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Top 12 Yield Farming Crypto Tools

The headlines are filled with the benefits of crypto and the lots that have gained from investing in crypto. Though there are various means of way to see profits through crypto, yield farming is one of the most prevalent and guaranteed methods. With the proper selection and investment in proper yield farming tools, one can earn a massive fortune to spend their lives.

Given the significance and popularity of cryptocurrencies, there are just too many crypto platforms, making it challenging to choose the ideal one. Here is a top tools article on the farming platforms with the highest yields you can rely on and invest in.

1. SushiSwap

SushiSwap is an Ethereum-based piece of software that aims to motivate a network of users to manage a marketplace where people may buy and trade digital assets. Users can swap their cryptocurrencies on the platform using an automated market maker mechanism. Users can participate in other sushi-related incentives, like staking, liquidity pools, and token trading, in addition to the SushiSwap tokens.

Tokens exchanged on SushiSwap are supported by smart contracts rather than one central organization, and users lock cryptocurrency on the platform that traders can access. Following that, buyers can exchange tokens within the pool following the protocol's rules. SushiSwap's smart contracts take the buyer's token purchase and return an equal number of tokens, maintaining the pool price overall.

Key Features:

  • To generate interest in their platform and keep users interested, Sushi has developed a unique rewards system and game-theory principles to generate interest in their platform and keep users interested.

  • Users can maintain their assets thanks to decentralized exchange.

  • An intuitive platform interface makes it simple for beginners to browse and access the site.

2. Curve Finance

According to its website, Curve Finance is a decentralized marketplace and one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The curve is an AMM platform similar to Uniswap and Balancer. Still, it differs in that it only accepts liquidity pools composed of similarly behaving assets such as stablecoins or wrapped versions of related assets such as wBTC and tBTC.

Curve Finance provides a variety of liquidity pools so that users can choose the one that best suits their crypto strategy. Additionally, the platform makes it simple for users to connect to other DeFi platforms.

Key Features:

  • Users always have custody of their currencies and control over their tokens.

  • Provides a variety of liquidity pools so that customers can select the one best suits their crypto strategy.

  • Allows for relatively low slippage in high-value stablecoin trades.

3. Uniswap

Uniswap is yet another decentralized exchange with an automated market-maker mechanism. Any pair of ERC 20 tokens can be exchanged here. Liquidity providers must provide equal tokens from both token classes and the Uniswap native governance token to receive a percentage of the transaction fee. As of August 2021, the total value locked in two independent protocol versions was around $2 billion and $5 billion.

Since Uniswap is a decentralized exchange, it runs on cryptocurrency funds provided by its users through liquidity pools, which are collections of two cryptocurrencies. A liquidity provider can be anyone who stakes (deposits) cryptocurrencies into these pools. Every cryptocurrency transaction on Uniswap is subject to a minor fee, which is split across all of the liquidity providers for that two coins.

Key Features:

  • The Uniswap software is incredibly user-friendly and makes it simple to link a cryptocurrency wallet, swap one cryptocurrency for another, or add your cryptocurrency to a liquidity pool.

  • It offers a lot of liquidity, allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies and profit from being a liquidity provider.

  • Numerous well-liked cryptocurrency wallets are supported, including Trust Wallet, MetaMask, and Coinbase Wallet, among others.

4. Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the most famous and prominent crypto farming applications, with millions of traders trusting and investing in it. You may buy digital currencies with a debit or credit card here, and the Coinbase trading interface is ideal for newbies. Once you have cryptocurrency in your Coinbase account, you may begin earning interest.

Coinbase Earn, which allows you to earn free cryptocurrency in exchange for finishing instructional modules about it, is one of the more exciting features of this exchange. Although you won't make much money this way, it's a fun way to learn more about various cryptocurrencies, and modules can be finished in under a minute.

Key Features:

  • The remarkable library of educational materials kept up by Coinbase includes market updates, tips and lessons, and the fundamentals of cryptocurrency.

  • You can access both the primary and sophisticated trading tools offered by Coinbase from your account. Charts, a live order book, and limit orders are some additional features of advanced trading.

  • Offers over 150 different cryptocurrency trading pairs, from smaller and more recent digital tokens to Bitcoin (BTC) and other well-known coins.

5. YouHodler

YouHodler is a popular yield farming platform where funds are stored in a combination of hot and cold wallets. Ledger Vault technology is used to provide users with more custodial alternatives. Users with more than $10,000 in their accounts can also employ '3-factor authentication' to halt withdrawals.

The exceptional yield farming choices offered by YouHodler are well known. Interest rates can reach 15%, and the top 50 cryptocurrencies are accepted. While Bitcoin might give up to 6.8% percent, rewards for holding stablecoins can reach 12.3 percent (compounding excluded). Since returns do differ depending on the asset, it is wise to double verify rates before registering. Offers a broad range of approved assets, a transparent pricing structure, and simple terms.

Key Features:

  • YouHodler plays between 5 and 12 percent interest on alternative coins depending on the currency.

