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Top 25 Vendor Management Tools

A vendor management system is a software platform created to assist businesses in establishing relationships with suppliers, buying products, processing payments, facilitating communication between suppliers. The complete vendor relationship is managed through vendor management systems, from locating a provider to submitting timecards and paying employees. This program integrates vendor/contractor payments, expenses, and contracts while offering efficient channels for communication and task management features. Implementing vendor management software can be advantageous for businesses of all sizes, across all sectors, and across all divisions that work with suppliers and/or freelancers and contractors. These tools offer potent, frequently cloud-based solutions that boost productivity and communication and may be included into the entire labor ecosystem.

Four significant company-to-vendor pain points are managed and modernized by SaaS vendor management applications:

  • Relationship management and communication with suppliers and vendors.

  • Coordination and administration of suppliers' and vendors' projects.

  • Payroll management and contracts with suppliers and vendors.

  • management of supplier and vendor compliance.

Let's take a look at the best tools available in this top tools list.

1. Airbase

Spend management software called Airbase also functions as a vendor management program. To help teams of all sizes manage non-payroll expenditures, the application incorporates accounts payables, expense reimbursements, and expense cards into a finance platform. Airbase is more than just an expenditure card service. Finance teams may track various suppliers using this technologically sophisticated vendor management tool, verify their invoices to weed out fraud, send payments quickly and on schedule, and manage the entire procurement process from a single source of truth.

Key Features:

  • Physical and digital expense cards with personalized spending restrictions.

  • The management of the entire procurement process, from purchase through payments, is handled by accounts payable.

  • connections to external accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks, and Sage.

  • Advanced authorizations that provide transparency into each transaction

  • Ordering purchases, managing users, and creating custom fields to tailor the vendor management experience.


Contact the company for the details.

2. SAP Fieldglass

SAP Fieldglass combines a vendor management system and a talent management platform to assist employers screen new hiring, selecting the best applicant, and paying independent contractors and freelancers. According to all indicators, SAP Fieldglass is useful when your organization relies heavily on independent contractors, agencies, and freelancers for a sizeable portion of your internal tasks.

Key Features:

  • Manage independent contractors and freelancers, including tracking timesheets, handling payments, and approving invoices.

  • To prevent fraud, keep track of outside talent via milestone-based payments, attendance monitoring, budgeting, time monitoring, fixed and regular payments, and thorough audits.

  • Procedures for reviewing transactions for approval.

  • Connect to external software programs in the procurement stack.


Contact the company for the details.

3. Precoro

With customized approval workflows, Precoro's vendor management and procurement system are intended to streamline manual processes, automate purchases and approvals, and increase transparency in the procurement process. The vendor management platform from Precoro is created for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to reduce human effort without sacrificing accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Through email and Slack, approve requests and documents on the fly.

  • simple analytics that analyzes your purchasing habits from a single point of truth.

  • A logical user interface.

  • SSO and flexible 2-factor authentication increase security.


Precoro packages start at $35 / month.

4. Third Party Risk Management

A web-based enterprise risk management tool called Third Party Risk Management by Riskpro India was created to assist organizations in organizing risks related to various third parties, including partners in joint ventures, clients, counterparties, and fourth parties.

Key Features:

  • Managers can keep track of the cybersecurity risks that the company is exposed to thanks to the platform.

  • It evaluates and categorizes third parties according to risk and enables teams to concentrate on tasks that have been designated as key tasks.

  • In order to promote collaboration, Third Party Risk Management provides a secure platform that enables suppliers and clients to exchange pertinent data.

  • Employees may also manage and monitor continuing vendor risks with the program, which also helps to strengthen security protocols.


Contact the company for the details.

5. Kissflow Procurement Cloud

Businesses of all sizes can streamline their procurement procedures with the help of the adaptable procure-to-pay software known as Kissflow Procurement Cloud. It handles buy orders, purchase requisitions, purchase invoicing, analytics, and integrations in addition to having a separate vendor management module on a single platform. This transforms it from a single vendor management system into a complete procure-to-pay solution. The program is also totally adaptable to your needs, giving it a huge advantage over competing products on the market.

