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Best CrowdWise Alternatives From Around The Web

CrowdWise helps people review their deal notes, sort based on any criterion, and keep track of values. 

One location to keep track of all your startup investments. Review your deal notes, sort based on any criterion, and keep track of values. Discover information about the industry exposure of your portfolio, monitor your progress in relation to investor limits, and more. One location to keep track of all your startup investments.

There are a bunch of decent tools out there that offer the same array of services as CrowdWise And it can sure get confusing to choose the best from the lot. Luckily, we've got you covered with our curated lists of alternative tools to suit your unique work needs, complete with features and pricing.

Since its introduction, Republic's crowd-invest platform has supported over 100 enterprises, allowed for tens of thousands of contributions, and built a community of hundreds of thousands of prospective and active retail investors. Republic and the JOBS Act have made it possible for anybody to invest directly in vetted startups, real estate, video games, small businesses, growth-stage enterprises, cryptocurrencies, music, litigation finance, and other sectors.

OurCrowd, Bolstr, and SeedInvest are just a few of the 80 angel networks supporting Gust. Investors can share information with one another on this website, making it simple for them to educate others about new investment opportunities. They also have a video library and other essential, exclusive data to track upcoming trends and performance. For new firms, this is especially helpful because they typically observe that using this site generates a lot of interest.

The best source of angel capital for business owners in the health tech industry is probably SeedInvest. All of the startups are pre-screened on the website, and the investments are totally crowdfunded in order to help startups get their businesses off the ground.SeedInvest provides much lower minimum investment requirements than traditional startups, providing businesses more opportunities to participate.

They raise money similarly to how IndieGoGo and Kickstarter do. Wefunder encourages investors to support startups over the long run by allowing them to possess a small stake in the businesses they back. All funders are treated as single shareholders for administrative purposes, and you dealt directly with the lead investor, who you designated in writing to speak on behalf of your Wefunder shareholders.

With a single check, you can contribute to hundreds of top-notch transactions and funds run by renowned business leaders. For competitive returns and to diversify your holdings, you can invest in the AngelList Access Fund. Payments are made securely through an on-platform payment mechanism for distribution and deposits. Every 90 days, automatic valuation revisions are made because of confidentiality.

With their vast resources, expertise, and investment opportunities, Angel Forum offers a network for beginning or experienced angel investors. The objective of Angel Forum is to expand its early-stage ecosystem by giving potential early-stage IT firms a forum to interact with angel investors. Accredited angel investors that are committed to advancing the early-stage ecosystem in Vancouver and British Columbia make up the members.

The Angel Investment Network, a US-based network, links businesses and angel investors. You can get access to investors from all over the world thanks to the 285,542 angel investors who are all listed in their database. After registering, you may use the site to develop a pitch and broadcast it live for investors to see. Investors can find your pitch and contact you directly, reducing the amount of outreach you need to do. This is a great add-on option to broaden your horizons.

The Angel Capital Association (ACA) is a trade association for private investors and angel groups that invest in high-growth, early-stage companies. Their objective is to assist angel networks and individual investors who fund high-growth, early-stage startups in succeeding.ACA provides professional development as well as services and perks to support the success of its members. They also serve as the voice for public policy.

Leapfunder is made to help business owners find early-stage investments. Their primary product is the Leapfunder convertible note, a popular funding option for startup companies. With Leapfunder, anyone may start investing as an angel. The down payment is one thousand euros. Leapfunder, a Dutch business, is headquartered in Amsterdam. The founders have decades of combined early-stage investing expertise. Leapfunder doesn't provide advice on money matters.

VentureSouth provides a series of sidecar funds for investors who want to efficiently diversify a portion of their early-stage portfolio across an index of VentureSouth assets. The goal of sidecar funds is to invest with VentureSouth in 15 to 20 early-stage Southeastern businesses. To take advantage of the combined knowledge of the angel investors in their groups, the funds are diversified across industries and capital-efficient innovative manufacturing.

Established in 2015, Nexea is a Malaysian venture capital firm with offices in Selangor. The business specializes in growth, accelerator, and incubator investments. The organization prefers to invest in early-stage, growing, and mature companies as well as startups. The business plans to make investments in the consumer products, consumer services, information technology, and e-commerce sectors in Southeast Asia.

The Association aims to increase the quantity, quality, and success of angel investments in New Zealand and, as a result, increase the amount of funding available for ground-breaking start-up companies. As you seek to increase angel investing in New Zealand, they support and educate businesses, new angel investors, and angel organizations The industry may maintain its success by developing a plan, encouraging member participation, and educating those involved.

LetsVenture created the private market ecosystem and gave 400+ companies a venue to raise more than $400 M. More than 10,000 investors from 60 different countries have joined them as of late, and they also have 18,000 registered firms and more than 500 institutional and family offices. LetsVenture-backed companies have a portfolio value of more than $4 billion, and the LV Angel Fund is an angel AIF registered with SEBI that has an AUM of more than $80 million.

The Financial Conduct Authority has approved and is in charge of Envestors, an organization that has the support of the UK Home Office. This white-label investing platform is essential for attracting and keeping investors in the modern era. With a complete set of features, they provide you more time to concentrate on the important things, like developing strong bonds with your investors. It offers companies the best opportunity to meet their financial target.

The largest and busiest angel organization in the Pacific Northwest is the Alliance of Angels. They contribute more than $10M annually to 20+ firms. Since 1997, they have put at least $100 million into 200 or more businesses and celebrated 40 or more exits that brought in more than a billion dollars in profits. With the help of this fund, investors can spread their money among a variety of early-stage businesses.

They have invested more than $95 million in 240 companies. After receiving funding from Pasadena Angels, businesses raised more than $1 billion from other sources of funding, including venture capital and private equity. The $1 billion valuation of Mind Body Software and the $100 million sale of Bluebeam Software to Nemetschek are two recent noteworthy exits for the Pasadena Angels.The Pasadena Angels have consistently been ranked among the top ten angel investment groups. has expanded the number of investors on its list since it first came into being and is constantly growing. Some claim that their list is a true gold mine for entrepreneurs seeking finance. For their dedication to helping start-ups and established companies, they have received numerous honours. By introducing them to various types of investors and enabling them to view, investigate, and interact with thousands of available profiles, links individuals and companies.

Hyde Park Angels are one of the leading early-stage investors. The People First strategy makes use of elite operating abilities, a broad network of contacts, and venture money to assist company success. Founders build their businesses into market leaders as a result, investors make best-in-class returns, and the local economy expands and adds jobs.HPA works with business owners to build successful enterprises.

Pitch your startup ideas to private investors to see how easy it is to secure money for your company. Finding accredited angel investors who are prepared to finance your firm is simple for entrepreneurs thanks to the US Investor Network. When your proposal is accepted, it will go live and be accessible to investors all over the world. Investors will examine and assess your company and get in touch with you if they are interested.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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