  • YouHodler allows you to utilize your bitcoin as collateral if you have a cryptocurrency and need cash. High loan-to-value ratios are available (LTVs).

  • Anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) procedures are strictly followed.

  • Provides sophisticated trading tools.

6. is yet another renowned yield farming platform that provides a wide range of services, including buying and selling cryptocurrencies on the market, swapping them with other users using your DeFi wallet, and making crypto payments with a prepaid visa card.

For individuals wishing to invest in cryptocurrencies at the highest rate possible, is the ideal place to go. By adding stablecoins like Tether and USDC to your account, this top-rated supplier enables you to earn an APY of up to 14%. The precise APY you receive will depend on a few factors.

Key Features:

  • Five prepaid Visa Cards are available at

  • Users can make a fee-free wire transfer or electronic bank transfer deposit into their accounts.

  • It takes more than 20 fiat currencies, including USD, GBP, and EUR, and makes it simple to convert fiat money into cryptocurrencies without paying exorbitant conversion costs.

7. Yearn Finance

Yearn Finance is another popular Ethereum blockchain yield farming platform that allows users to maximize their earnings on crypto assets through lending and trading services. The site has an active development staff continuously working on new tactics to earn customers more returns, making it one of the most excellent options for novice and expert traders.

The platform offers over 30 Yearn-integrated Curve pools where users can deposit one of five cryptocurrencies (ETH, WBTC, DAI, USDT, or USDC) into a smart contract, which then deposits the corresponding cryptocurrency into the matching Curve pool to earn interest. Gains are compounded through the smart contract's reinvested earnings in the pool. Yearn is vulnerable to temporary loss and smart-contract failure risks, just as in previous yield-farming systems.

Key Features:

  • High returns on your investments are provided.

  • Allows customers to make several liquidity modifications or asset swaps inside a single transaction, saving time and transaction costs.

  • In the case of significant fluctuations in market volatility, it enables customers to take out insurance policies on the smart contracts they utilize.

8. eToro

eToro is a well-known yield farming cryptocurrency platform that provides Cardano, Ethereum, and Tron crypto staking services. Since all interest-bearing tools on eToro are supplied on a flexible basis, there is no necessity for you to lock your tokens up for a minimum period. This will work for anyone who might need quick access to their cryptocurrency assets.

One of eToro's most recent inventions, Crypto Staking, allows for farming where specific cryptocurrencies are used to confirm transactions. The owners of the stacked coins receive benefits.

Key Features:

  • By staking their Cardano (ADA) and Tron (TRX) currencies, eToro users can earn yield.

  • The best range of digital assets integrated with stock investment in one account might be found at eToro.

  • eToro offers fractional share purchases together with zero commission stock trading. Additionally, eToro provides a virtual brokerage account, so you may test the platform without risking any real money if you're new to trading or want to see if the platform suits you.

9. PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap was established on Binance Smart Chain as a lower-cost and faster alternative automated market maker (AMM) to Uniswap Exchange. With a plethora of features and opportunities for users to make passive income, the platform now has a Total Value Locked than Uniswap.

The swap option in PancakeSwap is probably its most well-liked and straightforward feature. With a straightforward user interface, affordable trading costs, the ability to specify your slippage tolerance, and the ability to execute transactions instantly, you may switch between any of the assets offered by PancakeSwap.

Key Features:

  • High returns in APR/APY for pools and farms

  • less expensive transaction fees than Uniswap

  • You can predict whether the price of a Binance Coin will increase or decrease after the designated amount of time.

  • More daily transactions than Uniswap, the strong development community

10. Aqru

Aqru allows users to receive a high yield without storing their tokens for an extended period. The platform provides flexible accounts, allowing you to request a withdrawal anytime. Aqru crypto interest accounts accept UDSC and USDC Maple in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum. While USDC can yield more than 3% with no lock-in term, USDC Maple has an annual interest rate of more than 7% with a 90-day lock-in period.

Users can earn an annual yield (APY) of 7% on Bitcoin and Ethereum by opening an account with this service. This interest rate on these critical crypto assets is one of the more alluring ones accessible.

Key Features:

  • The user interface is uncomplicated and basic.

  • delivering fair exchange rates

  • Competitive interest rates may be offered in return for substantial deposits.

  • Specified regulatory position and ownership structure

11. Aave

Aave is a noncustodial, decentralized finance platform based on cryptocurrencies that enable users to lend and borrow previously owned Aave tokens. On the resources users lend to the protocol, they earn compound interest. The protocol's total worth is put at about $14 billion.

Additionally, Aave is currently worth more than $3.4 billion. The ability to vote and fee savings are two more advantages of yield farming on Aave. On this platform, the yields typically range from 4.78 percent to 13.49 percent. Aave is rated as the top cryptocurrency farming site among the most significant yield farming platforms in 2022.

Key Features:

  • Users of Aave maintain full custody and control over their cryptocurrency because it is a decentralized network.

