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Top 25 Virtual Assistant Tools

As long as they have access to the appropriate resources, virtual assistants can be great assistance in handling the administrative activities that eat away at your productive time. The key to saving time and making the most of your investment is locating the best virtual assistant software for your needs. One way in which startups might save money is by hiring virtual assistants. But have you ever wondered about the means by which virtual assistant tools accomplish their work so well, so quickly? So, they simplify their work with the help of efficient virtual assistant tools.

In the list of the top tools, we have mentioned the Top 25 Virtual Assistant Tools along with their features and pricing for you to choose from.

1. Time Doctor

When it comes to time-tracking software, Time Doctor is a top contender. In real-time, you can see who in your organisation is working on what thanks to Time Doctor's Workday Insights. Workplace app usage is tracked by Time Doctor to ensure productivity.

Key Features:

  • It features a stealth function that prompts workers to return to their tasks if they go to a non-work site, such as Facebook.

  • When you leave work, Time Doctor automatically shuts off.

  • A false report will be generated if tracking remains active while you are taking a break.

  • When the computer is inactive for a predetermined amount of time, Time Doctor will stop keeping score. Those minutes could be reclaimed if you were working offline.


Basic costs $70, Standard costs $100, Premium costs $200

2. Slack

One of the most useful aspects of Slack is ‘channels’, which allow users to divide up into topic-specific groups and have conversations outside of the main chat area. As more and more remote teams adopt it, Slack is quickly becoming the preferred method of communication for start-ups and small enterprises alike.

Key Features:

  • Group chats make it simple to work together on a project

  • A fast query or alert to the whole team can eliminate the need for a lengthy meeting.

  • It can also be used for video conferencing with the client's top executives and for exchanging files with them.

  • Channels are Slack's primary functionality, and they allow users to have group conversations centred around a certain topic.


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3. Grammarly

Grammarly is a web-based editing software that checks the text for a wide variety of issues, including grammatical problems, wordiness, misspelt words, improper punctuation, plagiarism, and poor presentation. You need to stay ahead of the content game as a virtual assistant, and this tool will help you do just that.

Key Features:

  • The platform employs AI to guarantee your material is nearly faultless and easy to understand.

  • You can find out if your content is interesting and which demographic you should focus on.

  • You can save your work and return to it later if required.

  • Grammarly is an English spelling and grammar checker made specifically for virtual assistants to help them communicate more effectively and craft flawless communications.

  • You may get it as a mobile app or a Chrome add-on.


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4. Salesforce

An essential feature of Salesforce is its adaptability; the platform can be modified to perform and record any task that is necessary for a sales team. The fundamental purpose of a customer relationship management system is to organise and store data about customers and potential customers, and this tool will serve this purpose.

Key Features:

  • Planned-out deal tracking.

  • Predictability in business hinges on effective pipeline management, which entails precise forecasting and contract tracking.

  • Email marketing integration allows you to communicate with your audience without ever leaving the site.

  • Analytics that help understand and enhance outreach and campaigns Workflows to assign tasks to teammates like following up with leads

  • Many startups use Salesforce because of its easy scalability to enterprise features.


Essentials cost $25, Professional costs $75, Enterprise costs $100, and Unlimited costs $300

5. Alexa

Amazon's Echo, which has the virtual assistant Alexa can make your life easier in many ways, such as finding information and making lists. When you link your Alexa to your Amazon account, you can use voice commands to play Audible books and make Amazon purchases.

Key Features:

  • Amazon's latest iteration of Alexa, dubbed "Alexa for Business," is tailored specifically to the workplace and equipped with "skills" meant to increase efficiency.

  • Alexa for Business is the service you want if your focus is on business. Alexa for Business is optimised for work, unlike Alexa.

  • You can use it to arrange conference calls and reserve conference rooms.

  • A wake-up alarm, a check of the day's weather forecast, and a scan of the headlines are all great ways to kick off the day.

  • If you have added smart home devices connected, you can do things like turn on the lights in the bathroom or start the coffee pot.


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6. Chanty

Remote team members can stay on the same page and in sync with the help of Chanty, an online collaboration and communication platform. To facilitate a smooth transition, it supports the transfer of team information and message history from competing messaging platforms such as Slack and Flock.

Key Features:

  • In addition to being compatible with a wide range of other popular productivity apps, Chanty may be used to increase individual output and foster better teamwork.

