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Top 16 WAN Optimization Tools

Confused why WAN Optimization Tools are a necessity nowadays? Modern system architecture enables data to be sent quickly across long ranges. Firms with divisions in various regions may now connect and cooperate with their virtual employees at rates that would make them appear to be in the same room.

When properly constructed, wide area networks (WANs) can transport data at incredible rates. This is particularly evident when WAN optimization is performed on a constant schedule and kept up to date on the connection.

Managers can utilize WAN optimization tools to swiftly and simply solve the issue if they slow down significantly.

Here are the top tools for WAN optimization:

1. Solarwinds

Solarwinds provides a birds-eye perspective of the entire system to system managers. Furthermore, it is simple to setup and can be completed in a short period of time. Auditing the operation of all connections is simple after they've been linked to the program.

Key Features:

  • Examines multiple sites

  • Compares the response times of different sites

  • Follows up on issues with site connections

  • Reports on the performance of network devices

  • Windows Server on-premises bundle


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2. Riverbed

Riverbed is one of the most efficient tools with its primary selling features that it deals directly with network constraints and delay difficulties. Another selling feature is that Riverbed can handle even the most difficult problems without degrading the program's efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Bandwidth management

  • Notifications for latency issues

  • Speeds transfers with compression

  • Manages file proximity


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3. Cisco

Cisco’s WAN optimization solution provides practical information by extending app access to the web and storage. Cisco statistics provide a visible representation of the core SD-WAN network's efficiency.

Superior reliability and bandwidth, multi-gigabit connection choices, 5G cellular connectivity, and robust security are all supported by the extensible SD-WAN network.

Key Features:

  • IP address management

  • Connection optimization between sites

  • Unified monitoring

  • Optimized for multi-cloud

  • Cloud-scale infrastructure


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4. Citrix

Citrix combines preemptive program congestion control, end-to-end QoS, routing, and WAN performance. The system's purpose is to improve the user interface for SaaS, corporate, and remote workplace software in branch offices. It can aid in the reduction of network expenses, the simplification of virtual workplace connectivity, and the visibility of program efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Data compression

  • Integrated application-aware firewall

  • Integrated WAN Optimization configuration

  • Dynamic Routing


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5. FatPipe

FatPipe Networks' WAN Optimization solution uses proprietary and patent-pending technologies to provide the greatest performance level of WAN Optimization and enhancement possible. You may greatly improve the efficiency of your Wide Area Network using FatPipe WAN Optimization.

Key Features:

  • High Compression Ratios

  • Improved bandwidth optimization

  • Instant Implementation

  • Real-time chart

  • Auto-Synchronization


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6. Allot

Allot ensures that end-users have an optimal virtual environment, aligns connection and app efficiency with corporate requirements, and swiftly resolves network issues. The market recognizes Allot Traffic Intelligence systems for comprehensive insights and BI, centralized administration, top DDoS attack defense, and other distinctive features.

Key Features:

  • Traffic monitoring

  • Real-time reports

  • Analytics

  • Attack defense


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7. Turnium

Trunium SD-WAN enables you to provide bandwidth and dependable professional connectivity to your clients, whether they're in the city or out in the country. Turnium's system enabled us to design numerous distinct product layers and create packages of products to satisfy a variety of client demands and sizes.

Key Features:

  • Network connectivity management

  • Service-chain CNF

  • Edge computing

  • Cloud extension


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8. Aryaka

Aryaka SD-WAN and SASE with a cloud-first architecture offer simplicity, ease-of-use, and structural adaptability to help businesses negotiate progress in a fast-paced, changing environment. It provides a unified SD-WAN and SASE interface. Bringing innovation, one of the best WAN Optimization Tools, it provides a globalized network, and controlled solutions combined.

Key Features:

  • Best-in-class application performance

  • Global connectivity

  • Architected for simplicity

  • Managed services


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9. Lumen

Lumen D-WAN solutions simplify and secure workloads across the complete spectrum of connection types on a single, automated system with centralized insight and management, reducing the complexity and hazards of network change. Understand how SD-WAN may help you simplify your entire system.

Key Features:

  • Strengthened security

  • Optimized app performance

  • Enhanced network agility

  • Centralized control


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10. SonicWall

SonicWall WAN optimization helps you remove efficiency constraints in data and file-sharing apps and provide consumers LAN-like program functionality. SonicWall WAN Acceleration services maximize the capacity you currently have by only transferring new or altered data. To limit and prioritize app traffic, combine WXA technology maximizer a virtualized machine with a SonicWall router.

Key Features:

  • Scan for intrusions and malware

  • Simplify deployment, routing, and integration

  • Decrease latency through protocol optimization

  • Cluster WXA solutions together to scale


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11. Fortinet

Fortinet Secure solution can convert and protect all WAN endpoints with the enterprises. Firms obtain greater client engagement, improved safety stance performance with integrated networks, and functional consistency and economy by utilizing the Security-driven connectivity architecture, which employs one running platform and one centralized management panel.

Key Features:

  • Superior quality

  • Security convergence

  • Consistent network

  • Operational efficiencies


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12. Prisma

Prisma guarantees elevated connectivity and industry-leading protection by effortlessly integrating all apps, irrespective of region. Uncover cloud-scale benefits to decrease WAN expenditures.

Level 7 insight provides comprehensive program insight, making network policy formulation and congestion control easier. With AIOps and artificial intelligence, you can streamline connectivity processes and manage issue prevention. Allow cloud-delivered extension solutions like networking and security to increase and reduce WAN traffic.

