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Top 31 Billing And Invoicing Tools

It’s a widely accepted fact that it usually takes a long time to create invoices, send them out, and follow up on outstanding debts. You can handle these operations more efficiently using company invoicing and billing tools and save a lot of precious time and money as a consequence. There are several alternatives available that make sending customized invoices simple. Also, to ensure that you are paid on time and that you do not lose track of the amounts you due.

But, with so many options for online invoice software, how do you know which one to pick? To make your selection a little easier, we have compiled this list of top tools featuring the top 31 billing and invoicing tools.

1. Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365, by Microsoft, employs Artificial intelligence (AI) to automate financial activities. It's offered as a standalone invoicing program or as part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Suite.

Budgeting, integration, and spending management capabilities are all included. It uses real-time analytics to monitor corporate performance, forecasts future results, and assist users in making data-driven decisions to maximize company growth.

Key Features:

  • Use the AI-powered data capabilities in Dynamics 365 Finance to assess business health, improve financial controls, maximize cash flows, and plan and execute smarter business choices.

  • With the budget planning apparatus, enterprises in diverse locations may reduce operating costs while increasing spending.

  • Quickly adapt to global and local financial requirements with a flexible standards-based chart of accounts and dimensions that allow users to oversee their financial operations with ease and accuracy.

  • Through the role-based workspaces that are incorporated with Power BI's synergistic data visualisation capabilities, users may investigate KPIs in more depth as well as dig into transactions to get a better picture of their business's health.


Packages start at $200 per month.

2. AvidXchange

AvidXchange is an account payable automation software for midmarket businesses of all sizes, regardless of sector. Accounts payable management, billing services, and bank reconciliation are all automated using this billing and invoicing tool. It helps you save time and money while also improving the accuracy of your financial management.

Key Features:

  • Receive, track, and approve bills using the same procedure as before, but without the inefficiencies of paper.

  • Pay suppliers quickly and securely using one of the middle market's largest supplier networks.

  • The full-service bill paying software is AvidPay. Replace paper, stamps, and lost time with a few simple clicks to pay all of your vendors.

  • AvidBuy from AvidXchange is a web-based buy order software tool that allows you to automate your company's purchase order process and reduce expenses by eliminating unnecessary purchases.


You can request a quote on their website.

3. Scoro

Scoro is an all-in-one business administration and invoicing software that simplifies the entire invoicing process. Create attractive invoices, send payment reminders automatically, and get paid faster.

Scoro provides you with the tools you need to manage your whole business, including projects, clients, and invoicing. You'll save countless hours by handling everything in one place rather than moving between spreadsheets and emails.

Key Features:

  • With planned, prepaid, and recurring bills, as well as late invoice reminders, you can automate invoicing, remove mundane activities, and produce accurate projections.

  • Use partial invoicing to charge your customer for services given and then bill for the remainder once the project is completed.

  • On a single page, get a complete picture of each customer, including contact information, communication history, projects, files, quotations, and bills.

  • Real-time tracking of your opportunities and deals. Customize statuses to meet your sales process and get a visual picture of your sales funnel.

  • In just a few clicks, you can turn your quotations and invoices into customized PDFs.


$26 per user per month.

4. MyBillBook

MyBillBook is India's most popular GST billing and accounting software, designed to help small and medium business owners digitize invoices, streamline bookkeeping, and automate operations. It aids in inventory management, receivables and payables management, and access to critical business information for effective decision-making.

Key Features:

  • Low stock reminders, item classifications, and stock adjustment are all tools that help you keep track of your inventory.

  • All company transactions, such as sales, purchases, quotes, and returns, should be recorded.

  • Send payment reminders to your clients and receive payments online with UPI.

  • Increase revenue by developing a personalized mobile app and website for your company.

  • GST reports, P&L reports, Stock & Party Ledger reports are just a few of the reports available to help you manage your business.

  • Share business cards and greetings with your company logo to establish your professional brand.


$9 per year.

5. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an online billing and invoicing software and it comes with customizable invoices and professional layouts. You may send invoices to an infinite number of clients, and while Zoho has an invoice limit, it's just 1,000 per year, which is plenty for most freelancers, solopreneurs, and small to medium enterprises. (And if you require more than 1,000 invoices, you may talk to Zoho about a customized invoicing package.)

Key Features:

  • With the press of a mouse, you can create professional invoices. Customize invoice templates to fit your brand, from adding your company logo to changing fonts.

  • Upload your invoices straight to the IRP using Zoho Books. Your invoice fields are pre-validated by Zoho Books before being uploaded to the IRP in the correct format.

  • Payments are made easier with Zoho Books. Your consumers will always have a choice of payment methods, from cash to check to the Internet.

  • Set up client reminders so you never have to track down payments from a customer again.

  • With multi-currency pricing, you can expand your business beyond national borders. Customers pay in their own currency, which Zoho Books records in yours.


$10 per organization per month.

6. Quickbooks

Quickbooks is a simple cloud accounting programme that allows you to keep track of all of your finances in one spot. From any device, you can generate and send bespoke online bills. The QuickBooks Online Mobile app seamlessly syncs across your devices and keeps your data in the cloud, making it simple to run your business on the road.

Key Features:

  • Add a button that allows clients to pay their invoices online directly from the invoice. Credit cards, debit cards, and ACH bank transfers are all accepted.

  • Quickbooks will record and match payments made through QuickBooks Payments for you. All of your books are kept in one spot and are easily sorted throughout the year.

  • Never be sidetracked by the question of where your money is. When clients see and pay bills, you'll receive notifications.

  • You have everything you need to accept contactless in-person payments anywhere, anytime with their mobile app and card reader.


$12.50 per month.

7. FreshBooks

FreshBooks makes invoicing and billing for small businesses very efficient. This is a highly rated invoicing tool that caters to the seamless billing and accounting needs of any type of business. FreshBooks is a full invoice-to-payment software package that is incredibly simple to use, allowing even non-technical users to quickly embrace the system.

Key Features:

  • There will be no more hunting down consumers for checks or standing in long lines at the bank. Allow your customers to pay in their preferred method, online, and get payment up to 11 days sooner.

  • FreshBooks allows you to automate as much (or as little) of your company as you like, from sending reminders to securely billing your client's credit card. Allow FreshBooks to handle customer follow-up so you can focus on what matters most.

  • There will be no more out-of-pocket charges or waiting until the completion of a project to get compensated. You may rest easy knowing you'll obtain the money you need right away if you request a deposit on your invoice.

  • With FreshBooks' invoice generator, you can effortlessly add your tracked time and costs to your invoices, ensuring that you never lose money.


$6 per month.

8. Square

Square Invoice, Square's free invoicing tool, allows you to bill clients and accept payments from anywhere, at any time. There is no monthly cost, no invoice limit, and no customer restriction. You may send free estimates via the app, and after a client accepts, you can convert them to bills on your phone. Square Invoice, like Square Payroll, is designed for contractors—its free contract templates are simple to fill up and submit along with your estimates, invoices, and bills.

Key Features:

  • From anywhere, send digital invoices and estimates, receive payments, issue reminders, and keep track of which invoices have been paid and which have not.

  • Customers can pay bills using a credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or an ACH bank transfer online, in person, or through their phone.

  • With professional estimates and contracts, you'll get more work, keep on schedule with reporting and cash flow management tools, and have a deeper understanding of your clients with a Square Customer Directory.

  • Custom invoice templates, milestone-based payment plans, and multi-package estimations can help you run your business more efficiently.


Paid plans start at $20 per month.

9. Xero

Xero enables you to stay one step ahead of the competition. With unlimited users and 24/7 support, Xero is accounting software with all the time-saving capabilities you need to build your business. Xero is also known for its security and dependability. You may also bulk-invoice clients with Xero, which saves you a lot of time. What's more, you're alerted when bills are opened, which is fascinating!

Key Features:

  • Using the expenditure tracker, you may capture costs, submit, approve, and refund expense claims, as well as track spending.

  • Set up bank feeds and connect your bank to Xero. Each business day, transactions are securely deposited into Xero.

