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Top 24 Video Conferencing Tools

Video meetings were still uncommon a few years ago for most people, something you may do once a month if you worked in a large company's office. Because these occurrences were so rare, everyone strained to recall how to make things function once the pandemic hit. Then a worldwide epidemic drove us all home early from work and school, and in-person gatherings were swiftly supplanted by online meetings and classes. We've all become seasoned online conference participants now that video conferencing tools have moved beyond their specialty and into the mainstream.

In this top tools list, we have curated the top 24 video conferencing tools along with theory features and pricing for you to choose from.

1. Slack

Slack's key to productivity is using organized places called channels - one for each project you're working on. You can move much more quickly when you have all of the people, communications, and data relating to an issue in one location. With one location for everyone and everything you need to get things done, Slack helps you revolutionize the way you operate.

If your company has a paid workspace that leverages Slack's collaboration features, you already have a few restricted video calling alternatives that may be sufficient for basic meetings and team collaboration.

Key Features:

  • Bring all of your business communication into one location to keep everyone on the same page and make decisions faster.

  • With a complete message archive and all of your work tools at your fingertips, you'll spend less time shifting tabs.

  • Slack facilitates worldwide collaboration by providing an infinite number of channels that reflect the way your organization operates.

  • Regular chores, such as sharing updates, may be automated, and any process, from onboarding to gathering feedback, can be streamlined.

  • With custom workflows that interact with your favorite tools, you can get even more done in Slack.


$2.67 per month.

2. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex features interactive elements that promote better cooperation and enables you to create more interesting meeting experiences. For online training, webinars, and remote assistance, Cisco Webex is an effective video collaboration program. It's especially beneficial for companies with serious security concerns. Cisco Webex offers smooth Outlook integration as well as the option to utilize it on a variety of platforms, including Mac, Windows, and iPads.

Furthermore, Cisco Webex is part of an ecosystem of compatible remote collaboration tools. You may use it to add specific features like training, remote technical assistance, and webinars.

Key Features:

  • Advanced noise reduction and voice augmentation reduce distractions and disruptions.

  • With gesture recognition, you may communicate your sentiments with simple hand movements without speaking anything.

  • Leave note-taking to Webex with Automatic Transcription so you can focus on your conversation.

  • Customize your stage perspective to focus on who and what you want to focus on.

  • With inclusive features that allow everyone to be seen, heard, and understood, everyone will have an equal place at the table.


$13.50 per user per month.

3. Google Meet

Google Meet provides you access to the same secure-by-design infrastructure, built-in security, and global network that Google employs to protect your data and privacy. Meet video sessions are encrypted in transit, and we have a number of anti-abuse features turned on by default. Back in 2017,

Google's ever-evolving range of communications and collaboration applications was split in two, with the traditional version of Google Hangouts video conferencing being phased out. The corporate version, Google Hangouts Meet, allows G Suite members to hold video meetings. External participants can connect as well.

Key Features:

  • Simply schedule a meeting and provide a link. There's no need to stress about whether your coworkers, clients, or customers are using the correct accounts or plug-ins.

  • Meetings may be joined immediately from a Calendar event, an email invitation, or Gmail. Whether you're participating from a computer, phone, or conference room, all of the event information is right there when you need them.

  • View all of your planned meetings for the day in one place and join them with a single tap, right from the Gmail mobile app or the dedicated Meet app.

  • Google Workspace and Meet are completely linked. Connect via video to seamlessly get into a video conference from Chat or to take document collaboration to the next level.


$1.7 per user per month.

4. DialPad Meetings

DialPad Meetings is a cloud-based video conferencing application for conducting virtual meetings and sharing your screen with a distant team. It also provides local dial-in numbers for any area code in the United States and Canada.

DialPad Meetings also automatically transcribes meetings and generates footage in HD quality. It does, however, only handle video resolutions of up to 720p.

Key Features:

  • Start or attend video meetings from any device, and everyone will feel as if they are in the same room.

  • Share your full screen, a browser tab, or a specific app to keep the conversation going.

  • Meetings may be scheduled directly from your Microsoft or Google calendar, and all action is tracked in Salesforce.

  • Every call is instantaneously transcribed, capturing what was said and by whom.

  • Collaborate with external teams in a single workstream that is easy to join.


$15 per user per month.