Key Features:

  • Router moderation

  • Cloud-delivered branch

  • Automated networking optimization

  • Cloud delivered branch


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13. Aruba

Aruba networks SD-WAN edge system created for the cloud, integrated WAN improvement lets you speed up apps and utilize the available bandwidth. Using a simple mouse click, deploy WAN optimization to a program or a location.

It's a single SD-WAN Edge solution with manufacturing WAN efficiency and SD-WAN. Replacements and file exchanges are lightning quick. It drastically reduces the time it takes for a program to respond. It allows for a smooth shift between cloud implementations.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-ready

  • Minimize latency

  • Maximize bandwidth

  • One-click deployment


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  1. Exinda

Exinda SD-WAN networking gateway can identify, analyze, and adjust to variations in your ISP's service as well as changes in your demand pattern. Minimize delays to your web activities and apps by proactively resolving connection issues.

Key Features:

  • Application Delivery Control

  • Centralized Orchestration

  • Multi-Cloud Management

  • Policy-based Management

  • Dynamic Path Selection


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15. Blue Coat

Blue Coat WAN Optimization solutions allow you to provide internal, external, and latency-sensitive practical programs to dispersed workers throughout the expanded company quicker, leading to improved profitability and quicker choice taking.

This tool's architecture delivers the extensive application and client management needed to reduce connectivity bandwidth expenses and boost corporate productivity, while also allowing internet expenditures to be aligned with evolving company needs.

Key Features:

  • Provide LAN-like application performance

  • Accelerate live

  • Reduce recurring

  • Deliver outstanding performance


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16. F5

F5 helps in network duplication and restoration, memory space, and information center consolidation are all driving increased data transfers across data centers. The rise of automation and internet technology has increased the need for a WAN efficiency system with high speed and scalability. It aids in the resolution of WAN connection and program difficulties in order to meet program speed, data mirroring, and disaster restoration needs. BIG-IP WOM's data transmission and adaptable design may cut data duplication times in half and make better use of your current capacity.

Key Features:

  • Client acceleration and error avoidance

  • Link utilization improvements

  • Customizable TCP controls

  • Explicit Congestion Notification

  • Improved bandwidth efficiency


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Things to Consider While Selecting WAN Optimization Tools

Data Transmission Speed

WAN optimization allows data packets to move more quickly and efficiently, reducing congestion. Workers become more efficient when document access and storage rates rise, while programs function at peak performance. As a consequence, the WAN would become a business facilitator rather than an impediment to its users.

Cost minimization

Buying ever-increasing amounts of bandwidth on the spur of the moment is never a good idea, particularly if optimization has never been explored. Rather than immediately purchasing extra bandwidth, a company could opt for a more practical option: WAN optimization.

Collaboration and Remote Work

Another thing to think about is keeping latency to a bare minimum. This has a huge impact on the interaction between two workplaces separated by a substantial distance. Adopting a WAN optimization plan will enhance data transfer speeds and make it easier for the company's remote employees to interact and collaborate on activities.


At different phases of its product lifespan, all WAN links must be optimized. These were the top WAN optimization tool that can help you make it possible to build a network that is both effective and reliable.


What are WAN optimization tools?

Users can increase the speed of their apps operating on a wide area network by using WAN optimization tools.

A tool must meet the following criteria to be considered for placement in the classification:

  • Aids companies in improving the performance of certain business applications.

  • Give people a comprehensive picture of network traffic.

  • Increase productivity by speeding up business apps.

What should you consider while using WAN optimization tools?

  • A service that allows several locations to be monitored at the same time.

  • A mechanism for increasing the speed with which data is sent between places.

  • Faster access to files through file distribution

  • Possibilities for imposing a single IP pool over several locations

  • Site to site transfer protection

  • A free trial or demo for a risk-free evaluation

  • Effective connection administration technology at a reasonable price represents value for money.

What is a WAN?

A wide-area network, or WAN, is a digital system that connects devices across a vast geographic region. Normally, a rented telecom cable is used to link the remote equipment.

Despite the fact that this description of a WAN implies that it links computers and devices, it really connects two LANs via the internet. A local area network connects all of the devices in one location.

When data is delivered over a WAN, the source LAN links to the web via a portal network, which manages entry, and then to the target LAN's entry point, which might be on the opposite end of the world.

What is WAN optimization?

The data on a system becomes crowded over time. The following are the primary causes of the downturn:

  • Users send or receive large amounts of data

  • Runaway programs that run without authorization or aren't subject to any restrictions

  • Hackers gaining entry to or possibly controlling a system

  • Jobs that need a lot of resources and are performed during prime or work periods

  • Storms that are broadcast owing to improper route setups

Optimization is the process of addressing these challenges in order to ensure that data packets travel a WAN intact, securely, and in the shortest period of time possible. As a consequence, you'll have a WAN that's as efficient as it can be.

Why is WAN optimization necessary?

After a short period of time, an organization that allows its network connection to run unattended will have little connectivity. It is necessary to optimize WANs in order to:

  • Ensure that the transmission speeds are ideal.

  • For the shortest latency, reduce data packages or divert them to the fastest feasible path.

  • Ensure that all linked internet connections are set appropriately so that they can operate as expected.

  • Maintain data security and guarantee that full parcels arrive at their location securely.

A WAN must be set up appropriately and needs periodic tune-ups as well as regular maintenance in order to function like a well-oiled engine. A disregarded WAN, on the other hand, can only result in terrible things like system breaches, overheating, and failures.

Top 16 WAN Optimization Tools

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