  • Connect to Stripe, GoCardless, and other payment processors to accept payments online and get paid up to twice as fast.

  • Within Xero, you can quote, invoice, and be paid for jobs, as well as keep track of time, expenses, and project profitability.

  • Keep track of your finances. Each day, use recommended matches to categorize and reconcile bank account activities.


$22 per month.

10. Invoicera

Invoicera is versatile legal billing software that manages recurring payments, tracks staff hours, and improves billing efficiency. This mobile invoicing tool maintains corporate procedures current by allowing users to create invoices while on the go, track spending, calculate billable hours, and organize project management.

Key Features:

  • In less than 3 minutes, you can create an online invoice for your company. To get started, simply log in.

  • After you've finished creating the invoice, save it as a PDF or send it through email.

  • In one dashboard, you can manage payments and reports.

  • In the balance sheet, credits and discounts should not be in conflict. In order to change them further, simply mark them in your reports. Keep track of your real profits.

  • Manage your clients with ease from anywhere in the world. Calculate currencies and send invoices to your clients in whichever language they like.


$34 per year.

11. Hiveage

Hiveage was built from the bottom up to assist the busy freelancer, small company owner, or agency in effectively managing their funds. There are no overbearing accounting features here; just the perfect number of tools, simply put out, to make billing clients and keeping track of current and prospective revenue simple. With their invoicing tool, you can have your branding, logo, goods, currencies, taxes, discounts, and other data ready to go in minutes. Your clients will be able to pay their bills with ease thanks to the user-friendly and stylish invoice styles.

Key Features:

  • Hiveage is an online invoicing program that runs on the cloud, so there's no need to download or install anything. Your Hiveage account is available online at any time.

  • Prepare estimates for your clients, acquire their approval online, and create bills from quotations with ease.

  • With manual, automated, and auto-billing recurring invoices, you can easily charge subscriptions and recurring payments.

  • Keep track of your work hours on client projects, costs, and business excursions, and automatically transform them into invoices.

  • Real-time information on revenue and spending, invoice details, account aging, and more help you stay on top of your money.


$16 per month.

12. Sage

Sage has been established for over 25 years and is a prominent provider of business management software and services to small and medium enterprises. In 2016, Sage was launched. It's accounting software that combines the familiarity of a desktop-based product with the accessibility to data that a cloud-based solution delivers at any time and from any location. Sage combines the power and productivity of a trusted desktop solution with secure online access and integration with Microsoft Office 365.

Key Features:

  • See which consumers owe you the most money so you can go after the more profitable customers first and keep your cash flow in check.

  • Using their mobile app, take a picture of your receipts and send the information to Sage Accounting.

  • Bring your contacts into the app quickly from your Android or iPhone, eliminating manual entry and mistakes when copying information like phone numbers, addresses, and contacts.

  • It saves time and speeds up your invoicing procedures to be able to adjust stock levels on the go or in real-time when invoicing.

  • Take a picture of any supporting documents after receiving a delivery and send it to Sage Accounting. Alternatively, you may attach a file to a sales invoice before delivering it to a customer.


$192 per year.

13. WeAreIndy

WeAreIndy provides freelancers with an invoice solution that integrates with a comprehensive admin suite to make their lives easier. The Invoice tool lets you generate and send invoices, track and manage payments, and set up recurring invoices for repeat clients.

Key Features:

  • In a matter of minutes, you may create an invoice and submit it with only a few clicks. Your beneficiaries can pay via a computer, a mobile device, or a tablet.

  • Allow your invoice recipients to choose how they want to pay. Accept popular credit and debit cards, as well as checks, wire transfers, and direct deposits.

  • To add a personal touch to your invoices, including your logo and brand color. Also, send a pleasant remark for your receiver to express your gratitude for their business.

  • Keep track of the status of each invoice, such as Draft, Sent, Viewed, and Paid. You'll be able to identify who needs to be reminded, and resending is straightforward.


$5.99 per month.

14. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja's free invoicing plan provides over 40 payment gateway choices, over 50 foreign currency compatibility, and automated currency conversion.