Key Features:

  • It assists in fully automating the supplier onboarding procedure.

  • Catalogs may be readily created, managed, and accessed by both suppliers and purchasers.

  • The PO can be updated with the shipping information by the supplier using shipping notices.

  • Multiple "remit to" and "ship from" addresses can be created and managed by suppliers for invoices.

  • There is a provision for a buyer to record supplier reviews and alert a supplier, reducing risk.


Kissflow procurement cloud package starts at $1,990*/ mo.

6. Genuity

Genuity's vendor management platform for IT organizations was created with the help of IT and finance professionals. Along with the standard vendor management capabilities, there are a ton of IT-specific features available, such as the ability to automate help desk requests and control telecom costs.

One of the most cost-effective vendor management software solutions available is Genuity, but like with other things, you get what you pay for. The company offers the fundamental capabilities your IT staff will need to analyze expenditures, manage contracts, monitor your network, and establish visibility across all of your assets, however it has less functionality than competing platforms.

Key Features:

  • Numerous systems, including AWS, Salesforce, G Suite, Quickbooks, Azure, and others, are integrated with the program.

  • Additionally, you can browse Genuity's online marketplace to discover fresh SaaS providers and buy cheap hardware and software.

  • Offers tools specialized in IT.

  • One of the least expensive choices.

  • Unlimited users for a single, fixed price.

  • Simple to use interface.


Genuity package starts at $29/month.

7. Gatekeeper

The finest vendor management system for large businesses that require universal access is Gatekeeper. Every subscription comes with an infinite number of user seats and storage. You can rapidly get up and running since Gatekeeper's cloud-based technology is simple to deploy across a large team or department.

Whether you have 20 contracts or 200 contracts, your team can easily track every stage of the vendor lifecycle using Gatekeeper. You can automate onboarding, seek new vendors, and sign contracts electronically.

Key Features:

  • Gatekeeper automates record creation, manages SLAs, and streamlines data entry using a Kanban Workflow Engine. To save time and money for your team and to remove manual processes, you can even design customized workflows.

  • The entire platform is cloud-based.

  • Connects to more than 220 external sites.

  • Discounts are available to specific businesses.


The gatekeeper package starts at $995/month.

8. Beeline

With a 100% success rate for successful connection, Beeline's vendor management system allows you to use Beeline along with your preferred procurement, security, or ERP programs. Any on-premise or cloud-based applications you now use can integrate with Beeline, according to the business, which claims a success rate of 100% for customer integrations. Integrations simplify your overall tech stack and aid in maximizing the return on investment from your initiatives.

Key Features:

  • Wide-ranging platform integrations.

  • A variety of tools for staffing, procurement, and vendor management, etc.

  • Directly from Beeline, find and employ talent.

  • Through the mobile app, use Beeline whenever and wherever you are.


Contact the company for the details.

9. Onspring

Onspring offers the greatest customer service and training options to help you get the most out of the platform whether you're implementing vendor management software for the first time or you just need some extra support. You may organize your vendor information and contracts with the aid of Onspring's vendor management system. You can simply check contract status, optimize the onboarding process, find vendor overlap, view trends, create personalized dashboards, and more using automation and real-time analytics.

Key Features:

  • High-quality customer care and thorough training.

  • Applied by well-known businesses.

  • Drag and drop interface that is simple to use.

  • It is simple to implement thanks to no-code development.


Contact the company for the details.

10. Qntrl

Built specifically for those who orchestrate processes for their team, department, or organization, Qntrl offers the simplest way to bring visibility, control, and automation to your organization's processes. Using powerful, no-code orchestrations, you can create your workflows in just a few minutes, streamlining your workflows. Qntrl is specifically for people in charge of processes, departments, or organizations who want to automate their everyday tasks, have unparalleled control over what happens and doesn't happen, and have better visibility into what's happening in their area.

