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Top 16 NFT Influencers

With thousands of NFTs entering the extremely volatile market each day, the NFT world is a hive of activity. The average selling price of an NFT, according to current research, is $200, making it an exciting sector to invest in for a higher return on investment.

Additionally, the communities that prefer to invest in NFTs are those that are most intrigued by esports and gamers. New NFT developers find it challenging to thrive in the fiercely competitive climate due to the sudden rush of NFT projects on well-known marketplaces. Your NFT initiative can only gain traction and value through "NFT Influencer Marketing." The credibility and dependability of your NFT project will increase if you partner with the right NFT influencers.

Here we have listed the top 16 NFT influencers for you.

1. Bored Ape Yacht Club

Twitter Username- @BoredApeYC

Twitter Followers- 986.5k

The most talked-about project in 2021 is the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) by Yuga Labs. With the help of luminaries from the entertainment industry like Jimmy Fallon and Timbaland, BAYC has developed into more than just an NFT project and gained widespread recognition. With a total trading volume of $1.41 billion, BAYC is currently among the top NFT collections.

2. Crypto Baristas

Twitter Username- @cryptobaristas

Twitter Followers- 13.5k

Thousands of Twitter users have shown interest in @cryptobaristas, the first NFT coffee shop in the world. In the metaverse, NFTs can serve as avatars. These avatars all differ in terms of appearance and personality. Additionally, this NFT influencer promotes the coffee business, aids Honduran forestry efforts, and produces NFTs for coffee enthusiasts.

3. j1mmy.eth

Twitter Username- @j1mmyeth

Twitter Followers- 143.8k

NFT42's creator and CEO is @j1mmyeth. This startup offers a variety of NFT solutions, including tools for brands to establish and operate their own NFTs and lifelike avatars built on Ethereum. Users who follow this NFT influencer will also be aware of NFT42's control over the most vibrant NFT community and its provision of Ethereum-powered mini-competitions in the metaverse.

4. NounsDao

Twitter Username- @nounsdao

Twitter Followers- 60k

The rise of Ethereum, intelligent contracts, and fast digitization cleared the path for DAOs or decentralized autonomous organizations. DAOs will unquestionably be very important in the Web3.O era.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs, can be defined as user-owned communities that collaborate to achieve success. The perfect illustration of how a DAO should project is NounsDAO. They sell one avatar created by their DAO each day. You must be a member of the Nouns DAO community in order to effortlessly advertise your NFTs.


Twitter Username- @NFT_NYC

Twitter Followers- 110.3k

NFT. NFT conferences and events have been held in NYC many times before. On June 20, 2022, the 4th Annual NFT Industry Event will be started. Sponsors of the three-day event include Moon play and Polygon Studios. There is a sizable NFT fan base, and NFT.NYC hosts a variety of events, discussions, and NFT seminars. Would you like to list your NFT with them? Contact their professionals by visiting the company website.

6. OhhShiny

Twitter Username- @ohhshiny

Twitter Followers- 156.9k

The OhhShiny Show, which airs on Twitter Spaces five times a week, is hosted by OhhShiny and features some of the top NFT experts as co-hosts. OhhShiny tweets every day about forthcoming NFT initiatives, inspirational quotes, helpful tips, and other topics. OhhShiny is renowned in the NFT community for giving others a voice.

7. NFTBoxes

Twitter Username- @nftboxes

Twitter Followers- 36.1k

Pranksy, one of the few female NFTs, is a prominent member of the group. She established NFTBoxes, a subscription service that sends users boxes of carefully picked NFT collectibles. NFTBoxes has gained value thanks to the many artists who have joined the initiative. This might be a fantastic spot for you to learn if you don't know where to begin.

8. RealMissNFT

Twitter Username- @RealmissNFT

Twitter Followers- 171.6k

Metanatics was started by RealMissNFT. The cyberpunk-inspired NFT collection will grant collectors lifetime access to Metaverse events held on websites like Sandbox and Decentraland. The concept intends to prepare occasions including concerts, comedy performances, exhibitions, get-togethers, and auctions. Airdrops, wearables, early access, and other benefits are available to holders as well. It is undoubtedly a project to watch out for!

9. Irene Zhao

Twitter Username- @Irenezhao_

Twitter Followers- 184.8k

Irene, a crypto and NFT influencer located in Singapore, founded So-col, a platform focused on the community for fans and artists with the goal of making Web3 and NFTs more available, affordable, and environmentally sustainable.

She was raised in the crypto industry, served as the CMO at a Fintech company previously, and has a sizable social media following on Twitter and Instagram. Because of an NFT collection dubbed IreneDAO that had tremendous success—recording about 2300 ETH in volume traded within its first two weeks—she recently went popular in the NFT market. A portion of the money earned by the project was given to organizations fighting child sexual exploitation.

