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Best Box Alternatives to Help You Manage Your Files

One of the main challenges of the digital age is data management. The bigger the organization, the larger the amount of data, and the greater the challenge posed by data management.  Whether it be new product designs or budget spreadsheets, all data needs to be easily accessible and manageable. This is why there is a need for cloud content management tools.  
Box is one such tool available on the market which claims to help you work smarter.  Box is a cloud computing service that offers file sharing, collaboration, and other tools for working with files. 
Based on user reviews, Box has a score of 8.4 out of 10. Like all tools, there are pros and cons to Box you must know before deciding whether to use it. Compared to some alternative to Box, this service brings ease of sharing and access, effective syncing, easy organization of files, MS Office integration, and solid security. 
Many users mentioned that there were hardly any cons. Still, two major ones were identified - confusion between different pricing options and the lack of archiving of restored files after downloading. 
In case you're looking for a cloud management tool for your needs, perhaps this curated list of Box alternatives will help you in your decision. 

Mega’s view towards cloud sharing is a little different in the sense that it uses built-in mechanisms for extended protection. It is the biggest cloud service provider in New Zealand, but it has a significant user base outside its country of origin too.

Mega primarily focuses on providing top-notch security with a simple and easy to use approach. In ana age where privacy is a huge concern, Mega promises to offer users peace of mind.

Convenience seems to be the keyword when it comes to OneDrive. Many people would already be familiar with this tool as it is offered along with Microsoft devices. OneDrive performs the function it is designed to perform quite well.

It is easy to use, is accessible anywhere and has a secure backup system. It also allows users to share files and collaborate in real-time. Because it is compatible with other Microsoft software, it offers seamless a seamless user experience.

Get instant access to data from any platforms or devices using Seafile. One of its distinguishable features is that it combines a spreadsheet with cloud storage to make your life a lot easier!

Seafile is an open-source share solution designed for high reliability, performance and productivity. Sync, share and collaborate across devices and team. Besides, the AES 128 bit encryption works very well with Linux, Android, Windows and iOS. You can organize files in the form of folders too.

Pydio’s cross-platform feature is easy and flexible. It has been developed keeping in mind the specific needs of different industry-based professionals. As it focuses on file management, you can do your work in a more organized way.

This powerful open-source platform requires you to know little to no coding. In addition, Pydio comes fully loaded with a wide range of features that cater to all your cloud storage needs.

File storage and transfer can be a huge challenge for many companies. There are so many cloud storage solutions that cater to this need. If you are looking for reliable cloud storage for secure file sharing with a higher level of encryption, then Tresorit is something you can consider.

With Tresorit, you can transfer risky or confidential files without any tension. The Swiss encryption technology makes sure that your data is not breached in any way.

This multi-platform friendly cloud-based file sharing service is great for instant access to all your images, videos, or any other files. Easily auto-sync your files and make sure that they are secure at the same time.

Windows or Mac, no matter which OS you use, in case of theft or other unwanted situations, you can instantly and remotely wipe all synced data while, at the same time, moving them to a new device.

Degoo is a great cloud storage tool to save enough space on your phone even when it is full of images. Your files are also handled in a delicate way which ensures your privacy. You can be assured that your data will be safe and secure.

This tool supports end-to-end encryption for better compatibility and safety. Degoo’s photo optimizer feature helps you save space. Overall, It’s a simple and snappy backup solution for your phone.

StartupStash Team

The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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