5. StarLeaf

StarLeaf has its own API, which allows users to personalize their conferencing experience. Slack and Skype for Business are among the upgrades and integrations offered by the startup, which also has free software for Android, iOS, and Windows users.

Because of StarLeaf's unique design, you can provide business-wide connections while avoiding the constraints of virtual meeting room solutions. For those that don't want to invest in expensive on-premise video infrastructure, the platform is a fantastic solution.

Key Features:

  • With the most up-to-date encryption and safe, certificate-based authentication, you may enjoy full HD video and wideband audio.

  • A centralized directory that allows you to call everyone in your company without having to know their extension number.

  • If you need to, you may transfer calls and add other persons to your voice or video calls right away.

  • Set create and administer fully-fledged hunt groups for video or audio calls, as well as certain extensions or persons, quickly and easily.

  • To collaborate on-screen, use video calls. Whether you're sharing a single window or the entire screen, it's simple to view and control what you're sharing. With a click or a tap, you can stop sharing.


$12 per month.

6. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting gives your remote team more power while keeping your company safe and secure. With work that can be done from anywhere, at any time, on any device, your company requires a virtual meeting platform that is created for greater business and cooperation. GoToMeeting was built for reliability, with an industry-leading 99.95 percent service uptime. Annually, there are more than 80 million online meetings. Every single one has the same cutting-edge security.

Key Features:

  • With integrated chat, you may communicate at any moment. With a simple click, you may start or join meetings straight from your current chat.

  • Create a unique meeting link to make it simple to invite people to your own private meeting room.

  • You may easily share the screen of your computer, smartphone, or tablet with anybody. Keep everyone on the same page by being present, collaborating, and staying on the same page.

  • Allow meeting attendees to take charge of the presentation by allowing them to share their screens and assist in the running of the meeting. You can even share keyboard and mouse control.

  • Your meetings can be recorded locally or in the cloud, and then shared or revisited afterward.


$12 per month.

7. Lifesize

Lifesize offers a variety of collaboration tools, such as 4K video conferencing, cloud conferencing, and a digital whiteboard. It allows you to organize large-scale conferences with up to 500 attendees and exchange information in 4K quality over the cloud.

Lifesize Meeting Solutions are created to meet the needs of today's real-world communication and collaboration. Their easy-to-deploy and-use unified cloud software and room system platform delivers a smooth HD meeting experience. Lifesize provides maximum application freedom and customization while maintaining uncompromised quality and scalability.

Key Features:

  • For deeper virtual collaboration and a better communication culture inside your business and with the outside world, enjoy vibrant meeting experiences in 4K quality.

  • With the aid of Lifesize's powerful admin capabilities, you can tailor your Lifesize deployment to your organization's, users', and customers' communication and collaboration needs.

  • Deliver the greatest degree of meeting reliability and performance while scaling to any workload or call volume at the enterprise level.

  • AWS provides enterprise-grade encryption by default, single sign-on support, and independent third-party security and privacy certifications to ensure security and compliance.


$14.95 per month.

8. ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings' continual technological developments and its creators' unrelenting devotion to offering cutting-edge features and state-of-the-art video conference protocols are among its most compelling selling aspects.

Even for first-time users, this solution is compatible with Android and iOS devices and offers a very simple user interface. ezTalks Meetings is an excellent online tool for video conferencing in the healthcare, community, and educational sectors. With less distribution and popularity than Zoom, however, you may encounter fewer partners who are familiar with the product.

Key Features:

  • Using ultra-HD video and crystal-clear audio, it faithfully recreates conventional face-to-face conversation to bring it online and across the screen.

  • Aside from two-way video and audio transmission, ezTalks also provides private and group instant messaging (commonly known as IM).

  • The usage of a screen-sharing video and whiteboard allows users to freely express their suggestions or ideas while also allowing participants to co-annotate for quick decision making.

  • Enables users to record the entirety of a video conference, which will be extremely useful for staff training and online learning.


$12 per month.

9. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is a secure online meeting platform and webinar solution that enables users to discover new ways to communicate and work effectively remotely. With their extremely secure online conference software, you can improve your remote collaboration experience right now. By using video and audio conferencing, you can better communicate your ideas and develop trust. Use the secure web meeting software to collaborate and meet online.

Key Features:

  • Right from your computer, you may start or join meetings and webinars. Forget about lengthy downloads and intrusive firewalls.

  • To offer presentations and demos, add context to your conversation by showing your screen, application, or a linked monitor.