  • You can search your entire Chanty chat history, dating back to the first day you used the app, so you never have to worry about losing track of an old conversation or forgetting important details.

  • With Chanty, not only can you keep in touch with your team forever for free, but you can also work together and collaborate on projects with them.

  • Chanty can be simply integrated with other apps to initiate marketing automation processes.

  • It also allows you to search your chat history in great detail, so you can recall any conversation you've ever had with a client at any time.


Free and Business costs $3/user per month

7. Microsoft Teams

When it comes to internal company communication, Microsoft has you covered with Teams. Audio and video conversations, instant messaging, and scheduled meetings can all be held among members of a team located in different locations. Your virtual assistant and you can work together in real-time by using this feature to share and edit files.

Key Features:

  • What sets Microsoft Teams apart from the others is its WhoBot feature. It's a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence that can answer questions about your company's structure and help you locate a specialist in a certain field.

  • It facilitates real-time communication between geographically dispersed groups through text, voice, and video calls and the organisation of regular get-togethers.

  • This tool allows you and your virtual assistant to work together in real time by sharing files back and forth.


Free, Microsoft 365 Personal costs $6.99/month, Microsoft 365 Family costs $9.99

8. Zoom

Zoom is the best option for online meetings. This tool is being utilised all around the world for online meetings, conferences, and other forms of collaboration. Video webinars, teleconference rooms, business phone systems, and group chat are just some of the capabilities that can be accessed on this platform. Screen recording, video recording, and transcription are all features it provides.

Key Features:

  • With Zoom, you can feel safe sharing critical information on calls because the platform now includes robust security and privacy safeguards.

  • Rooms can be partitioned off to create smaller, more intimate meetings inside a larger gathering.

  • Virtual environments with both user-created and pre-made backgrounds for privacy.

  • Sessions can be recorded and shared with people who couldn't make it or used as visual notes.

  • Using it is as easy as clicking a button, drastically reducing the complexity of video conferencing.


Free, Pro costs $149.90/year/user

9. Google Meet

Once known as Google Hangout, Google Meet is a video conferencing application included with Google Workspace. The process of joining a video call at work is simplified. Gather your team together and share the link without worrying about everyone having the necessary plugins.

Key Features:

  • While connected, you have the option to record your screen, send files or links, or do nothing.

  • Google Meet's ability to caption video calls in real-time using computer software is a standout feature.

  • Calls can be quickly set up and initiated, as is the case with most video chatting software.


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10. Xero

For small enterprises, Xero offers an online accounting solution. It can be used for account reconciliation, invoicing, payment processing, bill paying, and expense reporting. In addition, Xero is compatible with bank feeds. That allows you to easily import transactions and sort them into whatever categories you like.

Key Features:

  • You can automate your financial reporting by simply clicking a button and receiving professional-looking financial statements and balance sheets.

  • With this tool, your virtual assistant may easily keep you informed on a weekly basis.

  • This powerful software does everything from letting you view your bank balance by linking to your bank to invoicing customers and facilitating reconciliation.

  • It streamlines double-entry bookkeeping and instantly translates foreign currency, and it even allows you to record your spending directly by photographing your receipts.

  • By using Xero, your virtual assistant can generate financial reports like balance sheets and income statements in a flash, and keep you informed of any changes.


Starter costs $25, Standard costs $40, Premium costs $54

11. QuickBooks

For small businesses, QuickBooks is the gold standard of accounting software. It streamlines processes, making accounting less of a hassle and a safer bet for entrepreneurs. Recurring payments and invoicing can be streamlined with the help of this tool. In addition to allowing you to sync and reconcile information from your bank and credit card transactions, it may also send you payment reminders.

Key Features:

  • It also offers an electronic invoicing solution, which saves even more time.

  • Through the system, you can quickly and automatically send invoices through email to customers, keep tabs on their status, and take online payments and electronic signatures.

  • More than a hundred external tools, including shopping carts, CRM tools, payroll systems, and many others, are compatible with QuickBooks.

  • With QuickBooks, your data is backed up automatically, so you never have to worry about the security or timeliness of your financial records.


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12. Zoho Books

Aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, Zoho Books is a cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping service. You may use it to send out quotes, make invoices, and even collect payments, in addition to keeping tabs on your outgoing cash. Not only can you manually follow up with clients who haven't paid, but you can also set up automated reminders. This is a time-saver that can be used in many situations.

