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Best Vyper Alternatives From Around The Web

Vyper is yet another lead-generating tool and a social media marketing platform that is perfect to create viral contests and giveaways. 

With its high converting templates and three display modes, you have an option to create widgets and forms that get embedded easily on your company's website. The tool has a visual designer and templates to get started and it works better by integrating with other tools to get more potential leads. This is an excellent marketing strategy to boost engagement and generate leads. 

There are a bunch of decent tools out there that offer the same array of services as Vyper. And it can sure get confusing to choose the best from the lot. Luckily, we've got you covered with our curated lists of alternative tools to suit your unique work needs, complete with features and pricing.

Driftrock has been a very popular lead generation tool since its inception in 2014. This helps you to track, maintain and manage the potential leads from email, chats, websites, and other social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, etc. This tool makes it easy to build high-converting lead generation forms for your website like banners, triggered modal forms and landing pages, and other sources.

With Qualaroo, businesses can collect feedback through targeted surveys and user polls to understand user behavior, preferences, and pain points.The platform offers a range of user-friendly tools and features to create and deploy surveys on websites, mobile apps, and web applications.

Users can customize the appearance and behavior of the surveys, choose from a variety of question types, and set specific targeting criteria to reach the right audience at the right time.

This simple project management software and lead generation tool has an easy-to-understand UI & is optimized for all devices so that you can use this software anytime! With features like time tracking, timesheet entries, one dashboard view, & task management, it becomes effortless for teams to keep track of projects and meet deadlines. This lead-generating tool allows the functionality of comprehensive reporting and analytics. It is also easy to integrate with popular sales and other CRM tools.

Having a successful email marketing campaign can make or break a business. But we all know that this is easier said than done. That's why there are so many tools like Constant Contact in the market which can help you manage your email marketing.

Constant Contact is a smart way to market or sell products for small businesses. If you’re a newcomer in the world of email marketing, you’d be happy to know that you can use the tool without any prior experience.

It allows you to chat and communicate directly with the potential leads either with messages or with calls. Intercom is a widely-known live chat and communication platform to connect with potential customers and build relationships. You can use the tool for live chats, chatbots, product tours, self-serve support, and more. The collected information and user behavior help you create message triggers for onboarding and support.

This marketing tool has more than 100 customizable and personalized templates and designs with a drag-and-drop popup builder that will take only a step to start with. This tool has laser-focused segmentation rules plus A/B testing and personalization, that can let you easily target the right visitors on the website at the right time to gather maximum potential leads. The software integrates seamlessly with other email marketing tools and has analytics tracking that can track exit intent.

It is a powerful lead generation tool as it helps in increasing leads and conversions by 15% or more successfully. The tool shows notifications to visitors about other customers taking action on your website in real-time such as recent activity, live visitor count, purchased a product/subscription, and more. By personalizing the visitors’ browsing experience, you can build credibility through social proof.

Sumo is a web-based platform providing a suite of free online tools that can be used to grow website user traffic. This tool can help you get insights that can be really useful to helping your business grow.

Sumo will make it easy for your readers to join your email list, share your articles and optimize with analytics. The tool easily integrates with email marketing and CRM tools to transfer leads in real-time.

Unbounce is about more than simply building pretty landing pages. It puts all the emphasis on landing pages that convert – the whole point of creating them in the first place. With support for A/B testing, Google Ads integration, and visitor stats, Unbounce is probably the best all-around builder around. The inbuilt website analytics engine is very flexible and simpler to set up than Google Analytics goals.

This tool is perfect for marketing leads and also offers the features of creating beautiful, fully functional websites without doing any coding. It also provides mobile responsive landing page templates with beautiful designs which can be created in less time compared to WordPress. It provides pop-up forms to boost conversion of already targeted audiences and capture new leads by targeting visitors’ actions.

It has more than 300 pre-built template designs and you can get them in proper form just with a few clicks and make your site get more engagement. While forms are limited in targeting rules as opposed to tools like OptinMonster’s popups, they are still an excellent and reliable way to generate leads. WPForms is the best WordPress contact form plugin. There are certain unique features that make WPForms the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress form builder in the market.