Key Features:

  • Organize the requests made to your staff in one place. Even automatic requests from other systems can be created using the API. Qntrl keeps track of everything that has to be done, who needs to do it, and when it's due.

  • You have access to a previously unheard-of level of granular control with Qntrl.

  • Using built-in reports like the blueprint duration chart, stage utilization chart, and blueprint usage report, Qntrl enables you to keep an eye on the most crucial business data.


Qntrl package starts at 5.86 USD.

11. SimpleVMS

A cloud-based vendor management system called SimpleVMS lets organizations eliminate manual processes by streamlining workflows from job listings to invoicing.

The software's simple objective is to assist users in time and money savings. By constructing an intuitive dashboard that makes it simple for customers and their vendors to communicate, the solution automates the acquisition and administration of contingent labor.

Clients and agencies can access comprehensive business analytics and reporting, as well as compliance and auditing capabilities to assure accuracy and enhanced procedures, by using the vendor management system.

Key Features:

  • Your staff recruitment and retention procedures will no longer require manual stages thanks to automation.

  • Data input errors are decreased by automatically generating invoices from authorized time and expenses.

  • Your vendors won't need to spend time or money manually compiling data thanks to over 100 stock reports and customized reporting.

  • Web-based communication between your business and the staffing companies you work with on a single website.


Contact the company for the details.

12. Zoho Creator

An all-in-one platform for low-code application development, Zoho Creator was created to assist companies in digitizing their processes without the headache of conventional development.

Key Features:

  • Zoho Creator is not at all user-friendly for programmers. You can use the platform's easy-to-use features to create your own database applications. Simply write your business rules, and the program will take care of hosting and deployment.

  • You won't need to worry about any technological issues when using Zoho Creator because you can construct your databases and start using them straight away.

  • Any app made with Zoho Creator may be downloaded instantly on mobile devices without any mobile-specific programming. The Zoho Creator mobile app is available for download by both your team and clients, enabling constant access to real-time data.


Contact the company for the details.

13. Contractor Compliance

Overnight, cut the amount of time you spend managing independent contractors by 70%. Your current procedure for gathering, managing, and re-qualifying necessary Contractor Compliance requirements is made simpler by this free program. Enhance and keep an eye on your compliance levels in real-time, and make sure everyone working on-site has the proper paperwork. Contractor Compliance is simple to set up and will save your business hours each week.

Key Features:

  • Utilize the Contractor Compliance platform to swiftly and simply manage contractor requirements.

  • With contractors receiving automatic notifications, requalify papers as needed.

  • Look for local contractors who meet certain, predetermined standards.

  • Utilize an easy-to-use cloud-based software to gather, manage, and re-qualify third-party contractor documents.


The contractor Compliance package starts at $219 /year.

14. Venminder

The leading provider of third-party risk management solutions is Venminder. With a focus on third-party risk, the business is the go-to source for software, thorough evaluations of vendor controls, certified subject-matter knowledge, and training. The platform offered by Venminder offers a centralized location for carrying out a third-party risk management program. Users can store documents, onboard vendors, maintain contracts, manage SLAs, send and manage surveys, handle due diligence and oversight, finish risk assessments, construct workflows, conduct reporting, and do a lot more with its help.

Key Features:

  • Clients can identify potential hazards and areas of strength in their suppliers' information security and privacy standards, SOC reports, financial viability, business continuity/disaster recovery readiness, contractual standards, regulatory compliance, and more with the help of the evaluations.

  • By outsourcing the vendor document-gathering process, Venminder clients can also streamline their due diligence operations.

  • Venminder clients also frequently contact with the company's specialists to make sure their third-party risk management policies and procedures adhere to industry standards. Over 700 businesses from a variety of industries utilize the Venminder platform to carry out their third-party risk management programs.