The amount of clients you may charge monthly with Invoice Ninja is limited, but the free plan's maximum of 100 clients is ideal for busy freelancers, contractors, and self-employed company owners. We particularly appreciate the software's automated recurring invoicing and auto-billing capabilities, as well as the free time-tracking tool and online project management help.

Key Features:

  • Invoice Ninja allows you to send stunning branded invoices with no effort and maximum professionalism instead of utilizing Word and Excel files, bland PayPal forms, or costly software.

  • The time-tracking tool may be started either from your online Invoice Ninja account or through a desktop icon. Simply click to get started! Create projects and tasks for each project. Simply "Send job to invoice" after you're finished, and all of the data will be emailed to your clients, ready for them to pay!

  • All of your profits, costs, clients and vendors are saved and controlled in one system with Invoice Ninja. Simply run expenditure reports or categorize your vendors and re-invoice expenses to clients.


$10 per month.

15. Wave

Wave is a free cloud-based invoicing software that allows you to keep track of all of your payments, bills, and costs in one convenient location. Small enterprises will benefit the most (1 to 9 employees). With free iOS and Android applications, you can submit invoices as soon as the task is completed, no matter where you are. Wave invoices, accounting, credit card payments, and payroll all "speak" to one other, keeping everything up to date in real-time.

Key Features:

  • Keep track of everything and integrate with other Wave products like payroll, payments, and invoicing. Everything is mechanized and packaged to perfection.

  • With complex features like recurring billing and automated payments, Wave's invoice software makes it simple to design and send professional invoices.

  • Every paid invoice equals more money for your small business. In seconds, you can create and send professional invoices to your customers.

  • The free Wave Accounting software that comes with your account instantly syncs all of your invoicing and payment information.



16. is full online-based accounting software that allows you to send electronic invoices and payment reminders, as well as accept ACH payments. It takes less time to fix the problem, and the site's unique content draws visitors. is the best invoicing application for businesses since it provides a one-of-a-kind, stand-alone website-based accounts payable and receivable solution with a slew of innovative features.

Key Features:

  • Connect your payment accounts and accounting systems in one location to automate payments from start to end with this billing and invoicing tool.

  • Automatic data input and duplicate invoice identification are two smart features that assist save time and decreasing human mistakes.

  • Work efficiently with your team in real-time—anytime, anywhere—and eliminate the back-and-forth.

  • Connect with millions of suppliers through the network and pay how you want—ACH, credit card, virtual card, cheque, and international wire transfers are just a few of the options.


$39 per month.

17. FreeAgent

FreeAgent distinguishes itself from the competition by providing eight professional invoice templates that are simple to tailor to your company and clients. Easy-to-read reports for indicators like sales tax and unpaid bills are also included in FreeAgent.

The only reason FreeAgent isn't in our top five is its cost. FreeAgent costs $24 a month, but if you're a new customer, you'll just have to pay $12 for the first six months before the price doubles. FreeAgent might be an excellent choice if you're prepared to spend a little extra for multicurrency and multi-language options, quick sales tax reporting, and automatic payment reminders.

Key Features:

  • Set up regular bills that send themselves automatically with FreeAgent, and use automated reminders to nudge those pesky late-paying clients.

  • Simply take a picture of your receipt with your phone, send it to FreeAgent, and you'll never forget an expense again.

  • Create a detailed list of cost categories to create accurate accounting that will come in handy during tax season.

  • Invoices, estimates, costs, tasks, and time are all in one location, so you can see the full picture.

  • Connect FreeAgent to your online bank account and use Bank Feeds to automatically import transactions into your accounts every day.


$10 a month for 6 months.

18. Invoice2Go

Invoice2Go is a one-stop-shop for managing your small business. Manage customer interactions, issue invoices, take payments, increase cash flow, establish an online presence, and more. Another simple yet effective online billing software is Invoice2go. If you require basic and easy-to-use invoicing software with no extra features, this is a perfect option. You can create and send invoices fast using Invoice2go on your smartphone. All of your data is synchronized across all of your devices, ensuring that you always have what you need.