Every visitor who leaves your site without engaging is a missed opportunity. Picreel has more than 109 ready-to-use personalized and customized templates, pop-ups, nano bars, forms, designs, etc. No matter what kind of business you run whether, on a medium-based or large scale or the types of leads you want, Picreel comes with an instinctive popup editor and a huge template library to get started with popup marketing.

Hubspot is a user-friendly tool providing contact insight right In your inbox with a supercharged and integrated email tool. Contact profiles right in your inbox: See a user’s title, company, socials, and recent tweets. It has smooth collaborating functions and forms better contact and task management. Get access to detailed reports on sales activity, productivity, & individual performance. Generate leads with lead generation tools, contact management, sales, marketing, and customer support.

This social and mobile marketing tool helps businesses to interact with potential leads. You can easily develop and qualify the leads before they’re passed to your sales team. The tool provides you with inbound and outbound marketing which you can use to improve the quality of your leads. With email marketing campaigns, companies can attract leads with engaging conversations. The CRM software is equipped with many more sales and marketing tools to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Hootsuite monitors your social media accounts and manages them effectively by integrating all your accounts. It has real-time analytics with powerful and good collaborating features where you can collaborate with your team to work effectively and quickly respond to potential leads or customers. It can integrate the functionality of tools with over 250 apps and can monitor incoming emails and messages and provides you with customized workflows.

Not only education or entertainment topics but it has a lot of topics including business. And you will find a lot of people asking questions where you could easily provide them with well-structured answers, thereby generating a lead. Not only will they get their answer but also get your company into the highlight. Furthermore, this will convey your company's expertise and this method will drive more potential customers to reach you.

You can edit content in real-time and preview your website precisely as your visitors would with its live preview. With more than 150+ landing page templates and designs, there is no need to worry about designing responsive and mobile-ready pages. This tool has everything done beforehand, to make your work easier. You can create elegant landing pages using only a drag and drop builder and the best part is you can do all these without coding and that too in only a few minutes.

You need to provide detailed contact information like name, company details, and other relevant business information. This lead-generating tool will provide you with the opportunity to work with cold calls and email outreach campaigns. You have amazing features of monitoring and analyzing technology. This tool is easy to install and run with many great features to make your business marketing strategies easier.

It has features like email sequence, offers the functionality of email follow-up steps, sequence analytics, and many more to make your outreach campaign and generating lead process effective and simple. This lead-generating tool provides you with the feature of creating an email sequence and sending it to multiple leads without affecting your email deliverability. You can easily understand the lead’s interest level just by using the sequence report and facilitating the interested ones.

The process of lead qualification becomes very easy with this lead generation software as you already provided the list of targeted contacts for your industry. You only need to select a contact from the list and you can have the access to insight into their social media profile and other important information as an identity. If they know the market and leads they want to target, it becomes easy for them to understand and utilize its features.

Not only to individuals but with the help of sandblaster, you can run total or mass mail campaigns, organize your mailing lists, and track your mail campaigns’ progress from a single screen. This is why it is a useful lead generation tool. You only need to pay once and then you can use the service and product for your mail marketing campaign to send emails in bulk. This tool offers a lot of free templates to make your emails look professional.

Drift is one of the best AI-Based Live Chat Tools that offers a chatbox of conversational features that helps to communicate with the customers and engage them to collect contact information, qualify the identity of leads, and also offers the features of booking appointments with reasonable teams. It also transfers the chat to the real human agent online as well as on call.

This is an effective syncing tool between marketing teams and CRM, with good features of web tracking and lead scoring. It provides easy collaboration tools which connect CRM with ad tools. Outfunnel allows the marketing team to send emails and notifications on behalf of the sales team. You can use Outfunnel’s web tracking to see what pages your leads are visiting and log the visits in your CRM.

TrustPulse shows notifications of activities taken by real people on your site, like viewing or buying products, signing up for newsletters, and more. It tracks real-time features with smart targeting that helps to boost conversation by using advanced rules and timing control. It has flexible and beautiful design choices that can match your site's branding and looks cool with that.

Trust Pulse is one of the most effective lead-generation marketing tactics which require only less effort.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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