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Best Impartner Alternatives From Around The Web

Impartner PRM is committed to working swiftly and attracting and training partners, and also reducing the generating revenue process time. 

You can easily keep tabs on their progress and receive reminders if they finish, fall behind, or are given new Journey tasks. It offers lead matching and management, which enables leads to look for the partners who are the best fit for them based on a range of criteria. After that, you can just pair them with the appropriate partners. That’s why our channel management platform automates and controls the entire partner journey, end-to-end.

There are a bunch of decent tools out there that offer the same array of services as Impartner. And it can sure get confusing to choose the best from the lot. Luckily, we've got you covered with our curated lists of alternative tools to suit your unique work needs, complete with features and pricing.

Marketers may use Affise's 50+ data breakdown statistics, AI-driven features, and BI analytics to optimise the entire partner program administration. It offers several wonderful features, including a performance-based pricing structure. You only pay with Office for clicks that result in conversions. You are taking less risk when you have the opportunity to test several advertising hypotheses and determine what is more effective without wasting money. Affise offered customised flexibility.

Credibly has a great level of performance and it allows with a minimum of 6 months experience and allows more than $15000 based on monthly revenue to conserve and secure a loan which is taken for a business for the amount of $250000. The amount is for business works like working capital, inventories, equipment, and much more. Working capital loans are perfect for any business to start with steady revenue as they are ideal for small or medium-sized business owners.

Specialised options integrate closely with Hubspot or Salesforce. You can also add training modules, co-branding, lead distribution, and MDF management features as you need them, each for an additional fee. It is best for large to enterprise-level businesses, and channel partner programs. It has close integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce to help to automate partner data flow between CRM and PRM. The platform also uses real-time email reminders to engage partners.

This is practical, but it also has limitations. If you can't come up with a technique to make your pitch stand out from the crowd—investors may receive dozens of requests each day—you'll find yourself in the trash folder. Yesware can be useful here. Although the tool itself isn't made for investing or pitching, its wide range of uses makes it appropriate for use when pitching via email. Yesware is essentially a Gmail and Outlook add-on that monitors the opening and reading of your emails.

You can use your partner ecosystem as a secret weapon. Close deals faster by tapping your network for assists and warm intros with Crossbeam for Slack, Salesforce, and other collaborative tools. Also, there is no more slogging through spreadsheets or missing out on opportunities. Crossbeam automatically identifies new ecosystem-qualified leads (EQLs) anytime your target list overlaps with your partners’ data.

To connect partner management with best practices and tailor the experience to your particular objectives, Gorilla delivers a wealth of potent, international experience. Large to enterprise-level tech organisations should use it (Gorilla is fully focused on the technology sector). This platform is perfect to identify the most suitable, successful partners, you can analyse possible partners. It is an excellent feature in Constant concierge.

The tool's main objective is to leverage automation to boost partnership success and provide partners with the tailored tools they require. It is ideal for businesses and all forms of alliances. To aid in the promotion of your company, provide partners with updated promotional offerings, including personalised catalogues. Host a single catalogue in a single location and establish limitations on which partners can view what products.

After nurturing your business partners and aiding them in growing their revenue, gather thorough information on the development of each assigned lead. Additionally, LeadMethod smoothly fits into your existing processes because of its real-time integration with over 65 platforms. Businesses having a sizable number of distributors or channel partners should use this one. It has Real-time lead tracking capabilities for partnerships.

Boost partner engagement with a suite of co-branding tools, MDF, and concierge assistance features, making partners better equipped to market and sell your brand. It is best for large to enterprise businesses. Detailed lead reporting gives both you and your partner 100% visibility of lead status and behaviour. Your partners understand where each lead is in the funnel, and you understand how your partners perform (including how engaged they are with leads and your brand).

Brands can now target their ideal customers with messages, placements, and offers for maximum growth. It is best for medium-sized to enterprise businesses, both B2B and B2C, and all types of partnerships. It has efficient and simplified workflows. One can create clear workflows for every aspect of partner management, including discovery, conversion tracking, reporting and insights, anti-fraud protection, and payments. The platform also provides flexibility using robust API-first reporting.

Users can connect with top CRMs, issue payments, keep partners satisfied and motivated, and make sure your channel sales pipeline runs smoothly. Its partner portal interface includes both training-related and tracking-related resources. It is ideal for B2-B businesses of all sizes. The PRM features include partner tracking, lead tracking, partner portal creation, deal registration, commissions, document sharing, partner communications, integrations, and reporting. It is fully customizable.

Account sharing across your partner’s CRMs is made easy. Sales reps from both partners can see the full view of shared accounts, find market overlaps, automate account mapping, assess lead values and opportunities together, and carefully analyze revenue sources in detail. Quickly compensate reps with commissions for closing deals. No more manual searches for info across spreadsheets.

Recruit and keep more partners who deliver breakthrough ROI, thanks to a tight focus on industry best practices. Integrate with the ZiftSolutions CMM (channel marketing management) software, or choose to use the PRM on its own. It is best for large to enterprise-level B2Bs. ZiftONE gives you a single source of truth to align your channel marketing, sales, and operations like never before. All from a powerful, straightforward platform designed to multiply and amplify every partner’s potential.

From onboarding to payout, TUNE’s flexibility helps you maximize the ROI of your partner relationships. TUNE offers two main PRM software solutions: one for advertisers and one for networks. It is Best for Advertisers, and partner network builders of all sizes of businesses. Fully personalize your portals to reflect your branding, and use an API-based foundation with over 650 endpoints for even more detailed personalization.

Salesforce PRM helps you manage several types of partnerships, such as distributors, resellers, and affiliates, all from one interface. The platform can automatically source leads, register deals, and more. It is Best for Businesses already using (or planning to use) products in the Salesforce ecosystem. Salesforce PRM is an add-on to the Sales Cloud, and PRM features are only available on Enterprise and Unlimited plans.

Its granular personalization capabilities enable highly effective engagement with any type of user at any level of scale. Its no-code approach takes system administrators and curators to new levels of creation and curation. The 360 ecosystems engine is designed to drive revenue-impacting, personalised engagement. Pricing, initial implementation, and ongoing optimization are all oriented towards increasing engagement between a vendor and their channel partners.

PartnerStack, formerly GrowSumo, allows companies and entrepreneurs to leverage partnerships faster, in order to increase their revenue, and improve their efficiency.

Join one of the fastest-growing partner networks. Discover new products, or start buying and selling software in just a few clicks.The fastest-growing SaaS companies in the world trust PartnerStack to manage and scale their Channel Partner Programs. is a software platform that offers “the simpAutomated to manage and measure ee sales partnerships,” and helps you make more revenue from your existing partnerships with easy setup, instant mapping, simple workflows, and real reporting. It is ideal for Medium-sized to enterprise B2Bs, as well as startups. It has PRM features such as an Internal chat system, Reporting capabilities, and Partner tracking.

You may choose what each partner can see on their portal thanks to the customized views that are available. Give them the knowledge they require to make training simple and enjoyable. The instruments come with content management. Partners may look up the information and resources they require with ease. Additionally, you can currently develop learning paths with other partners. It was automated to scale. You can optimize all aspects of your partner program for scalable growth.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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