Key Features:

  • Each invoice is properly structured, giving you the professional appearance you deserve. With Invoice2go's invoicing software, you may use a standard invoice template or customize it with your logo, colors, and branding.

  • You'll save time and be paid faster if you can submit an invoice right after you finish a project.

  • Text, email, or other platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger can be used to send invoices.

  • Receive notifications when your invoices are seen by clients. To avoid pursuing delinquent invoices, set up automated reminders.

  • Easily add billable hours to bills by keeping track of your time on the job.


$59 per year.

19. Bill4Time

Bill4Time is the most widely used time billing software, with a track record of reliability, accuracy, and functionality. Bill4Time manages your time and expenses, projects and clients, invoicing, online payments, and reports, so you can focus on what you do best: running your business. Bill4Time is a full-featured suite that can manage clients, projects, accounting demands, and staff time tracking, making it one of the top invoicing applications on the market.

Key Features:

  • In minutes, design, print, or send professional, branded invoices. Pre-bills, detailed invoices, and statements may all be created. Set payment periods, currencies, and penalties for late payments.

  • Billing rates with virtually no limits, the ability to blend hourly and flat prices for each user, and the ability to simply modify default rates.

  • Provide them with the information they need to pay you fast and provide online payment choices to speed up the process even further.

  • Create branded invoices with your logo and company information, payment terms, late fines, currencies, and more in a matter of minutes.

  • Create invoice summaries, batch invoices, apply payments to existing invoices, and more quickly and easily.


$27 per user per month.

20. Tipalti

Tipalti provides the most technical and comprehensive accounting solution of all the software we've tested. In fact, it's such a comprehensive solution that mastering it may necessitate the assistance of a professional. This more extensive program contains functions such as invoicing and billing, but it's most recognized for its accounts payable capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Tipalti's end-to-end accounts payable platform offers the foundation for long-term success, so you don't have to continue putting additional resources into it as your business expands.

  • Tipalti offers a best-in-class partner payments experience, including white-labeled payments, worldwide coverage, a wide range of payment methods, and unrivaled partner visibility.

  • By eliminating manual labor, you can make the AP process invisible. Align resources to focus on mission-critical tasks rather than financial procedures in the back office.


$149 per month.

21. OneUp

OneUp is a cloud-based accounting and invoicing software for medium-to-large corporations as well as smaller businesses with a solid working understanding of accounting. It lets you manage your accounting, invoicing, inventory, and customer relationship management (CRM) from your smartphone or laptop. In just a few clicks, you can write a quotation, convert it to an invoice, and send it to your customer using OneUp.

Key Features:

  • With 95 percent accuracy, AI converts financial inputs into accounting (#1 ranked by Forbes AI benchmark).

  • Each customer may customize and automate the process.

  • From quotation to invoicing to cash and sales tax tracking, we've got you covered.

  • Scan bills and pay them quickly.


$9 per user per month.

22. BillDu

BillDu is a billing and invoicing software for small businesses that is clever and simple to use. It has features like simple invoicing, quick payments, mobile compatibility, expenditure tracking, and more. This is a simple bill application that may be used by freelancers, accountants, and small businesses to generate invoices. Billdu offers a wide range of invoice template customization options and strives to give a comprehensive client experience with cutting-edge features.

Key Features:

  • Make invoicing and payment a quick and painless experience for your customers.

  • Online booking, online store, and request for a quote are all available online. Deliver your products to your customers' hands.

  • From Instant Websites to Website Widgets to Business Inboxes, BillDu's got you covered. Client relationships should be at the center of your business.

  • Billdu is a service that helps small companies stay organized and accessible. Advanced features enable your business to expand quickly - in-app or online, for a larger staff.


$5.99 per month.

23. Invoice Simple

Invoice Simple is a simple-to-use app that was created for mobile company owners. Its mobile software includes complete invoicing features as well as payment alternatives, all at a low cost.

Invoice Simple, unlike most invoicing and billing tools, allows users to generate, customize, manage, and monitor invoices and estimates directly from their phone or tablet.