  • Users may borrow money against a position that generates income.

  • Users of Aave can move between two distinct sorts of rates using the rate-switching feature. Users can achieve the best interest rate on their loans by selecting between "stable" and "changing" interest rates.

12. BlockFi

BlockFi is a user-friendly crypto platform that includes its crypto wallet and exchange. It is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges and provides several services related to bitcoin investments.

Clients can help With BlockFi; you can earn 8% APY on stablecoins like USDT, DAI, and USDC. BlockFi's yield farming product, the BlockFi Interest Account (BIA), is not currently available to US customers. The product is no longer offered in the United States because BIA has not been registered under the Securities Act of 1933. Members of BlockFi can continue to connect their BlockFi wallets to other high-yield cryptocurrency savings accounts.

Key Features:

  • The UI of BlockFi is simple, making it simple to buy and trade cryptocurrency.

  • To protect against the potential risk of a remote hack, BlockFi also has insurance in place.

  • BlockFi offers interest rates as low as 4.5 percent on U.S. dollar loans secured by crypto assets.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Yield Farming Crypto Tools/Platforms

Smart Contract Risks

The agreement between parties on specified norms that automatically executes is contained in smart contracts, which are paperless digital codes. Smart contracts do away with intermediaries and make transactions cheaper and safer. However, they are vulnerable to attack methods and coding errors. Users of the well-known DeFi protocols Uniswap and Akropolis have all lost money due to fraudulent smart contracts.

Liquidation Risks

DeFi platforms employ the deposits made by their consumers to saturate their markets with liquidity, just like in the traditional finance sector. But if the collateral's worth falls below the loan's cost, there can be an issue. For instance, if you took out an ETH loan using BTC as collateral, the loan would be liquidated if the value of ETH increased since the value of the BTC loan would be more than the value of the ETH loan.

Capital Intensive and Complicated Process

Getting into yield farming is risky if you are new to the bitcoin market. You could lose all of your money in one fell swoop. Invest entirely at your own risk. The yield farming industry is fast-paced and variable. If you decide to try yield farming, do not invest more than you can afford to lose.


There are a ton of yield farming platforms available online, given the popularity of cryptocurrency and the significant success outcomes of yield farming. It can be challenging to choose the best one, so we have put together this list of the best yield farming crypto tools. We hope you were able to select one to invest in and get enormous wealth.


What Is Yield Farming?

Cryptocurrency owners can lock up their holdings through yield farming, which pays them rewards. More precisely, it's a procedure that enables you to invest cryptocurrency in a DeFi market and earn either fixed or variable interest.

Yield farming is the practice of lending digital cash through the Ethereum network. The amount borrowed is repaid with interest when loans are issued through banks using fiat currency. The idea behind yield farming is the same: to earn money, bitcoin that would typically be stored in a wallet or an exchange is rented out using DeFi protocols (or, in the case of Ethereum, locked inside smart contracts).

What Are Yield Farming Crypto Tools/Platforms?

Yield Farming Tools offers statistics on well-known Ethereum pools and shows their APR over several intervals, including hourly, daily, and weekly. When engaging in yield farming, it is crucial to maintain track of your finances to make wise choices. Fortunately, several tools are accessible for this purpose, so make sure to use them.

When Should You Consider Using Yield Farming Crypto Tools/Platforms?

Yield farming is a way for investors to profit from their digital assets, to put it simply. Investors can add liquidity to the market by lending their cryptocurrency back into DeFi protocols or platforms in exchange for interest on their initial investment.

DeFi's primary goals are to lower counterparty risks, eliminate intermediaries, and serve as a platform for replicating conventional financial products such as loans and trading while maintaining anonymity in a decentralized setting.

What Are the Benefits of Yield Farming Crypto Tools?

DeFi YF opens up income prospects for platform owners and LPs alike. We can see an increase in demand for DeFi yield farming development. It is understandable given the numerous benefits of this method. Here are the benefits of Yield Farming Crypto Tools:

  • There are many tools for yield farming that make it possible to keep track of your investments. Their learning curve is minimal. Their user-friendly interface verifies project availability and chooses the amount of cryptocurrency to deposit.

  • Again, this is a result of programs with user-friendly interfaces. First, you don't need to be tech-savvy because special tools will take care of everything. A quick start is also made possible by DeFi services' high interoperability. The two most important needs are Ethereum and a crypto wallet; typically, these are sufficient.

  • Like cryptocurrency, those who made early protocol investments can profit greatly. In other words, the strong ROI that so many investors seek out.

What is Total Value Locked (TVL)?

Total Value Locked (TVL) is a metric used to describe the amount of bitcoin locked in DeFi lending and other financial markets. The ecosystem of yield farming can be estimated using this metric. More yield farming may take place when more value is locked.

The amount of user funds placed in a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol is known as total value locked (TVL). These funds might be invested in the project for staking, liquidity pools, or lending, among other purposes.

Top 12 Yield Farming Crypto...

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