Key Features:

  • In addition to its core accounting functions, Zoho Books also includes time tracking, contact management, and an in-depth inventory system.

  • Designed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind, Zoho Books is an integral part of the Zoho ecosystem

  • It's a great time-saver that Zoho Books allows you to automatically email reminders to clients who haven't paid their invoices.

  • In addition, it provides a tonne of practical tools like contact and inventory management, time tracking, and more.


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13. LastPass

In terms of free, feature-rich password management software, LastPass is hard to beat. One of the longest-standing and most widely used resources in the field. It not only stores your passwords but also facilitates safer password sharing.

Key Features:

  • When you use LastPass, your data is encrypted with 256-bit technology and protected by a zero-knowledge policy.

  • LastPass is a password management tool that allows you to securely share your passwords with a virtual assistant and access them all with one master password.

  • To ensure that only authorised users have access to your virtual assistant, you may use LastPass's Security Challenge to analyse each password you've created and generate a new, highly secure password at random.

  • To further alleviate the burden of remembering complex passwords, it may generate and store them safely in a vault.


Free, Premium costs $3/month, and Families costs $4/month

14. Google Calendar

If you're looking for a free and reliable scheduling solution, go no further than Google Calendar in Google Workspace. It's simple to use and convenient because it works with your existing Gmail account.

Key Features:

  • One's day can be seen in its entirety by syncing their personal and professional calendars.

  • You can use Google Calendar to not only keep track of your own schedule but also share it with others so that you can all keep your appointments in sync. The function can be used to announce gatherings and parties to the public.

  • The calendar events can be colour-coded so that you can see at a glance what needs to be done each day.

  • Simply hand over control of your schedule to your virtual assistant by giving them access to your calendar.



15. Asana

Use Asana to help your team stay organised. Asana is ideal if you need a central hub to monitor everyone's progress on their various tasks. Create a to-do list and assign items to team members with the help of this handy app. You can see everything you need to complete the project in one convenient visual timeline.

Key Features:

  • Asana is a project management app that facilitates teamwork and communication.

  • If you're part of a team, Asana makes it easy to keep tabs on everyone's productivity by letting you invite them to your workspace.

  • With this tool, you may sync your Google Calendar and Google Drive to receive alerts when it's time to get things done or attend an event.

  • In addition to setting goals and due dates, you can also easily schedule and reschedule tasks.

  • The fact that this system may be used with many of your existing favourites is a major plus.


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16. Basecamp

Many project managers utilise the well-known tool Basecamp to coordinate their teams' efforts. This software has a number of tools for users to work together, including a forum where they may post their thoughts. You can use simple to-do lists to keep track of what needs to be done on a project or managed.

Key Features:

  • Basecamp's automated email, desktop, and mobile device notifications let you ensure the proper people always receive your messages and other items.

  • Moreover, it can be used for scheduling, integrating with external parties, and managing documents.

  • If you don't agree with monitoring your staff, Basecamp may be a good fit for you.

  • Because Basecamp is web-based, you can access it from any computer, smartphone, or tablet running Android or iOS.


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17. Google Drive

One of the key features of Google Workspace is Google Drive, which is a file storage and sharing service. While Google Drive is at its finest when used in conjunction with other Google products, it is still one of the most effective platforms for collaborative content creation and management when used independently. With just your Gmail id, you can access and edit your Google Drive files from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. The team can collaborate on a single document or spreadsheet without having to track several versions.

Key Features:

  • Google Drive gives you 15GB of free cloud storage for all of your documents, media files, and spreadsheets.

  • In the event that you find you need extra room, it is easy to add on.

  • As an added bonus, Google Drive includes several top-notch doc management features that you can use to organise your files without installing any additional software.

  • The tool also includes the word processor Docs, the presentation programme Slide, the spreadsheet programme Sheets, and many others.

  • All you need is a web browser, an internet connection, and a Gmail account to get to your files and make edits.


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18. Buffer

Many companies, organisations, people, and agencies have put their faith in Buffer, a social media management software that is both simple and effective, to help them achieve their social media marketing goals. All of your engagement, publishing, teamwork and analytics needs may be met by the various tools provided by Buffer.

