Resort Access," was developed as a result of timeshare firms' need for resort management software systems. It is a low-maintenance, multi-user, multi-currency, hotel sales management software programme for the Windows platform.

Key Features:

  • Support during online as well as business hours

  • They work with Businesses that are small or midsize, enterprises, freelancers, nonprofit organisations and the government.

Cost: Contact company for pricing details


What is timeshare software?

An ERP and CRM solution called timeshare software is used to manage membership, inquiries, email and SMS reminders, bookings, and payments. An ERP and CRM solution called timeshare program in place is used to manage membership, inquiries, email and SMS reminders, bookings, and payments.

What are some benefits of using timeshare tools?

Some of the benefits of using timeshare toolasare:

  • In actuality, customers frequently buy timeshares because they wish to see a variety of locations within the timeshare company's portfolio rather than the same one every year. To switch your week or credits for another property, however, there can be additional costs, so it does require some forward preparation.

  • Pools, bathtubs, a gym, and beach access are among the frequently available amenities at timeshare properties, and they tend to be of a higher standard than those at hotels. Of all, it also relies on the timeshare residence in question and whether you're contrasting it with an exclusive resort or a quick overnight hotel stay.

  • Each year, if you hired someone else's vacation home or timeshare, you would avoid any maintenance duties, financial risks associated with rising annual rates, and special charges.

What is the actual purpose of timeshare?

With a timeshare, you can guarantee time at a holiday rental by splitting the cost of the property with other people. They omit, however, to emphasise the rising maintenance costs as well as other supplemental expenses that really can render owning one intolerable.

What are some risks involved in timeshare?

Some of the risk that are involved in timeshare are:

  • Timeshares may be challenging to sell again.

  • Money flow.

  • Reputation for dishonest players and con artists.

  • The capacity to trade.

  • Flexibility

Which is the biggest timeshare company?

With the inauguration of the first vacation ownership resort property in Atlanta, Wyndham Destinations, the largest vacation ownership firm in the world, presents a modern interpretation of the timeshare model.

Top 13 Timeshare Tools

The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.