  • Clients range in size from small to Fortune 100 businesses since the company's solutions are built to support growth and different levels of program maturity.


Contact the company for the details.

15. Tradogram

For successful procurement control, according to Tradogram, all purchasing-related communications must be streamlined. Supplier Management, Purchase-to-Pay, Strategic Sourcing, Contract Management, Spend Analysis, and Order Management are among the six solutions that users receive as part of a comprehensive platform. All the resources required to completely automate the purchase process are provided by Tradogram.

Key Features:

  • Enhance and simplify the request to order process.

  • Streamline all of your discussions with suppliers.

  • Automate the authorization procedure.

  • Make personalized purchasing orders.

  • Make contracts for materials and monitor their life cycles.

  • Make using contracts to place orders straightforward.

  • Spend is being tracked and analyzed in real-time across the entire organization.


Tradogram package starts at $18USD.

16. Vanta

Vanta makes the difficult and expensive process of achieving SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI, or GDPR compliance simple so you can build client trust and concentrate on expanding your business.

In order to automatically compile data for security audits, the Vanta platform provides read-only connections with the most widely used cloud services, identity providers, task trackers, and more. Every hour, Vanta checks these systems to make sure they are configured correctly and continue to be compliant.

Key Features:

  • Your security audit has never been simpler with Vanta.

  • Use Vanta Seamless Audit to be paired with an impartial, five-star rated auditor, or choose your own auditor from their preferred partner network.

  • You can save time and money by using Vanta's 40+ audit partners who have been educated on the platform and who have agreed to a set rate.

  • Join the tens of thousands of businesses that rely on Vanta to enhance and continually demonstrate their security.


Contact the company for the details.

17. Proqura

Proqura is an e-procurement tool with a wealth of features that enables small and medium-sized organizations to access to enterprise procurement at a reasonable price. With packages and capabilities that can be customized to each organization's needs and size, Proqura is incredibly versatile. Users of Proqura can significantly cut costs. Purchase expenses might be reduced by up to 15% as a result of competitive supplier bidding. Tools for workflow management and automation reduced the number of hours spent on procurement by over two-thirds.

Key Features:

  • Oversees and approves team purchase requests

  • Produces expert-looking RFQs and RFPs and sends them to vendors.

  • Tailors procurement paperwork to the products or services customers are acquiring

  • Automatically receives supplier proposals into Proqura and compares quotes.

  • Produces and issues purchase orders quickly

  • Manages supplier contracts

  • Monitors deliveries, receives orders and compares supplier bills.

  • Workflows and permissions that may be customized: Designs processes to meet organizational demands. Configure user permissions in accordance with their responsibilities and workflows for conditional approval.


Contact the company for the details.

18. IntegrityNext

To comply with regulations and lower risk, businesses can use IntegrityNext to monitor 100% of their suppliers for sustainability and compliance. While keeping an eye on social media for fraud and reputational hazards, the IntegrityNext platform automatically collects the necessary supplier self-assessments and certificates. IntegrityNext covers 20 issues under the main headings of Responsible Minerals & Cobalt, Social & Ethics, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Environmental Protection. The IntegrityNext platform is used by businesses in more than 130 nations.

Key Features:

  • IntegrityNext's pre-built supplier self-assessments cover international standards.

  • With the automatic Supplier Monitoring AI from IntegrityNext, be the first to learn about bad news.

  • Effective risk mitigation is made possible through risk alerts and subsequent actions.

  • Ensure sustainability across the supply chain, including at higher levels.

  • Keep up with the ever rising international standards.

  • Available in a variety of tongues.


Contact the company for the details.

19. OurRecords

OurRecords is a compliance management tool that lets users manage their workforce, business partners, suppliers, and other employees in addition to upholding compliance and quality initiatives. Users can customize unique requirements such vendor and supplier agreements, data requests, tax forms, policy acknowledgements, and more using the platform, which can manage up to 10,000 vendor business partners.