Key Features:

  • It's one of a kind since it helps you picture your entire social media plan.

  • As the most user-friendly and well-supported platform for managing many social media accounts, Buffer has quickly risen to the top of the social media management tool industry.

  • With this user-friendly and inexpensive platform, you can easily maintain multiple social network accounts and distribute your own material across all of them.

  • Useful for measuring how well a virtual assistant is doing on social media, it is trusted by over 160,000 businesses across the world.

  • For many virtual assistants, Buffer is a vital tool for team communication, scheduling ease, and speedier engagement.


Free, Essentials costs $5/month per channel, and Team costs $10/month per channel

19. Google Assistant

When it comes to virtual assistants that can be controlled by speech, Google Assistant is among the finest. Not only that, but it's compatible with any device running the Android operating system. A virtual assistant driven by AI, it can answer questions on practically any topic.

Key Features:

  • One of its best features is that Google has combined its search functionality with its assistant

  • You can ask it anything and it will respond with the most relevant results from a Google search.

  • In addition, you can craft your commands by creating unique shortcuts.

  • If you want to learn how to control shortcuts, all you have to do is tell your assistant that you want to do so.


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20. Apploye

The timekeeping capabilities of Apploye are formidable. It can be used to automate timesheets for paying remote workers fairly, and it can also be used to monitor worker output in real-time. It can be used as a manual time-tracking tool, either online or offline, for entering time and tailoring timesheets.

Key Features:

  • In addition to tracking remote workers' keystrokes, mouse clicks, screen captures, programme launches, and URLs, it can provide in-depth reports that shed light on the team's workflow.

  • Apploye keeps track of all this data so you may get an in-depth report on an employee's efficiency.

  • Apploye not only tracks your virtual assistant's time but also creates paychecks and invoices for you.

  • It's a handy tool for monitoring your virtual assistant and other telecommuters' time and activity.

  • Whether you pay your virtual assistant by the hour or a flat rate, Apploye can detail the work completed and the time spent on it.


Solo costs $2/user per month, Standard costs $2.5/user per month, Premium costs $3/user per month, Elite costs $3.5/user per month

21. Wave

Wave is a multi-award-winning business financial system. It is a free cloud-based accounting system that may be used for a wide variety of invoicing, receipting, quoting, reporting, and other purposes. For businesses with limited resources or no history with software, this is an excellent option. The best candidates are service businesses without inventory.

Key Features:

  • This service can be accessed from any device, from any location, at any time.

  • Wave also provides tools for managing your finances, including the ability to generate branded invoices and track your income and expenses.

  • It also allows you to develop a variety of reports that can shed light on the day-to-day operations of your company.

  • Your information is protected with a 256-bit encryption algorithm.


Contact the sales team for the quote.

22. Calendly

Calendly is an advanced automated scheduling application with a little learning curve. You can save time and energy by not having to worry about maintaining relationships. When it comes to appointment scheduling software, Calendly is among the top 20 options in 2020.

Key Features:

  • Sharing your Calendly link saves you the trouble of exchanging dozens of emails with the other party to establish a mutually agreeable time for a meeting.

  • Depending on the recipient's time zone, your availability will be displayed in their local time.

  • Your invitee can use Calendly to set up any of the various meeting formats you require. It also sends a reminder to the invitee through email or text message, depending on their request.

  • Calendly's flexibility and strength are enhanced by its compatibility with a wide range of other apps.

  • Once your meetings and events are scheduled in Calendly, your virtual assistant is in charge of coordinating everything related to them.


Basic is free, Essentials costs $8/seat per month, Professional costs $12/seat per month, Teams costs $16/seat per month.

23. SimplyBook .me

The service industry can take advantage of, an online booking platform. The system facilitates the streamlining of appointments and bookings for businesses. This booking platform is accessible worldwide, round-the-clock, and on any mobile device. After a customer confirms a booking, they will immediately receive an email or text message confirming their reservation. They have the option to terminate service at any time.

Key Features:

  • If you use the Google Calendar Sync plugin, you can easily synchronise bookings with available times.

  • is more than just a booking system; it can also help you attract new customers and boost revenue without breaking the bank on advertising.

  • Stripe and PayPal are both acceptable methods of payment for reservations.

  • Coupons, gift cards, and registration forms are some of the other cool features.