  • Meetings may be started from anywhere, and you can join meetings and webinars right from your phone.

  • Use tools like Lock meetings and password protection to keep your meetings safe.

  • Any topic presented at a meeting or webinar may be revisited using recordings. Recordings can be stored and played online, shared through a link, or downloaded for personal use.


$2 per month.

10. Join.Me

Join.Me is a web conferencing tool that allows you to share your screen and have one-on-one virtual meetings. It allows you to design and share video conferencing links based on the subject or your branding requirements.

You may also add a personal touch to your backdrop by using personalized images or your company's logo. With its iOS and Android apps, you may now join conferences or meetings on the road. Its iPhone and iPad mobile whiteboard allows you to collaborate from anywhere. also has its own calendar. You may, however, initiate, manage, and schedule meetings with a single click using Outlook or Google Calendar.

Key Features:

  • Presenter Swap feature allows you to give tag-team presentations. You may give everyone in the video conference the presenter position and the ability to share the screen.

  • Annotate enables your entire team to highlight, mark up, and use laser pointers to draw attention to the meeting's material.

  • Natural sketching, icons, limitless canvas, lines, forms, display modes, and more are all available on the interactive whiteboard.


$10 per month.

11. Skype For Business

Skype For Business comes as integration with Microsoft Office 365. The corporate edition expands on the features of the free, regular platform. Microsoft Office tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook are also readily integrated with Skype.

Meeting organizers may host up to 250 individuals over a secure connection by adding an enterprise package.

Key Features:

  • Host meetings that are uniform across platforms. Schedule help, take notes, share your desktop, upload files, chat, and more.

  • No matter where your work takes you, keep the team linked. Instantly connect through chat and share your screen for quick decision-making.

  • Make yourself seen and heard wherever your work takes you. For more intelligent meeting and calling experiences, use Teams devices.

  • Make your teams work in your favor. Build new applications for your specific company needs or add your favorite Microsoft and third-party services.

  • Microsoft 365 provides end-to-end security, administrative management, and compliance.


$1.7 per month.

12. Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings offers simple one-to-one chat sessions that can escalate into group conversations, training sessions and webinars for internal and external audiences, and worldwide video meetings with up to 1,000 participants and as many as 49 HD videos on-screen at the same time are all possible with its conferencing software.

End-to-end encryption, role-based user security (including HIPAA compliance), easy-to-use screen sharing and collaboration capabilities are all available in Zoom sessions.

Key Features:

  • For a more participatory meeting, many participants can concurrently share their screens and co-annotate.

  • Meetings may be made more enjoyable and engaging by using filters, responses, polls, hand raising, and music or video sharing.

  • Your meetings may be recorded locally or in the cloud, with searchable transcripts.

  • Meetings may be scheduled or started using Outlook, Gmail, or iCal.

  • Chat with groups, searchable history, integrated file sharing, and a 10-year archive are just a few of the features available.


$18 per month.

13. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is built to help you work more efficiently and collaborate more effectively. It works with Microsoft Office programs like Word and SharePoint, and its architecture and infrastructure make it extremely dynamic. Skype for Business may now be integrated into Microsoft Teams, according to the firm.

This program was created in reaction to the increasing number of collaboration applications that have dominated the market in recent years, such as Slack. Directly from their conversations, users can easily start video conferences.

Key Features:

  • With online video chat, you can collaborate in real-time and participate in a deeper, more intimate way.

  • Work more efficiently by combining phone, video chat, meetings, and collaboration into one app.

  • The visual component of an internet video conversation allows people to express themselves more quickly.

  • From the Teams admin portal, you can easily add, monitor, and control video calling.

  • Share stuff such as your full desktop, a single window, a PowerPoint file, or a whiteboard with others. When you're done, simply stop sharing.

  • Record your video conversation for future use or to share with others who were unable to participate. Using a video chat app on your mobile is simple.


$1.7 per month.

14. BlueJeans

BlueJeans provides powerful background noise suppression in the meeting technology, which is powered by Dolby Voice and connects with hardware-based conference room systems as well as workplace apps like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Facebook Workplace. Any meeting may benefit from a full complement of whiteboard and screen-sharing tools. Verizon recently purchased BluJeans.

Key Features:

  • During virtual meetings, the award-winning multimedia experience offers unrivaled audio and visual clarity to eliminate distractions.

