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Top 23 Tools For Animal Shelter and Welfare Startups

Running an animal shelter is no easy task, regardless of the organization's size. Taking care of the animals' health, diet, and hygiene is very important. At the same time, checking if all the staff and volunteers are on the same page and doing the work assigned is another big responsibility. Everyone must be in the loop to run an animal shelter, and the process of handling the adoption and other events must also be efficient.

That is why there are animal shelter tools. These tools are created to make the lives of the ones working in an animal shelter easy. These tools have features that help keep track of all the animals, their location, their medical records, vaccination alerts, and other important elements in an animal shelter. These tools also help schedule work for the staff, inform them about the animals, and help them make notes of essential actions.

We have created a list of top tools. These tools will be beneficial for every animal shelter owner.

1. Vet Badger

Vet Bager, is an animal shelter tool that has simplified scheduling, no-error exam speed up, and check-ins. It provides integrated Telehealth by offering long-distance clinician and client contact, remote admissions, monitoring, and intervention.

Users can reply to client reports and other queries through routed tasks instead of answering individual emails. This allows relevant information to stay on the chart and allows teams to respond to the questions on time as a whole team. The tool integrates with existing accounting systems, and all financial data will go directly into the accounting systems.

Key Features:

  • Simplified check-ins.

  • It is built in the cloud.

  • Task-based workflow to keep track of all the activities.

  • Provides full exam detail reporting.


1- 2 users: $ 99/mo

3-10 users: $249/mo

11-20 users: $449/mo

21-40 users: $599/mo


BARRK is a cloud-based animal shelter tool. It is easy to use and navigate. To begin with, BARRK is a mobile-friendly tool that makes it easier for users to manage their shelter from anywhere. The tool has many search filters, making it easier for users to find the necessary information. It also helps people who are using the tool to produce customized reports.

It has an inventory control feature. Users can track what is in their shelter and what needs to be bought. With this tool, users can save and categorize all their vet or medical records in one place.

Key Features:

  • Provides customer support.

  • Sends vet appointment alerts to clients and doctors.

  • Easy integration with social media platforms and Petfinder.

  • Powerful animal, foster, and adopter management tool.


Provides a 30-day free trial. For cost details, contact the website.

3. Pet Friend

Pet Friend is a mobile-friendly animal shelter tool. Users can access data from the cloud and use the tool on their smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets. The tool helps animal shelter managers by giving them a central view of the animals within the shelter. Using the tool, they can upload pictures of each animal for quick identification.

The tool provides a streamlined process for rescues, adoptions, RTOs, transfers, and fosters. Users can easily manage the shelter, animals, rescues, and animal data from one place.

Key Features:

  • The home screen provides statistics about the shelter, such as the number of dogs, injured animals, and population.

  • Easy access to animal medication, animal cage cards, files, and rabies information.

  • Provides nightly backups to protect data.

  • Seamless animal, care, and task management.


Rescue: $25/mo


Shelter Plus: $100/mo

4. To Your Rescue

To Your Rescue is an animal shelter tool designed to assist animal shelters and rescues. The tool does not need the internet to run efficiently. It is suitable for shelters that have few volunteers or employees.

For animal management, the tool provides centralized control for managers and direct access to all animal-related tasks or functions. Users can track milestones right from the intake of the animal. It provides space for comprehensive animal records, microchip information, vaccinations, and other attachments such as videos, medical documents, and photos.

Key Features:

  • People records management:

  • Provides centralized control and access to people-related functions.

  • Comprehensive record keeping - Donors, adopters, fosters, surrenders, animal hospitals, etc.

  • Provides system-generated reminders regarding vaccinations, tests, and other important reminders.

  • Easy donation and events management.


The regular price is $149.95 for a lifetime license.

5. Track A Beast

Track a beast is a comprehensive tracking animal shelter tool. It helps keep track of all the animals in the shelter by providing a complete animal profile. It includes information such as special needs, a full bio, and pictures. Users can track medical events such as vaccinations and the history of the event as well.

Users can track where the animal is placed, such as foster, boarding, or adoption. They can also track people and organizations to which the animal is sent to. The tool lets users categorize animals adopted or placed with by each individual.

Key Features:

  • Easy expense and income management.

  • Provides donation and volunteer events as well as history.

  • Seamless tracking of volunteers or foster events and descriptions.


$25 per month to groups that take care of 100 animals per year.

6. Pawlytics

Pawlytics is an animal shelter tool designed to meet the needs of all sizes of shelters. Users can centralize their shelter's people and pet records efficiently. The tool helps managers keep all the information accurate and up to date by providing the feature of tagging people to pets.