Free, Basic costs $8.25, Standard costs $24.9, Premium costs $49.9, Premium plus costs $82.5

24. FreshBooks

If you own a small business or are self-employed and want to streamline your invoicing and cost tracking, FreshBooks is the way to go. Its capabilities, which include streamlined invoicing, time monitoring, and computerised reports, are also useful for independent business owners.

Key Features:

  • It will provide you with an easy-to-use interface for keeping tabs on your finances, which will cut down on the time and money spent on bookkeeping.

  • With features like time and cost tracking, invoicing, and budgeting, FreshBooks is a fantastic tool for planning and predicting the future of your business.

  • A button click is all it takes to make an invoice that looks ready for submission.

  • Your financial data, such as credit card and checking account details, can be synchronised with this tool as well.


Lite costs $6, Plus costs $12, Premium costs $22, Select plus is based on custom pricing

25. Salesmate

You may have your entire team collaborating in one place by using Salesmate, a customer relationship management system. Google's Workplace Apps and other popular messaging services like Slack are integrated with it.

Key Features:

  • In order to avoid having to perform numerous manual chores, you and your team can interact via a "team mailbox"

  • It features a power-dialer function that will automatically call each client one by one, which is especially helpful if you have to communicate with your clients on call frequently.

  • The tool eliminates the need to repeatedly open a new contact, locate the number, and then copy and paste it.


Starter costs $12/month, Growth costs $24/month, Boost costs $19/month, Enterprise is based on custom pricing

Things to keep in mind while choosing Virtual Assistant Tools

Be an informed user

Before purcWavwhasing a Virtual Assistant Tool, it is to know about the various Virtual Assistant software options available and settle on the one that works best for them. It's up to you to decide how you can effectively leverage IVAs to meet your company's needs. Learn as much as you can about the new Virtual Assistant Tool's features and applications before deciding to implement any system updates involving it. Keeping abreast of the most recent developments in IVA technology is essential.


It's simple to send automated messages to customers with a chatbot for common questions, complaints, or suggestions. Be open to developing a conversational marketing approach that incorporates chatbots and monitoring customer data for insights. They can't do the work of humans alone, but they help a lot, and they automate a lot of it.

Quantify the benefits

Think about how much money your company will save by using Virtual Assistant Tools. One way to fully grasp the value of Virtual Assistant Tools is to calculate the time and money they save or gain you.


In this article, we discussed the different Virtual Assistant Tools. Hope this has given you a clear idea and how you can choose your desired Virtual Assistant Tools.


Why do you need Virtual Assistant Tools?

Concentration, dedication, and enormous patience are required to handle the complexity and follow-ups involved in completing a wide variety of activities. The best results for clients require virtual assistants to always offer their all. If your virtual assistant is equipped with the right software, it can handle all of your daily tasks with ease. The goal here is to make as much extra time as possible available for your most pressing concerns.

What tasks are carried out by Virtual Assistant?

The tasks carried out by the Virtual Assistant are:

  • Respond to your calls and appointment setting,

  • Keep your website's content current,

  • Update your online profiles,

  • Take charge of your client email responses by managing your inbox.

  • Information entry, Schedule administration,

  • Get your contacts in order,

  • Help you schedule meetings,

  • Reserving flights, draft board reports, etc.

How can Virtual Assistant Tools benefit your business?

Your company can benefit greatly from the time and activity insights provided by the Virtual Assistant Tools. It boosts productivity to produce results for you and your clients. Using this tool, you can also monitor virtual assistants' time, activity and productivity to increase their performance and give great virtual assistant services. You can improve your virtual team's productivity and bottom line by breaking down results by tasks, projects, or periods of time.

In which areas can Virtual Assistant Tools be useful?

Virtual Assistant Tools can be utilized in a number of areas such as:

  • Communication

  • Social media management

  • Project management

  • Graphic Designing

  • File sharing and storage

  • Time tracking

  • Bulk emailing

  • Work Collaboration

  • Online meetings

Can virtual assistant tools replace virtual assistants?

While they are all designed to make your life easier, the reality is that many jobs take a long time and don't call for executive-level expertise. The tasks still need to be carried out by a human expert who cares about accuracy, will not cut corners, and will be held to strict deadlines and standards. These are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what a virtual assistant can accomplish, but they are where most people begin.

Top 25 Virtual Assistant Tools

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