Organizations can automate the collecting of all supplier and vendor compliance data, including state registration, W9s, insurance, policy acknowledgements, and other compliance documentation, by using supplier and vendor management solutions. Users can keep an eye on whether or whether programs for staff prerequisites, such as integrated background checks, policy agreements, training, and other requirements, are being followed.

Key Features:

  • Users of OurRecords can create unique requirements for each compliance group.

  • Customize compliance criteria by goods and services and include particular standards for each vendor or provider.

  • Users of OurRecords can interact with thousands of participants on a single platform by inviting participant businesses and people.

  • While upholding compliance, securely review, approve applications, and ask for more information.


Contact the company for the details.

20. Qvalia

Accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoicing, and transactional accounting may all be automated, monitored, and managed by finance teams using the platform. By integrating with various accounting and ERP systems, Qvalia gives users the ability to carry out customizable file transfers. Users can also personalize collaborative workflows and run real-time cost analysis.

Key Features:

  • Master data control and access management are supported by centralized security features.

  • Teams may update supplier approval procedures automatically using Qvalia.

  • To enhance monitoring and managing of the supply chain, the system promptly provides push notifications.

  • Additionally, it provides e-invoicing features so that companies may send and receive invoices and control customer, supplier, and product registrations directly from the platform.

  • B2B transactions are supported via an auto-billing tool, which enables users to send invoices and collect payments.

  • For administering and pushing sales offers through automated emails and post sharing, CRM capabilities are included.


Contact the company for the details.

21. Risk Ledger

A network of interconnected businesses called Risk Ledger collaborates to lower supply chain risk. To undertake assurance, clients can interact with the security and risk teams of their suppliers. One Risk Ledger profile can be readily shared by suppliers with a large number of clients. Users have an easy approach to simplify and expand third-party risk management operations thanks to Risk Ledger. Additionally, users can execute business approval routines, evaluate supplier risk data, interact with supplier security teams to exchange best practices, and request official remediations.

Key Features:

  • Follow up on supplier security and risk management procedures by looking at their Risk Ledger profile.

  • Imagine the entire supply chain, including the fourth, fifth, and sixth parties.

  • Use the Risk Ledger network visualisation to identify concentration risk and important dependencies.

  • Use the straightforward and effective workflows of Risk Ledger to scale the third-party risk management program to include the whole supply chain.

  • By providing suppliers with a simple, useful way to interact with assurance procedures, procurement cycles can be cut by up to 90%.


Contact the company for the details.

22. Fiverr Business

Businesses of all sizes may find skilled freelancers offering digital services in more than 500 areas through Fiverr Business. The online workplace gives customers access to on-demand freelance talent markets that have been thoroughly vetted, comfortable project management tools, and a business success manager who can help users pair up with the best talent.

Key Features:

  • A carefully chosen list of top freelancers in more than 500 categories who have already through quality and experience checks

  • One location for organizing your freelance work, setting budgets, and establishing projects.

  • a designated business success manager who helps you find the best candidates for each job and offers top-notch customer service.


Contact the company for the details.

23. Unifize

Unifize is a cloud-based collaboration tool that facilitates the acceleration of processes for quality, innovation, and continuous improvement on a platform that resembles a straightforward chat application. With a straightforward chat-based interface that connects with email and other existing systems, it enables a user-friendly environment for internal users, clients, and vendors to design and implement new processes. It includes pre-configured process templates or a drag-and-drop builder to quickly design processes, formats, and checklists. It can be installed in minutes.

Key Features:

  • Unifize can construct checklists and forms that correspond to incredibly complex what-if situations using a no-code, drag-and-drop configurator.

  • Use automated reminders and escalations that notify people through email and their phone to stop having to follow up on everything.

  • Create and print editable PDF reports that may be emailed as attachments to third parties like suppliers and customers or printed as papers and labels.