Users can maintain their pets' digital presence with the tool. The tool automatically exports to third parties such as Adopt-A-Pet, Petfinder, and more. The tool also autogenerates profiles for people to help managers have up-to-date information. The users can provide a seamless adoption process electronically through E-contracts. The tool stores completed contracts with the pet information for easy access.

Key Features:

  • Create embedded custom applications or forms for the website. The completed application will be directly stored in the database.

  • Generate graphs to keep the team, community, and board in the loop.

  • Intuitive user interface with large buttons.


$1/ adoption.

7. Animal Care

Animal Care is a simple and highly customizable animal shelter tool. The tool helps users have seamless communication while performing duties. The tool provides a digital mobile reporting feature where the staff from each section can communicate. It provides space for the users to instantly write or record notes related to the animal's diet, behavior, training, medical treatments, and more. It makes it easier for the other staff members to be updated with each animal.

The tool helps users efficiently track current shelter animals, including taxonomy information, acquisition information, breeding status, physical characteristics, and other information.

Key Features:

  • Provides colored flags option to highlight important information on the calendar.

  • 100% customizable sections.

  • Extensive reporting and charting tools.

  • Easy tracking of medical records.


Species: $29/mo

Genus: $49/mo

Family: $99/mo

8. Shelter Manager

Shelter Manager is a secure animal shelter tool. It is perfect for organizations with many volunteers and staff members who need to connect on the move and from home. It offers features to report and track animals.

Users can track animal intake, outcomes, and movements such as adoption, transfers, and reclaims. The tool also helps to track non-shelter animals' needs for clinic administration. Users can store all records in one place with the tool.

Key Features:

  • Create digital application forms.

  • Pubilicse adoptable animals on the web.

  • Easy staff management and task rotation.

  • Create application forms that can be submitted to ASM from the website.


$350 per year per shelter.

9. Shelter Buddy

Shelter Buddy is an animal shelter tool that has cutting-edge features. It provides displays with information for the public visiting the shelter regarding the number of adoptions taking place and other information. Users can keep track of all the medical records of the animals efficiently. Users can simply scan a QR from the animals' kennel card, and the medication list will be provided on the app.

The users can have a global view of the shelter. They can see all the animals and where each one is. The tool has a color coding feature. This feature shows which kennels are full, free, and need cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Provides electronic signatures for easy process.

  • Add-ons are available such as matching homeless pets with new homes and reuniting pets and owners.


Request details on the website.

10. ShelterLuv

ShelterLuv is an easy-to-use and transition animal shelter tool. Users can process adoptions efficiently in less than 3 minutes using mobile checkout. Animal shelter owners can easily look from the home screen regarding a foster parent's capacity, preferences, and availability.

Users can organize tasks in one place without having to note them down on paper. The tool automatically updates the animal record after each task is completed. Creation of custom templates and forms is easy with the tool for treatments, vaccines, and physical exams.

Key Features:

  • Automatically exports to Adopt-a Pet, Petfinder, RescueGroups, and your website.

  • Configurable digital applications to create applicant records in one click.

  • Provides 30+ pre-build quick reports.


Request details on the website.

11. Animals First

Animals First provides a user-friendly interface to manage all the animals in the shelter, track their status, and manage any custom animal data. This animal shelter tool provides foster and adopter portals to simplify the process. It streamlines the adoption process, keeps the staff and fosters in the loop.

Users can easily track medications, exams, and vaccinations without any stress. They can set alerts, create medical tasks and run reports with the tool efficiently. Users can leverage their data to create customizable reports.

Key Features:

  • Track all service calls in the area or community.

  • Manage and control what staff and volunteers can edit and view.

  • Track and manage animals lost and found in the area.


Request details on the website.

12. Buzz To The Rescue

Buzz to the rescue is an animal shelter tool that provides modules such as a dog and cat module, adopter module, foster module, and many more. With the tool, users can manage their animals efficiently. The tool offers 300 separate data fields for easy reporting. Adding animals to the website is easy. The tool streamlines the process.

It provides unique cards along with descriptions so that users can select the pull-down menu and use intuitive typing. Users can link fosters and adopters to animals in real-time. When adopted or fostered, they can manage pet info and list sleeping habits, food, and other important information.

Key Features:

  • Enter microchip information, neuter or spay information, preventatives, and vaccines easily. Manage the history of all the animals without errors.

  • Seamless integration with google drive.

  • Add home visit notes when the team is at potential adopters' homes through phone or tablet.