  • For a more inclusive virtual meeting experience with a bigger group, display up to 25 meeting guests on the screen.

  • For more involved conversations, break up online meetings into smaller groups. Participants can be moved between sessions by meeting moderators.

  • Tagging crucial meeting moments, assigning tasks, and creating meeting highlight reels may all help you boost virtual meeting productivity.

  • Users with impairments can benefit from automatic, real-time closed captioning, keyboard controls, and screen readers.


$9.50 per month.

15. Click Meeting

Click Meeting is a video conferencing and web conferencing program that allows you to connect with up to 20,000 people at the same time. Large virtual events may be held with your own branding, including colors, logs, and other user-facing components.

To avoid any misunderstanding, you may also enable other users to log in to ClickMeeting using their own credentials. It also allows you to generate highly personalized invites in order to make a stronger impression on your consumers or clients. In the event that your audience arrives early for the meeting, they can wait in the waiting area and look through the agenda.

Key Features:

  • To allow up to 25 individuals to speak and brainstorm ideas, use the gallery view.

  • Keep control of the meeting with the ability to log someone out.

  • You can invite up to 25 people from your contacts list, or you can copy and paste their emails.

  • During your online meeting, give everyone the opportunity to speak and express their thoughts.

  • Use interactive technologies like screen sharing, whiteboarding, and monitored chat to collaborate with your audience.

  • To accommodate the demands of your online meeting or class, switch between the perspectives at any moment throughout the session.


$25 per month.

16. Ring Central

Ring Central is a cloud-based communications platform that allows you to chat, hold video meetings, and make phone calls all from one location. It's a lot more powerful than a standard video conferencing platform.

It allows you to hold HD video conferences with up to 100 individuals from across the world at the same time. You may also have meetings on mobile devices or desktop computers, and share your screen with others with a single click.

Key Features:

  • With all-inclusive monthly pricing from a single supplier, you may save up to 30%. Because there are no distinct goods or several providers for a variety of services, expenses are drastically lowered.

  • With a dedicated onboarding professional to ensure a fast installation process and preconfigured phones that rapidly connect to your existing internet connection, setup takes minutes, not days.

  • The RingCentral mobile app transforms your workers' desk phones, laptops, tablets, and smartphones into mobile offices, allowing them to work from anywhere with an internet connection, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


$14.99 per month.

17. Free Conference

Free Conference offers easy setup and installation. It is a hassle-free video conferencing tool. Making calls with this software is completely free; you'll obtain 15 free dial-in numbers right away to participate in an online video conference. You may also exchange papers and presentations for free with other users, publish your conference URL to start a web conference, and record your conference calls for future reference using the tool.

Key Features:

  • The free Online Meeting Room provides a location for participants to convene before the online meeting begins. Hosts have complete control over when they want to be viewed and when they want to turn off the video conference function.

  • Sync your online meetings with Address Book and Google Calendar Sync to integrate your increasing client list.

  • Feel connected with a two-way communication platform that allows you to communicate with anybody you want, whenever you want.

  • Educate your employees and provide them with the tools they need to advance their careers. With video conferencing software for classroom flexibility, they may access webinars, training, and tutorials at any time.


Paid packages start at $9.99 per month.

18. Big Blue Button

Big Blue Button is the ideal tool for people looking for software that allows them to create professional online webinars for a range of objectives. During the session, you may exchange documents, presentations, audio, and video clips using the tool.

Teachers may utilize polls, whiteboards, and chat to collaborate with their students with this technology. Furthermore, the application allows instructors to set up multi-user whiteboards in breakout rooms to encourage students to collaborate.

Key Features:

  • documents, it's simple to submit presentations.

  • Annotating slides on a whiteboard to emphasize material.

  • Breakout rooms are used to encourage students to participate in collaborative learning.

  • Low, medium, and high-resolution video choices are available to accommodate various WIFI bandwidth levels.

  • Polling is a simple and quick way to increase student engagement.

  • The ability to effortlessly share video links within the primary presentation area, with the teacher controlling playing.


This is a free tool.

19. Free Conference Call

Free Conference Call, more than any other technology on this list, exemplifies how international our society has grown. This is a program that allows you to easily join up, invite guests from all around the world, and begin a secure conference call with them.

GlobalConferenceCall currently supports conference calls and collaboration in over 72 countries. The tool is also completely free to use. You create a free account, invite others from all around the world to your meeting, and start holding conferences.