10. Devin Finzer

Twitter Username- @dfinzer

Twitter Followers- 69.4k

The CEO and co-founder of the top NFT marketplace, OpenSea, is Devin Finzer. He previously worked as a software engineer for Google and Pinterest. With an $82.5 million turnover as of 2021, OpenSea, which debuted in 2017 and has only been around for five short years, is now the largest decentralized marketplace for NFTs.

11. Dingaling

Twitter Username- @dingalingts

Twitter Followers- 137.8k

In the NFT World, Dingaling is a pioneer and a "Diamond Hand." He has invested in and serves as an advisor for LooksRare, a marketplace where NFTs can be traded and rewards are given. Dingaling is one of the richest NFTs collectors as of April 2022, with a collection that includes 112 BAYC, 100 Cool Cats, 51 Gutter Cat Gang, 50 Ghxsts, 26 Toadz, 8 Punks, 36 Azuki, 1 Noun, and many more.

12. Gary Vaynerchuk

Twitter Username- @garyvee

Twitter Followers- 3.1M

Social media tycoon and well-known NFT influencer and inventor Gary Vaynerchuk. He created Veefriends to foster a community and provide token holders something of value. Resources for both seasoned NFT players and newcomers can be found on his Instagram profile. Users can see his NFT collections, and he also presents instructive sessions on the Metaverse.

13. Dikasso

Twitter Username- @Dikasso_

Twitter Followers- 26.6k

Look no further than Dikasso if you're looking for an NFT influencer with a lot of expertise promoting NFT giveaways on Twitter. Popularly recognized as a knowledgeable NFT collector, Dikasso enjoys blowing a lot of cash on Top NFT marketplace Rarible. A prominent collector is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to purchase your NFT collection if it is worthwhile.

14. Snoop Dogg

Twitter Username- @SnoopDogg

Twitter Followers- 20.3M

Snoop Dogg, the renowned rapper, is perhaps the most well-known name on our list and is also well-known in the NFT industry. His ambition is to make his record label (Death Row Records), which is currently home to a sizable collection of NFTs valued at $17 million, the first NFT musical label. Additionally, Snoop Dogg works with Sandbox to create Snoopverse, a vast area of land where you can participate in Snoop Dogg Metaverse activities.

15. The NFT Times

Youtube Subscribers- 59.1k

We advise checking out The NFT Times since they are a fantastic reference page if you are new to NFTs. This article discusses the fundamentals of NFTs, including other crucial trends that a novice should be aware of and beginner-friendly information on how to buy and sell NFT art.

16. GmoneyNFT

Twitter Username- @gmoneyNFT

Twitter Followers- 277.3k

The GmoneyNFT project has a metaverse-focused approach rather than an NFTs-focused one, yet it enjoys sharing NFT updates with its fans. As previously stated, the GmoneyNFT's owner doesn't invest, trade, or make NFTs. On their social media platform, they still like interesting content about NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens. The metaverse is the NFT influencer's ultimate goal, thus they enjoy posting about NFT-related projects since they can merge them with it. In addition, GmoneyNFT gives the vast majority of its earnings to charity.


As the metaverse grows, NFT influencers are getting more and more well-known. People that are interested in NFT trading seek out influencers because they want to learn more about how to do it. NFT influencers come in different shapes and sizes; some instruct in NFT creation while others guide investors through the process.

Depending on what you want to discover and how you want to use NFT marketing, you can follow different NFT influencers. You can start making money from NFTs and the metaverse as soon as you get involved. Remember that the reason NFTs are so successful is because of their community. As a result, you should never abandon your NFT community because it will be crucial in boosting sales for your NFT project.


What Is An NFT Influencer?

Before we dive into the area of NFT marketing, it is vital to comprehend what an NFT influencer is. An NFT influencer has a sizable fan base and enjoys educating their vast audience about the NFT industry. The great majority of NFT influencers offer in-depth information regarding NFT, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain. Given the abundance of NFT developers, NFT influencers can be crucial to raising the project's legitimacy.

Why Is Influencer Marketing Ideal For NFT Promotion?

You may have been curious as to why we are only talking about NFT influencer marketing and not any other NFT marketing tactics. NFT Influencer marketing has a successful track record in the NFT industry.

A recent study found that NFTs are a type of digital asset that heavily depends on their community. Community building depends on NFT influencers, thus if you want to increase the likelihood that your NFT project will be successful, you must hire the top NFT influencers.

Is NFT Influencer Marketing Worth It?

The most successful technique to sell your NFTs is through NFT influencer marketing. We can reach a sizable audience through traditional and even digital marketing tactics, but the massive potential presented by the influencers is directly connected to people's brains, which opens up endless possibilities for the seller. Influencer marketing cannot be replaced and will continue to exist.

Which Is The Most Expensive NFT Ever Sold?

The highest recorded NFT sale to date, artist Pak's "The merging" NFT sold for 91.8 million USD, was made possible by the NFT market's daily sale of fresh NFTs at increasing price points. The buyer remains unidentified.

Top 16 NFT Influencers

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