Key Features:

  • Use one of their downloadable, printable, and completely customizable invoice templates or the online invoice generator!

  • Manage your invoicing with Invoice Simple's invoice generator from any device, at any time. Your account is constantly linked, and your information is kept safe.

  • To secure new jobs, send estimates as soon as possible. With the click of a button, convert those estimates to invoices.

  • Once you've received payment, create a receipt using the template and email it to your clients. Reuse all of the information from your invoice or quote to create a receipt in a matter of seconds.


$6.99 per month.

24. Harvest

Harvest debuted in 2006 as a time-tracking app. Since its inception, the programme has grown to include more features for small enterprises. Harvest's time tracking capabilities, rudimentary invoicing, and project management tools are appropriate for service-based and project-based enterprises, even if its invoicing features are restricted when compared to its competitors.

Key Features:

  • Start and stop timers during the day, or fill out your timesheet at the end of the day.

  • Time monitoring is easy to do using desktop and mobile apps.

  • Automated reminders urge you to keep track of your time on a regular basis.

  • You can keep track of your time using the productivity tools you currently use on a daily basis.

  • Time tracking is made easier with Google Calendar and Outlook connectors.

  • Time monitoring is displayed throughout the day thanks to browser add-ons.

  • With live graphic reporting, you can keep track of budgets and internal expenditures.

  • Zoom in to see where your team may save money using this billing and invoicing tool.

  • Examine previous project data to help you better plan and price new projects.


$12 per month.

25. BQECore

BQE Core is a time tracking service that is part of a larger software platform that also includes expenditure tracking, project management (PM), invoicing, and accounting tools. It has recently shifted its attention to spending tracking and even human resources (HR). However, all of that extra functionality doesn't mean the product isn't up to pace when it comes to time monitoring.

Key Features:

  • There are over 20 common invoice templates to choose from.

  • Templates for custom invoices are available.

  • Hourly, fixed fee, unit cost, and percent contract invoices are all available.

  • A single solution for time, expenditure, and billing that is both simple and powerful.

  • Your billing will always be proper thanks to powerful fee schedules.

  • Improve cash flow by automating the whole billing process.


You can request a quote on their website.

26. Workspace

Workspace, which was bought by Fiverr in 2018, is aimed at freelancers who sell services. And it has changed substantially since the last assessment, beginning with a major user interface makeover. If you have more than one customer, it's no longer free, but its additional features and laser-like emphasis on the freelancing sector may make the membership price worthwhile.

Key Features:

  • With Fiverr Workspace, you can send invoices in a matter of seconds. This intelligent invoicing application generates invoices for you and notifies you when they've been seen or paid.

  • Based on your ongoing contracts and projects, Fiverr Workspace generates invoices for you automatically. There's no need to raise a finger (except to press the send button!).

  • Collect payments straight from your invoices in a simple and safe manner. Right from your invoices, you may accept credit cards and ACH payments online.

  • If a customer is late in paying their payment, Fiverr Workspace notifies you and reminds them of their unpaid costs. You can get invoice payment notifications on your PC, phone, or even via Slack.


$18 per month.

27. Sunrise

Sunrise offers contact and product records, quotations and estimates, invoices, recurring bills, costs, and data import from financial institutions, all of which are housed in a double-entry accounting framework (including recently with Plaid). It also accepts payments through Square, Stripe, and PayPal Business Payments. Integration with payroll service Gusto and Zapier, as well as some invoice retooling, have all been added since the last assessment.

Key Features:

  • Send reminders once the invoice is delivered to ensure that you get paid on time.

  • Your consumers will be aware of the due date for the invoice.

  • Choose whether you want to apply a percentage or a cash discount per product.

  • You will always be aware of how your invoice will seem to your consumer.

  • So you never have to guess, invoices will be clearly identified as late, delinquent, or paid.

  • You can send a second reminder if you believe your consumer requires it.

  • Before submitting the invoice, quickly duplicate it and change the required information.


$19.99 per month.

