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Best BrandWide Alternatives From Around The Web

BrandWide is a cloud-based solution that can be used by franchisees of all sizes to automate their sales.

Franchisees can also use social media to find and share engaging material with their target demographics. BrandWide's Application Programming Interface (API) allows it to work in tandem with other tools, such as the Google Apps suite and Microsoft Office. Monthly memberships are offered, and help is provided via internet resources such as knowledge bases, phone lines, and email.

There are a bunch of decent tools out there that offer the same array of services as BrandWide. And it can sure get confusing to choose the best from the lot. Luckily, we've got you covered with our curated lists of alternative tools to suit your unique work needs, complete with features and pricing.

Class administration, task scheduling, billing, calendar integration, CRM, an intranet, and a document library are just some of the key features. Franchise 360 provides a dashboard where teams may analyze their pipeline of franchisees, previous activities, and recruitment assignments to receive data on the effectiveness of each perspective. Through the use of internal forums for discussing best practices and papers, the system enables customers to manage preexisting franchise networks.

The tool provides a graphical representation of your product's sales data that can help you identify problem areas and guide your efforts to improve. Whether it's payroll, marketing, or arranging appointments, you'll have complete command thanks to its smart dispatching and automated pay. If your franchisees are looking to reduce their focus on administrative tasks in favor of serving their customers, ServiceTitan is the way to go.

All emails, phone calls, postal letters, and other correspondence with the client are included in the tools they manage franchises. With this tool, you can evaluate the performance of various email layouts to determine which ones are generating the most interest. Franchisees may upload files like images and documents and even keep tabs on their employment history on this tool. They can check the latest service date and time and notify their customers automatically.

With the help of ZenoxERP, the organization's central office and its various franchises can access and discuss the campaign's blueprints in detail. ZenoxERP is a hub for communication between franchise institutions and their franchisees. The tool maintains and monitors tabs on franchise locations in real-time to avoid any conflict during inspections. By comparing admission rates across franchises, this tool can give a good indication of how each one is going from the franchisor's perspective.

Teams that use zeeHIVE are able to automatically calculate the royalty payment, generate Excel reports and pay straight to accounts at banks, or via PayPal. In addition, franchisees can utilize the module for managing customer relationships to follow up on leads in order to boost sales opportunities. Furthermore, zeeHIVE helps teams create and distribute ads across multiple locations, allowing them to manage promotions based on seasonal and regional needs.

Its key features include the management of performance as well as royalty calculation as well as reputation management and nurturing leads. The FranConnect platform includes CRM software that allows administrators to manage documents and territories, monitor marketing campaigns, send automated emails to leads and keep track of delivery times. Managers are able to onboard new stores as well as monitor the clearance process.

It can be used for single establishments as well as large chains. It includes various integrations for on-premise deployments that are offered to Mac as well as Windows operating systems. Appointment management tools permit customers to schedule and check future appointments on a customizable calendar. Clients can make appointments online with an appointment-booking module. The booth rental module is beneficial for franchisees that exhibit at events.

In addition, Naranga has a range of franchise business services that focus on the growth of franchises. These include support for franchise development, IT services that include website development, and e-commerce feature implementation. It also focuses on lead generation design as well as content marketing. Naranga provides a thorough onboarding program that makes it easier to streamline and automate the opening process through efficient managing and tracking of the tasks of several departments

It allows sales teams, franchisees, channel partners, and users to design custom marketing collaterals from various locations. MarcomCentral Enterprise provides users with a single interface for sharing and uploading brand assets to external and internal teams. It offers a variety of functions like integrations for CRM email marketing, business intelligence ERP lists vendors, as well as shipping solutions.

The tool generates automated pipeline reports which are delivered to your email address to ensure you never lose any crucial metrics. It includes customized, intuitive dashboards that give you key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at the glance. The tool also provides easy integration with any lead portal, filling leads automatically for the franchisees. With this software, you can have rapid and seamless communications with brokers and leads.

ChainSync allows multi-location businesses to equip their franchisees and corporate units to convert prospects into clients, manage their activities, and track their performance. The tool offers a multi-location company everything it requires to handle everything, on any device, from anywhere. This technology simplifies the performance evaluation process and increases sales for franchisees while enjoying the convenience of their phones.

The main features of this tool include product directory and performance tracking, contact database invoicing sales tracking and analytics. The Waterstreet platform is equipped with an integrated database that allows administrators to keep agreements, communications history, and performance reports for many franchisees. Managers can develop operational structures using predefined templates and manage job categories such as lists of services and product prices, as well as terms and conditions.

The customer management feature allows users to keep track of their relationship with clients from initial contact to the scheduling process. This includes work orders, invoices, payments, and follow-up outreach. Vonigo's scheduling tool comes with a drag-and-drop feature and the ability to optimize based on location. Invoices can be generated using work orders directly, removing the need for manual entry. Online payments can be sent directly to the service provider's bank account.

Franchise Command has strategically partnered with other franchise associations and experts to create an application that is designed to aid multi-location businesses in operating more effectively. The software identifies the most effective ways of advertising a franchise on the internet and offers resources like instructions and case studies. Through its data-aggregation software, customers can tailor their KPI fields to meet their individual requirements.

Op Central helps in organizing the entire operation by saving time and money, and also aiding you in growing your company. The tool maintains track of every phone call, conversation, or meeting, and support inquiry that is submitted to the support department to ensure that crucial information is not forgotten or lost. Using Connect Central's custom-built field features, all of your manager's franchisees will be able to keep track of any documents that have expired.

This unique software for managing franchises allows them to embed its corporate culture in regular franchisee service resulting in better employee engagement which results in better customer service. This Franchise Management Platform comprises the following building blocks to enable a 360-degree view of the franchisor-franchisee world. It has improved productivity and performance by providing pertinent information, process tracking, and an automated workflow.

Additionally, Erply offers helpful reports detailing sales activity, customer and supplier orders, low inventory, and even stock transfers. In addition to tracking stock levels, it directs you in managing your stock with features like accepting orders from various channels, associating them with relevant data, managing stock levels across multiple warehouses, and establishing direct links between suppliers and products to streamline the ordering process.

By catering to the needs of both parties your company can be more efficient and communication between the franchisee and the franchisor can be made easier. In the beginning, the franchisees receive an individualized franchiser tool set that is able to access all performance metrics for your franchise locations. You have access to every part of the standard ServiceCEO system and analyze the performance of different locations as required.

This software can be used to create reminders or tasks next to each contact, and get automatically notified when the next follow-up due date is. In OnePageCRM you can add task reminders and tasks with due dates to each person that you have in your database. You can organize your contacts alphabetically by name, company name, or deadline date for tasks. With this tool, you can stay on top of things even while you're on the go by syncing your desktop's contacts and tasks with your mobile app.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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