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Best TokenTax Alternatives From Around The Web

TokenTax is a cryptocurrency tax calculator and full-service accounting business that gives you everything you need to submit your taxes accurately.

It allows you to keep track of and preview your tax due, ensuring that you are never caught off guard. TokenTax is a user-friendly cryptocurrency tax software that imports data from all exchanges, calculates capital gains/losses and tax liabilities, and creates tax forms automatically. TokenTax offers tax and accounting services to thousands of cryptocurrency investors across the world.

But did you know that there are some great alternatives to TokenTax that you can consider? So, let’s take a look at some of the best TokenTax alternatives. By the end of this article, we’re sure that you’ll have in-depth information about the various options, their features, and the pricing structure.

When utilizing spreadsheets or manually entering information on IRS forms, you can be sure you don't make any errors as BearTax will prepare all of the necessary paperwork for you. It may be used to file taxes with your preferred tax software. It supports exporting to all major tax applications, including TurboTax. Its audit trail file can assist you in the event of an audit. It provides a comprehensive view of your money's movement and every taxable event over time.

Paying taxes is an important element of running a business, but doing it correctly may be difficult. TaxJar takes care of the difficult portion by automating your most time-consuming procedures, such as calculating sales tax rates precisely, categorizing items, and handling multi-state reporting. The platform is cloud-based and features a contemporary architecture that ensures excellent performance, dependability, and flexibility as you grow.

To expand your firm and make the finest business decisions, you'll need the right insights. TallyPrime's ‘Go To’ and ‘customizable reports' ' capabilities allow you to find and look at reports, chopping and dicing them however you like. TallyPrime lets you manage numerous firms and progressively add capabilities like multiple go-downs, multi-currency, order process, cost centers, and more to aid you in your growth path. It helps you to focus on business growth rather than dealing with setbacks.

The ClearTax billing software makes keeping track of payments a breeze. It allows you to keep track of every payment and preserve all invoice information. ClearTax also allows you to send automated reminders to guarantee that your company does not lose money. Cleartax provides it everything, from simplifying GST returns to error-free automatic ingestion and sophisticated reporting to interfacing with ERPs.

Before you file your return, get it reviewed by a tax specialist to ensure that your specific tax situation is handled correctly. Even if you bought shares at various dates or at different prices, it will automatically calculate your right basis. You have the option of deducting your tax preparation charges from your federal tax refund. You may simply save time by importing a PDF of last year's tax return from other big tax prep firms onto this platform.

The Avalara Compliance Cloud and Avalara Tax Compliance Suite provide you access to state and federal tax compliance data that is updated on a regular basis for a variety of compliance types. They are dedicated to ensuring the security of your data and assisting in the reduction of any risks. Their cloud services are hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) worldwide infrastructure. The inbuilt redundancy and failover feature aid in the smooth operation of your organization.

There will be no more switching between multiple accounts and wallets. Easily sync your data with Koinly to obtain a full view of your trading activities. Koinly employs artificial intelligence to detect transfers between your wallets and excludes them from tax records. View your overall assets and portfolio growth over time, as well as your tax responsibilities, across all of your wallets and accounts. Easily check how much you've gained or lost with Koinly.

It is a platform that assists investors in navigating the emerging crypto-economy.CoinLedger offers a number of tools to help cryptocurrency investors get started with their investments. It comes with tax software that allows you to quickly submit all of your transactions. Free portfolio tracking allows you to keep track of all of your cryptocurrency assets. On crypto tools and taxes, there's a collection of instructive materials, videos, and eBooks.

Coinpanda is one of the most popular tax solutions for cryptocurrency traders and investors. Coinpanda was created with the goal of making reporting crypto taxes simple, quick, and accurate. All tax reports and forms prepared are in compliance with local tax rules. It allows you to save the whole capital gains report as a PDF file. See how much money you've made or lost on each cryptocurrency you've ever owned.

CoinTracker gives you real-time access to your market value, investment performance, and portfolio allocation for tax reasons. They make your transaction history searchable and filterable across all crypto services. CoinTracker optimizes cost-basis accounting techniques automatically, allowing you to tax-loss harvest your portfolio, and save hundreds of dollars each year. You can make better deals with more visibility into tax lots.

With the holding period tool, you can see which tokens you've held for more than a year and which tokens you've kept for less than a year, allowing you to maximize your taxable profits by trading the tokens that are causing you the most trouble. It simply takes five clicks to acquire your crypto tax reports, which are available in FIFO, LIFO, and HIFO formats and are based on internationally accepted crypto tax concepts.

TaxBit presents a technologically-driven solution to digital asset accounting. Its industry-leading technology automates everything from bookkeeping to GAAP and IFRS reporting. Your business may now use the most up-to-date strategic data to inform its decision-making. TaxBit can also give you real-time information about the worth of your portfolio, as well as the opportunity to improve your tax-loss harvesting techniques.

You may use BitcoinTaxes to import and compute your client capital gains as well as revenue from mining for crypto-currency payment processors if you're a tax expert, CPA, or accounting company. Its Tax Professional and Tax Firm packages allow your users to input transactions on your clients' behalf, do computations, and then download the necessary tax information. Since Bitcoin's inception, you'll get all of the accessible capabilities for an infinite number of transactions.

Calculate your capital gains and losses, as well as your tax liabilities, for each bitcoin transaction in seconds. ZenLedger has a resolution center to confirm that your data has been successfully imported. You may also look for any previous cryptocurrency tax revenue, including mining, staking, lending, gifting, and even exchange incentives like airdrops and forks.It allows you to view your whole transaction history from all of your wallets and exchanges in one simple spreadsheet.

It allows you to keep track of your crypto assets across exchanges, custodians, and Defi protocols, and consolidate that data with your FIAT accounting system. You may also track your tax consequences in real-time by syncing transaction data from wallets, exchanges, and institutional-grade custody systems. Every trade execution venue, custody solution, and Defi application is connected to the platform, providing you with reliable information on demand.

CoinTracking works by analyzing user-imported trades in order to generate statistics on real-time profits, losses, coin value, gains, losses, taxes owing, and other things. To put things in perspective, the personal analysis function offers interactive charts for transactions and coins, profit/loss audit reports, and a summary of realized and unrealized gains. Transactions may be imported via API integration or direct blockchain network sync from over 70 supported exchanges.

Its single-system technology organizes, centralizes, and makes your tax data easy to see, access, and utilize. Import-to-report automation simplifies provisioning, compliance, and planning, while complete data visibility maintains data governance. Furthermore, being able to get the full value from your tax data allows you to identify cost-cutting options for the organization. Reuse similar data like entities, and adjustments across various tax functions to save time.

Ledgible's Crypto Tax Pro software allows you to include cryptocurrency into your tax preparation routine. It's never been easier to keep track of your cryptocurrency profits. It offers an advanced client portal that enables you to effortlessly connect with new or existing clients. You and your clients will benefit from the enterprise-level security it provides. To follow the development of a customer, there are clear progress indicators.

It never saves any information that can be used to identify you. All API keys are saved locally on your PC. They employ sophisticated encryption methods. You may have an accountant examine your crypto taxes on BlockSentry, or you can match with an accountant to complete your whole return. Importing data is straightforward with API and CSV connections for over 30 exchanges. If your exchange isn't listed, send an email and they will add it within a week.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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