28. Melio

Melio is a free app that you can download and use right away on any internet-connected device, such as your laptop or smartphone. This is ideal for busy businesses and professionals who need to pay invoices and monitor cash flow on the move without having to spend a significant amount of money on pricey accounts payable software.

Key Features:

  • There will be no more waiting for checks or depositing checks. Simply transfer funds to your bank account.

  • Melio's solution is popular among SMBs because of its easy interface and payment options.

  • Incoming payments are automatically linked to the appropriate invoice in your accounting programme.

  • On a single platform, you can track and manage all of your invoices and payment requests from any device.

  • For a professional look, personalize your invoices and payment requests using your brand assets.

  • Melio takes care of all the risks related to money transfers and payments, so you don't have to.


This is a free tool.

29. Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ is a Salesforce component that automates the quoting, ordering, and contracting processes. Users may produce exact sales quotations and send correct orders on the fly, from any device, using this solution. It allows Salesforce Cloud customers to complete more transactions faster and increase sales productivity without ever leaving the platform.

Key Features:

  • A step-by-step configuration wizard makes it simple for salespeople to choose the relevant goods and services.

  • To simplify complex sales processes and increase product add-on attachment rates, use rules, and preconfigured solutions.

  • Model various transaction situations for complicated quotations, including one-time, recurring, and usage-based price models, utilizing preset pricing and discount recommendations.

  • With choices to hide or display discounts and quotation lines, you can create precise, branded quotes with one click.

  • Defining negotiated rates or inheriting pricing from a previous bid might help you streamline the recurring business.


$75 per month.

30. Vcita

Vcita's extensive features make it a useful choice, particularly if you're a sole proprietor or manage a small workforce. You'll need all the help you can get, and vcita can help you start by organizing and making sense of all your appointments and timetables. You may manage your appointments, seminars, sessions, and events using the online calendar and scheduling tool, which allows you to choose your time zone, business hours, and availability.

Key Features:

  • Set numerous tax rates, pick your currency, and add your company name and logo. It's really simple and quick to set up!

  • From a user-friendly dashboard, you can see pending, paid, and overdue bills and see where you are with each client in real-time.

  • By including a simple payment button on your invoices, you can allow clients to pay for bills online at any time.

  • Don't hold your breath waiting for clients to open their emails. As soon as the meeting is finished, send bills by SMS.

  • Set up automatic payment reminders to guarantee consumers pay on time and avoid unpleasant collection calls.


$19 per month.

31. SliQTool

SliQTools is a billing and invoice tool that helps businesses create and manage invoices and other billing documents. SliQTools is a robust and feature-rich billing and invoice tool that can help businesses streamline their billing processes and improve their financial management. SliQTools allows users to create and customize invoice templates to match their branding and design preferences.

Key Features:

  • Multiple payment options: SliQTools supports a range of payment methods, including credit card, bank transfer, and PayPal, making it easy for businesses to receive payments from their customers.

  • Multi-currency support: SliQTools allows businesses to create invoices in multiple currencies, making it a valuable tool for international companies.

  • Detailed reports and analytics: SliQTools provides businesses with detailed reports and analytics on their invoicing and billing activities, helping them to understand their financial performance better and make informed business decisions.

  • Mobile access: SliQTools has a mobile app that allows users to access and manage their billing and invoicing activities.


SliQTool package starts at $65.20.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Billing And Invoicing Tool

Know Your Requirements

The first step is to figure out what you're looking for in a billing system.

Are you looking for an easy way to keep track of your time and send out invoices? Do you require billing software that works in tandem with your accounting software or with another system, such as a scheduling system?

There is a lot to think about. Some billing solutions are hosted in the cloud, while others are installed on desktop PCs.

Consider how many individuals want billing information while assessing your requirements. Consider how the programme will be utilized as well. Will it be necessary to interface it with other software?

Figure Out Your Budget

You'll need to set aside some money for invoicing software. There are a few different payment mechanisms that might have an impact on your buying decision.

A monthly subscription is charged for cloud-based software. When you pay for a year in advance, you generally get a discount.

You'll have to pay more upfront for billing software that you host yourself, but you won't have to pay again until it's time to update.