Key Features:

  • With international conferencing on a highly secure platform, you may connect locally or between countries.

  • Record conference calls to listen to later. Simply dial a number, input the reference number, and listen to them whenever you want.

  • To administer the conference call, use the phone keypad instructions. You may mute the music, input job codes, record, and more.

  • Allow attendees to depart from the main conference and join sub-conferences for small group sessions and discussions.

  • Access and modify meeting settings, such as enabling or disabling entry and exit tones and enabling or disabling auto recording.


This is a free tool.

20. Jitsi

Jitsi is a desktop-based web and video conferencing program that is both sophisticated and completely free to use. Despite the fact that it is free, it has the majority of the features that make commercial conferencing software worthwhile.

The application allows for large multi-meeting rooms to be created by organizing video and audio conversations in one of the most user-friendly ways we've ever seen.

Key Features:

  • Rather than blending everyone's video and audio, Jitsi Videobridge distributes it to all participants.

  • Better quality, reduced latency, and a far more scalable and cost-effective option if you operate your own service.

  • Simulcast video routing support, bandwidth calculations, scalable video coding, and many more features are available.

  • Installation packages for Ubuntu and Debian are available.


This is a free tool.

21. Whereby

Whereby is a fantastic tool that's simple to look at and even simpler to use. The ability to screen share, host up to 50 people at once, and record meetings are just a few of its numerous capabilities.

It's also incredibly customizable, with hundreds of color and effect choices that may completely change the look of your chat window. The customization possibilities place a heavy emphasis on your company's identity, which is why it's one of the greatest platforms for holding online sales events.

Key Features:

  • Customize the names, URLs, and branding of your meeting room.

  • With Miro's virtual whiteboards, you can have effective remote meetings.

  • With live emoji reactions and the YouTube integration, meetings can be a lot of fun.

  • Breakout Groups let you run more efficient classes, events, and seminars.

  • By default, rooms are locked. Who enters the room is decided by the hosts.

  • To begin, tap or click the meeting link from any device.

  • To start a meeting in seconds, simply share your room link.


$6.99 per month.

22. TrueConf

TrueConf is a free subscription that allows up to three people to participate in video conversations. Small teams or individuals that require a simple tool to host video conversations or communicate with small groups would love this option. Remote desktop control and other collaboration tools are useful for support staff who may need to assist a customer with an issue.

Key Features:

  • Reduces video conferencing infrastructure costs.

  • Every platform has client apps.

  • Video conferencing software that is self-hosted and secure.

  • VPN networks, LDAP, calendars, and even NAT are all available.

  • Endpoints for video conferencing and telephone from third parties, as well as PBXs and MCUs.

  • Video surveillance and streaming systems.


This is a free tool.

23. TeamViewer

TeamViewer, a global leader in remote connection solutions, enables users to connect anything, anywhere, and at any time. For every type of internet endpoint, the firm provides secure remote access, support, control, and collaboration capabilities. The firm helps organizations of all sizes to tap into their full digital potential by innovating with cutting-edge yet simple-to-deploy Augmented Reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Key Features:

  • Client and staff support on a case-by-case basis.

  • Support apps can be customized with their own branding.

  • Integrations and integrated service case management for key service desk systems.

  • Place sticky notes on computers that aren't in your immediate vicinity.

  • Mobile Device Management and other apps have integrations.


$2 per month.

24. CyberLink U Meeting

A web conferencing program called CyberLink U Meeting provides special Online Meetings, presentations, and corporate chat services. With the support of U communication apps, the tool enables you to operate more efficiently.

Key Features:

  • There is no need for an internal server or an additional maintenance expense because it is cloud-based.

  • Offers effective solutions for online meetings and webinars.

  • You can attend a meeting while participating in a webinar without installing an additional plug-in.

  • It enables you to take notes while the meeting is still going on or send a message with a query.

  • Web-based meetings allow attendees to join without downloading anything.

  • Online meetings & simple organization management.


CyberLink U Meeting package starts at $9.99/mo.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Video Conference Tool

Video Resolution

Make sure the quality of your conferencing equipment fits your demands while looking for the ideal video conferencing supplier. You don't want to be straining at the screen because you can't read the picture on the whiteboard if you're going to be talking with consumers and clients. Don't forget to think about audio quality as well. Just because you have access to a video doesn't mean you should sacrifice the clarity of your discourse.

