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Writing for Stash.

While we hand-pick most of our articles, you may have seen some posts by high profile contributors. These are people with an expertise in a particular field that can offer exceptional insights on the topic they are writing about. 

If you think you possess an expertise in a given area of startup life then feel free to get in touch. However, we offer no guarantee that we will publish your content, and have strong editorial guidelines to help you with to help you develop a quality post.

Here’s what we look for in a blog post.

  • Long-form articles that run 1000 to 1500 words in length. 
  • Articles that deal in an incisive, compelling way with issues that relate to startups.
  • Previously unpublished content
  • Free of any and all grammatical errors.
  • Includes high-resolution images with all the necessary information about copyrights
  • We do not tolerate link-building.

Because of our reach we get a large number of requests to publish content and cannot offer everyone the opportunity. We select only the very best posts to be published, so don’t be offended if we cannot publish your piece!

We look to only publish high quality, actionable (how-to) and unique digital advice.

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