Crucial: $54/mo

Central: $99/mo

Complete: $249/mo

13. Shelter Pro

Shelter Pro offers different modules. The animal control module helps in recording incidents, bite case records, and citation records. This helps users link related records to generate a proper report of all the elements of any animal in the shelter.

The tool also helps track all the tasks in the shelter. Users can track medical records, monitor lost animal reports, quarantine cases, and many more. Users can track vaccination, microchip records, registration records, and ids as well.

Key Features:

  • Each module can be used independently or together.

  • The tool can be deployed on-premise, self-hosted, on the cloud, or PAAS.

  • Keep track of all monetary activities as well.


Request details on the website.

14. Multiple Options

Multiple Options is another animal shelter tool that provides modules. The animal module stores important such as species, breed, color, name, gender, age, date of birth, and weight. Users can also enter information about the animal's guardian, adoptable date, the location where they found the animal, discharge notes, etc. It becomes easier for the user to access data when it is all in one place and organized.

The tool helps the user make informed decisions. For example, when the user specifies the adopter, the system will inform the staff if the person has their adoption privileges revoked or suspended automatically. The system will also show their initial adoption, compliance, and conviction histories.

Key Features:

  • Provides inventory tracking.

  • Provides 200 reports for managers.

  • Provides modules such as complaints, convictions, follow-up systems, lost and wanted animals, and many more.


Request for details on the website.

15. Petstablished

Petstablished is an animal shelter tool where users can manage medical records easily. They can store medical records in the tool and download all the pets' complete medical history. Users can create medical reminders for their pets.

The tool helps streamline the application process. Users can even check how a pet's data changed over a period of time. They can also assign and track what their staff members are doing.

Key Features:

  • Microchip registry with two clicks.

  • Keep track of all messages between you and the adopter within the tool. Messaging is easy as you can do it within the system.

  • Create size cage cards for events.


Request on the website for details.

16. Anipension

Anipension is an animal shelter tool that provides some of the best features. Users can record, export, and search customer and animal data. While looking for information, users can create detailed evaluations using filters the tool provides.

Users can keep track of space with the tool. They can see the kennels or spaces that are still available in the shelter. The tool makes managing medical records, daily medication, and treatment plans easy.

Key Features:

  • The tool is user-friendly.

  • Provides accurate data to make informed decisions regarding the shelter.

  • It is a cloud-based tool.


Request for cost details on the website.

17. iShelters

iShelters is a tool for animal shelters to manage their animals efficiently. The tool contains 3 main web applications - iShelter, webServiceShelter, and adminShelter.

The iShelter application lets users enter new animals and people. It helps them keep track of their history and records. The adminShelter application allows users to configure iShelter to fit their needs. The users can add new people and set their privilege level for every section. They can control what each person does in the shelter. The webServiceShelter application provides a program that lets users connect their website to their iShelter data.

Key Features:

  • Manage animal profiles, movements, boarding, complaints, adoption process, and much more easily.

  • Efficient tracking of inventory, expenses, events, and office.

  • Handle all medical records and vaccinations without hassle.


Visit the website for cost details.

18. Peeva

Peeva is a universal standardized pet microchip identification system. It resolves the problem of lost pets. It provides seamless integration of PIMS, microchip identification, and shelter management systems. Users can integrate RFID with existing EMP systems into Peeva for the automation of standard operating procedures.

Key Features:

  • Provides total transparency

  • It is a cloud-based tool.

  • Provides personalized medicine and prescriptive analytics.

  • Shelters can see a pet's life history by scanning a microchip.


Contact the website for cost details.

19. Sparkie

Sparkie is an easy-to-use and robust animal shelter tool. The tool makes the animal-rescuing process easy and efficient. The tool provides a central location to understand the status of the shelter. Users can review their status at a glance. They can check the adoption data and statistics of the shelter. Staff and volunteers can access any data at any time quickly.

Key Features:

  • Tracking animals regarding where and who they are with is easy.

  • Maintaining records of adopters fosters, and other important people with this tool is error-free and efficient.


Request cost details on the website.

20. The Animal Welfare App

The Animal Welfare App is a fully automated animal welfare assessment system. It helps animal shelter owners add qualitative assessments. The tool is very comprehensive but easy to use. Users can manage records and workflow. The tool is configurable, and users can change it according to their needs. It offers monitoring, alerts, analysis, and reporting features.

Key Features:

  • View census by exhibit, status, species, and more.

  • Update animal records and numbers on the phone.

  • Track maintenance and feeding and add notes with the tool.

  • Provides events tracking, calendar, and dashboards.


Request cost details on the website.