Value Adding Features

In today's fast-paced digital age, being able to start a video chat with only one click is a fantastic feature. However, there are instances when you'll require more than simply a face-to-face connection. Aside from good image and audio quality, it's important to check with your video conferencing service to see if they can give other capabilities to help you work more productively.

Privacy And Security

Video communication, like an audio chat, must be safe. What will your conferencing service provider undertake to secure the security of your communications? Are your video broadcasts encrypted to prevent others from seeing them from afar? Is it possible for you to have total control over who has access to your meetings at any given time?

Does your chosen tool provide any options for recording your video conferences? If yes then are these recordings stored in a secure location or not? You may need to revisit topics addressed in a meeting at a later date, and recordings might assist you to do so. They can, however, be a source of vital information that, if disclosed, can result in disaster.


Forecasting may be difficult in this extraordinary business year; nevertheless, investing in the correct video conferencing solution for your requirements will yield operational and communication advantages for years to come. So ensure that you choose a video conferencing tool that fulfills all your requirements.


What Are Video Conferencing Tools?

Video conferencing tools are programs that allow two people to interact using video and audio over the Internet. By streaming audio, video, and text, it allows the parties to begin and conduct live conferences and distant meetings. This sort of software is becoming increasingly popular among both individuals and corporations, and it contains additional functions like file sharing, electronic whiteboards, and file transfer.

Some video conferencing applications are part of a larger commercial communication system, while others provide only the basics. It's critical to first comprehend how these tools function, how much they cost, the benefits and major features of video conferencing applications, as well as the difficulties that they raise.

When Should You Consider Using Video Conferencing Tools?

If you and your team are working remotely due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, then video conferencing might just be the perfect solution for you. Video conferencing software has become the most significant team communication tool since 2020, as the remote workforce continues to rise.

Video conferencing services provide face-to-face corporate and team communication, while collaboration tools like screen sharing and real-time file editing help to boost cooperation.

Employee happiness rises when they can work from home via telecommuting. Some businesses, however, are concerned about the impact of a remote worker on team communication and cooperation.

What Are The Benefits Of Video Conferencing Tools?

Video conferencing tools have a multitude of benefits. Below are some explained in detail:

  • Gain an advantage over the competitors. For product development teams looking to bring new ideas to market, video conferencing may be a godsend. The usage of video conferencing software allows for faster information sharing, resulting in better-educated team members.

  • Travel expenses should be kept to a minimum. One of the main aims of video conferencing solutions is to allow you to meet and communicate with people in other locations from the convenience of your own workplace. It's as near as you can get to be with your partners, customers, and coworkers.

  • Boost your productivity. Due to the lack of face-to-face communication, traditional methods of communication such as email, phone conversations, and instant messaging may result in misunderstandings, especially for firms that operate on a worldwide basis.

What Are The General Features Of Video Conferencing Tools?

Following are the general features that are present in most video conferencing tools:

  • Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is essential for efficient video conferencing. During a conference, you want to be able to display your full screen as well as specific programs on your desktop. This makes it easier for participants in your video conference to understand what the presenter is saying.

  • Support For Multiple Webcams

Look for dynamic webcam features if your company has a lot of remote workers or if you regularly hold meetings with employees on the go. Your video conferencing system should, ideally, enable several cameras so that everyone can see and be heard throughout the conference.

  • Chat Capabilities

Whether you're conducting a meeting with staff or streaming a marketing webinar to a group of leads, your users will get more out of the experience if they can engage. This is why having a good chat function is so beneficial. During a meeting or online event, look for chat tools that allow your video conference users to contribute messages, including text and emoticons.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Video Conferencing?

Following are the broad cons of video conferencing:

  • There is less one-on-one touch and understanding.

  • Instability in the network and a time lag

  • Employee training and technical difficulties

  • There's a lot more tension and a lot less structure.

What are tools for online conferences?

Participants can conduct or attend meetings online thanks to web conferencing software. This is also referred to as online meeting software or occasionally just as video conferencing. By using VoIP, online video, instant messaging, file sharing, and screen sharing, it enables remote meetings.

How and where are video conferences used?

Video conferencing is anotĀher type of live teleconferencing communication in addition to audio-only conference calls. The benefits of video conferencing for real-time communication are clear, and virtually every business now uses it to organize online training sessions or virtual video meetings.

Top 24 Video Conferencing Tools

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