  • Utilizing built-in revision control, make sure that teams are working on the proper version of each document.

  • Using e-signatures inside each procedure will lessen the difficulty and time involved in acquiring approvals for important activities.


Unifize package starts at $100.

24. Felix

Industry-leading asset owners, developers, and managers use Felix, a comprehensive solution, to symbiotically integrate their businesses and supply chains. Vendor management and source-to-contract (S2C) operations can be centralized and streamlined on a single, secure platform.

Key Features:

  • Felix offers compliance automation, allowing users to efficiently handle license and insurance document compliance.

  • Users can receive useful insight into purchase decisions with the use of Felix's sophisticated reporting technology.

  • Felix provides a mobile-ready solution that enables users to access information and data at any time, anywhere.


Contact the company for the details.

25. Ncontracts

The comprehensive solutions provided by Ncontracts cover the whole risk lifecycle and address enterprise risk, vendor risk, business continuity risk, compliance risk, audit risk, finds risk, and cybersecurity risk. Customers have the option of building a full enterprise risk management system or selecting modules for certain purposes.

Key Features:

  • Many financial organizations use manual processes to manage risk and compliance.

  • Departments struggle with poor coordination and communication, which can result in severe fines and penalties if attempts are unsuccessful.

  • The comprehensive solutions provided by Ncontracts cover the whole risk lifecycle and address enterprise risk, vendor risk, business continuity risk, compliance risk, audit risk, finds risk, and cybersecurity risk.


Contact the company for the details.

Things to consider while choosing Vendor Management tool

Define your company's requirements

Be specific about what you want. Avoid the unnecessary bells and whistles that frequently go off later on, often without your knowledge. Above all, talk to your group. Determine the "must-haves" and "nice-to-haves" that will make their working lives simpler and more effective as they will be the ones using any new SaaS deployment.


You should always aim to acquire the most for the least amount of money. You must request multiple bids in order to ensure that you are getting the greatest deal. Watch out for vendors who offer estimates that are significantly less than those of their competitors. It's possible that you'll get subpar goods or services.

Reporting for greater comprehension

When looking for the best vendor management software, the information should be presented—like a report with all the specifics stated—when you are searching for data or want to retrieve it. Reports make it simple and comfortable to explain all the information, which simplifies the decision-making process.

Over a cloud

A cloud-based vendor management software makes it available, which is essential in today's on-the-go settlements or talks given that practically all software is now cloud-based.

Self-service website

The vendor management software's transparency between the customer and the service provider is another noteworthy aspect. Before purchasing the product, one can check for this self-serve portal capability.


What Does a Vendor Management System Do?

A vendor management system can assist many businesses in managing their external workforce more efficiently. You can save contact information for vendors, maintain track of contracts, view spending, pay vendors directly, automate vendor onboarding, and do a lot more with this end-to-end platform.

What Signifies Good Vendor Management?

Since managing suppliers can be difficult, effective vendor management entails being able to put your vendors and crucial data in a single location that software users, essential stakeholders, and the vendors themselves can access. Good vendor management requires the use of a vendor management system since it gets rid of paper files and labor-intensive manual procedures that can lead to inefficiencies.

What Advantages Does Vendor Management Offer?

There are numerous ways in which a business might enhance operations by utilizing vendor management software. It helps with budget management, saves time, boosts organizational efficiency, promotes visibility, and identifies overspending. Employee productivity can be increased by a competent vendor management system, which ultimately benefits a company's bottom line.

What two categories of vendors are there?

Although there are many different kinds of vendors, in general they all fit into one or more of the following four categories: Producing finished things from raw ingredients, manufacturers sell their products to wholesalers and retailers. Retailers are businesses that acquire goods from other suppliers and resell them to customers.

What is a vendor checklist?

It requests general corporate information, a financial analysis, information on reputational risk, proof of insurance, technical documentation regarding information security, and company policies from prospective vendors.

Top 25 Vendor Management Tools

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