Don't be hesitant to invest in a resource that you require. If you were to invest in a whole package of services, including accounting and invoicing, you would save money.


It's possible that your office already has various systems in place. One is for payroll, accounting, human resources, billing, and invoicing.

In an ideal scenario, these systems will be able to connect with one another and provide you with all of the information you want on a single dashboard.

This will save you a lot of time searching for information by moving from one system to the next. Not only that but integrating with other systems will save time and eliminate errors when it comes to data entry.


Naturally, the billing and invoicing software you use is determined by your company's workflow and accounting procedures. Continue to try out various tools until you find one that works perfectly.


What Are Billing And Invoicing Tools?

Billing and invoicing software, in its most basic form, allows you to keep track of the items and services your customers use, produce and send invoices, and accept payments. Some billing platforms, on the other hand, can do a lot more. They can take care of the mundane activities that your financial staff has to deal with on a regular basis.

Some billing software, for example, includes time tracking so you can keep track of how much time you spend on a client's work - which is crucial if you bill by the hour.

What Is The Difference Between An Invoice And A Bill?

Invoice is the phrase used by businesses attempting to collect consumer payments, according to the accounting software platform Quickbooks. Customers are sent bills or invoices for items and services by businesses. Those invoices are commonly referred to as bills by their recipients, who file them for payment as such. When a company sends a consumer an invoice, it's very probable that the company is providing credit. After receiving a product or service, the consumer makes a payment.

Bills, on the other hand, are more likely to be paid in whole and right away. If you ate supper at a restaurant, you may expect to receive your bill right away, rather than an invoice later.

What Is A Quote?

A quote, also known as a quotation, is a document shared by a company owner with potential consumers to inform them of the true price of products or services before they make a purchase. The vendor commits to the recommended price in the quote by providing it to the customer.

The stated price will be transformed into an invoice if the customer accepts it. Because this is a legally binding agreement, the costs of raw materials and labor should be precisely calculated. A quotation will also specify the duration for which it is valid.

What Is A Recurring Invoice?

A recurring invoice is one that is invoiced or billed to the client at regular periods. It might be for any length of time, from days to years.

With recurring billing, the client is certain of receiving products or services on a regular basis, while the seller is assured of receiving money on a regular basis. Businesses that supply regular products or services frequently employ this sort of invoicing. Music streaming providers such as Spotify, for example, generate regular charges on a monthly or yearly basis.

What Are The Components Of An Invoice?

'Invoice' is the first word.

To distinguish the document from a quotation, credit note, or receipt, use the phrase 'invoice.'

A one-of-a-kind invoice number

The number must be unique to each invoice (no copies), and you must keep track of the numbers and references used.

The simplest method to handle this is to use a sequential numbering scheme.

Both letters and numbers can be used in the reference.

Name and address of your business

This varies depending on whether you are a sole trader or a limited company, but you must clearly display your trading name, business address, and how the consumer may contact you in the event of a problem or disagreement.

The customer's firm name and address

This is a routine process on all invoices (even simplified VAT invoices), but it's critical for clients who wish to reclaim any VAT they were charged.

A detailed explanation of the products or services

A detailed description of the items and services to be invoiced, with each service or item included on its own line for easy identification.

The delivery date

This is the date that the products or services were issued, often known as the supply date.' The supply date may differ from the invoice date, however, it is normally within 30 days of the billing date.

The invoice's due date

The date the invoice was created, not when the items were delivered.

The total cost of the products or services to be paid

If the description contains a list of goods, each one will be labeled with its own price.

The whole amount is to be paid.

The total cost of all items on the invoice.

How do billing and invoicing tools benefit businesses?

Billing and invoicing tools can help businesses streamline their billing processes, improve their financial management, and get paid faster by their customers. They can also help businesses keep track of their financial performance and make more informed business decisions.

Can I create invoices in multiple currencies with a billing and invoicing tool?

Yes, some billing and invoicing tools, such as SliQTools, support multi-currency invoicing. This can be useful for international businesses that need to create invoices in multiple currencies.

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