21. Shelter Boss

Shelter Boss is an animal shelter tool that can be used on any device securely. Users can speed up their adoption process with automated contact collection, e-contracts, and signatures. They can take care of all the animals efficiently with the tool's scheduling feature. Users can schedule vaccinations, vet visits, and other medical tests on the calendar without missing out on any.

The tool exports to Adopt-A-Peet, Petfinder, RescueGroups and other websites hourly.

Key Features:

  • You can put a real-time adoptable display on your website.

  • Easy to use interface and recordkeeping.

  • Automatically generates and sends emails to people of your choice on a schedule you set up.


Shelter Boss LITE: $29/mo

Shelter Boss BASIC: $99/mo

Shelter Boss Ultimate: Contact sales.

22. Volgistics

Volgistics helps animal shelters manage their volunteers easily. The tool provides scalable volunteer management. Volunteers in the animal shelter can sign in and out of their shifts using the tool. The tool lets voluteers log working time when they arrive at the shelter.

Volunteers can create their schedules and send in alerts through the tool if they can not make it to the shelter. Managers can create custom assignments for individual volunteers with the app.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly interface to track and communicate with volunteers.

  • Provides a seamless onboarding process.

  • Create and post custom forms on the website without relying on an IT professional.

  • Volunteers and you can review the service hours.


50 Volunteers: $9. For more information, visit the website.

23. Rescue Connection

Rescue Connection is an animal shelter tool that provides all features to manage a shelter successfully. Users can track intake and outcome, schedules, staff, and approvals. Users can add their custom forms and data fields as well.

The tool automatically records all the events for each animal. It provides an animal journal that can be printed or emailed. The tool provides inventory reports. It shows where all the animals are, and lets users perform batch processes. Users can take payments online and track the status in real-time for memberships, animal sponsorships, licenses, and more.

Key Features:

  • Accessible on phones, tablets, and computers. Compatible with all web browsers and operating systems.

  • Provides pre-built reports.

  • Create unlimited custom cage cards.

  • Record behavioral evaluations, bite reports, and other important data easily.


Request on the website for cost details.

Things to consider while choosing animal shelter tool

There are several things to consider when choosing a tool for an animal shelter:

  • Durability: The tool should be able to withstand the wear and tear of regular use, as well as potential exposure to the elements.

  • Ease of use: The tool should be easy to use, mainly if it will be used by volunteers or staff members with varying levels of experience or physical abilities.

  • Safety: The tool should be designed with safety in mind for the animals and the people using it. For example, a cage or crate should have secure locks and sturdy construction to prevent escape or injury.

  • Size and weight: The tool should be the appropriate size and weight for the intended use. For example, a large, heavy crate may be difficult to move around, while a small crate may not be suitable for larger animals.

  • Cost: The tool should be within the budget of the animal shelter. It may be tempting to purchase the cheapest option available, but it is important to consider the long-term cost of maintenance and replacement.

  • Brand reputation: Researching the reputation of different brands can be helpful in finding a tool that is reliable and well-made. It can be helpful to ask for recommendations from other animal shelters or professionals in the field.

  • Compatibility with other tools and equipment: It is important to consider how the tool will fit in with the other equipment and tools used by the shelter. For example, a crate that is too large may not fit in a car for transport, or a feeding bowl that is too small may not be suitable for larger animals.

By considering these factors, you can choose a tool that is suitable for the needs of the animal shelter and its inhabitants.


What is animal shelter tool

An animal shelter website is a website that is operated by an animal shelter and is designed to provide information about the shelter and the animals it houses. The website may include information about the shelter's mission, location, hours of operation, and policies. It may also include profiles of the animals available for adoption, as well as information about the adoption process and fees.

An animal shelter website may also include resources for animal owners, such as information about pet care and training, as well as tips for finding a lost pet or adopting a new one. Some animal shelter websites also include online donation forms and links to social media pages, allowing visitors to stay connected with the shelter and its work.

What should I consider when choosing an animal shelter tool?

When choosing an animal shelter tool, some factors include durability, ease of use, safety, size and weight, cost, brand reputation, and compatibility with other tools and equipment.

How do I know if an animal shelter tool is the right size for my animals?

It is important to choose a tool that is the appropriate size for the animals it will be used with. For example, a crate or carrier should be large enough for the animal to stand up and turn around in, but not so large that it is difficult to move or store.

How do I know if an animal shelter tool is safe for my animals?

Look for tools that are made from durable materials and have secure locks or closures. It is also a good idea to research the reputation of different brands to find a tool that is known for its safety and reliability.

Top 23 Tools For Animal...

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