Google, I Want My Cheesecake and I Want It Now

Recipe Structure Google

As someone who deals with content on a daily basis and has a passion for SEO, writing this article gave me mixed feelings. I’m grateful for Google as a search engine. It has brought millions of people to my sites over the years — traffic that has helped me run my businesses. But I’m also […]

Top Israeli Startups to Follow in 2020

Silicon Valley in Northern California may be the first place that most people think of when they imagine the brightest tech hubs in the world. Despite this, the home of Facebook and Apple amongst others is not the only place to house some of the brightest technology startups. In fact, Israel is one of the […]

The Attributes of Authentic Leadership and How To Implement It

What is authenticity StartupStash

What Is Authentic Leadership? Whether you’ve recently been promoted to a management position, or, you’ve become the founder of your own startup; it can be difficult to understand what “Authentic leadership” is. When you are thinking about what authentic leadership means to you, it is possible to fall into the trap of using common buzzwords […]

Working From Home? Here’s a List of 130+ Free Online Courses

Working from home because of COVID-19_ Here’s a list of 100+ free online courses

In the last few weeks, the CoronaVirus arrived in my country and changed the way I live (hopefully not for too long). I found my self working from home for hours, watching Netflix, and slowly feeling more and more depressed. A few friends recommended for me to take an online course as a way to […]

Is Your SaaS Pricing Viable?

Back in 2014, McKinsey published a report titled “Grow Fast or Die Slow” that studied the life-cycles of over 3000 software and online service businesses; including SaaS startups. The report made an interesting observation – a software company that grows at 20% annually had a 92% chance of shutting down within a few years.  There […]

Increasing Engagement Among Email Subscribers

Ever sent an email newsletter out only to be hit with a flurry of unsubscriptions? You are not alone. A small percentage of your subscribers is expected to opt-out from your communication each month. But their actions could also be directly influenced by your marketing strategy. According to one study, close to 45.8% of email […]

How To Get More Reviews For Your Startup Product

Online reviews are an incredibly important component of startup marketing. Some surveys reveal that nearly 95 percent of buyers read customer reviews online before making a purchase. This is all the more important for SaaS and tech startups where surveys showed that reviews influence purchasing decisions nearly two-thirds of the time. If you are just […]

How to Launch a Business Automation Startup

Over the past decade, business automation has shifted from being a vague possibility to an unavoidable reality. According to one report from Statista, the global revenues from practices surrounding business automation processes are expected to grow from $8.2 billion in 2018 to 12.7 billion by 2021 with a CAGR of 15.7% This presents an interesting […]

24 Multipurpose WordPress Alternatives

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the world. We are big fans of WordPress, but there are numerous fantastic, powerful, and useful alternatives to this CMS out there. In most cases, people are searching for WordPress alternatives when they: – don’t want to worry about hosting, backups, updates, and other stuff; – […]

3 Templates To Help Guide Your Startup’s Next Strategic Move

All startups have a multitude of things they could be working on, coming up with ideas is not the problem. The real challenge is choosing what not to work on. If you’ve reached a point in your startup journey where you’re ready to take a step back and consider where you next best strategic move […]

Sole Founders with Profitable Businesses: Here’s What You Need to Know

In recent times, when people have looked at fresh founded startups, they would see that the majority of them have more than one founder. Indeed, it seems incredibly common for two or more individuals to put their talents and minds together to create the next big thing which will take their respective industry by storm. […]

6 Email Marketing Automation Workflows That Actually Work

Today’s average consumer is bombarded with competing offers on products and services. This is troubling for many online merchants looking to reach sales quotas and keep luring in customers over the long haul. Thankfully, marketers do have one major way of interacting with both prospective and existing buyers via one of today’s most modern methods […]

Should startups consider loans instead of VC money?

“If you’re starting a business and you take out a loan, you’re a moron,” said firebrand entrepreneur Mark Cuban in an interview with Bloomberg, However, if you’re a budding entrepreneur, hearing or reading such things from sharks can be disheartening, especially if you’re looking to start with little to no capital. To be fair to […]

7 Legal Resources and Tools for Startups

One of the hardest parts about launching your startup is getting all of your related legal affairs in order. Contracts for customers, leases for property, and employment contracts for your employees are all things that you will need to consider. All of the background legal work can be difficult to understand and can be a […]

How to Turn Your Founder into a Thought Leader

Your founder may have some great leadership qualities that really help to drive forward your startup, however, if he or she wants to take their skills in leadership to the next level, they will need to be able to develop the characteristics and skills of a thought leader. Once your founder manages to do this, […]

Why Startups Fail and What to Do About it

Founding a startup in the modern world is becoming increasingly difficult. Between fierce competition for venture capital, market share and new challenges presented by an ever-changing business environment, entrepreneurs are regularly stepping headfirst into unclear waters when they decide to create their startup and naturally quite a lot of them fail. In this post, we […]

How to Launch a Lean Startup

There is no universal set of steps to launching a startup. The goal—to create a sustainable business—is broad and means that almost any approach can conceivably have success. For many entrepreneurs today, the only necessary things to launch a new business are an idea and some capital. With those in hand, the journey won’t matter […]

Why Sweden is a Global Tech Superpower

Sweden is a small country that consistently punches above its weight-class in terms of technological prowess. Among its Scandinavian neighbors, which include Denmark, Norway, and Finland, Sweden has a reputation as the most progressive place for growing technology businesses. Until recently, the country was best known by many as the originator of furniture giant Ikea […]