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Best Touch VPN Alternatives For A Secured Connection

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when looking for high-quality VPN tools. However, we have just the thing for you. Touch VPN is one of the best VPN tools out there. Touch VPN is device agnostic and allows users to surf any website anonymously from anywhere in the world. This tool also encrypts your data and provides you with bank-level security so you can rest assured. The best way to look for tools or resources is by looking for alternatives to already popular tools. Therefore, we curated this list of alternatives to Touch VPN to help you out.

In this list, we cover multiple VPN tools, each of which has its own description. So, you can browse through and shortlist the ones that sound perfect for your requirements. Dive into this Touch VPN alternatives list with us, and you will find some precious treasure in this ocean.

Freegate serves to be an innovative anti-censoring software solution that delivers the overall ease of fast & secure Internet services. The tool has been developed by Dynamic Internet Technology Inc. The company is a pioneering name in the respective censorship-circumvention operations.

This revolutionary tool allows you to  access the safest and most secure way of browsing the internet. VyprVPN helps by replacing your real IP address with some IP address from one of the high-end VPN server clusters.

There are so many VPN tools in the market. What sets VyprVPN apart is that it goes the extra distance to ensure that your data is safe and secure. 

Privacy is a big concern in the present day and age. So much of out lives is spent online and hence we are very vulnerable to prying eyes. That's why tools like CyberGhostVPN exist.

CyberGhostVPN has a no logs policy and offers features such as dedicates servers and WiFi protection. This seems like a promising tool.

Betternet serves to be an innovative tool that allows you to access internet services without any restrictions or censorship.

Betternet serves to be a free unlimited VPN tool featuring no registration and no ads. It helps in protecting your identity and privacy.

Shadowsocks is an innovative tool that serves as a highly secure socks5 proxy. The tool has been designed for providing protection to your internet traffic.

Shadowsocks also offers access to flexible encryption that is secured with top-class encryption algorithm.

Mullvad serves to be an ethical VPN service provider for keeping a unique account number for connecting to the respective VPN. Privacy can be such a major concern in today's day and age and such tools help!

Mullvad asks for no email, contact information, or any such personal information. It claims to be using one of the best encryption method for its VPN services.

Privacy and data security is a massive concern in the digital age. There are so many VPN tools which can help protect users. Proton VPN is an encrypted and highly secure form of VPN.

Launched by a group of scientists from MIT & CERN, Proton VPN was launched with the introduction of ProtonMail –the largest encrypted email provider in the world.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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